• Breaking: Muslims on the run as Germany bans Islamist 'True Religion' group, launches dawn raids in mosques across country

    15/Nov/2016 // 1249 Viewers


    Police launched dawn raids across Germany on Tuesday on about 190 mosques, flats and offices linked to an Islamist group after the government banned the organization, accusing it of radicalising youngsters.

    Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said the DWR 'True Religion' group had persuaded about 140 people to join militants in Iraq and Syria.

    DWR, also known as "READ!" made no reference to the raids on its website and did not immediately respond to a request for comment. De Maiziere said it had several hundred members.

    Pictures showed masked police officers carrying away computers and files from properties.

    Chancellor Angela Merkel has come under pressure to harden her line on security after several attacks claimed by Islamic State across Europe, including a bombing and a knifing in Germany that wounded some 20 people in July. She is also under fire for letting in about 900,000 migrants, mostly Muslims, last year.

    Some Syrians in Germany say many mosques here are more conservative than those at home, and that they are confronted by Muslims who insist on a literal interpretation of the Koran.

    Last month, a Syrian committed suicide in prison after he was arrested on suspicion of planning to bomb an airport. His brother and friends have said he was "brainwashed" by ultra-conservatives imams in Berlin.

    The domestic intelligence agency said in June about 8,900 ultra-conservative Islamists known as Salafists were in Germany.

    De Maiziere said Tuesday's raids in 10 German states were the biggest crackdown on any group since the government shut down a movement known as Kalifatstaat (Caliphate State) in 2001, accusing it of extremist activities.

    He said DWR had distributed Korans and other religious material especially to young people, but this was not the reason for the ban.

    "Today's ban is rather directed against the abuse of religion by people propagating extremist ideologies and supporting terrorist organizations under the pretext of Islam."

    DWR members have tried to hand out material in German town centers to passers-by, often holding banners or wearing garments with the word "READ!" emblazoned in gold. The ban means they are now prohibited from running such campaigns.

    Fears about the number of migrants entering the country have boosted support for Alternative for Germany (AfD), a populist party that says Islam is incompatible with the constitution and has siphoned off support from Merkel's conservatives.

    A spokeswoman for the interior ministry said there was no indication that DWR was planning attacks itself. Overall, some 820 people have left Germany for war zones in Syria and Iraq, and officials fear they may pose a security threat on their return.

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  • Modern humans out of Africa sooner than thought

    15/Oct/2015 // 309 Viewers

    © Nature/AFP / by Marlowe Hood | This image provided by the journal "Nature" on October 14, 2015 shows 47 human teeth found in the Fuyan Cave, Daoxian, in southern China


    PARIS (AFP) - 

    Human teeth discovered in southern China provide evidence that our species left the African continent up to 70,000 years earlier than prevailing theories suggest, a study published on Wednesday said.

    Homo sapiens reached present-day China 80,000-120,000 years ago, according to the study, which could redraw the migration map for modern humans.

    "The model that is generally accepted is that modern humans left Africa only 50,000 years ago," said Maria Martinon-Torres, a researcher at University College London and a co-author of the study.

    "In this case, we are saying the H. sapiens is out of Africa much earlier," she told the peer-reviewed journal Nature, which published the study.



    While the route they travelled remains unknown, previous research suggests the most likely path out of East Africa to east Asia was across the Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East.

    The findings also mean that the first truly modern humans -- thought to have emerged in east Africa some 200,000 years ago -- landed in China well before they went to Europe.

    There is no evidence to suggest that H. sapiens entered the European continent earlier than 45,000 years ago, at least 40,000 years after they showed up in present-day China.

    The 47 teeth exhumed from a knee-deep layer of grey, sandy clay inside the Fuyan Cave near the town of Daoxian closely resemble the dental gear of "contemporary humans," according to the study.

    They could only have come from a population that migrated from Africa, rather than one that evolved from an another species of early man such as the extinct Homo erectus, the authors said.

    The scientists also unearthed the remains of some 38 mammals, including specimens of five extinct species, one of them a giant panda larger than those in existence today.

    No tools were found.

    "Judging by the cave environment, it may not have been a living place for humans," lead author Wu Liu from the Chinese Academy of Science in Beijing told AFP.

    - Why not Europe? -

    The study, published in the journal Nature, also rewrites the timeline of early man in China.

    Up to now, the earliest proof of H. sapiens east of the Arabian Peninsula came from the Tianyuan Cave near Beijing, and dated from no more than 40,000 years ago.

    The new discovery raises questions about why it took so long for H. sapiens to find their way to nearby Europe.

    "Why is it that modern humans -- who were already at the gates -- didn't really get into Europe?", Martinon-Torres asked.

    Wu and colleagues propose two explanations.

    The first is the intimidating presence of Neanderthal man. While this species of early human eventually died out, they were spread across the European continent up until at least some 50,000 years ago.

    "The classic idea is that H. sapiens... took over the Neanderthal empire, but maybe Neanderthals were a kind of ecological barrier, and Europe was too small a place" for both, Martinon-Torres said.

    Another impediment might have been the cold.

    Up until the Ice Age ended 12,000 years ago, ice sheets stretched across a good part of the European continent, a forbidding environment for a new species emerging from the relative warmth of East Africa.

    "H. sapiens originated in or near the tropics, so it makes sense that the species' initial dispersal was eastwards rather than northwards, where winter temperatures rapidly fell below freezing," Robin Dennell of the University of Exeter said in a commentary, also in Nature.

    Martinon-Torres laid out some of the questions to be addressed in future research, using both genetics and fossil records.

    - A near miss -

    "What are the origins of these populations, and what was their fate? Did they vanish? Could they be the ancestors of later and current populations that entered Europe?"

    She also suggested there might have been "different movements and migrations" out of Africa, not just one.

    Besides the prehistoric panda, called Ailuropoda baconi, the scientists found an extinct species of a giant spotted hyaena.

    An elephant-like creature called Stegodon orientalis and a giant tapir, also present, were species that may have survived into the era when the Chinese had developed writing, some 3500 years ago.

    The cache of teeth nearly went unnoticed, Wu told AFP.

    He and his Chinese colleagues discovered the cave -- and its menagerie of long-deceased animals -- in the 1980s, but had no inkling that it also contained human remains.

    But 25 years later, while revisiting the site, Wu had a hunch.

    "By thinking about the cave environment, we realised that human fossils might be found there," he told AFP by email. "So we started a five-year excavation."

    by Marlowe Hood

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  • Italy begins debating same-sex unions bill

    15/Oct/2015 // 321 Viewers

    ROME (AFP) - 

    Italy's parliament began debating a civil union bill for gay couples on Wednesday, kicking off a hotly-awaited rights battle championed by Premier Matteo Renzi but expected to drag on for months.



    The country is the last major state in western Europe not to legally recognise and protect homosexual couples, and Renzi had promised a law would be passed by the end of the year -- a deadline now looking a bit tight.

    While attempts by previous administrations to change the law have been thwarted by parties with deep ties to the powerful Catholic Church, this time the majority of opposition parties have said they support the bill.

    But Renzi's coalition partner, the small New Centre Right (NCD) party, fiercely opposes parts of it.

    The proposed law offers some of the benefits of marriage, such as being able to receive part of a deceased partner's pension, automatic inheritance and being able to adopt the child of a partner if it only has one legal parent.

    In July, the European Court of Human Rights upheld discrimination complaints filed by three Italian couples, saying Rome should introduce some form of civil union -- an embarrassing ruling which helped pro-civil unionists.

    While 74 percent of Italians support the idea according to a recent poll, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of Rome in June to protest a change to the law.

    A Senate vote on the bill is expected before the end of the year, after which it will move to the lower house of parliament.

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  • Corrupt Nigerians, others to lose UK property in crackdown

    15/Oct/2016 // 369 Viewers


    A crackdown on corrupt politicians, tax evaders and criminals from across the globe looms in the United Kingdom. Tough laws are planned to stop such people from moving ill-gotten money to the country or buying property there, according to a report in London.

    The existing weak laws are being taken advantage of by such corrupt who launder stolen wealth through London’s banks.

    The National  Crime  Agency estimates that  £100bn of tainted cash is laundered in the UK annually with a large percentage going into real estate.

    But all that is about to end under the criminal finances bill, published on Thursday.

    Whereas the current dispensation precludes the authorities from seizing property from foreign criminals except they have been convicted in their country of origin, the new bill seeks to empower the appropriate agencies to force suspects to explain the source of their wealth.

    Thus, the Serious Fraud Office, HM Revenue and Customs and other agencies can apply to the high court for an order asking a suspect to explain how he obtained the funds to purchase a property, jewelry or other property worth more than £100, 000.

     The bill could come into force as early as spring 2017.

    Some politically exposed Nigerians are believed to have acquired property in England with stolen public funds.

     These include the late former governor of Bayelsa State, Chief Diepreye Alamieyesigha, and former governor of Delta State, James Ibori, who is currently serving a jail term in the country for money laundering.

     The bill also seeks to invest the police with more power to freeze bank accounts and confiscate assets such as jewelry and art, which are harder to seize under current laws.

    Security Minister Ben Wallace said of the bill: “We will not stand by and watch criminals use the UK to launder their dirty money or fund terrorism.”

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  • UK goes tough on illegal immigrants, offers £2,000 to leave as country faces colossal migrant crisis

    15/Oct/2016 // 1112 Viewers


    PARIS, OCTOBER 15, 2016: (DGW) THE UK Government  in an apparent withdrawal of  its magnanimity has launched a major  crackdown on illegal immigrants in the country, DAILYGLOBEWATCH has reliably gathered.

    Under this setting, the government is giving £2000 to illegal immigrants to make them leave the country as a  crisis  has hit UK's frontiers, official figures show.

    Meanwhile,  Margaret May has come under intense fire and  pressure by dissenting voices to put the situation under control in that she was in charge of the country's immigration services  for twelve years - a period when asylum claims hit the highest level in the country until she assumed office as Prime Minister

    Again, DailyGlobeWatch exclusively gathered that immigration officials are never less busy  dealing with queues of immigrants which run into tens of thousands each day in a bid to secure residence status in the United Kingdom.

    Amid the growing  discontent and concern  by various social groups in the country, the Home Office in a bid to tackle the problem has commenced an offer of £2000 each to illegal immigrants and free airlift paid for to their countries of origin.

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  • WW3 RED ALERT: Europe's military oh high alert as Russia moves nuclear-capable missiles within range of Berlin

    15/Oct/2016 // 783 Viewers


    Russia has moved nuclear-capable missiles near to the Polish border as tensions escalate between the world’s largest nation and the West.
    The Iskander missiles sent to Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave on the Baltic Sea between Nato members Poland and Lithuania, are now within range of major Western cities including Berlin.
    Polish officials – whose capital Warsaw is potentially threatened – have described the move as of the ‘highest concern’.
    Germany’s foreign minister said the situation between Russia and the West was more dangerous than during the Cold War.
    ‘It’s a fallacy to think that this is like the Cold War. The current times are different and more dangerous,’ Frank-Walter Steinmeier told German newspaper Bild.
    German diplomat and security policy expert Wolfgang Ischinger said there was ‘considerable danger of a military confrontation’.
    He added: ‘This danger has not been as strong in decades and the confidence between West and East has never been so low.’
    Iskander missiles have a range of up to 440 miles (700km). Their deployment in Kaliningrad comes amid deep divisions between Moscow and the West over Syria, where Russia and the regime of Bashar al-Assad have been bombing rebel-held districts. 
    Russia has shrugged off concerns about the Iskander missiles, saying they have been deployed in Kaliningrad before and are there now as part of a routine military drill.

    But Estonia’s chief of defence Lieutenant General Riho Terras said he believed Russia was attempting to dominate the Baltic Sea. 
    He said: ‘In the long term, Russia’s wish is to bring the Baltic Sea and the passages leading to it more and more under its control, and to control it much like it does the Black Sea.’

    Kaliningrad, annexed from Germany in 1945 and geographically separated from the rest of Russia, is of vital strategic importance to Moscow. 
    It is the westernmost part of Russia and is home to its Baltic Fleet, as well as fighters and helicopters.

    Lithuania’s foreign minister, Linas Linkevicius, said: ‘The deployment not only increases tensions in the region, but also possibly violates international treaties which limit deployment of ballistic missiles of range of over 500 kilometres.’ He said the matter would be discussed in a Nato-Russia Council meeting.

    A US intelligence official said the deployment could be Russia expressing contempt towards Nato. US secretary of state John Kerry has said Russia and the Syrian regime should be investigated for war crimes over civilian deaths in Syria.

    Credit: DAILY MAIL


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  • ‘Help The Christians First And Then Sink The Boats With Invading Muslims’- Hungarian PM Orban Doubles Down Against Islam In The Face Of EU Threats

    15/Sep/2016 // 1806 Viewers


    The European Union each day is exposed more and more for the paper tiger that it is as it tries to force Eastern European nations to commit suicide by allowing a Muslim invasion, and each day these same nations are doubling down against the EU even harder than before. Such is the case with Hungarian President Viktor Orban, famous for his anti-Islam statements, including most recently where he called for Christians to be helped before Muslims and, if the EU was going to have an army and a navy, that the proof of its success would be in sinking the boats with invading Muslims:

    ''A defiant Mr Orban called on the beleaguered bloc to focus on helping Christian people in order to tackle the migrant crisis, which has seen millions of refugees travel through the continent’s open borders.

    He said: “If we really want to help, we should help where the real problem is.

    “We should first help the Christian people before Islamic people.

    “If Europe wants the best for itself, and it really wants to build a united army, it should be able to rule the Mediterranean, and – as the old Roman emperors did – sink the empty, unauthorised ships.”

    The country’s hard line leader has urged Hungary to say ‘no’ to all migrants after hailing Britain’s momentous vote to Leave the EU as the nation “taking back its island”.

    He called for a nationwide referendum after the EU announced its migrant quota plans to resettle 160,000 Syrian refugees among the existing member states.

    Speaking yesterday, Mr Orban said he hoped the anti-immigration Brexit-like vote would “set an example for the rest of Europe”. (source)

    Since the 1400s, Hungary was literally on the frontiers of the fight against Islam, and for a time Hungary was completely conquered by Islam until it was liberated by Poland on September 11th, 1683 following the victory at the Battle of Vienna. Hungary then continued to wage war against the Muslims until they were driven back into the Balkans and finally into Anatolia.


    John Hunyadi, one of the great Hungarian warriors against Islam throughout its history

    War is coming to Europe. We have been very clear about this for a long time. In the past, the world looked to people in the West to save it from the tyrannies of communism and socialism that so infected the east. Now, it may be that the nations European East- Hungary, Russia, and the Slavic nations- that will be the ones who come to the rescue of the West from they tyranny of Islam.

    The future is not set, and miracles can and do happen.

    Our Lady Fatima, ora pro nobis.

    Credit: shoebat.com

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  • Migrants clash with Macedonian border police

    16/Apr/2016 // 367 Viewers


    Migrants waged running battles with Macedonian police Sunday after they were stopped from scaling the border fence with Greece near the border town of Idomeni, and aid agencies reported that hundreds of stranded travelers were injured.

    Macedonian police used tear gas, stun grenades, plastic bullets and a water cannon to repel the migrants, many of whom responded by throwing rocks over the fence at police. Greek police observed from their side of the frontier but did not intervene.

    More than 50,000 refugees and migrants have been stranded in Greece after Balkan countries closed their borders to the massive flow of refugees pouring into Europe. Around 11,000 remain camped out at the border with Macedonia, ignoring instructions from the government to move to organized shelters as they hold out hope to reach Western Europe. 

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  • BREXIT: London rents fall for first time since 2010 as pound crashes

    16/Aug/2016 // 466 Viewers


    London (AFP) - Residential rents for new lets in London have fallen for the first time in six years, according to the first study published on the issue since Britain voted to leave the European Union.

    A monthly survey published by Countrywide estate agents on Monday found that new rental contracts were priced 0.5 percent lower in July than for the same period last year.

    The average monthly rental contract in July was £1,280 ($1,647, 1,470 euros), around £7 cheaper than a year ago.

    "The large rise in numbers of homes available to rent has certainly slowed rental growth, even with tenant numbers increasing," said Johnny Morris, research director at Countrywide.

    He highlighted the increase in stock levels due to buy-to-rent investors bringing forward house purchases before new tax laws kicked in in April.

    "Added to that, uncertainty in the sales market in the run up to, and after the EU referendum has caused more discretionary sellers to turn to the rental market," he added.

    Nationally, rents for new contracts increased by 1.5 percent last year.

    Britain's decision to leave the EU has led to predictions of a slowdown in the property sector, particularly in the booming London market.

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  • Nigerian Navy destroys illegal refineries in Delta, Akwa Ibom, makes major arrest

    16/Aug/2016 // 441 Viewers


    The Nigerian Navy (NN) on Tuesday said it had destroyed more illegal refineries in Delta and Akwa Ibom.
    This is contained in a statement signed by its Director of Information, Naval Headquarters, Commodore Christian Ezekobe, and made available to newsmen in Abuja.
    According to the statement, NN has continued its crackdown on the activities of illegal crude oil thieves and pipeline vandals.

    “On Aug. 10, a Patrol Team deployed by NNS Jubilee raided an illegal refinery site at Ikoh Imoh community in Akwa Ibom.

    “During the operation, the Patrol Team destroyed a Cotonou boat Laden with suspected stolen crude oil; 103 drums of illegally refined Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) and two motorcycles,’’ it said.

    It also said that on Aug. 12, at about 6. 30 a.m., a Patrol Team deployed by NNS Delta raided several illegal refinery sites along Jones creek in Delta.

    The statement said that during the raid, the Patrol Team destroyed unquantifiable amount of stolen crude oil and illegally refined AGO.

    Similarly, the Service has also arrested a Marine vessel, MV Star Shrimper in Akwa Ibom, it said.
    “The vessel was alleged to have tried to evade interrogation when intercepted by the NN vessel, with an unclear reason for its action.

    “The vessel and its crew are being investigated by the Nigerian Navy personnel,’’ the statement said.

    It added that the NN had reaffirmed its resolve to eliminate all forms of economic sabotage and criminal activities in the maritime areas. - DAILY POST

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