• Why PDP must not die

    05/Mar/2016 // 435 Viewers

    By Dr. Ugoji Egbujo

    The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has learnt nothing but the PDP must not die. It’s unfortunate that a party that ruled the biggest black nation for so long has not managed to acquire a soul. Wanton wastefulness, whether of goodwill or of financial resources, be it private or public, should have a saturation point. The point beyond which the consequences of prodigality, satiation of vulgar appetites and burnt out taste buds, and forces of regret begin to exert a determined pull towards reason. It is perhaps also the point at which those who will never recover, who are refractory to sobriety, fall off the cliff. 

    It’s true that PDP’s core approximated the amalgamation of treachery, greed and vainglory. The thin covering layer of peace, freedom and national unity may not have been deliberate altruism. Could it have been mere camouflage? Or was it the minimum condition for all inclusive, optimum exploitation of the country by a ruling class committed to denying the military a reason to return? They muttered, bickered and jumped from place to place but never touched the cords of national unity. They avoided a cataclysm but not the inevitable decay.

    It is true that the founders were driven by self interest but it is doubtful they contemplated the sort of free for all trampling on moral ideals that the party’s rather precipitate degeneracy threw up. No contests of ideas, no principled controversies, just naked sharing and grabbing. Before long, a pathetic general descent into anti intellectualism, the sort that a late Ibadan political emperor and Obasanjo’s boys in Anambra typified , ensued. Whenever the party convulsed it was down to a clash of spiked egos propelled by selfishness. ‘Dividends of democracy’, ‘poverty alleviation’, ‘free and fair elections’ and ‘glory be to God’, became comical pieces of political buffoonery.

    It was therefore predictable that any political field dominated and defined by the PDP and its ethos would naturally be a theatre of skullduggery. An infantile party of old men with constipated ideas had neither the tradition , nor the culture to save itself from derailment. It was an unending gluttonous jostling for private advantages. Inorganic, hurried, contraptions like the PDP are common post military rule tragedies in Africa. People who have never fought for any cause, who have no positions on moral and social issues bumble their way to power .

    But anyone can argue that Obasanjo was well intentioned besides the demons of tenure elongation. And that Yaradua was simple and honest besides certain criminal elements he allowed to desecrate holy places. And that Jonathan was humble and meek besides perhaps Dasukigate and such like. The truth is that none of these good people had a vision for the PDP and none tried to instill moral values in that institution.

    The PDP therefore didn’t and couldn’t have had any political ideology. It didn’t need to have the kind of ideologies prevalent in the politics of the West. But tragically it lacked any shared moral and political values. Without such values , the principles upon which the party should be built were non existent. So the PDP remained a fluid party of shifting opportunistic tendencies. The system fostered political exigencies that made intellectualism and integrity redundant.

    Doves served hawks, brutes dominated thinkers. Loads of money , penchant for violence, familiarity with the judiciary were all that mattered . The power that belongs to the people was usurped by political prostitutes who turned up as party delegates and ballot boxes that could be snatched and stuffed. Tampering of results sheets, perpetration of deadly violence and manipulation of the judiciary became ropes new entrants must learn.

    Those who came into power would surround themselves with woolly minds and sycophantic hands. And dissent was banished at all levels by dictatorial tendencies prevalent in many capitals. Little wonder then that legislative houses were turned into houses of zombies, making a mockery of separation of powers. Besides win at all costs, rent seeking mentality and prebendalism, what did the PDP teach the youths? And because the PDP was such a behemoth, and because the citizens were so prostrate with desperation, the opposition had to beat the PDP in its own game. The political field became thoroughly polluted.

    But the PDP wasn’t all evil. In a sense, PDP was Nigeria. It may have closed its eyes to corruption but it allowed sufficient freedom. If it had the likes of Mugabe or Museveni , it could have been a different proposition. It may have been morally dissipated but it tried not to disrupt national peace. Because the PDP was such an umbrella that admitted all kinds , no ethnic or religious group felt excluded. No one ever accused the PDP of exclusionary politics.

    The poor may have been raped by their leaders but nearly every village had one such rapist. In a fractious agglomeration of ethnic nationalities complicated by divisive religious politics ,PDP has ,in being a free wheeling and dealing vehicle, lubricated national unity. Many African nations are set ablaze not by corruption but by divisive and exclusionary politics that exiles certain groups from national leadership. The traditional trouble makers and political pyromaniacs who would feast on primordial sentiments and revel in conflagrations were waited on by a prodigal PDP. Except perhaps Yusuf and Shekau.

    The defunct Action Congress was decidedly in a private pocket. It was a house of arbitrariness. The ANPP was not really a party. The ANPP was so shortsighted it flirted with religious fundamentalism. APGA was a tiny house of perpetual commotion. Labour party was where those suffering from the political diarrhea caused by toxins of ‘godfatherism’ went to relieve themselves. At some point no one would have been shocked if all the parties had run under the big umbrella ‘in the interest of national unity’.

    Like an infantile self absorbed adult, PDP’s ambition was to rule forever. A self indulgent bag of egos , it never had the capacity for sober self reflection. Buccaneers came and buccaneers left and PDP remained , in there own words , the greatest party in Africa. The ANC has a rich history, the experience of a protracted struggle , the benefit of the exemplary selflessness of Mandela and Walter Sisilu, Govan Mbeki and others. And yet that party is floundering. The PDP’s performance perhaps wasn’t totally woeful. The heroes of the first republic had since left.

    The second republic was too short to allow any character milling and political maturation . So many actors of PDP’s third republic were coup plotters and their cohorts, money bags and inexperienced political hustlers. The money politics that followed swept aside integrity, experience and patriotism.

    PDP’s greatness was hollow. Rich in numbers , actual and contrived. Destitute of values and virtues. From Ekiti to Borno, from Rivers to Osun, it’s a motor park collection. Obasanjo claims he has resigned from the madness of the PDP but he contributed immensely to its sorry state. He owes the PDP so much yet unrequited. We can’t forget easily that it was a sanctimonious Obasanjo who handed some state chapters of the party to political touts, moral reprobates. His close friendship with those characters spoke volumes about opportunism, greed and contempt for history. He set bizarre political precedents in adoption , sanctification and promotion of political brigandry by proxy. Jonathan, they say, is a strong leader too.

    But how would a president who left office a few months ago allow the party , whose defacto leader he should be, be in such wretched tatters now? You look at the fellows, tearing their dresses, struggling to take control of the PDP and you weep for the country. The PDP is a national institution in which the nation has invested resources and men. Who inflicts on us leaders who can’t leave any political legacies ? What did the PDP gain from touted combined visionariness of three presidents besides ephemeral power, its intoxication and stacks of money?

    The APC doesn’t appear to have learnt from the misfortunes of the PDP. It doesn’t appear to have the capacity for self reflection either. Besides Buhari , besides hypocrisy, how is the APC of today significantly different from the PDP? The APC lacks the all inclusiveness of the PDP and perilously has its fortunes concentrated in the hands of two men. But since the APC has managed to build an oversized reputation, it must quickly devote itself to solidifying its ethical foundations .

    The immediate negative cost implications of instituting principled party politics must not deter it. Political parties are vehicles for nation building. While in opposition it had to play the game of the PDP, now it can lay down new markers. It can sanitize the whole electoral process. Buhari’s performance would be adjudged more woeful than that of Jonathan if he fails to stamp out corruption in his party’s nomination processes. Practical expression must be given APC’s talk not only at the federal level but also in the states they control.

    But none of these would happen if the nation slipped back into a one party state. The nation was perhaps particularly fortunate that the PDP was blessed with unending internal wrangling. The opposition parties at some point were too weightless to irritate let alone hinder the PDP. Obasanjo and Atiku clashed and tenure could not be elongated. Jonathan and Amaechi &co wrestled, and a strong electable opposition was built. Okadigbo, Tambuwal and some others helped accountability with their rebelliousness.

    While such dissents served well, we cannot organize oppositional politics around such luck. A reformed PDP with it’s rich history and national foundation will be not just a check on the ruling party but also a veritable electable alternative. A new party may be fashionable but realistically that’s a long term project. The country needs an immediate robustly competitive opposition. An alive and reformed PDP is of paramount national importance. President Buhari must help to keep the PDP alive ,well and competitive. He belongs to no one and belongs to everyone.


    Disclaimer: Views expressed in any piece we publish remain entirely the author's and do not reflect the editorial policy of DailyGlobeWatch


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  • Grooming startups to survive in the Nigerian ecosystem - olukayode.kolawole

    05/Oct/2016 // 246 Viewers


    Starting a business in Nigeria, like many other countries, usually comes with many road bumps. It is not just enough to have a brilliant idea that can be built into a mega business; more is required than just a good thought process. More often than not, entrepreneurs would always believe that raising enough capital to run a business is the most important factor. After all, we all at a time attended that Economics class where we were taught that money is the most important element to drive a business to success. At Jumia Travel, we believe there are other elements that are as important as capital for a business to grow. Some of these will include, but not limited to, creating a comfortable environment for startup owners and investors to relate, providing essential support to ensure that the business survives and caters to the socio-economic environment by creating jobs, providing substantial dose of mentorship, business advisory supports, peer learning network and enriching the development process for these startups.

    There are a number of platforms created by individuals and some by a group of individuals who are committed to helping others grow their businesses. These platforms have been created to provide necessary expert support in different areas that are affected by the businesses i.e. marketing, innovation, customer service, branding etc. To mention but a few, Lagos Startup, Startup Friday, IC-Cube Startup Conference & Exhibition, Nigeria Small Business Summit and Startup Lagos Conference are some of the platforms that have provided startups with the needed intellectual infrastructure supports.

    Just last week, the second edition of the Lagos Startup Week was held at Oriental Hotel Lagos. It was a weeklong of activities – from paper presentation to panel discussions and Q&A sessions. As a supporter of SMEs, Jumia Travel was among the many sponsors of the event. As a form of recognition of its leadership position in the ecommerce industry, the company’s Managing Director in Nigeria Kushal Dutta was invited as a panelist to speak on the “The Future of Ecommerce, Retail and Payments in Nigeria”.  During the panel discussion, Kushal made some interesting revelations about digital penetration. For instance, he made a distinction between internet penetration and e-commerce penetration. According to Kushal, these two are often misconstrued to be same. The success of e-commerce largely depends on internet penetration because if people don’t have access to the internet, it becomes impossible for them to transact on any ecommerce platform. He stressed that because of the high penetration of the internet, it’s profitable to spend money on online promotions as it has the potential to impact ROI measurably through online sales.

    A comparative look at the internet users in Nigeria between 2015 and 2016 clearly shows that the country is ripe for ecommerce businesses to thrive, if we were to judge by access to the internet. As at July 1, 2016, there were about 86,219,965 internet users in Nigeria which is about 46.1% of the entire population. The percentage is expected to grow by 2.63% by 2017 whereas there were only about 82,094,998 internet users in 2015 which represented 45.1% of the population. A lot of aspiring entrepreneurs should look at venturing into ecommerce business as it’s evident that internet penetration in the country is growing astronomically.

    Kushal also advised the participants against looking for investors when the business idea has not been properly thought through and no scalable model is already in place with a well-defined market. This, he said, might prevent investors from investing their capital in the business. He made reference to MTN’s involvement in Jumia’s business as a result of the scalable business plan that the organization has put in place. MTN was able to key into the vision after it saw its profitability circle as a business.

    Even though the current climate of the Nigerian economy has been quite unconducive due to a number of reasons but top on the list the recession, aspiring entrepreneurs should be encouraged and groomed into becoming successful business owners. True, there are platforms cropping up every day to cater to these needs. Yet, more and more collaboration still needs to be done. At least, that’s what we believe at Jumia Travel.


    About Jumia Travel
    Jumia Travel (travel.jumia.com) is Africa's No.1 hotel booking website, allowing you to get the best prices for more than 25,000 hotels in Africa and more than 200,000 hotels around the world.
    Our ambition is to bring every bit of available accommodation online, and to create the easiest and cheapest way for customers to book it. At Jumia Travel, we have hundreds of travel specialists constantly in touch with our customers. Our offices are located in Lagos (Nigeria), Accra (Ghana), Dakar (Senegal), Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Algiers (Algeria), Douala (Cameroon), Kampala (Uganda), Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania), Nairobi (Kenya) and Addis Ababa (Ethiopia). Before June 2016, Jumia Travel was known as Jovago. Jumia Travel was founded in 2013 by Jumia and is backed by MTN, Rocket Internet, Millicom, Orange, Axa and financial partners.

    Olukayode Kolawole | Head of PR & Marketing | Jumia Travel NG
    Phone: 08134793695 | Skype: kayode_kola
    11 Commercial Avenue, Sabo  | Yaba  |  Lagos |  Nigeria


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  • Is Buhari administration disappointing yet?, By Jeff Okoroafor

    06/Dec/2015 // 495 Viewers


    I am no longer sure of what should anger me anymore when it comes to governance in Nigeria. The action and inaction of former President Jonathan’s government that almost brought Nigeria to her knees, promoted corruption and made everywhere very uncondusive given his inability to exert effective and transformational leadership strength. Or the fact that the exact same move, the mistakes of the past, are now presently being made by this new administration despite the daily warnings and callings by good governance advocates like myself. It clearly seem that this government, this political party, stepped into the top most leadership home of Nigeria without having a clue whatsoever, what to do with the power they were gunning for. All the things we fought against in the time of Jonathan are now gradually repeating itself again.

    It though seem a short time since the government of Buhari stepped in, but many errors has been made and it just keep coming. At the moment am confused on where to start pointing them out. First, the nation’s economic arrow continue to point downwards with no master-plan on what to do in order to reactivate it and turn the bearing around. Boko Haram still strikes like they just started, with a rejuvenated agility. Insecurity still threatens the entire country etc. About five months ago, the leadership of the Bring Back Our Girls movement met with President Muhammadu Buhari, precisely on July 8, where they presented to him, hard knock solutions, result targeted operational methodologies, and their demands. A follow up letter was also sent and Dr Oby Ezekwesili utilized an open window of opportunity that presented itself, to remind the Vice President of the July 8 meeting and the need for an urgent action. No word has been heard, either from the President, his vice or anyone from the Presidency, even as I write this piece.

    Few days ago, a village (Bam) in Borno State was grievously attacked by members of the deadly Islamic group widely known as Boko Haram. A large number of Girls were abducted and alarms were raised by the BBOG group as well as some individuals from the state. The attention of the government was called upon but the question is, what has the government done since then? Let me tell you what they have done, they have constituted a ‘Fact Finding Committee’ on the news of the Girls’ abduction, exactly the same thing the previous administration did that have today resulted to the prolonged stay of the Chibok Girls in the hands of Boko Haram.

    The inefficiency and all the disturbing drama that has been going on in this administration is disappointing. This is rather unfortunate; and I expect much more from this government that came on the platform of CHANGE. If nothing, the approach to communication has been very disappointing to say the least. The Jonathan administration already showed the worst case scenario, the best would be to act far better. It will be a cold day in hell if this administration return back to the old ways the people voted out. Nigerians are expecting more and they definitely deserve to get more. They have thrown the entire weight on this government and Buhari have no reason to fail them.

    A leader that doesn’t communicate properly, his vision and mission to his people, runs the risk of having them misinterpret him and his goals. A leader that fails to be responsive, especially on critical circumstances, often lose the support of his people. President Buhari, Nigerians actually believe that you are the very person who can turn things around, don’t be so relaxed to forget what their demands are and to think they can’t flip the switch when the time comes.

    You have the gun now Buhari, use it to transform Nigeria.


    Jeff Okoroafor is a Civil Right Activist.


    Disclaimer: Views expressed in any article we publish are entirely the author's and do not reflect or represent the editorial policy of DailyGlobeWatch.


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  • Col. Sambo Dasuki and the irony of history

    06/Feb/2016 // 668 Viewers

    By Emeka Anumbo


    Irony kills. Often, it does so in the most unexpected dimensions. And at such moments, the tremours generated ensure that great men are almost reduced to the status of mere mortals. As an officer in the Nigerian Army, Major Sambo Dasuki was destined for the top of his chosen profession.
    He was not just a Fulani, but hailed from Sokoto, the seat of the famous Caliphate founded by Uthman Dan Fodio, his direct fore-bearer, a legendary Islamic scholar, renowned 19th century Jihadist, northern irredentist and Hausa-Fulani expansionist extraordinary.
    Major Sambo Dasuki was not just a Brahmin from Sokoto, but he was very high born, and hails from one of the ruling houses privileged to produce a Sultan, the most pre-eminent traditional stool in Nigeria. The throne of the sultanate is not directly hereditary. The ladder to this haven of luxurious traditional rulership is a conjugal fraternity among Dan Fodio’s male heirs. In these well known sultanate families, the privileged scions mount certain traditional stages before ascending the throne.
    When the Evil Genius, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida overran Dodan Barracks, then the seat of power in August 1985, Major Dasuki became his Chief Security Officer, CSO. And Alhaji Ibrahim Dasuki, the once famous, wealthy and influential father of the swashbuckling major eventually became the Sultan of Sokoto.
    General Babangida’s junta had as Chief of Army Staff, General Sanni Abacha, a goggled Gypsy of Kanuri extraction from Kano. Later, the Evil Genius released millions of naira for the rehabilitation of army barracks across the nation to General Abacha, but Major Dasuki observed that no army barrack received a touch of paint and the millions earmarked for them were never returned to army pay office. Incensed, he fired off a scathing indictment of General Abacha to General Babangida, but as first among equals, he could not morally reprimand, talk less of punishing the man who was to all intents and purposes, his second in command.
    The effrontery of Major Dasuki almost cost him his life by a vengeful General Abacha, but General Babangida spirited him away to the United States of America for further studies. The temerity and defiance of the major ignored the cozy “army arrangement” {apologies to Fela} between the Evil Genius and his co-travellers to “chop and clean mouth.” In great fury, General Abacha resolved to teach the impudent Major Dasuki a major lesson in seniority. Meanwhile, the Gypsy advanced in the armed forces to become the Chief of Defence Staff and in 1994, he emerged as the head of state when he easily collapsed the contraption called Interim National Government {government that sat on one buttock} that General Babangida put in place to beguile Nigerians after the June 12 debacle. More significantly, events later revealed that Abacha also became the “governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria!” By the time he infamously stepped aside in 1999 after a supposed “apple” death on the laps of some Indian Delilahs, the Gypsy’s itchy fingers had left the nation much poorer by billions of dollars. The term “Abacha loot” still being repatriated from many western countries is a testimony of his wholesale evacuation of the national treasury!
    In 2013, retired Colonel Sambo Dasuki was appointed by ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, GCFR, as the National Security Adviser, NSA. Late 2015, the government of President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, arrested this Sokoto prince as being in the heat of the princely sum of $2.1 billion meant for defence procurement that somehow went into voice mail. As far as the APC administration is concerned, Col Dasuki ran a Father Xmas party with the money. They accuse him of organizing a bazaar of goodluck that saw the money meant for the armed forces being handed out to political pimps, pot-bellied media owners, PDP patriarchs, playboys and acolytes, compromised senior members of the armed forces and their wives and children.
    Laughably, what he accused the Gypsy of is now tied to his well fed neck. After the Gypsy, Colonel Sambo Dasuki may be the most vilified public official in Nigeria, but that is in the future. For the present, the beleaguered colonel remains in the clutches of President Buhari and his EFCC. They have refused to obey a court order that granted him bail on very expensive conditions. Colonel Dasuki, I dare say, may yet make the throne of the caliphate if the courts discharge and acquit him of the charges of unlawful possession of firearms, breach of trust and money laundering that the EFCC is trying to persuade a Federal High Court judge to believe.
    Disclaimer: Views expressed in any article we publish remain entirely the author's and do not reflect the editorial policy of DailyGlobeWatch

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  • The Man In Our Midst- Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu.

    06/Mar/2016 // 455 Viewers

    By Iredia Osakue

    It is no news anymore that the expected leader that will take Edo state to the next
    level has come.  This man has the political wherewithal  to reposition the state to
    its imitable status where no man will be oppressed, where inequality becomes a
    misnomer and the use of brute force in the dispensation of law and order will be
    This reputable man with an extraordinary class has carved a niche for himself in
    governance and cut his teeth in managerial matters long before many of his
    contemporaries. When they see him, they jitter because of his indispensable aura,
    when he speaks his cadence resonates and sends uncontrollable vibration down the
    spines of his adversaries. He is a lawyer with a distinguished legal mind and an
    accomplished business man. 
    No wonder he is the talk of the town and man of the moment in this present political
    campaign. He has contributed immensely to the emergence of leaders in and outside
    the state and his finesse in administration has never been in doubt. 
    What do we expect from this  non haughty administrator and a shrewd politician now
    that he has agreed to come himself? Your answer is as good as mine: he is ready to
    put his right foot forward in the rebirth of our decayed society as a result of
    protracted maladministration, revival of our infecund political structure and
    sustenance of our democracy. 
    Not just the above alone: he is bringing back sanity into the failed health sector,
    business, economy, employment, infrastructural development, education, youth
    empowerment, sports and more. 
    The responsibility of a responsible government is to look into areas that are in bad
    shape in the state and proffer lasting solutions. These can only be achieved when 
    Edolites will unanimously agree in the forthcoming gubernatorial election to make
    Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu HIS EXCELLENCY, the  Executive Governor of Edo State. 
    To all the people of Edo state, does this not sound interesting to you?  Please, let
    us experience it together #thefutureisnow. 
    Iredia Osakue, JP is a Turin-based scholar, political analyust and public commentator on national and global issues.


    Disclaimer: Views express in any piece we publish remain entirely the author's and do not reflect the editorial policy of DailyGlobeWatch

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  • Kidnapped And Forgotten: Rev. Fr. John Adeyi And The Conspiracy Of Silence

    06/May/2016 // 1852 Viewers

    By Cletus Emoche Agada 

    The increasing wave of violent crimes across the land raised its ugly head again two weeks ago in Benue state when the highly revered Rev’d Fr. John Adeyi was kidnapped along the Highway, on his way from Okpoga to Otukpa, and taken to an unknown destination by equally unknown men.

    The first news of this ugly incident came from Prince Yemi Itodo, publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Daybreak Newspapers, who posted it on his Facebook page and later followed up with an update on the ransom demand by the kidnappers. Curiously, however, Mr Itodo later posted that he has been asked to discontinue any update on the matter by people whom he would not name. They even went further to ask him to pull down his earlier posts, and, for the Yemi that I’ve come to know to oblige this request, it must mean that those behind it must be powerful people in the society, most likely from the security establishment.

    Whoever must have been behind such an order, what Prince Itodo did was an act of cowardice that has rubbed off on all of us as the hours have now become days, and days have now rolled into weeks; without a single hint about Fr. Adeyi’s whereabouts. Worse still is that we manage to, individually and collectively, sleep and wake up as if nothing has happened.

    Rev. Fr. John Adeyi is an avant-garde trailblazer. As the first person to venture into Catholic Priesthood from Otukpa, Fr. Adeyi became a household name in Idomaland during his Priestly Ordination when the Legendary Idoma Gospel Singer, Peter Owoicho Otulu, dedicated a track in one of his albums to his strides. A simple man of very humble disposition, Fr. Adeyi is the kind that cannot hurt a fly, either by physical disposition or spiritual orientation, it will, therefore, be a surprise if there is any other motive behind this criminal act other than monetary gain; which, in any case, would be least likely because the reverend gentleman cannot even be counted among the rich or wealthy.

    Considering the foregoing, a few questions readily come to mind: are there no authorities and agencies constituted with the duty of maintenance of lives and property or the management of security and protection of citizens? Are there no documented channels of reporting incidences such as kidnaps and molestations or blackmails and threats? If such exist and if reports have been deposed to, what actions, therefore, have the responsible agencies taken?

    Considering Rev’d Father John Adeyi’s continued detention by his abductors weeks after the incident was reported to the Benue State Command of the Nigerian Police Force, one posits that somebody must be Responsible, some other unit be Accountable, yet another agency being Consulted and we, the People must be Informed on activities and actions being undertaken to secure the release of the reverend clergyman. By extension, it must either be deduced or inferred that his continued detention implies failure, either by commission or omission; by collusion or abnegation or dereliction of said duties by Security Personnel and Key Stakeholders in the Security Architecture of both the State and Federal Governments.

    We must not allow Rev’d Fr. John Adeyi to go the way of the Chibok Girls!

    We do believe it is time for a conscience call to all and sundry; a call to the Inspector General of Police, Mr Solomon Arase, before he accuses us of exaggeration again, to investigate and facilitate the release of Fr. Adeyi by any means possible and reunite him with his family and community without further delay.

    The DSS, the 82 Division of the Nigerian Army (that superintends the 72 Brigade Command in Benue), the State Government that specialises in sloganeering, Benue Traditional Leaders, Local Chiefs and all men of good will must join their hands together to make sure that Fr. Adeyi is released by his captors unhurt.

    It’s quite unfortunate that the Conference of Catholic Bishops will go and share a cup of tea at the Presidential Villa with the President and Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces, H.E. Muhammadu Buhari at a time that an integral member of the Clergy, Fr Adeyi, remains in the Kidnappers den and will not extract a single word of commitment from Mr President about accelerating his release, if at all his case was mentioned.

    Finally, perhaps if Rev’d Fr Adeyi’s abductors are chanced to read this write-up, I implore them to release this innocent man of faith unconditionally to avoid the judgement of the Almighty God.

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  • Buhari's Two Days Ministerial Retreat In Hindsight

    06/Nov/2015 // 846 Viewers

    There are so many concerned Nigerians that have written countless columns that start with cogent analyses and end with logical and sometimes with illogical conclusions. On which side does one place this writer? Either on the former or the latter; this depends wholly on individual perception.
    Doubtless, our recycled men of the moment lack the quality of detachment. No sane mind would dispute this. They in all honesty lack the ability to let the difficult facts of reality work resulting from cloudy and senseless affiliations. We see them at various times striving for the boastful whose work have led our potentially great nation nowhere.
    However, it stands to reason and is logical that political affiliations have been allowed to override national interest under the existing circumstances. Buhari's legion of angels we patiently and anxiously waited for to help in the day-to-day running of a supposedly new Nigeria have been ultimately unveiled but only to discover the same crop of men who have been so naive, so brutally cynical and hardened, so willfully ignorant in using levers of power to produce some tangible incremental good. The protests that trailed the ministerial nominees were cast overboard, a pointer to the fact that Nigerians have no say who decides their future. So disheartening, if you ask me!
    Genuinely eagle-eyed Nigerians would not only see Buhari's legion of angels as masters at destruction but also incompetent at construction. This inference had to be inevitably drawn in one's capacity as a participant-observer in the unfolding democratic scenario since Nigeria returned to civil democratic rule some 16 years ago. We had hoped for a 'platoon' of competent technocrats to bring about effective governance and not rhetorical excesses, mental corruptions, and philosophical betrayals.

    There is no denying the fact that intellectual humility which the ruling progressives adopted in their campaign prior to the general elections has been abandoned for right-wing radicalism and more worrisome is the fact that some of the rulers of our land have suddenly metamorphosed into insurgents and revolutionaries and this tends towards anarchy. Is all well in a country battling jihadist insurgents, reactionaries and secessionists in the northeast, southwest and southeast respectively?
     President Buhari must take into account the views expressed by everyone in Nigeria not only his partisans and apologists because as the president of Nigeria the needful must be done by accommodating all shades of opinion in the interest of national reconciliation. Also to be constantly borne in mind in the course of ruling over 170 million Nigerians is the incontrovertible fact that politics is the process of making decisions amid diverse opinions and this involves calm deliberations, self-discipline, the capacity to listen to other points of view and balance valid but competing ideas and interests. All of this as one can see today has been overturned as voices of reason have become prisoners in their own prose styles.
    In a bid to regenerate Nigeria, what we genuinely stand in need of is a departure from parochial attitudes and interests, incompetence, lies, bullying, and cynicism. In a complex landscape like Nigeria, a sense of proportion with a warm passion is deemed absolutely necessary to impel action at this material time.

     Noteworthy is the naked truth that to move that great country forward south of the Sahara, the country must be seen as one organic whole, the stage must be set for incremental change and the cast of actors must rehearse properly for lasting reforms, recite familiar lines by employing precedence, balance, order with a tone of voice that is prudent, measured and responsible. It is not uncommon for Nigerians to fall into different classes and political factions, common sense demands that we be treated equally in such a way that commands ultimate loyalty and love. Anything short of this, I dare say, is a recipe for disaster.
    Frankly, what ignites my contempt for Abuja in this era of transformational political change is the crop of men who made the most lavish spendings imaginable that resulted in shutdowns in the not too distant and immediate pasts called upon again as custodians of our common patrimony. There is no restating the obvious here: Inconvenient facts have been ignored, voices of reason are being treated as aliens, anti-political political ethos has produced stewards of jaw-dropping incompetence.
    Could this be part of what Steven Bilakovics saw when he wrote his book titled ''Democracy Without Politics'' or put differently ''Politics Without Democracy''? This agitates me extremely.
    Iyoha John Darlington, an opinion leader and public commentator on national and global issues writes from Turin, Italy.

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  • So Nigeria is finally broke?

    06/Nov/2015 // 4808 Viewers

    Wow! So Nigeria finally succumbed after all the millions, billions and trillions disfarahan? We have been asked for several years: how much money is in that Country when so much keeps on disappearing? We wish we know how much we lost, actually nobody knows for sure. What is surprising is that the Country is still standing. Right now there is a consensus between the ruling Party and the Opposition that we are on our way to the poor house. Lower prices! I doubt it.

    Some of you might have been too young when General Gowon declared that our problem is not money but how to spend it. When this writer told people he was in Nigeria when Gowon was the Head of State, he was told everyone they know got rich then. Instead of keeping quiet, he also said he was in Nigeria when Shagari was the President. Anyone not rich during the time of Gowon or Shagari, must have got a curse on him!

    Economic recession is usually a slowdown in economic activities over a period of time like two or three quarters in a business circle which our people have endured for even longer period of time. In the western countries, it will qualify for a depression that lasts for two or more years.

    One would expect that in a deflation where there is a negative inflation rate, the general price level of goods and services would decrease below zero percent; not in Nigeria.  All prices keep going up just as we pay more when African currencies are devalued on foreign experts' advice. What do you expect when only less than one third of economic activities are between Africans?

    Deflation by negative price index may be good if naira is not devalued. We have gone through recession. Indeed we had depression with the rest of the world. Note the difference between these terms though. Economists and other academics have technical definitions but the man on the street has another definition that is acceptable to most. A popular one is that if you know people that are out of jobs, that is a recession but if you are out of a job that is a depression O!

    Awolowo whose achievement was fueled mainly by agriculture, warned Shagari's Government Nigeria would go broke. Mismanaged economy and liberal imports killed textile. Not even Awo predicted this level of poverty in the land flowing with wara, honey where any crop grew if we only plant. He was ridiculed by R. Akinjide and called Prophet of Doom. Little intra-African trade, in Africa's total trade over the past decade was only about 11%, compared to 70% with Europe .

    Africans must kill an inferiority complex that we can only be rich when we trade with Americans and Europeans not with ourselves at home or with Africa. We must not forget that Groundnuts, Cocoa, Coal, Palm Oil, from North, East and West of Nigeria gave us more in terms of quality of life than our new found oil wealth crooks looted away. While West Africa achieved relatively growth of 6% in 2014 despite its battle with the Ebola virus; slowly and gradually,  Nigeria's growth of 6.3% came mainly from non-oil sectors showing that the economy is diversifying.

    The irony of all these is that African markets in general and Nigerian business in particular never respond to the economic model taught in foreign schools. Applying old wine to new bottles will always fail. Yet, those that are looting the treasury are preaching austerity measures to tighten our belts for another roller coaster ride. Any further belt tightening, stomachs would burst PAU!
    We have this mentality that the best managers of our treasury are foreign employed and trained staff of International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Paris Club etc. that can navigate the trick and complexity of African aspiration. After devastated us accordingly, the so called experts go back to their masters where they are recognized with foreign jobs and awards. Well done!

    Another case in point: Money Nigerians pour into the so called “American” or “English” schools. If they can only spend half of it with parents' participation in many neighborhood schools, these private schools will have good competition from locals but they will never survive with the little starving salaries they pay local teachers while their “expatriates” are handsomely paid. Apart from teaching children how to “speak like European and American” what else do they offer?

    Poor people complain too much. Well, Saro say na poor I poor, no be craze I craze. What an excuse from a poor man, eh! One can now understand why they sent their children to Jakande School in FESTAC. No wonder, the mothers told some wives we have gone crazy by sacrificing the children for Jakande's cause: “Our families do not send children to such primary schools”.

    The only way to understand this is that some Jakande's schools, especially the one in FESTAC and another by Eric Moore in Surulere were run like private schools mainly because of parents' participation in those areas. FESTAC was the best town in Nigeria where the houses and streets were pretty and smooth even better than American cities. If you got out of FESTAC town, you could not wait to get back home, sweet home. Boy, that is now history!

    What has this got to do with broke-ass Nigeria? Our mentality got us broke. Even after Jakande left Office, many people expressed fears they would never have had the opportunity to own a house but for Jakande. Federal Govt. was forced to compete with states in providing housing, schools spurring private trades and manufacturing jobs. So when we say poverty is relative, it means Nigeria has never had so many poor people with so little, while a few got filthy rich.

    We are now in the age of impunity and callousness where the very few dare so many poor people and those that complained are labelled as the enemy of progress or political opponents. We cannot recognize which party is for the masses and the one for the very few rich because crooks are evenly spread across the parties. The masses are so confused; they do not know who is against them or who is using them to acquire more loot into individuals and cronies' pockets.

    Written by Farouk Martins Aresa.


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  • The Incorruptible That Made The Ministerial List Of Buhari By Mazi Odera

    06/Oct/2015 // 382 Viewers

    The Saints

    Since the new Government took over the helms of affairs ,they made the nation to build a serious castle in the Air as hope and dreams .
    They raised our fragile hope so high that even when it is obvious confusion is the order of the day ,but the Nation anchored hope on the fact that we had an EX GENERAL who rode on WAR AGAINST INDISCIPLINE MANTRA to fame ,not withstanding that Brigadier Tunde Idiagbon was more or less the pro action man but that is discussion for another day .

    The Nation forgot the treachery that spewed them to power ,the open distribution of Dollars to delegates at Teslim Balogun Staduim Surulere ,where APC held Convention which was sponsored by SENATOR TINUBU the JAGABAN of Lagos state ,a man which pre-election documentary showed by AIT was a GIANT FRAUD.
    The APC convention can only be described as the MOTHER of all fraud .
    The Convention was a display of who shared much dollars but at the end ,the Jagaban of Lagos state spent more than Atiku and he got General Buhari as APC candidate ,he also gave us the Vice President who dropped his Cross as a pastor to serve as Vice President without mind of his own.Then the same Jagaban wanted to appoint all the SPEAKERS and Powerful ministers and he is succeeding in some.

    After winning the election ,it seems the party went into serious confusion ,from choosing and annointing the speakers of Both Federal Houses which is still going on as we speak in a power play .

    The Party that promised to eradicate BOKO HARAM within 3 months but as we speak ,the same Boko Haram that former Government chase into hiding and into Chad are now back in full force and Bombs are exploding even in our National Capital .Now we bury more Bomb victims within this short period than the last 4 years put together.

    Since swear inn ,the nation were moving on a slippery slope without Ministers .The President told the nation that he wants to choose ANGELS as Ministers and lo and behold ,here we have the list of the ANGELS ..

    Chris Ngige Anambra -Former Governor of Anambra state who rode into power through the mandate of dogfather and who the SUPREME court ruled that his tenure never happened ,therefore the Highest court ruled that ,since his name must be expunged from the Annals of Governors that the days he used as the Governor must be returned to the actual and authentic winner Mr Peter Obi flying the flag of APGA

    Kayode Fayemi Ekiti –

    Rotimi Amaechi Rivers- As we speak ,River state are crying about the rape of Justice and grand theft which he supervised ,but owning to the fact that he co-sponsored the under age voting that spew in the new Government ,there he is now an Angel with a HORN

    Babatunde Fashola Lagos -This is a treacherous man that left a whooping 1 Trillion Debt for Lagos state ,this is a man that used 78 Million naira to update a website .We all know that with that amount he can put INTERNET SATELITE in the space but he used it to maintain a 4 page website.

    Abdulrahman Danbazau –
    Aisha Alhassan Taraba
    Ogbonaya Onu Abia
    Kemi Adeosun Ogun
    Abubakar Malami (SAN) Kebbi
    Sen Hadi Sirika Katsina
    Barr. Adebayo Shittu Oyo
    Suleiman Adamu Jigawa
    Solomon Dalong Plateau
    Ibe Kachikwu Delta
    Osagie Ehanire -Edo
    Audu Ogbeh Benue – FORMER PDP CHAIRMAN ,a man that is not less than 30 years when we got independent and yet he is now submitted as a Minister and we are moving forward to Colonial era.

    Lai Mohammed -Kwara -THE BIGGEST DISGRACE to any race and the greatest rabble rousing lier of all time and now he is submitted as a MINISTER ,he is among the ANGELS .

    Ahmed Isa Ibeto Niger
    Amina Mohammed Kaduna
    Ibrahim Usman Jubril
    Udo Udoma -Was he not the former CBN man or so ? and how old has he been around Government ?
    In all it is crystal that the change we got is change that will take us back to pre-1960 and our Hope as a nation is as slim as that of CHIBOK GIRLS.

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  • Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu and the price of freedom

    06/Sep/2016 // 1100 Viewers


    For those who want me to stop writing about the Igbo because they have to hear the truth I say again that I will not be silent. Because of my Igbo brothers I will not be silent.

    My stance is the path I have chosen carefully I will remain committed to that path until Nigeria is restructured for the common good of all. The below piece was written by my friend Dr. Eke Eke.

    Eke is a medical doctor practicing in the UK. He is one of the most cerebral and logical minds I have come across. I believe his writing was influenced by the worries of many lovers of freedom about the dictatorial tendency of the regime in Nigeria. What Eke wrote summarized all that is on my mind.

    I decided to share his kind thesis verbatim so that we can all be inspired and to know there is a price for freedom and liberty and that is what Kanu is paying.

    I never knew much of Nnamdi Kanu until President Buhari introduced him to me by locking him up and refusing to obey court orders. I have never held my word against government trying to achieve conviction against citizens at all cost. In Dr. Eke’s words, ‘It is their fate that those who seek for change risk much.

    Therefore, anybody, who is supporting or fighting for a cause must first count the cost and convince himself that he is prepared to pay it before he starts.

    In a country like Nigeria, which is still struggling to allow a culture of the rule of law and individual freedom to take root, there is need for those who have taken it upon themselves to fight for a better society to count the cost of freedom.

    The cost of what one believes or intends to do have been the determinant factor in whether he succeeds or fails, as only those prepared to pay the price of success succeeds. ‘For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he has sufficient to finish it? Luke 14:28 The Igbos say that ‘anaghi aso mgbabu aga ogu’.

    Those who go to war, do not fear death. ‘For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. Matt. 15:25’ Freedom is invaluable and at the same time costs a lot to secure.

    Often, the love one has for his people or country is shown in their preparedness to pay the ultimate price if required. Jesus recognized this and summed it as the ultimate demonstration of love.

    ‘Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:23’ During the Second World War, many people willingly paid the ultimate price to secure the freedom we enjoy today. The words of John Maxwell Edmunds immortalized at the Kohima epitaph sums up the price of freedom and show of ultimate love.

    “When you go Home, tell them of us and say; ‘For your Tomorrow, we gave our Today” John Maxwell Edmunds 1916 The single litmus test for true and honest leadership, which has no deceit is the preparedness to pay the ultimate price. I call it the Mandela Test. ‘My freedom is inseparable from the freedom of my people’.
    A leadership that sees its welfare and happiness as inseparable from the welfare and happiness of the people is what Jesus meant, when he talked about the good Shepard. For several years, ANC, behaved towards Apartheid the way Igbos are behaving today towards, corruption, islamisation and Fulani terror.

    “Who will deny that thirty years of my life have been spent knocking in vain, patiently, moderately, and modestly at a closed and barred door? What have been the fruits of moderation? The past thirty years have seen the greatest number of laws restricting our rights and progress, until today we have reached a stage where we have almost no rights at all.” Chief Lutuli, President of ANC 1953 and winner of Nobel Price for Peace.

    Things changed, when Nelson Mandela took over and realized that there is a place for ‘just violence’ in response to responds to subjugation, injustice, terror and discrimination of the type apartheid imposed on his people.

    He made a clear distinction between terror and use of violence in the fight against tyranny and demonstrated that, while terror is evil and targets innocent people to instill fear and subjugate, violent response is used to incapacitate the oppressor and force him to see the evil of his way.

    Could this analogy of great Mandela be the difference between Boko Haram , the Fulani Herdsmen and the Niger Delta Avengers? I scoffed when the President was quoted as saying he will deal with the Avengers the same way he has dealt with Boko Haram. You don’t for God’s sake treat freedom fighters the same way you treat terrorists.

    Mandela demonstrated for all time the right and justifiable way to use the one of the languages oppressors respond to in achieving freedom and civil society. In essence, he said, one cannot be docile in the face of tyranny and a man who wants you dead, does not deserve to live either.

    Why are the people of the South East docile in the face of terrorists attack by supposedly Fulani herdmen? Mandela had penned the following words “During my lifetime I have dedicated myself to this struggle of the African people.

    I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve.

    But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die”. Nelson Mandela Anyone, who is not prepared to lose his life for the good of his people and what he believes is right, honest ,loving and of good report is an imposter.

    However, this must not be through recklessness, it must be when other peaceful and non-violent means have been exhausted. The oppressor must know during our peaceful negotiation, that the freedom we seek, is nonnegotiable and that we prefer death to servitude. Only then will the oppressor count the cost of oppression’.

    Leadership requires the risking of what we value most, our freedom and lives. Freedom is not cheap. The question is: Are we ready to invest in the future we desire and the freedom of people and pay the price.

    Today Nnamdi Kanu is paying the price of freedom . His continued incarceration is only designed to weaken him and destroy his spirit, including demoralizing those who share in his vision of freedom for his people. I again call on the Federal Government to free Nnamdi now, dust up the CONFAB report or set another table so that we can as free men and men talk about the future of this country.

    *Clem Aguyi is a social critic and public commentator on current affairs.


    Disclaimer: Views expressed in any piece we publish remain entirely the author's and do not reflect our editorial policy. DailyGlobeWatch shall, therefore , not be held responsible for the contents or any of its parts thereof.


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