• Breaking News: D.C. police arrest suspect with an assault rifle at Comet Ping Pong restaurant (Video)

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    A North Carolina man was arrested Sunday after he walked into a popular pizza restaurant in Northwest Washington carrying an assault rifle and fired one or more shots, D.C. police said. The man told police he had come to the restaurant to investigate “PizzaGate,” a false conspiracy theory related to Hillary Clinton that spread online during her presidential campaign.
    The incident caused panic, with several businesses going into lockdown as police swarmed the neighborhood after receiving the call shortly before 3 p.m.
    Police said 28-year-old Edgar Maddison Welch, of Salisbury, N.C., walked in the front door of Comet Ping Pong and pointed a firearm in the direction of a restaurant employee. The employee was able to flee and notify police. Police said Welch proceeded to discharge the rifle inside the restaurant.
    He has been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon.
    Police initially said it was unclear what the motive for the shooting was but many in the neighborhood had suspected it might be related to “PizzaGate.”
    The popular family restaurant, near Connecticut and Nebraska avenues NW in the Chevy Chase neighborhood, was swept up in the onslaught of fake news and conspiracy theories that was prevalent during the presidential campaign. The restaurant, its owner, staff and nearby businesses have been attacked on social media and received death threats.
    Startled patrons rushed out of the restaurant onto Connecticut Avenue, taking shelter in nearby businesses that remained locked down for more than an hour.
    Vivek Jain, of Potomac, Md. was eating lunch inside Banana Leaf, a nearby Indian restaurant, when Comet patrons came rushing inside. He said Banana Leaf was locked down for about 90 minutes.

    Watch video:

    “A bunch of people ran in from Comet and said a man walked in with a gun,” Jain said.
    About 45 minutes later, he said, he saw a man walking backward out into the street with his hands in the air.
    “He laid down on Connecticut Avenue and he was immediately picked up by the police and taken away,” he said.
    Police said in addition to the assault rifle, they also recovered two firearms inside the restaurant; an additional weapon was recovered in Welch’s car. Bomb-sniffing dogs and at least one armored vehicle were present at the scene.
    The restaurant’s owner and employees were threatened on social media in the days before the election after fake news stories circulated claiming that then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her campaign chief were running a child sex ring from the restaurant’s back rooms. Even Michael Flynn, a retired general who President-elect Donald Trump has tapped to advise him on national security, shared the stories. None of them were true. But the fake stories and threats persisted, some even aimed at the employees’ children. The restaurant’s owner was forced to contact the FBI, local police, Facebook and other social media platforms in an effort to remove the articles.
    James Alefantis, the owner of Comet Ping Pong, did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment Sunday.
    Last month, citing its policy against posting the personal information of others, Reddit banned the “pizzagate” topic.
    But it didn’t stop the harassment and nearby businesses have received threats as well, according to police. On Sunday, after spending more than an hour on lockdown with employees and customers, Matt Carr, the owner of the Little Red Fox market and coffee shop, said his business started getting threats last weekend. They got 30 to 40 calls before they stopped answering calls from blocked numbers, he said. “One person said he wanted to line us up in front of a firing squad.”
    The threats were all tied to the Comet Ping Pong accusations online, he said. “There’s some old painted-over symbol on the marquee that they claim is an international symbol of pedophilia, and that there are underground tunnels. . . . There’s some video on YouTube that has almost 100,000 views and talks about me, the owner of the Little Red Fox, by name.
    “This was our worst fear,” he said, “that someone would read all this and come to the block with a gun. And today it happened.”
    Politics and Prose, the bookstore that has been a Washington institution and neighborhood fixture for more than 30 years, was in the midst of a book event when they saw police converging on the block, said Bradley Graham, a store co-owner.
    Like other businesses on the block, they had gotten threats recently, he said, and were planning to meet with police Monday afternoon “because we had feared that what, up to now, had been simply despicable menacing verbal attacks online or on the phone might escalate.”
    Graham said he was told that the gunman walked into the kitchen at Comet Ping Pong, “presumably looking for the alleged tunnels” where children were hidden and tortured. Graham believes that information came from an employee at the restaurant.
    He said the businesses are hoping to get more police protection, “and we would also hope that law enforcement authorities will be prompted to take additional measures to shut down the sites where this hateful material is being spread, and also measures to try to trace the menacing phone calls.
    “. . . We’re all rather shaken,” he said.
    [Fearing yet another witch hunt, Reddit bans “pizzagate"]
    “Political figures have the means to deal with conspiratorial allegations and threats, but your neighborhood mom and pop shop does not,” Carr said later in an email. “I make coffee and breakfast burritos for a living. This is out of our league.”
    D.C. Council member Mary Cheh (D-Ward 3) was getting gas down the street from Comet Ping Pong and saw what she described as intense police activity around the restaurant. Cheh said she spoke with Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D), who had been briefed by police, and learned that the man taken into custody is apparently from North Carolina. He had an assault rifle and another weapon on him in the restaurant and “another weapon or weapons” in his vehicle. She didn’t know if his actions could be connected the false rumors surrounding Comet Ping Pong.
    “It’s very, very worrisome,” Cheh said. “I’m just very worried that [the rumors] may have unleashed people who are unstable to pursue violent action, as has happened before.
    She praised the speed of the police response that may have prevented an attack. “It all looked so efficient and professional. I was very pleased it was locked down so quickly.”
    On Sunday, Gareth Wade, 47, and Doug Clarke, 50, were sitting down for pizza and beer at Comet when they spotted a commotion. All of a sudden, said Wade, “the server said someone just walked in with a shotgun.”
    “A man had just walked into the building, passed us into the back of the building, he seemed to have a shotgun or a rifle-type of [gun] and said we ought to vacate the building,” Wade recalled the server saying.
    They rushed out of the restaurant and had planned to head to Politics and Prose, the nearby bookstore, where Clarke’s wife and 5-year-old took shelter, but they got separated.
    Clarke and Wade were met by a heavy police presence when they attempted to join up.
    “Police said you can’t go to the bookstore,” Wade said. They ended up behind the police barricade at Connecticut Avenue and Fessenden Street. Clarke’s wife and son were forced to remain inside the bookstore. Meanwhile, Clarke was trying to reunite his son with a present he’d received for his fifth birthday this weekend, a stuffed lion that they were forced to leave inside the restaurant.
    “He’s kind of shaken up about the whole thing,” Clarke said. “We’ve been talking a lot about it and trying to help him understand. That he was a man with a weapon, weapons are bad — he was not a nice person.”


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  • Ex-President Jonathan honoured again , dedicates award to Nigerians

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                    Dr Goodluck E. Jonathan, former President of Nigeria

    PARIS, JANUARY 5, 2016: (DGW) The African Sun Times, US-based newspaper and, in fact, Africa's largest newspaper in the United States of America has given Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, Nigerian former leader a deserving honour by announcing him as its International Person of the Year.

    Receiving the honour, President Jonathan thanked the management and staff of the newspaper and dedicated the award to Nigerians.

    Said the former Nigerian leader:

    “I thank The African Sun Times for naming me as its International Person of the year, 2015. I am indeed humbled by this honour. When I think about it, I understand why this medium may have thought me worthy of such an honour. However, I believe that my people, the Nigerian people, are more deserving of this honour. We, the Nigerian people put to shame naysayers and prophets of doom and in 2015, we held a most transparent, violence free and credible elections that transferred power from one political party to another and from an incumbent to the opposition, without rancour, bitterness or strife. In the process, we proved that nobody’s political ambition is worth the blood of any Nigerian or any national of any country for that matter. That to me, is a most worthy testimonial of the character of the Nigerian nation and the resilience of our people which is why I dedicate this honour to them. May God continue to bless Nigeria and Nigerians. GEJ,” he posted on his verified Facebook account.

    The newspaper had in its award to President Jonathan on Monday  written and applauded the former leader for choosing the path of honour and keeping his promise that saved Nigeria unnecessary bloodshed.

    “Dr. Jonathan, who shocked the whole world by swiftly calling current Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari and conceding his defeat in the March 29 Nigerian presidential election, thereby stopping the predictions of violent bloodshed in Nigeria, and keeping his words that he would not allow the blood of a Nigerian to be shed to further his political ambitions.  President Jonathan must be applauded for creating a solid foundation for the growth of democracy in Africa.  The world has started to recognize President Jonathan’s courageous act,” the newspaper wrote.


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  • Obesity

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     AFP / by Sreya Banerjee, Sabrina Blanchard, Fred Garet, Emilie Bickerton


    PARIS (AFP) - Worldwide obesity has doubled since 1980. More than 1.9 billion adults are overweight. Of these, 600 million are obese --that?s 13 percent of the adult population. 


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  • US senators introduce bill to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, move embassy

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     Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida) at the CPAC 2016 conference, March 5, 2016 in National Harbor, Maryland. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images/AFP)

    WASHINGTON — Three US senators have introduced legislation that would commit the United States to moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a move US presidents have opposed for decades but which President-elect Donald Trump has repeatedly signaled he is willing to do.
    Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R), Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (R) and Nevada Sen. Dean Heller (R) proposed the Jerusalem Embassy and Recognition Act on Tuesday, the first day the new Congress convened on Capitol Hill as Republicans prepare to control the White House, Senate and House of Representatives for the first time since 2007.
    The measure is similar to a 1995 resolution, led by former House speaker and current Trump confidant Newt Gingrich, that called to move the embassy. It was immediately dismissed by then-president Bill Clinton, who wanted the future status of Jerusalem settled in final negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians.
    Clinton and his two successors — presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama — have repeatedly used the prerogative granted them to delay implementation of that Congressional demand to move the embassy.
    But with an incoming president who has indicated he will break with these practices, those pushing for the relocation believe the White House may no longer be an obstacle.

    A Palestinian man looks out at the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem on December 29, 2016. (AFP PHOTO/AHMAD GHARABLI)
    A Palestinian man looks out at the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem 
    on December 29, 2016. (AFP PHOTO/AHMAD GHARABLI)

    On Tuesday, as the 115th Congress was sworn in and the GOP began laying out plans that included massive tax cuts, regulation rollbacks and repealing President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law, Cruz, Rubio and Heller added the embassy move to the GOP agenda.
    “Unfortunately, the Obama administration’s vendetta against the Jewish state has been so vicious that to even utter this simple truth – let alone the reality that Jerusalem is the appropriate venue for the American embassy in Israel – is shocking in some circles,” Cruz said in a statement.
    “But it is finally time to cut through the double-speak and broken promises and do what Congress said we should do in 1995: formally move our embassy to the capital of our great ally Israel.”
    During the course of his 2016 bid for the White House that came up short, Cruz repeatedly vowed to move the embassy were he elected.
    Rubio, also a candidate in the last election cycle, frequently touted his support for the Jewish state, and on Tuesday said Jerusalem is “where America’s embassy belongs.”
    “It’s time for Congress and the President-Elect to eliminate the loophole that has allowed presidents in both parties to ignore US law and delay our embassy’s rightful relocation to Jerusalem for over two decades,” he said in a statement.
    The move is likely to get pushback from liberal activists and Democrats in Congress who fear moving the embassy could complicate America’s ability to work with Palestinians and many Arab states, as well as inflame tensions in the region. - THE TIMES OF ISRAEL

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  • Tension, fear as OBAMA shocks the world, makes stunning revelation of U.S. military might

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    PARIS, JANUARY 5, 2016: (DGW) U.S. President Barrack Obama in a highly emotional remark has declared that the United States of America has the strongest and most powerful military force on the face of the earth.

    The outgoing U.S. President made this stunning declaration at the Armed Forces Full Honour Review Farewell Ceremony.

    He said America's military's might remains strong in spite of the effects of the wars prosecuted in Afghanistan and Iraq which have not been able to diminished its capability.

    According to him, “But make no mistake, even with the challenges of recent years – and there have been challenges -, our allies and adversaries alike understand America’s military remains, by far, the most capable fighting force on the face of the Earth.

    “Our Army, tested by years of combat, is the best-trained and best-equipped land force on the planet. Our Navy is the largest and most lethal in the world — on track to surpass 300 ships.

    “Our Air Force, with its precision and reach, is unmatched. Our Marine Corps is the world’s only truly expeditionary force. Our Coast Guard is the finest in the world.

    “And we’re also the best because this military has come to welcome the talents of more of our fellow Americans,” he said.

    The outgoing president also noted the impressive bravery and professional performance of the women combatants.

    “Service members can now serve the country they love without hiding who they are or who they love. All combat positions in our military are now open to women.

    “And Joe Biden and I know that women are at least as strong as men.  We’re stronger for it. It’s one of the reasons that our military stands apart as the most respected institution in our nation by a mile.”

    He recalled his moments with the servicemen during his eight-year presidency, having to face many challenges together.

    ” I’m very grateful for that. Because you remind us that we are united as one team. At times of division, you’ve shown what it means to pull together.

    “As my days as your Commander-in-Chief are coming to an end, and as I reflect on the challenges we have faced together and on those to come, I believe that one of the greatest task before our Armed Forces is to retain the high confidence that the American people rightly place in you.

    “This is a responsibility not simply for those of you in uniform, but for those who lead you. It’s the responsibility of our entire nation,” he said.

    Obama also threw a challenge to the American military and political leaders in taking military actions.

    The outgoing commander-in-chief said while the event was meant to appreciate and praise him, he was rather turning it on them.

    “And so, although I recognise that the formalities require me listening to praise directed in large part to me, I want to turn the tables – I am still Commander-in-Chief, so I get to do what I want to do – and I want to thank you.

    “Of all the privileges of this office – and there are many – I will miss Air Force One, I will miss Marine One but I can stand before you today and say that there has been no greater privilege, and no greater honour, than serving as the Commander-in-Chief of the greatest military in the history of the world.”

    The outgoing commander-in-chief, who said he would be eternally grateful to the servicemen, expressed the confidence that America would continue to maintain its leadership role across the globe.

    “So we can’t say it enough and we can’t show it enough. Thank you for your patriotism. Thank you for your professionalism. Thank you for your character in representing the very best of the American spirit. Our nation endures — we live free under the red, white and blue – because of patriots like you.

    “It has been a privilege of a lifetime to serve with you. I have learned much from you. I’m a better man having worked with you. I’m confident that the United States and our Armed Forces will remain the greatest force for freedom and security that the world has ever known.

    “God bless you and your families.  And God bless the United States of America,” the outgoing president concluded.

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  • Breaking News: Again, U.S. President-elect names traditional Republican for another key position

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    President-elect Donald Trump is expected to name former senator Dan Coats (R-Ind.) to be his director of national intelligence, according to a Trump transition team official.
    Coats, who is seen as a traditional Republican, served two stints in the Senate and was ambassador to Germany during George W. Bush’s presidency.
    The transition official confirmed the expected selection of Coats on the condition of anonymity since it has not been announced. The news was first reported by the New York Times.
    The Indiana Republican’s most recent term in the Senate ended earlier this week when the 114th Congress concluded. He also served in the chamber from 1989-1999.
    Coats will need to win confirmation by the Senate.
    Sen. Dan Coats (R-Ind.) delivers an opening statement during a hearing on fixing America's infrastructure on Capitol Hill, July 24, 2013. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
    Culled from The Washington Post

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  • Virginia bans child marriages: How common are they in the US?

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    A 12-year-old can no longer get married in Virginia, thanks to a new law that went into effect Friday. 

    The state now has a minimum marriage age of 18, or 16 if a child is emancipated by court order. The new law replaces policies that allowed girls as young as twelve to marry if they had parental consent and were pregnant. 

    Virginia is one of several states this year to take steps to replace lax marriage laws that are now seen as antiquated and even dangerous, as similar bills have been introduced in California, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York. 

    The phrase "child bride" typically conjures up imagery of religious rituals in developing countries. But as World Policy Forum data highlights, when it comes to child marriage laws, the US and Canada more closely align with countries such as Niger and Bolivia than they do with most other industrialized Western nations. 

    Across the country, states generally set the marriage age at 18. However, most states allow 16- or 17-year-olds to marry with parental consent, and many allow children younger than 16 to marry with parental or judicial consent. 

    "We think we're so sophisticated, so progressive and ahead of the times, and yet we still see this barbaric behavior," Assemblywoman Amy Paulin (D), sponsor of a bill in New York that would ban marriage altogether for people under the age of 18, told The New York Times. 

    It's true that child marriage is not as common in the US as it is in countries with similar laws. By 2002, just one-tenth of 1 percent of American girls between the ages of 15 and 17 were married; in Niger, 39 percent of girls are married by the age of 18, and in Bolivia, 22 percent are. 

    But it happens in some parts of the US more frequently than some may think. In Virginia, for example, 4,500 children under age 18 were married between 2004 and 2013. More than 200 of those children were 15 or younger.

    In New Jersey, 3,481 children were married between 1995 and 2012. Most were 16 or 17 and married with parental consent, but 163 were between ages 13 and 15, requiring the approval of a judge. And 91 percent of the children were married to adults.

    "The common assumption we are seeing is the belief that child marriages don't happen that often – and when they do, it's believed they are Romeo-and-Juliet-aged peers, which is not what we are seeing happen here," Jeanne Smoot, senior policy counsel for the legal advocacy group Tahirih Justice Center, told The Christian Science Monitor's Lisa Suhay in March.

    Advocates such as Ms. Smoot say that laws permitting young teenagers to marry often encourage forced marriage, human trafficking and statutory rape disguised as marriage. These "marriages" can result in physical, psychological, sexual, and economic abuse, and lead to mental health problems. 

    Furthermore, when children marry, they are 50 percent less likely to finish high school, four times less likely to go to college, and more likely to have children sooner and more closely spaced than people who marry as adults, Smoot says. 

    So why has it taken so long for the issue to reach US lawmakers? 

    It could simply be a lack of awareness. In a viral video published in February, YouTuber Coby Persin conducted an experiment in which he had a 65-year-old man stand in Times Square with his fake 12-year-old "bride." Reactions from bystanders ranged from disgusted to outraged, with several threatening to call the police despite the man's insistence that the marriage was legal. 

    "Mostly the response [from lawmakers] is, 'I can't believe this is happening in my state. We have to stop it,'" Fraidy Reiss, head of the nonprofit Unchained at Last, who pushed for legislation in New Jersey, told The New York Times. 

    Sen. Jill Holtzman Vogel (R), who sponsored the bill in Virginia, said she hadn't been aware of the issue until constituents sought her help when a man in his 50s was suspected of having sex with a high school student. To avoid facing prosecution, man obtained the permission of the parents and married the girl. It was the second time he'd used this strategy; the first marriage had ended in divorce. 

    One common denominator between many child marriages that contributes to the lack of visibility is that many of them take place within closed communities, Smoot says. 

    "Whenever you have a community that is closed, where it's difficult to reach outside it, where there are great stakes to oppose community norms, that contributes to child marriage happening," she told NPR, citing as an example some polygamous communities in the American West that consider themselves "fundamentalist Mormons," despite engaging in activities not sanctioned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    Because of the social isolation of these communities, outside adult figures like teachers and administrators may not be aware that their students are in such situations, Ms. Reiss says.  

    As awareness of child marriages and their consequences continues to grow, advocates are hopeful that Virginia will serve as a model for other states that currently have laws permitting young teenagers to marry. 

    "We hope that legislators will see the efforts in Virginia as a wake-up call about how their laws can facilitate forced marriages of children," Smoot told the Washington Post. 

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  • Pentagon welcomes advance of IS-fighting alliance

    05/Nov/2015 // 179 Viewers

    AFP/File | A member of a coalition force monitors the horizon in al-Hawl, some 650 kms northeast of Damascus, on November 2, 2015


    A coalition that includes Syrian Arab groups and allies regained a swath of territory in northeastern Syria near the town of al-Hawl from Islamic State militants, a US military spokesman said Wednesday.

    The fighters, who are from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and its Syrian Arab Coalition subgroup, regained 87 square miles (255 square kilometers), US military spokesman Colonel Steve Warren said.

    The group "conducted an attack... driving ISIL back," Warren said by videoconference from Baghdad, using an alternate acronym for IS.

    "This is not a large tactical action," he said, but "we are encouraged by what we saw."

    Warren said the United States considers the matter a success and added that it has intentions to "reinforce" the action, seeming to suggest that other ammunition air drops would take place.

    The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) were formed in mid-October as an alliance between the powerful Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) and other Syrian rebel groups.

    The Pentagon's announcement about the advance comes just one day after the New York Times published an article calling into question the capabilities of the SDF and its subgroup, the Syrian Arab Coalition.

    The SDF, it said, drew most of its power from Kurdish militias -- not quite the coalition of Arabs and Kurds it claimed to be.

    Meanwhile, the name "Syrian Arab Coalition," one senior official said, was "an American invention." The group is supposed to have 4,000 to 5,000 fighters.

    The US military has already scrapped a $500 million program to build a rebel army to fight IS, after many candidates failed to pass the screening process, and one group gave equipment to an Al-Qaeda affiliate.

    After the debacle, the United States decided to simply supply equipment and air support to certain rebel groups, particularly in northern Syria.

    In mid-October, it parachuted 50 tons of small-arms ammunition and rockets to rebels fighting IS.

    Meanwhile, on Friday, the White House announced that US President Barack Obama had authorized the first sustained deployment of special forces to Syria reversing a long-standing refusal to put US boots on the ground.

    The president okayed a deployment of "fewer than 50" special operations personnel in the north of the war-ravaged nation.

    The al-Hawl offensive was supported by 17 air strikes that included A10s (anti-tank aircraft) and an AC-130 Specter gunship (ground attack aircraft) from Incirlik, Turkey, Warren said.

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  • US defence chief visits aircraft carrier in South China Sea: AFP

    05/Nov/2015 // 270 Viewers

    © US Navy/AFP/File | The aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, pictured as it transits the South China Sea on October 29, 2015



    US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter visited an aircraft carrier in the South China Sea on Thursday, amid rising tensions over Chinese sovereignty claims in the disputed waterway.

    "There's a lot of concern about Chinese behaviour out here," Carter said during his three-hour visit to the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

    He called the ship's presence "a sign of the critical role that United States military power plays in what is a very consequential region for the American future".

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  • BREAKING: Dept of Homeland Security Chairman officially indicts Hillary Clinton for treason

    05/Nov/2016 // 1684 Viewers


    The Department of Homeland Security just went on the air with Fox News and told the American People that Hillary Clinton is guilty of treason.

    In the damning announcement, Department of Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul revealed that Hillary Clinton clearly acted against the multiple security warnings she received while Secretary of State.

    Furthermore, he went on to release that Hillary Clinton took multiple devices overseas. Not only that, these devices were proven to be hacked by China, Russia, and the Islamic State of Iran.

    The intent is clear. Hillary Clinton used the secret server to hide her actions from the American People. She committed pure treason against the United States.

    Obama was also involved in the highly illegal email activity. He even used an alias to help protect his identity. FBI security experts easily cracked the alias, revealing hundreds of secret conversations between Obama and Hillary about foreign and domestic policy!

    And now that the FBI has found massive evidence that Hillary used the Clinton Foundation to make millions, it means the email server was undoubtedly used to rob the American People.

    What’s worse, Daily Mail reported on the WikiLeak that Hillary and Obama’s Chief of Staff John Podesta were warned ahead of time of the impending investigations. Because of this, they were able to delete and acid-wash all of the 33,000 emails just 5 days before her trial!

    The actions of Clinton go far beyond political corruption. They show a clear and decisive intent to destroy American Justice and Democracy. And it’s not just Hillary Clinton. Our very own Commander in Chief was involved the entire time.

    Oh, and the Department of Justice is being led by Loretta Lynch, who secretly met with Bill Clinton on a landing Strip in Phoenix mere days before Hillary was acquitted! As of today, Lynch is being sued to disclose the details of the meeting.

    When the American Constitution was crafted, a very meaningful and necessary clause was added:

    “that, whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute a new government”
    We are now on the forefront of what our grandchildren will come to know as the Second American Revolution. The government is no longer of the people; instead, corrupt officials use citizens as pawns in a twisted game of death and destruction.

    Truly, the fate of our nation will be decided in just five short days.

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