• Breaking: Reps Appropriation committee chairman sacked over corruption-related charges

    20/Jul/2016 // 559 Viewers


    PARIS, JULY 20, 2016: (DGW) Hon. Abdulmumin Jibrin the Chairman, Committee on Appropriation, House of representatives has been sacked on corruption-related charges.

    His removal was announced on Wednesday by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Yakubu Dogara.

    Jibrin, DailyGlobeWatch reliably gathered, was actively involved in the  allocation of projects up to the tune of N4 billion to his Kiru/Bebeji Federal Constituency of Kano State which prompted members to call for his immediate resignation.

    He has since been replaced by Hon. Mustapha Bala Dawaki (APC, Kano), who hitherto chaired the committee on housing.

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  • Islamic State says it has executed two captives from Norway and China

    20/Nov/2015 // 403 Viewers

    Islamic State said it had killed a Norwegian and a Chinese captive, showing what appeared to be pictures of the dead men under a banner reading "Executed" in the latest edition of its English language magazine.

    It did not give any details in the online Dabiq magazine, published on Wednesday, about how, when or where the men were killed.

    Norway's Prime Minister Erna Solberg told a news conference in Oslo that the Norwegian man, named by the foreign ministry as Ole Johan Grimsgaard-Ofstad, had most likely been killed.

    In September, Solberg said a Norwegian had been held hostage in Syria since January and was believed to be in the hands of Islamic State, which has seized large swathes of Syria and Iraq.

    "We condemn the killing," Solberg said, adding the government was still seeking further verification.

    Foreign Minister Boerge Brende added that the government had no grounds to doubt the photos that had been published.

    Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said Beijing was "greatly shocked" by the reports, but was still seeking verification of the execution of the Chinese national.

    In a statement on the ministry's website, Hong said the government had been trying to secure the release of the hostage. China's Foreign Ministry said in September that one of its citizens appeared to be in Islamic State captivity.

    The militant group had previously identified the Chinese man as Fan Jinghui and said he was a 50-year-old freelance consultant from Beijing, but the Chinese government has not confirmed his identity.

    The state-run Beijing News said Fan was probably a former advertising executive who lived in a western suburb of Beijing, but that his company shut down in 2003.

    It is not clear why he had gone to the Middle East.

    The Chinese government says that some Uighurs, a mostly Muslim people from China's far western region of Xinjiang, have gone to fight with radical groups in the Middle East.

    Solberg said in September that Norway did not intend to pay a ransom for Grimsgaard-Ofstad's release. She had said the man was in his 40s and had been held by several groups since he was first captured.

    In the previous issue of the Dabiq magazine, Islamic State showed pictures of two men who it said were Norwegian and Chinese, wearing yellow suits and with shaved heads.

    It said their governments had "abandoned" them, but that they were "for sale" and ransom payments could secure their release.

    It identified Grimsgaard-Ofstad as a candidate for a masters degree in political science born in 1967.

    The latest issue of its magazine also carried a photo of what it said was the improvised bomb that brought down a Russian airliner over Egypt's Sinai Peninsula last month, killing all 224 people on board. (Reporting by Lin Noueihed, Ahmed Aboulenein and Terje Solsvik; Additional reporting by Ben Blanchard in Beijing; Editing by Gareth Jones and Dean Yates)


    Source: ReutersThomson Reuters 

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  • Igbo Youth Movement: A 5-million march for true federalism billed for December

    20/Nov/2015 // 540 Viewers

    In what appears to be a literary divagation, a 5-million march calling for true federalism in the five south-eastern states has been billed for December by Igbo Youth Movement.

    Sources told our reporter that no fewer than 42 Igbo organizations would be taking part in the forthcoming historic event. 

    Speaking to our reporter in Enugu, the capital of Enugu State in south-eastern Nigeria, the founder of Igbo Youth Movement, Evangelist Elliot Uko said the demonstration which would be peaceful is expected to hold in Abia, Imo, Enugu, Ebonyi and, Anambra States at a date which will soon be announced but hopefully before Christmas.

    This meeting which took place on Friday, November 20 in Enugu  was attended by representatives and key officers of Igbo Youth Movement, South-South Youth Congress, and the Union of Niger  Delta. 



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  • UN says 35,000 displaced by Syrian regime's Aleppo offensive

    20/Oct/2015 // 263 Viewers

     AFP / Thaer Mohammed |Syrian opposition fighters in the Mount Azzan area, 24 kms from Aleppo, run during reported fighting against forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on October 17, 2015.

    Tens of thousands of Syrians have fled their homes south of the second city Aleppo since a government offensive there began last week, a UN agency said on Tuesday.

    The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said around 35,000 people had been displaced by the fighting.

    “Around 35,000 people are reported to have been displaced from Hader and Zerbeh on the southwestern outskirts of Aleppo city, following government offensives over last few days,” said OCHA spokeswoman Vanessa Huguenin.

    She said many of the displaced were living with host families and in informal settlements further west in the province.

    “People urgently need food and basic household and shelter items,” she said.

    “In addition, aid agencies are growing more and more concerned for families living outdoors as the weather is getting colder especially overnight.”

    Syrian government forces began a new offensive south of Aleppo city on October 17, backed by Russian air strikes.

    They are fighting to take villages and towns that lie near the strategic Aleppo-Damascus highway.

    More than 250,000 people have been killed since Syria’s conflict began with anti-government protests in March 2011.

    Some four million Syrians have become refugees and around seven million have been internally displaced, according to the UN.


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  • Rebels say US-made missiles turning tide against regime

    20/Oct/2015 // 258 Viewers

     AFP/File | A rebel fighter from the Free Syrian Army's Fajr al-Hurriya Brigades mans a position during battle on a frontline north of the Syrian city of Aleppo on September 25, 2014


    BEIRUT (AFP) - 

    American-made anti-tank missiles are turning the tide against the Syrian regime and allied forces in a major battle in the country's centre and northwest, rebel groups said Tuesday.

    Non-Islamist opposition factions say they are using the US-made TOW missiles to halt a Syrian army advance that is backed by Russian air strikes in the provinces of Hama and Idlib.

    The deliveries are distinct from ammunition packages that a US-led coalition airdropped to Arab rebel groups in northeastern Syria late Sunday to bolster the fight against the extremist Islamic State group.

    "These rockets have played an important role in stopping the fierce attack by the Syrian regime and its Russian ally," said Asaad Hanna, spokesman for the non-Islamist Division 101.

    "We are using the (TOW missiles) more now to turn up the heat on the front lines," Hanna told AFP.

    According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, non-Islamist groups in central Syria have been receiving increased amounts of TOWs in the past four days.

    Observatory head Rami Abdel Rahman said that rebel commanders were telling their units to "attack any soldier you see using TOW missiles as we have a blank cheque" with supplies so plentiful.

    In 2014, rebel groups vetted by the US received TOW missiles for use in the provinces of Idlib, Aleppo, and Latakia.

    Ahmad al-Shuhub, spokesman for the Fursan al-Haq rebel brigade, told AFP the current support was coming from the US-led military based in Amman.

    Shuhub said the missiles had allowed the rebels "to respond to the Syrian army's advance".

    And Lieutenant Colonel Ahmad Saoud, spokesman for Division 13, said the TOW missiles "have determined the battle".

    "Whatever we are want, they are giving it to us," Saoud said, adding that his group's situation in terms of ammunition and weapons "is fantastic".

    "The TOW missiles are the central and vital player in determining the battle between us and Russia, Iran, and Syria."

    According to the Observatory, Division 13's base in the northwestern province of Idlib was targeted by Russian strikes last week.

    Russia began its air war in Syria on September 30, saying it was targeting the Islamic State group and other "terrorists".

    The strikes have been concentrated in Hama and Idlib, often striking Islamist and other rebels instead of IS.

    Russian air support in northern parts of Hama province has helped a Syrian army ground operation retake some villages in the area.

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  • US, Russia sign deal on steps to avoid air conflict over Syria

    20/Oct/2015 // 243 Viewers

     Komsomolskaya Pravda, Alexander Kots, AFP | File photo of Russian Sukhoi Su-30 SM fighter jets landing on a runway at the Hmeimim airbase in the Syrian province of Latakia


    US and Russian military officials signed a memorandum of understanding on Tuesday that includes steps their pilots should take to avoid an inadvertent clash over Syria as they carry out separate air strikes against militant groups, the Pentagon said.

    Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said the full text of the memo would not be released at Russia’s request, but it included specific protocols for air crews to follow plus the creation of a ground communications link between the two sides in the event air communications fail.

    Cook said the memo calls for aircraft to maintain a safe distance, but he declined to be more specific about whether the protocols included specific distances.

    (REUTERS with DailyGlobeWatch)

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  • JUST IN: Tension as Russian warships sail down British coast - CNN

    20/Oct/2016 // 973 Viewers


    London (CNN) A fleet of Russian warships and fighter jets, including the flagship aircraft carrier the Admiral Kuznetsov, has reached the North Sea and is headed for the English Channel, according to the UK's Ministry of Defence.

    The flotilla is believed to be on its way to the Mediterranean and eventually to Syria.

    The Royal Navy says it is closely monitoring the Russian vessels, which left Russia October 15.
    The fleet also includes a nuclear-powered battle cruiser, Pyotr Velikiy, and two Udaloy Class Destroyers. The Admiral Kuznetsov is capable of carrying 50 war planes.
    "When these ships near our waters we will man-mark them every step of the way," a Ministry of Defence spokesman said Wednesday. "We will be watching as part of our steadfast commitment to keep Britain safe."

    A Royal Navy lookout observes a Russian military fleet as it travels toward the English Channel.

    A Royal Navy lookout observes a Russian military fleet as it travels toward the English Channel

     The destroyer HMS Duncan has also been dispatched to monitor the Kuznetsov task group.

    Another British vessel, HMS Richmond, also escorted the group as it sailed down the Norwegian Sea between Iceland and Norway.

    A third Royal Navy vessel, the air defense destroyer HMS Dragon, is due to sail from the British port of Portsmouth Friday to meet two Russian corvettes traveling north toward the UK from the direction of Portugal.

    Shadowing ships is a regular task for the Royal Navy, which has been supported by Royal Air Force surveillance aircraft in this mission.

    The Russian fleet is believed to be sailing to Syria to back up the Russian air force, which is involved in the bombardment of rebel-held eastern Aleppo.
    A three-day "humanitarian pause" was scheduled to start Thursday morning to allow civilians and rebels to leave. However, there have been reports of clashes. Syria's state news agency SANA blamed terrorist groups for breaking the ceasefire.

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  • Saudi Arabia will pursue nuclear weapons if Iran does

    21/Jan/2016 // 402 Viewers

    By: JNS.org and World Israel News Staff


    As Israel has warned, the deal with Iran will send the Middle East spiraling into a dangerous nuclear arms race.  

    Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir hinted that his country would keep all options open, including pursing the acquisition of  nuclear weapons, if Iran obtained a nuclear weapon despite the newly implemented nuclear deal with world powers.

    Saudi Arabia would do “whatever we need to do in order to protect our people,” al-Jubeir told Reuters.

    “I don’t think it would be logical to expect us to discuss any such issue in public, and I don’t think it would be reasonable to expect me to answer this question one way or another,” he said.

    Al-Jubeir’s comments come following the announcement that Iran sanctions would be lifted as part of the Islamic Republic’s compliance with the nuclear deal that was signed with world powers last summer.Saudi Arabia, like Israel, has been strongly critical of the nuclear deal, which it fears could embolden Iran’s regional ambitions and boost their support of their terror proxies in Syria, Yemen and Lebanon. Iran is set to receive nearly $150 billion in sanctions relief as part of the deal.

    “It depends on where these funds go. If they go to support the nefarious activities of the Iranian regime, this will be a negative and it will generate a pushback. If they go towards improving the living standards of the Iranian people then it will be something that would be welcome,” al-Jubeir said.

    Israel has repeatedly warned that the nuclear deal has made the Middle East a more dangerous, and that Iran billions on thawed assets will significantly boost their regional belligerence.

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  • Attack on Iraqi Shite Mosque: IS claims responsibility

    21/Nov/2015 // 243 Viewers

    The dreaded Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for an attack on a Shiite mosque. No fewer than six people reportedly lost their lives in the attack.

    There are conflicting reports as to where the attack took place, one version of the story by the Islamic group said that the suicide bomber named Abu Hussein al-Ansari blew up himself inside the mosque while another version by the security and medical officials claimed that a bomb detonated outside the mosque injuring 19 people.


    For quite some time now  defenseless civilians from the Shiite Muslim majority  have been under frequent attacks who, they say, are heretics and yesterday's attack was only one of such frequent attacks targeting Shiite Muslim in the country.



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  • ISIS Terrorists Vow: ‘We Will Strike America At Its Center'

    21/Nov/2015 // 389 Viewers

    ISIS terrorists vowed to attack Washington D.C. as part of its “crusader campaign” in a video released Monday. 

    In the shocking clip, which started with footage of Friday’s Paris massacre, a series of ISIS members angrily lecture into the camera, with pointed fingers, over ongoing air strikes in Syria.

    “We say to the states that take part in the crusader campaign that, by God, you will have a day, God willing, like France’s and by God, as we struck France in the center of its abode in Paris,” a terrorist identified in the video as “Al Ghareeb the Algerian” said. “Then, we swear that we will strike America at its center in Washington.

    “I say to the European countries that we are coming, coming with booby traps and explosives, coming with explosive belts and [gun] silencers and you will be unable to stop us because today we are much stronger than before.”

    Another terrorist identifying himself as “Al Karrar the Iraqi,” referring to the attacks in Paris, said in a message aimed at French President Francois Hollande: “We have decided to negotiate with you in the trenches and not in the hotels.”

    ISIS members based out of Salahuddine, Iraq claimed credit for the clip.

    CIA director John Brennan said Monday he anticipated “that this is not the only operation that ISIS has in the pipeline.”

      By Radar Staff

    Source: Radar Online

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