• Baba go slow: The long wait for a new cabinet continues

    08/Oct/2015 // 268 Viewers

    MUHAMMADU BUHARI has earned the nickname “Baba Go Slow” from fellow Nigerians, for he has taken his time out of the blocks. The former military ruler, who won elections in March after promising to root out corruption, has governed alone ever since taking office in May. He said he would appoint a cabinet by the end of September. Yet as the deadline passed he had named only one minister, for oil. And he did not have to look far to find the candidate—he picked himself. This week, at last, Nigerians were given his nominees, but not their positions in his cabinet.

    Finding a clean team in one of the most corrupt nations on earth is not easy, but Mr Buhari has tried. His choices are practical, energetic and of (mostly) good reputation. They include Babatunde Fashola, an ex-lawyer known for sprucing up Lagos, one of Africa’s most unruly cities, and Kayode Fayemi, the radical former head of Ekiti state. Few of the other candidates are household names, but given the track record of the politicians who ruled for the past 16 years that is no bad thing.

    Nigerians do not mind having waited. In the time they have been twiddling their thumbs, they have noted a “Buhari effect” whereby the nation has been terrified into better order. Power supplies have improved, leaving them in darkness less often. Oil refineries are working better too. Frayed diplomatic relations are being restored and stolen money is being hunted down.

    Days before the nominees were announced, the former oil minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke, was arrested in London with £27,000 in cash. She denies charges of money laundering, yet oil theft increased under her watch. For many Nigerians, her extravagant displays of jewellery and chartering of private jets epitomised all that was wrong with the old cadre of politicians.

    After four months alone at the helm, Mr Buhari is yet to spell out policies for the economy and oil industry. The Senate must screen the president’s selections and further choices must be made. Mr Buhari named only 21 candidates of a total of 36. He promises the rest soon. True to form, he is in no rush

    Source: The Economist

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  • Former Hungarian president who saved Jews during Holocaust dies

    08/Oct/2015 // 366 Viewers

    Arpad Goncz, who was key in developing Hungary’s democracy and helped save Jews during the Holocaust, died Tuesday.

    By: AP

    Arpad Goncz, a much-loved Hungarian writer and translator who survived a communist-era life sentence for taking part in the 1956 anti-Soviet revolt and later become Hungary’s first democratically chosen president, died Tuesday at age 93.

    Parliament deputy speaker Istvan Hiller announced the death to lawmakers, adding, “he was a legend already during his lifetime.” Lawmakers stood for a minute of silence in honor of his memory.

    “(Goncz) was loyal all his life to patriotism, democracy and humanity’s European system of values,” said President Janos Ader.

    A statement from Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government said Goncz had “served the renascent Hungarian democracy to the best of his knowledge for ten years.”

    Goncz was charged with treason and sentenced to life in prison by Hungary’s Communist authorities for taking part in the abortive anti-Soviet uprising of 1956. He was released in 1963 under a general amnesty aimed at easing tensions with the West.

    Goncz was elected to a five-year term by the parliament after a free election that ended four decades of communist rule in 1990, and was later re-elected by parliament for a further five years.

    As World War II drew to a close, Goncz was called up to fight for Hungary — then allied with Nazi Germany — but escaped from his unit and joined the anti-Nazi resistance, helping to rescue Jews and others being persecuted.

    He is survived by his wife, Maria Zsuzsanna, and four children, including daughter Kinga, a former foreign minister.

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  • ACT NOW! Protest to BBC Over its Biased Reporting on Israel

    08/Oct/2015 // 245 Viewers

    In what can be considered blatant anti-Israel bias, the BBC failed to uphold journalistic standards in its reporting on a terror attack last week. Demand that BBC report the facts accurately!

    Two Israelis, Nechemiah Lavi, a father of seven, and Aaron Benita, a father of two, were attacked and murdered by Palestinian terrorist Muhannad Halabi on Saturday night in Jerusalem’s Old City. Halabi also attacked and wounded Benita’s wife and baby. He was subsequently killed by Israeli security forces in a shootout.

    This was a clear-cut terror attack. However, the BBC failed to report it as such. So how did the BBC report this terror attack? It completely blurred the facts in the headline so that the reader could not differentiate between the terrorist and the victim.

    After the BBC received complaints over its completely misleading headline, it changed it a number of times further, each time with another attempt to avoid reporting the direct truth. Finally, the BBC got it right, but has refused to issue an apology.

    The BBC must be made to understand it cannot get away with its anti-Israel bias!

    As BBC Watch points out, “the headline to the article… is not only a prime example of the ‘last-first reporting’ regularly employed by the BBC, but of course fails to clarify to audiences that the dead Palestinian was the terrorist who killed two people.”

    Here is a screenshot of the original, outrageous headline the BBC published:

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  • Several killed and scores injured in German train crash

    09/Feb/2016 // 166 Viewers


    Eight people were killed and around 150 injured, 50 seriously, when two trains collided during rush hour in the southern German state of Bavaria, police have reported.
    Police spokesman Martin Winkler said the two passenger trains were involved in a head-on crash near the popular spa town of Bad Aibling, around 60 km southeast of the Bavarian capital of Munich. The cause of the accident was not immediately clear.
    Federal police spokesman Stefan Brandl said the stretch of line on which the two trains crashed is squeezed between the Mangfall river on one side and a forest on the other in rough terrain, which is making rescue operations very difficult.
    Injured people are being carried by helicopter and boat from the inaccessible site in southern Germany.
    Regional rail company Bayerische Oberlandbahn said in a statement that "a tragic accident occurred on the single-track route between Rosenheim and Holzkirchen this morning shortly after 7:00 am (06:00 GMT)".
    The company also said the trains of the so-called Meridian train line both partially derailed and were wedged into each other.
    "This is the biggest accident we have had in years in this region and we have many emergency doctors, ambulances and helicopters on the scene," police spokesman Stefan Sonntag told the Associated Press news agency.
    A spokesman for German Federal Police in Bavaria, Matthias Knott said that rescue personnel were still trying to free passengers trapped on the trains.
    The rail route has been closed to traffic, as well as two local roads.
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    AFP, AP

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  • 'What if your daughter married a Muslim?' New poll shocks France

    09/Feb/2016 // 452 Viewers


    Are there too many Jews in France? How would you react if your daughter married a Muslim? These are some of the opinions sought by a poll on racism in France published Sunday that has caused as much of a stir for its questions as its answers.
    Published in French weekly Le Journal Du Dimanche, the survey is billed as a “an investigation that’s out of the ordinary, in nature and in scope” – an 18-month study on French attitudes to racism, religion, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, specifically questioning Muslims and Jews as well as the general population.
    At a time when France is still struggling to come to terms with the impact of two major terror attacks – on Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish grocery store in January last year and November’s shootings and suicide bombings across Paris – the results of the poll carried out by Ipsos and commissioned by the French Judaism Foundation paint a picture of prejudice, suspicion and division.
    To the question “Do you think a racist reaction can be justified”, 30 percent said yes, some 91 percent of people said that Jews in France “are very insular” and 56 percent that they “have a lot of power”.
    Nearly a quarter (23 percent) said they had witnessed violence or aggressive behaviour towards someone because of their religion, while 54 percent believe that immigration does not benefit France.
    ‘Have you ever been assaulted by a Muslim?’
    But it is the provocative line of questioning that has garnered the most attention from commentators.
    Questions asking people if there are too many Jews in France (13 percent said yes, rising to 18 percent among Muslims) and how they would react if their daughter married a Muslim (56 percent said they would react “badly”) were blasted on social media for being unnecessarily inflammatory and divisive.
    But the sternest criticism was sparked by a question that asked people if they have “ever personally encountered problems” such as being insulted or assaulted by a range of different religious and ethnic groups, including Roma, Muslims, Jews, people from the Maghreb and those from sub-Saharan Africa.
    Angered Twitter users, including several French politicians from both the left and right, claimed that the question not only inappropriately conflates ethnicity with religion, but also asks people to make assumptions about the beliefs and origins of others.
    “How can you publish such a poll? Being Muslim, Jewish or Catholic is not a “type of person”, it’s a belief!” tweeted, Gérald Darmanin, a lawmaker from the centre-right political party Les Républicains (formerly UMP).
    Alexis Corbière, national secretary of the far-left Parti de Gauche political party called the survey “shameful”.
    Another Twitter user asked: “How does that work? After being insulted / assaulted by someone, we ask for their religion?”
    “I want to vomit,” said another.
    Others went as far as to suggest that Ipsos and Le Journal du Dimanche may have broken French law, which bans collecting statistics on citizens’ ethnic and religious backgrounds.
    “Dear Minister of Justice … could you take action immediately against @leJDD,” tweeted Nathalie Goulet, a French senator with the centrist UDI.
    'Serious study'
    Ariel Goldmann, president of the French Judaism Foundation, defended the poll, however, saying in an interview with Le Journal du Dimanche itself that it was a “serious study” that was intended to “raise the alarm”.
    “It is a measure of the ills that plague us as French citizens,” he said. “It is addressed to all those that want to fight against prejudices.”
    Goldmann admitted that, “we waited and even hesitated before making [the survey results] public”.
    But recent news stories such as the stabbing of a Jewish teacher in Marseille and the subsequent appeal by the leader of the city’s Jewish community for Jews not to wear skullcaps in public to avoid being targeted prompted its release, he said.
    "Instead of apportioning blame, we need to understand what is happening and this study shows that,” he told the newspaper.

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  • Emmanuel Chidi Nnamdi murdered in cold blood by Italian football hooligan! [See photo]

    09/Jul/2016 // 2067 Viewers


    An Italian football hooligan has been arrested and charged with murder after beating to death a Nigerian asylum seeker who reacted to racial insults against his partner, reported the ANSA news agency yesterday.

    According to the La Repubblica newspaper, Emmanuel Chidi Nnamdi, 36, got into a fight on Tuesday after the man called his 24-year-old girlfriend Chinyere a “monkey”.

    He was taken to hospital in a coma and declared dead on Wednesday in the central Italian town of Fermo, some 170 kilometres north-east of Rome, near the Adriatic coast.
    The accused, Amedeo Mancini, is a supporter of 4th league team Fermana and had previously been banned from the local stadium because of his violent behaviour, ANSA said.

    The incident led Interior Minister Angelino Alfano to travel to Fermo to chair a meeting with local police.

    Alfano said it was a “day of infinite sadness”, while Prime Minister Matteo Renzi wrote on Twitter: “Against hatred, racism and violence.”

    Comunita di Capodarco, the Catholic charity that was giving shelter to the couple, issued a statement giving a version provided by Chinyere.

    She said the man put his hands on her, triggering Nnamdi’s reaction.

    “A fight broke out, a street sign was pulled from the pavement, there were heavy blows and one, probably fatal, hit the young Nigerian on the back of the neck. Once on the floor … the young man was hit repeatedly,” the Comunita said.

     Emmanuel Chidi Nnamdi  murdered in cold blood by Italian football hooligan!

    The couple left Nigeria to flee from the Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram, their hosts said.

    Chinyere travelled while pregnant, but fell ill during the sea crossing to Sicily and lost her baby, probably as a result of beatings suffered in Libya, the charity added.

    Father Vinicio Albanesi, who leads the community that sheltered the couple, said the people who attacked the asylum seekers were the same who earlier this year planted bombs in front of four Catholic churches in Fermo.

    The explosives did not go off.

    “There are small group of people who clearly think they belong to the Aryan race,” Albanesi said, as quoted by Comunita di Capodarco.

    “They belong to local football fan groups and I think it is the same clique who has put bombs in front of our churches.”

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  • 3,000 migrants rescued off Italian coast; two bodies found

    09/Jun/2016 // 470 Viewers


    ROME (Reuters) - More than 3,000 boat migrants have been rescued in the Mediterranean over the past two days and two bodies have been recovered, Italy's coastguard said on Thursday.

    The coastguard coordinated rescues of migrants from 15 different boats on Thursday, bringing 1,950 people to safety. Two bodies were recovered from a rubber boat. Some 1,100 migrants were rescued at sea on Wednesday.

    The coastguard had no details about the nationalities of the migrants, nor about the two deaths.

    All the rescues took place between Italy and Libya, where people-smugglers operate with impunity amid the chaos of civil war.

    Britain's HMS Enterprise and Germany's FGS Frankfurt, patrolling the area as part of the European Union's anti-people-smuggling operation, together rescued migrants from seven boats, a coastguard spokesman said.

    A Doctors without Borders vessel, the Dignity 1, rescued almost 500 from four boats, while the Phoenix, run by humanitarian group Migrant Offshore Aid Station, took 243 people from two boats.

    Italy is on the front line of Europe's migration crisis, now in its third year. Almost 50,000 people have come ashore in Italy this year, about 10 percent fewer than in the same period last year, according to the Interior Ministry.

    Warm weather and calm seas have led to a surge in attempted crossings over the past three weeks, and hence in the number of deaths, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

    Some 320 migrants are believed to have drowned off the Greek island of Crete last week. So far 2,809 deaths have been recorded this year, about 1,000 more than in the same period of last year, the IOM estimates.

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  • Man Leapt In Front Of Bullet To Protect His Girlfriend And Her Son

    09/May/2016 // 344 Viewers


    A woman has hailed her boyfriend as a “real-life hero” after he was shot at from point-blank range when using his body as a human shield to protect her and her young son. 

    Gareth Lane, 35, narrowly avoided being hit by a crazed gunman moments after getting off a bus with Jen, 35, and her four-year-old son Rio. 

    Jen, of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, said: “I have been asking him about commitment but then he stands in front of a bullet for me!

    “I just want to shout it out from the rooftops  – who needs Spider-Man when I’ve got my own real-life hero.”

    The gunman began to behave aggressively towards Jen during a bus journey from Sheffield into the countryside, where the family were planning on having a picnic. 

    But when Gareth, Jen and Rio got off the bus, the man shot at Gareth – who bravely leapt in front of his family in a bid to protect them. 

    The gunman fled and then hijacked a car at gunpoint and forced the driver to take him to Sheffield city centre. 

    Speaking about the horrific ordeal, Gareth said: "I don’t think I’m going to have to marry Jen to prove my loyalty any more. My only concern was the safety of Jen and Rio.

    "The man was being quite aggressive towards Jen during the journey – and I told him he should stop.

    "When we got off the bus, he got off behind me and when I turned round he had pulled a gun out. 

    "I must have been four feet away from him when he fired. I don’t know how but he must have missed. 

    "I think it was a real gun because the cartridge was still smoking for a while on the ground afterwards. 

    "Then he pulled a knife out. I went to grab a dry stone from the wall and my plan was to hit him with it, but then he just legged it. 

    "The police later told me that he then went and hijacked a car at gunpoint.” 

    Gareth added: “I’m still a little bit shaken up. Rio seems OK; he said he enjoyed his ride in the police car. 

    "We will have to keep an eye on him.” 

    Gareth, who wants the gunman to get help, said: “I’m quite pleased to still be alive and kicking – but this man obviously needs some help. 

    "I think he must have some sort of mental health issues and it goes to show the effect of the cuts to mental health services. 

    "I’m positive that if there had been mental health provisions in place that these sort of things might not happen.” 

    Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call police on 101. - YAHOO NEWS

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  • Femi Fani-Kayode arrives EFCC headquarters Monday

    09/May/2016 // 369 Viewers


    PARIS, MAY 9, 2016: (DGW) - Chief Femi Fani-Kayode reportedly arrived the headquarters of Nigeria's anti-graft body, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission on Monday in a heavily armed police convoy.

    This is to honour the invitation extended to him over an alleged N840 million he received during the campaign of former President Jonathan from Nigeria's apex bank, the Central Bank of Nigeria.

    The ex-Minister was the spokesperson for the Goodluck Jonathan Organization in the run up to the 2015 presidential election.



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  • France to start border controls ahead of UN climate talks

    09/Nov/2015 // 264 Viewers

    As UN climate talks draw close  France has said it will restore border checks as a security measure on all frontiers. These include rail, air, sea and road borders.

    The event will start in the French capital of Paris at the end of this month and border controls will last for one calendar month commencing from November 13 to December 13, Daily Globe Watch understands.

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