• :Confusion as US Muslim Leader defies US Authorities, says Sharia is greater than Constitution Muslims are Above the Law

    18/Nov/2016 // 905 Viewers


    The Director of the Dallas Council on American- Islamic Relations (CAIR), Mustafa Carroll, made a surprising and shocking statement during a Muslim rally in Austin, Texas. He firmly believes that the message of the Qur’an is supreme over the United States constitution. The statement would be shocking to most citizens of the United States, unless they had some perspective on who CAIR really is.

    He said, “If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land.”

    CAIR is the nation’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization. Their headquarters is located in Washington D.C. They use lobbyists, the media, and action alerts to promote a positive image of Islam in America during a time when Radical Muslims (ISIS) in other parts of the world are crucifying children in the name of Allah, and quoting the Koran (Though the Obama Administration has a hard time calling it ‘Radical Islam’ for fear of offending regular Muslims).
    In 2007 the Holy Land Foundation trial found the Holy Land Foundation Charity guilty of funneling millions of dollars back to the terrorist organization Hamas. Interestingly enough, CAIR was among the organizations named during the trial as unindicted co-conspirators. To put that into perspective, the 37th president of the United States, Richard Nixon, was named an unindicted co-conspirator during the Watergate Trial.

    In 2011 and 2012, during an event that The Blaze covered extensively, Islamic institutes coordinated with the White House to target the counter terrorism training within the FBI. The event was called ‘The Purge,’ and the result was the removal of more than 700 documents and 300 presentations. Some of the presentations removed included information about Al Qaeda and the trainers within the FBI were allegedly not given the opportunity to appeal when their presentations were rejected. They were not even allowed to know who it was that was objecting to their work. CAIR was one of the institutes that pushed for this event.

    In 2014, the United Arab Emirates placed CAIR, along with 81 other groups, on its list of terrorist organizations. Some believe the action was to done to show a stand against the Terrorist Organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, who seized power in Egypt during the Arab Spring. It should be noted that members of the Obama Administration openly endorsed the events in Egypt that led to the Muslim Brotherhood taking power, likening it to the Civil Rights Movement in America. It has been suspected that CAIR has had ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, and currently, the Obama administration is working to get CAIR removed from the list of terrorist groups.

    The world has seen many movements that believe they are above the law of the land. Everything from religion (ISIS) to atheism (Church burnings), from Nationalism (Nazis) to Communism (Stalin), and from Judges who do not follow the Constitution (Roberts) to members of Congress who openly admit to not reading the bills they sign into law (Pelosi). The world has seen unimaginable horrors when these ideas take root, and if Mustafa Caroll is expressing the unofficial and hidden beliefs of his organization, that practicing Muslims are above the law, it would only make sense that CAIR is meeting with and advising a man in the White House who also believes he is above the law of the land.

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  • Breaking! Anti-Trump protesters arrested, go to jail as new law charges them with terrorism

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    These Protesters Are Going To Be Charged

    The United States is one of the best places to live. You have rights that are given to you from the Constitution, you have the freedom to do what you want (within reason of course), and you have the ability to live in one of the strongest nations in the world.

    At least it is supposed to be like that. Unfortunately there are people called liberals that want to completely destroy everything that the Constitution gives you. They want to take away your free speech because it might offend them. They want to take away your ability to have a gun because they don’t like it. And finally they want to make the country into a globalist area.

    Despite the fact that the United States was founded with the Constitution being the document that gives people power, the liberals have decided that they don’t like that anymore. They are literally doing what they can to destroy any evidence of that.

    More Collusion Exposed

    These Two Have Proven That They Don’t Follow The Constitution

    The most prominent example would be the fact that after the election was held, in which Donald Trump was the winner, entitled liberals were so angry that they decided they would go out and protest the results. Yes they were protesting the results of a FAIR election, despite the fact that there was still three million illegal votes cast.
    And what do the Democratic leaders have to say about all of this? They have kept their mouths shut on the entire thing. Despite all summer long of having the liberals and their friends in the media saying that Trump needs to talk to his supporters for their “damages” caused, they haven’t done that either.
    But it isn’t just the fact that the Democratic leaders are staying silent on the whole issue. There have been numerous reports that these protesters are actually getting paid by George Soros in order to create enough of a disturbance that something would get done. What the liberals want to do is stop the transfer of power.
    That way Trump wouldn’t be the person in charge of the entire country. It would still be underneath President Obama. But that is what the liberals want; instead there is a new bill that is coming out that is sure to make liberals everywhere cry.
    A Republican lawmaker has just come up with the perfect solution to make sure that these protesters stop acting like entitled liberals. The bill in question would allow authorities to charge protesters with committing “economic terrorism.” Washington state Senator Doug Ericksen is the one that is responsible for coming up with the bill.
    “I respect the right to protest, but when it endangers people’s lives and property, it goes too far. Fear, intimidation, and vandalism are not a legitimate form of political expression. Those who employ it must be called to account. We are not just going after the people who commit these acts of terrorism. We are going after the people who fund them. Wealthy donors should not feel safe in disrupting middle-class jobs.”
    People Who Protest Like This Are Going To Get A Rude Wake-Up Call

    The proposed bill, which is going to pass through considering that the Republicans control the House, the Senate, and the Presidency, would make protesting a class C felony if they create any sort of “economic disruption” or “jeopardize human life and property.”
    It would also mean that people that have been discovered to be in violation of this would face up to five years in prison, or a $10,000 fine, or both. Not only that, but any group that organizes a protest that is considered disruptive would also be charged with “economic terrorism.”
    That means that these precious snowflakes that think they can get away with causing damage because they’re upset would have to think twice. But the saddest part about this whole thing is the fact that it was forced to be created. That was because the liberals that were protesting have a difficult time being peaceful.
    They honestly think that the best way to go about this whole thing is to make sure that they cause as much damage and destruction as possible. And their defense for it is to say that they have a right to protest. The last time I checked, protesting didn’t involve lighting trashcans on fire or smashing car windshields. That isn’t a protest; that’s a full-blown riot!
    And this is what we have been seeing from the numerous protests that have been going on since the election. There are people doing whatever they can to cause as much damage and destruction as possible. And these people need to learn that they can’t get away with this any longer.
    Of course the other sad part is that a vast majority of these protesters didn’t even vote in the election. They had a prime opportunity to make sure that their voices were heard and they completely ignored that. And now they decided that they want to have their voice heard by causing as much damage as possible.
    But that wasn’t the worst thing that they did. There was a report on CNN that had one of the protesters promising actual DEATH just to make sure that they got what they wanted. Yes these people are so crazy that they want to have people killed just to make sure that they get what they want. It’s people like this that had the bill created in the first place.
    Share this article with your friends and family to show that people that are going to be protesting and causing damage and mayhem where they go are about to get a rude wake up call. A bill is going to be passed, thanks to an all Republican Congress, which is going to make sure that these protesters face justice for causing destruction.
    This is just a way to ensure that we are stronger as a country under Trump. The past eight years have taught children that it is okay to be whiny and complain about everything. That time has past. We no longer have to accept the Band-Aid generation that was seen underneath Obama. This is just the first step into making this country stronger and it is going to continue. We WILL Make America Great Again!


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  • In anticipation of Trump presidency, Georgia bans Muslim culture in historic move to restore western culture

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    When Donald Trump proposed in 2015 that we place a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States, it was at a time when Europe was experiencing historical levels of migrations and terrorism. ISIS was carrying out terrorist attacks weekly and hundreds of innocent people were getting killed.
    Whether it was a jihadi running over 85 people with a truck, the Paris bombings, or even the German priest that was beheaded for being a Christian–they all were fueled by Islam. People need to understand that Islam is very dangerous and contradicts everything we believe in the United States.
    A Georgia state legislator has introduced legislation that would ban burqas and traditional Muslim veils.
    State Rep. Jason Spencer (R) filed legislation on Wednesday that would prevent women from posing for driver’s license photos while wearing a veil. The measure also adds burqas to a law that makes it a misdemeanor to wear a face covering in public or while driving.
    Violent Religion We Cannot Allow Into The US
    Violent disease we cannot allow into the U.S.
    Spencer argues that this bill is specifically intended to reduce fear about Islamic terrorism. Spencer’s bill would prevent women from wearing head coverings while driving or while walking down a public sidewalk.
    “This bill is simply a response to constituents that do have concerns of the rise of Islamic terrorism, and we in the State of Georgia do not want our laws used against us,” Spencer told WSB-TV in Atlanta.
    Many people will immediately read this and argue that the First Amendment allows for protection of religious freedoms, and that is a true and correct argument. Our Constitution does allow all citizens to practice whatever religion they choose.
    Here is the problem: Islam is not a religion. It is a cancerous disease that calls for all Christians, women, and homosexuals to be brutally murdered for the false god Allah. A vast majority of terrorist attacks are carried out in the name of Allah. When was the last time we experienced a terrorist attack from someone citing the Bible?
    Quran 8:12: I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.
    Quran 9:29: Fight against those who believe not in Allah, nor in the Last Day, nor forbid that which has been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger and those who acknowledge not the religion of truth (i.e. Islam) among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.
    Quran 3:151: Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority.
    Is that what we want to blossom in our country, schools, and communities?
    There is a correlation between Islam and Terrorism
    Just for starters, Liberals already banned school prayer because Christian values may offend someone–so how is this any different?
    There is a difference between a hijab and burqa. Spencer is arguing that we should ban the full-on cover that cloaks women from head to toe.
    While Liberals will decry this action, they better accept it because it will have a snowball effect in the United States. Outside of Georgia, several other states are starting to propose similar legislation.
    The threat of Islam and those that practice it are so severe that France and Belgium have banned burqas and similar coverings altogether to try and keep citizens safe. Local governments in Italy, Spain, and Switzerland have also instituted bans.
    This move is about keeping the American people safe. Under President Trump, we will do whatever is necessary to keep the American people safe.

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  • Breaking! Trump offers retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn the job of national security adviser

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    The most influential national security job in the still-forming Trump administration was offered to Michael T. Flynn, according to a person close to the transition who requested anonymity to discuss internal conversations. 

    Flynn is a retired three-star general who helped dismantle insurgent networks in Afghanistan and Iraq but then surprised — and sometimes dismayed — colleagues by joining the political insurgency led by Donald Trump.

    As a decorated military intelligence officer and former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Flynn would have deep experience to draw upon if he serves as Trump’s principal point of contact with the State Department, the Pentagon and U.S. intelligence agencies. 

    But Flynn has also shown an erratic streak since leaving government that would likely make his elevation disconcerting even to those who once considered him a peer. - The Washington Post

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  • Breaking News: Sen. Jeff Sessions to become new U.S. Attorney-General

    18/Nov/2016 // 275 Viewers

    Donald Trump has offered Sen. Jeff Sessions the U.S. attorney general job, according to a person close to the transition. The Alabama Republican was among President-elect Trump’s earliest backers in his campaign for the White House and is known for his hard-line views on immigration. 

    Also, Rep. Mike Pompeo has also reportedly  accepted CIA director post, according to two people close to the Trump transition.

    This is a developing story. It will be updated.

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  • WOW! Texas just changed American foreign policy in one day, game over for Saudi Arabia

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    “How do you say ‘Trumped’ in Arabic?”

    Yesterday when a friend of mine saw the news, he joked, “Hillary, Obama, Canada, Mexico–Trump is making everyone bend the knee. Including Mother Earth!”

    I’m not really suggesting that “the Trump Effect” caused this game-changing discovery (then again, he is The Trump!), but it is a powerful symbol of the positive changes that President Trump is already bringing about for American independence.

    According to Business Insider:

    The US Geological Survey said Tuesday that it found what could be the largest deposit of untapped oil ever discovered in America.
    According to my contacts in the oil industry, the technical term for this size field is “YUGE” or “big league,” depending on soil and access conditions in the area.

    An estimated average of 20 billion barrels of oil and 1.6 billion barrels of natural gas liquids are available for the taking in the Wolfcamp shale, which is in the Midland Basin portion of Texas’ Permian Basin.

    Based on a West Texas Intermediate crude oil price of $45 per barrel, those deposits are worth about $900 billion.
    The labor and management needed for this new oil site will be a massive economic boom to the area, and to the country. It brings us that much closer to oil independence and energy autonomy.

    This map from the USGS shows the area where the deposit was found:


    The Business Insider article goes on:

    “The fact that this is the largest assessment of continuous oil we have ever done just goes to show that, even in areas that have produced billions of barrels of oil, there is still the potential to find billions more,” Walter Guidroz, program coordinator for the USGS Energy Resources Program, said in a statement.
    Even though this is a domestic discovery, there are two international issues connected to it that we must remember.

    First, if you look at the first map I showed, you’ll notice that this basin is right along the Mexican border. With a value around $900 billion, you can be sure that Mexican cartels and other hostiles from the south will see it as a cash cow waiting to be milked. Fortunately, President Trump is committed to building the border wall, which will not only curb illegal immigration problems, but also add a much needed extra layer of defense for this precious oil site.

    Second, this discovery was announced just a day or two after Saudi Arabia warned Trump about reducing or suspending oil purchases from the Saudis. As CNN reports, earlier this year President-elect Donald Trump threatened to cut off American purchases of the kingdom’s oil, “saying that if elected he might halt imports of oil from Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries if they don’t commit ground troops to fight ISIS, or at least reimburse the U.S. for efforts to battle the terror group.”

    “Without us, Saudi Arabia wouldn’t exist for very long,” Trump told The New York Times in March.

    Trump later said in a major energy speech that he would bring about “complete American energy independence” from “our foes and the oil cartels.”

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  • US repatriates 'most wanted' Chinese fugitive

    18/Sep/2015 // 209 Viewers

    BEIJING - The United States has repatriated one of China's most wanted economic fugitives, the ruling Communist Party's anti-graft watchdog said on Friday, signaling that Washington is cooperating with Beijing in China's corruption crackdown.
    The repatriation of Yang Jinjun marked the first time that China has succeeded in getting a person back from the United States since Beijing published a list of 100 wanted economic fugitives in April, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) said.
    The list is part of "Sky Net," an initiative the Chinese government unveiled last month to better coordinate its fight against suspected corrupt officials who have fled overseas and to recover their "dirty" assets.
    Chinese officials have long complained that China's anti-corruption fight has been hampered by a reluctance by Western countries to sign extradition treaties. China does not have extradition treaties with the United States or Canada - the two most popular destinations for suspected economic criminals.
    Such countries have balked at signing extradition deals with China, partly out of concern about the integrity of its judicial system and treatment of prisoners. Rights groups say Chinese authorities use torture and that the death penalty is common in corruption cases.
    Officials say only about a dozen people on the "Sky Net" list have been returned to China so far, mostly from countries with close ties to Beijing.

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  • JUST IN: Electoral College set to make Trump's win official as 538 members meet to cast their ballots today - CNN reports

    19/Dec/2016 // 880 Viewers


    Washington (CNN)The 538 members of the Electoral College are set on Monday to make President-elect Donald Trump's victory official.
    In all 50 state capitals and the District of Columbia, electors -- chosen by the state parties of the candidate who carried their state, Trump or Hillary Clinton -- will meet to cast their ballots. 
    The gatherings will remove the last bit of drama from 2016's unprecedented election season -- and post-election efforts to persuade Republican electors to vote against Trump, in some cases in violation of state laws requiring electors to support the victor.
    Heightening the tension in recent weeks: Clinton actually won the popular vote by about 3 million -- making Trump the worst-performing winner in the popular vote since 1876.
    Trump's victory is not, as he has described it, a landslide. He is expected to garner just 56.9% of the electoral vote, assuming all electors vote according to their states' results. That will give Trump the 44th-largest share of the electoral vote out of 54 presidential elections since the modern system started in 1804.
    It's a better performance, though, than President George W. Bush's razor-tight victory in 2000 and slightly larger win in 2004.
    Bush, too, lost the popular vote -- but Trump lost by a larger margin. He will become the worst-performing president in the popular vote relative to his closest rival aside from Rutherford B. Hayes in 1876 and John Quincy Adams in 1824, an election that featured four candidates and was decided by the House of Representatives.
    Clinton won 48.2% of the vote to Trump's 46.2% -- a lead of more than 2.8 million votes and more than 2% as of Friday, with that lead expected to grow as the final ballots are tallied.
    Monday's votes: What to know
    There's no national meeting of the Electoral College. Instead, electors gather in each state -- usually in the Capitol.
    Under federal law, though, electors must gather on December 19. And each elector must sign six copies certifying their votes for president and vice president.
    Two ballots go to the National Archives. One goes to the president of the Senate. Two go to their state's chief elections officer. And one goes to a local judge.
    After Monday's votes, there is still one last step: On January 6, Congress has to officially count the electoral votes. Vice President Joe Biden will preside over the count.
    Lawmakers can technically object -- in writing, with objections signed by at least one House and one Senate member -- to individual electoral votes or entire states' results. If the House and Senate support that objection, the vote or votes in question are thrown out. But that has never happened.
    After the votes are counted, the results are final, and Trump is officially set for his inauguration at noon on January 20.

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  • Breaking: Obama adds to historic number of federal prisoners granted clemency

    19/Dec/2016 // 253 Viewers


    President Obama pardoned 78 people and also granted commutations to 153 non-violent drug offenders who were sentenced under harsh and outdated laws and would have received lighter sentences if convicted today.

    In total, Obama has now pardoned 148 people and granted a historic number of 1,176 commutations for federal inmates, under the clemency initiative he and former Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. launched two years ago. Obama plans to issue more commutations before he leaves office, administration officials said.

    One of the men who received clemency is Corey Jacobs, 46, a Bronx native who was serving a life sentence for his first-ever felony conviction on a drug charge.

    “I am elated at the news about my client, Corey Jacobs, receiving clemency from President Obama today,” said Jacobs’ lawyer, Brittany K. Byrd. “Corey has more than paid his debt to society by serving over 17 years of a life without parole sentence as a nonviolent drug offender. Life in prison without the possibility of parole screams that a person is beyond hope, beyond redemption. And, in Corey’s case, it is a punishment that absolutely did not fit the crime. The President’s mercy and belief in redemption literally saved Corey’s life.”

    The judge in Jacobs’ case, Judge Henry Coke Morgan Jr. wrote a letter supporting a commutation of the sentence and said that he would not have imposed a life sentence for Jacob’s first felony conviction if it had not been mandated to do so by law.

    “Sadly, Mr. Jacobs is no anomaly,” Holder wrote last summer in an op-ed piece. “There are thousands like him serving sentences in our federal and state systems that are disproportionate to their crimes. The financial cost of our current incarceration policy is straining government budgets; the human and community costs are incalculable.”

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  • Breaking News: Jubiliation as Trump scales through, reaches the 270 votes needed in electoral college, according to AP count

    19/Dec/2016 // 1749 Viewers


    BREAKING: Trump reaches the 270 votes needed in electoral college to make his victory official, according to an AP count.
    Donald Trump is on the verge of being officially declared the winner of the 2016 presidential election, as the electoral college meets on Monday to officially seal his victory.
    The usually overlooked, constitutionally obligated gatherings of 538 electors in 50 states and the District of Columbia continued throughout the day with no sign of defections among electors poised to vote for Trump.
    By mid-afternoon, Trump was poised to top the 270 electoral votes needed to become president. Results will be officially announced on Jan. 6 in a special joint session of Congress.
    Democrat Hillary Clinton amassed a nearly 3 million-vote lead in the popular vote, but Trump won the state-by-state electoral map — making him president-elect. That political dichotomy has sparked special scrutiny and intense lobbying of electors by Trump’s opponents, including last-minute protests across the country.
    On Monday in Austin, more than 100 people braved cold temperatures to rally at the Texas state capitol ahead of an afternoon meeting of electors. In Utah, protesters booed and shouted “shame on you” as the state’s six electors cast votes for Trump in a state capitol conference room in Salt Lake City.
    In Pennsylvania, which voted for a Republican president for the first time since 1988, a few hundred shell-shocked Democrats protested at the state capitol in Harrisburg while 20 electors backed Trump. In Florida, a crucial swing state where Trump defeated Clinton by about a percentage point, Trump won all 29 electoral votes Monday afternoon. A few minutes later, Trump clinched all 16 votes in Michigan, another state that flipped to Republicans for the first time since 1988.
    On the streets of Washington, two dozen protesters assembled outside Trump’s hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, singing songs such as “We Shall Overcome.” Some held signs, including one that read, “Resist Putin’s Puppet.” The District’s three electors will meet Monday afternoon at city hall, which is just a block from Trump’s hotel.
    In Albany, N.Y., former president Bill Clinton sat in the State Senate chamber as an elector and cast one of the Empire State’s 29 electoral votes for his wife.
    “I’ve never cast a vote I was prouder of,” he told reporters after the meeting.
    The mostly symbolic calls for an electoral college rejection of Trump have grown following revelations of a CIA assessment of Russian hacking that could have boosted Trump’s campaign and, in the view of many Trump critics, raised doubts about his legitimacy.
    Trump has dismissed the intelligence community’s analysis of Russia’s role in the election and has boasted of a “historic” electoral landslide. But his 305-to-232 win over Clinton ranks just 46th out of 58 electoral college results.
    His detractors are calling on electors to buck the president-elect in favor of Clinton — or Trump’s running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, or other Republicans like Ohio Gov. John Kasich.
    “Dear Electors, There will be no peace on earth unless you refuse the one accused of treason and vote for Hillary Clinton instead,” said a holiday letter sent to Oklahoma Republican elector Charles Potts, which he posted on his Facebook page over the weekend.
    But Potts and most other electors have said for weeks that they plan to cast votes reflecting the will of their home states.
    Richard Snelgrove, an elector who also serves as a Salt Lake County, Utah council member, said he’s received “thousands of emails, hundreds of letters and a few phone calls — most of them respectful, a couple over the top, and a few that have been downright threatening.”
    For the most part, he said, the messages have asked him to vote for Clinton on the grounds that she won the national popular vote. Snelgrove said there’s simply no justification for such a move.
    “No one elected me king, and it’s my job to reflect the will of the people of Utah,” he said. “They chose Trump.”
    In Harrisburg, protesters were still hoping that electors might act as an emergency brake on Trump.
    “I feel the fate of our nation is at stake here,” said Ray-Ellen Kavey, 68, who’d volunteered for “many hours” from her home state of New York. “I think the Constitution charges the electors with preventing exactly what is happening here – a hostile takeover of our government by a bigot who has been supported by Russia. I know nothing will come of this, but my conscience won’t let me do any less.”
    At noon, when the vote began, the protesters gathered around the Christmas tree in the Capitol rotunda. They cheered or sang when someone emerged from the third floor entrance to the House of Representatives and gave a wave or thumbs up. But the 20 electors stayed with Trump.
    In Austin, Joni Ashbrook, 64, and her best friend, Mary Robinson, 62, stood outside of the pink granite capitol building, holding two ends of a banner on a wooden stick that Ashbrook sewed. “Resist Trump’s Agenda,” the sign read.
    Ashbrook, a retired fourth-grade science teacher, said she knows the electors will likely vote for Trump but has been troubled by Trump’s Cabinet picks and disregard for global warming.
    “I’d like for them to be very thoughtful about what’s going on around them,” Ashbrook said about the electors. “But this is just another way for us to say, ‘no.’”
    In Maryland, all 10 of the state’s electors voted for Clinton during a meeting in the Governor’s Reception Room at the state house in Annapolis. Maryland law requires electors to vote for the winner of the state’s popular vote, which Clinton won easily.
    Maggie McIntosh, a state delegate from Baltimore, choked up as she announced the results to an audience of more than 70 spectators.
    “This is kind of an emotional moment,” McIntosh said with tears in her eyes. “It’s an emotional moment for many women in this country and this state. Hillary Rodham Clinton was the first woman nominated by a major political party for president of the United States. She won the majority of votes here in Maryland, the electors today have chosen her as president, and she won the majority of votes in this country.”
    The CIA’s assessment of Russia’s election interference prompted 10 electors — nine Democrats and one Republican — to request an intelligence briefing to learn more about Moscow’s role, a move endorsed by some of Clinton’s top campaign aides. Other groups have urged electors to postpone a vote until Trump explains what he plans to do about his multinational family business empire.
    Trump has declined to explain his plans in person, but has tweeted that he will hand over day-to-day responsibilities for his company to his adult sons, who will do “no new deals” while he occupies the White House. Intelligence officials last week declined requests to brief electors, saying that they will only provide congressional briefings once a review ordered by President Obama is completed soon.
    Electors will cast two votes, one for president and one for vice president. Once ballots are cast, state officials prepare a “certificate of vote” that is sent to Washington for processing by Congress and the National Archives.
    Lawmakers will gather Jan. 6 in the House chamber to hear the results of the states in alphabetical order during a session set to be led by Vice President Biden. It will allow lawmakers to challenge the results or the votes of individual electors.
    The U.S. Constitution says nothing about how electors should vote, but some states bind them to the results of the popular vote and some state parties essentially force electors to take a loyalty pledge in order to serve.
    Just a handful of electors were poised to test the limits this year.
    Since writing in the New York Times that he would not vote for Trump because he is unqualified to be president, Texas elector Chris Suprun said he has received death threats and been inundated with media requests.
    In an interview Sunday, Suprun said he will vote for a Republican, but not reveal his choice until Monday afternoon. He said several other electors have contacted him wondering what their options are, but wasn’t sure how many would join him in voting against Trump.
    While most attention focused on the intentions of electors from states that voted for Trump, at least one elector from a state that voted for Clinton tried voting for someone else.
    David Bright, one of Maine’s four electors, cast his ballot instead for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), the Democratic runner-up, in honor of thousands of younger voters who had supported the senator.
    But state officials ruled that Bright’s vote for Sanders was improper, so he switched to Clinton instead.

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