• BIAFRA: Clampdown on dissenting voices over NNAMDI KANU another crying BLUNDER by President BUHARI

    21/Apr/2017 // 2267 Viewers


    I have found it absolutely necessary again to write in the course of the ongoing high-handedness in a shameless display by the Buhari-led Federal Government. Only today it made news headlines that the convener of Concerned Nigeria group, Deji Adeyanju, has been arrested by Nigeria's security forces over the protest against the planned secret trial of Nnamdi Kanu,  the illegally detained leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

    For starters, while I join forces with the barrage of voices calling for his unconditional release, I condemn in the strongest terms the highhandedness being exhibited by the Abuja regime to crush every dissenting voice either by force of arms as we have witnessed recently or by a caprice which sees our common patrimony as their grandfathers' inheritance.

    Events playing out marvellously today depicts a nation and a people at the crossroads with little or no hope at the mercy of grandees while the judiciary which is the hope of the common man has been hijacked to do the bidding of a Machiavelli who bestrides the Nigerian political world like a colossus while we thrive in dirt and dirty surroundings.

    Nnamdi Kanu to the best of my knowledge having studied the obviously sad situation was driven by a compelling need to address the crying and monumental injustice being done not only to the Igbos but to all other ethnic nationalities in the South-East and  Nigeria's Deep South states (South-South).  To feign ignorance of this by the northern overlords certainly, amounts to nothing but postponing the evil day. 

    There is absolutely nothing that can stop the ongoing agitation for the emergence of the sovereign state of Biafra under the existing circumstances if what led to this agitation is not squarely addressed. The more the IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu is being held, the more every dissenting voice is crushed, the more the agitation grows and the more the international community is aware of what is happening in Africa's most populous nation in the south of the Sahara.

    Every man is born free and, therefore, equal in rights and dignity. Kanu has not done anything wrong after all for calling for self-determination amid a wave of injustice being done to a people and a nation. Hence taking him into custody remains the worst blunder that could be done in any civilised society. There is no denying the fact that it is a part of his inalienable rights to protest against any perceived injustice.

    To compound that crying blunder, Deji Adeyanju, was again today swooped upon by Buhari's secret agents. Into what dangers would this highhandedness plunge Nigeria by a country that is supposedly practising a constitutional democracy, if one may ask?

    Nigeria never had it so bad with the last government under former President Jonathan but today there is no denying the fact that there is a gross abuse of Human Rights as orders by courts of competent jurisdiction are thrown into the trash can while the whims and caprices of certain overlords hold sway in a Machiavellian fashion, this I dare say breaks my spirit a great deal because it could be you tomorrow, you really never can tell.

    Buhari must do the needful by urgently ordering the release of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra and urgently address the issues that make us differ.

    *Iyoha John Darlington, a social activist, political analyst and public commentator on national and global issues wrote from Turin, Italy.



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  • BUHARI's Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the silent coup plotters and the GAMBIAN precedent

    21/Jan/2017 // 2660 Viewers


    On December 1, 2016, Gambian eligible voters went to the polls to elect their leader thus ending the long reign of their longtime ruler Yahya Jammeh who initially conceded defeat. Barely a week after, Jammeh in a nationwide broadcast announced the annulment of the election citing fraud and irregularities which gave rise to tension not only in The Gambia but in the subregion. 

    However, the poll winner a former security guard and estate agent, Adama Barrow, was eventually sworn in two days ago in neighboring Senegal after pressure from ECOWAS leaders failed to make Jammeh step down. Although he is reportedly still in the State House amid pressure to hand over to the duly elected president, Adama Barrow the world knows his days are numbered with West African intervention force on standby to dislodge him from the Villa. And happily enough he has just heeded the voice of reason by finally stepping down which is none other than a triumph of the peoples' will.

    In a similar vein, Nigerians went to the polls about two years ago amid subtle threats against the former president. Prior to the highly controversial federal elections that saw the emergence of Nigeria's current President Muhammadu Buhari uncertainty hung in the air the country was divided along ethnic and religious lines especially in the north which wanted a return of power to the region at all cost. Jonathan's name became ear-biting among  Muslims who had been brainwashed in Mosques that casting vote for him renders them as infidels. Hence the gullible ones amongst them were taken in and voted to effect a change. Thus the desired change was effected heralding the dawn of a new era in Nigeria.

    While the governing party, the All Progressives Congress remained in opposition prior to the elections, Nigerians were told that their lives could be much better under an APC-controlled Federal Government with the then presidential aspirant, Muhammadu Buhari, promising to introduce lasting social and economic reforms. 'Lives could be much better?' Pop-eyed, Nigerians asked, which means they would have uninterrupted power supply, the Naira would be made equal in value to the dollar, petrol would sell for less than N87 per litre, a tin of peak milk would sell for less than N40, a bag of rice would sell for less than N8,000, etc. Armed with these weapons, the gullible minds were conquered and they reportedly effected a change.

    Buhari did say he would make the Naira, Nigeria's domestic currency equal in value to the US dollar when it exchanged for N150. The price of petrol, he said would cost much less. His former Petroleum Minister, Prof Tam David West told the nation that with Buhari, his former boss at the helm price of petrol will be reduced to N40 per litre. The former Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola did also say Nigeria under an APC-led Federal Government would fix the nation's erratic power problems within three months.

    Under an enhanced green revolution, Nigerians were promised there would be food aplenty that would make life superabundant amid bogus promises to create millions of jobs. Thus, the then Federal Government under the former ruling Peoples' Democratic Party (PDP) was seen as none other than a plague that needed to be rid of but fortunately or unfortunately Nigerians threw away the baby and the bath water by voting out the party that saw the emergence of an APC-controlled Federal Government with the principal architects seen as tin gods that have indeed come to liberate the people from the bondage of PDP sixteen years' 'misrule'.

    Almost two years into the APC-led administration, the change Nigerians reportedly voted for is still miles away if not totally non-existent as everything has crumbled marvelously. 

    The major reasons being cited for this crying ineptitude and incompetence are looting of the treasury under the immediate past administration, crash in global oil price and militancy in the oil-rich Niger Delta.

    Let us examine these in turn. While the looting of the treasury lasted under the former party, Nigerians were still able to feed and there was no indication or visible signs that a tin of peak milk would rise to N200 from N40 at the time. Again, while the looting lasted, there was no visible sign that a litre of petrol would rise astronomically to N147 from N87 per litre. Again and again, while the looting lasted there was no visible sign that the Naira would exchange for N500 as against N150 in less than 2 years. I, for one, would prefer a Nigerian government characterized by looting that would maintain the former status quo all things considered.

    Is there any government in Nigeria where there had not be massive looting? Could Nigerians cast their mind back to the legal battle between Vera Ifudu of the Nigerian Television Authority in 1984 and Major General Buhari as a military ruler? What about the melodrama at the airport of Lagos between Buhari and his late second-in-command while Atiku Abubakar headed the Nigerian Customs? Those who were not born then would be better advised to do an in-depth research about what happened between Buhari and that young woman at the period under sad review following the news she reported on NTA where Buhari was one of the dramatis personae. On this score, no government at any time in Nigeria has not been involved in looting the treasury if we need reminding. The embarrassing disappearance of money running into billions when Buhari held sway as PTF chairman and the sudden disappearance of huge sums of money that was later traced to a Midland bank account in London are sad cases in point which are all chronicled in the 'Many Crimes of Buhari'' authored by Nigeria's Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka.

    Another reason often cited by this administration is the crash in global oil price. Official figures show that Nigeria produces about 2 million barrels per day which were disrupted by militancy in the Niger Delta. That is to say, the problem here is two-fold. Firstly, contending with cuts in production output and secondly reduction of the oil price. The former Central bank Governor, Prof Charles Soludo in a piece published by the Nigerian Tribune said oil sold for less than $30 dollars when he took charge as the boss of the Nigeria's apex bank - the Central Bank of Nigeria and as of the time he left, Nigeria with the proceeds from oil was able to save up to over $60 billion in her foreign reserves although militancy was unknown at the time. But today a barrel of crude oil sells for over $45 with an average production output of over one million two hundred barrels per day in spite of the militancy in the region. Hence, what's the problem, if one may ask? 

    As Nigeria now heads towards another elections' year, 2019 to be precise, with frustration staring ominously in faces as a result of failed political and economic policies occasioned by gross ineptitude and incompetence of the ruling party, there is no denying the fact Nigerians are fed up with the governing APC overlords that seem to have capitalized on their ignorance, conquered and kept them under what could be best described as permanent subjugation.

    Nigerians, I have no doubt, would vote for another change but the question is would their wishes ever count again? Will Nigerians ever be allowed to take control of political future? I have my reservations in this regard because of what I have seen happen in subsequent elections under the APC-led Federal Government.

    Certainly, hunger neither sympathizes with religion nor ethnicity and you know as well as I know Nigerians have reached and made a swift volte-face and all yearn under the existing circumstances for a return to when petrol sold for N87 per litre. Nigerians all yearn for the golden era when a tin of peak milk sold for N40, Nigerians all yearn for a return of when a bag of rice sold for N8000, Nigerians and foreign investors alike all yearn for when there was stability of the naira when it exchanged for N150 to the US dollar. This year, reports say, Nigeria will officially devalue the Nigeria which means the Naira could be exchanging for N1000 for $1 in no time!

    The crux of the matter is, can Nigerians ever be allowed to decided their political future via the ballot box in future elections using the current hardship and frustration as indices of Buhari's success or failure?

    Elections have been held recently and which calls the role of INEC in serious question. No sane-minded person, if we all need reminding, would want to remain glued to an unworkable political system as obtains in Nigeria today. Suicide which was previously unknown in Nigeria has taken the center stage with many people dying on their own feet as a result of hardship and attendant frustration. Many young women have become women of easy virtue in order to keep body and soul together with many braving the harsh odds of the fiery Sahara desert to the coast of Africa where they embark on dangerous sea journeys to Europe and many have perished in this adventure.

    Now the question is will the Independent National Electoral Commission allow the peoples' will to count with 2019 around the corner? Would there ever be a free and fair election with Buhari's relative as the boss of Nigeria's electoral umpire, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)?  Frankly, I have my reservations here considering what happened in Edo State, Ondo state gubernatorial elections and Rivers' legislative rerun elections.

    No sane-minded person would like to remain with a system whose trademarks are frustration, hunger, suicide, insecurity of lives and property and utter hopelessness being witnessed under the present APC-led administration. APC, we were told, swept the polls in both Ondo and Edo States - this had better been told to the marines considering what happened prior to the elections in these states geared towards completely eliminating the opposition and their members who are considered enemies of  the state - a typical example is former Governor Oshomhole whose deeds and actions are not only beastly but marvelously evocative of a misbegotten Homo Sapiens from an extinct barbarian tribe.

    There is no denying the fact that he is politically naive, uninformed, crude and uncivilized by being very intolerant of the opposition. A vibrant opposition is one of the essential ingredients needed for any democratic setting to thrive which he seems to have lost sight of. 

    With Buhari's relative as INEC boss, the wishes of the people in the above-named states where elections were held like an unworkable marriage were annulled and eventually bastardized which is tantamount to a coup d'etat.

    There is no denying the fact that this is what will happen again in 2019 because no one in his right frame of mind will like to remain aboard a vessel which is navigating perilously through stormy waters by voting for Buhari or APC either by any act of omission or commission, frankly, I do not think so. Hunger and frustration know not partisanship, ethnicity, and religion, armed with these weapons, Nigerians will not want to return these cast of neophyte actors to power come 2019 except the ugly scenario in Edo, Ondo and Rivers elections is rehearsed and craftily re-enacted by INEC and with connivance of the security agents which is tantamount to a coup d'etat.

    Whereby it is glaring that the wishes of the people have again been toyed with by INEC Nigerians may be heading for an open revolt and what is happening in The Gambia today could be replicated in Nigeria to enforce the peoples' will by an intervention force in the subregion. This is why I see what is happening today in that tiny West African nation as a welcome development because the Nigerian military and other security agencies dominated by northern elements have been politicized and the only language they understand are Buhari's partisanship and ethnic bigotry which is only typical of totalitarian regimes.

    *Iyoha John Darlington, a social activist, political analyst and public commentator on national and global issues wrote from Turin, Italy.

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  • Edo Poll 2016: Oshiomhole riding roughshod over Edo State.

    21/Mar/2016 // 506 Viewers

    By Iredia Osakue

    The peace loving people of Edo state deserve better. They deserve to enjoy the full dividend of democracy having worked for it. Even in the face of man-made  suffering, they accepted the ugly situation with equanimity. 
    This brings to mind that the ultimate measure of a people is not where they stand in moments of comfort and convenience, but where they stand in times of challenge, controversy and discomfort. (MLK quote paraphrased). On this score, the People of Edo state deserve commendation. 

    Since the emergence of Adams Oshiomhole's administration, the people have lived between the rock and hard place. But beneficiaries of his are quick to debunk this by citing examples of the good things his administration has done. Viz.:  "red roof endemic syndrome," refurbished roads and all  whatnots. The big question is: has he done sufficiently and fairly for the people?  Once again, many sycophants will answer in the affirmative in a bid  to satisfy their "misleader." 

    Here again, Oshiomhole is brandishing his sword  for yet another onslaught.  But this has to be resisted! Not by way of violence or unrest, but by not yielding to his caprices. The citizens cannot  forget the tumultuous years of agony and misrule under the watch of Governor Oshiomhole even if he brings paradise to the state as a way of buying the minds of the people in preparation for the forthcoming gubernatorial election. 

    It is commonsensical that riding on the shoulders of a mentor, godfather or friends to stardom or relevance is not a bad idea but what is not acceptable is the imposition of a person on a people. One of the interesting divine gifts is for a man to be in autonomy and free to take decisions at any given time. Therefore, any attempt to take away this God-given right from any individual through sinister  motive becomes sacrilegious. 

    The crack between the ranks in APC in Edo state stems from the pretext of continuity - to conclude the unfinished work of the present government. But the hidden agenda is an outright imposition of a man in continuation of his obnoxious legacies  so that the political empire of Oshiomhole will not die.  He wants to rule from his house when he leaves Denis Osadebey Avenue. Adams Oshiomhole, has so much caused rancour and created an unending friction and polarization of his party in an attempt to remain an overlord. Insofar as APC is not a criminal empire, it will be practically impossible for the party die-hards to allow the vertically challenged governor from wielding power and authority over them. Hence, this is already an open secret, the citizens of Edo state should be cautious and  open-minded for it not to come to reality. 

    Governor Oshiomhole's anointed son, (though more than the age of adoption) Dr. Godwin Obaseki should first learn how to tackle conflicts especially that of the family before yearning for the governor's position. Conflict resolution is not something you learn overnight, it comes by a dint of hardwork.

    His family member, Don Pedro Obaseki, a candidate in the same party with him is on to square with him in the primaries because  he does not even trust him. If this is coming from an insider, what do you expect from the people of the state? The family's mistrust gives credence to the open fact that the people will continually have an axe to grind with the government if allowed to win. 

    Godwin Obaseki in the interest of Edo people should listen to the good voices of reasoning and bow out with his Boss, Adams Oshiomhole because the 
    seat of power in Edo state is not  for a yes-man nor a misguided do-gooder. As we say: to thy tents O Israel, so let it be with Godwin Obaseki and his adopted daddy-governor. You people have outstayed your welcome and for us, the Edo people, your 
    disappearance for your information would be a good riddance to bad rubbish. You are swept away into the rubbish bin of history for peace and tranquility to prevail in the state.

    *Iredia Osakue is a Turin-based scholar, political analyst and public commentator on current affairs.

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  • The Superiority Of Bini Culture Over Oshiomhole's Political Ambition.

    21/Oct/2016 // 575 Viewers


    In the days leading to the governorship election in Edo state, many unforgettable things happened. But for the purpose of this write-up, I will narrow my narration to the issues that border on the palace and the unfortunate postponement of the election. 

    We will all recall that the election was officially scheduled to hold on the 10th of September 2016 and all necessary plans were in place for the actualization of the set goal. The state expended unquantified tax payers money towards the preparation and the citizens were once again in top gear to exercise their civic duty. 

    Sadly, Mr. Adam Aliyu Oshiomhole and his gang threw caution into the air and against the collective wish and decision of the well-meaning citizens of the state, the election was deliberately postponed so that they could perfect their plans for the unprecedented and colossal rigging of the election.  There is a Bini aphorism that says; "if you pluck off your eyes because of your enemy, you will not have eyes to see your friend." This is what played in this circumstance! Because of the deep hatred Mr. Oshiomhole has for the PDP candidate, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, he churlishly disobeyed the wish of the people who voted and fought for his mandate all to satisfy his whims and penchant for governance at all cost - even through the back door. 

    The only obvious reason behind the postponement was the fabricated impression that the state was at risk of violence and terrorist attack ( by which group, the people did not know). With the power vested on Mr. Oshiomhole as the chief security officer of the state, he invoked the enabling constitutional provision to carry on his "violence" on the interest of the people. The underlying plan to rig was perfected  within the space of time and so it was.

    Unfortunately, the respected palace was caught in the crossfire. Despite the hue and cry of the people that the palace had scheduled the coronation process in a spiritually and physically agreed date. Mr. Oshiomhole vehemently refused to heed to the people's concern and thus the election date was set for on the 28th of September and it conflicted with the beginning of the coronation rites. The palace as an institution of peace, love, and harmony decided to reschedule its date for the official commencement of the coronation rites. 

    Instead of the Comrade governor, at least to have given it a thought, he was undaunted. In his usual grandiloquence, he created a friction between many classes of people. He impressed it on the people that the government was, by all means, extra superior to the traditional institution.  
    A government cannot thrive without the input, moral and unconditional support of the traditional leaders. In fact, they build the platform for the government to build on. 

    Having considered this, it sounds strange to read on social media and online newspapers that the Comrade governor is desirous to present the staff of office to our new Oba irrespective of his defiance and unprofessional behavior during his fight to continue his "third term" in office. He even had the effrontery to say that this is the first time a governor who is an indigene of the state will exercise this lofty privilege. The question is, is he knowing this now? His propensity to demean people is not only restricted to the weak and poor like the widow whom he told to "go and die" but to respected institutions and personalities. 

    Interestingly, the coronation rites in its beauty is a testimony to the preserved cultural heritage that is second to none.  The coronation echoes in all the nooks and crannies of the world and those that are privileged to be part of it will have a sweet story to tell and in the same vein happy to have witnessed an unforgettable event.

    In consideration of Mr. Oshiomhole's paroxysm on the revered institution in the days leading to the gubernatorial election, the people cannot wait for the expiration of his tenure.  Though he has succeeded in bringing his surrogate to take charge of the affairs of the state albeit temporary, but the citizens will have a reason to sleep with both eyes closed.

    Iredia Osakue, JP is a Turin-based scholar and a public commentator on current affairs.

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  • Biblical evidence that GOD opposes one Nigeria and Nigeria's existence - Remi Oyeyemi

    22/Jan/2017 // 5943 Viewers


    In my last article on the definitiveness of the impending end of the Nigerian State titled “The Tragedy of Nigeria and Lord Denning’s Analogy”, I had posited that the challenges of Nigeria could not be looked at ordinarily. 

    There has to be the need to look at Project Nigeria from several perspectives in the effort to find a lasting solution to its redemption and revitalization, if there were a possibility or feasibility for such anyway. 

    As a country that I used to love and in which I had invested much hope, I have spent approximately 25 of the last 29 to 30 years seeking for ways that reasonable minds could and would accept as the means out for Nigeria to be extricated from self-bondage and the forces that hold it captive.
    In that article, I had written inter alia:

    “When you reach into History, anthropology, political science, social science (or sociology), religious studies, elements of psychiatry laced with a modicum of psychoanalysis, or as Professor Tam David West once did brilliantly, using the basics of chemistry to explain the Nigerian  corrugated existence and its inevitable end, people are surprisingly unable to grasp what is being talked about. In fact and indeed, when you even dive into spirituality to explain that Nigeria will eventually meet its destiny by breaking up, many are still in intellectual limbo and manifest scary lack of discernment.”

    But in this piece, the focus is on the spiritual explorations for solutions to the evil that Nigeria has become. This piece is an explanation of my conclusion that Nigeria is impossibility. Or an explanation of the spiritual evidence that God is opposed to the existence of Nigeria as a single entity. The reason why this perspective has to be explained is that almost all of our peoples are of faith of whatever genre. The issue of faith is more encapsulating than any other and it is the reason why I feel that it deserves to be separately discussed.

    Nigerians are prayer warriors. They believe in God’s omnipotence and omnipresence. They believe in the impartiality of God regardless of the type of faith they practice. They believe in Him as the supreme judge of all human actions. In brief, for all things to be manifestly successful, it must have the stamp of approval of God. And when God says “no”, no one can say “yes.” Everyone of deep faith shares this fundamental concept on the power of God. Since October 1, 1960, Nigerians have been praying for this country. The more they pray, the worse things get. Again, I repeat, the more Nigerians prayed and the more they are praying, the worse things get.

    The question now is why? Is God not there on His throne? Or is He deaf? Why is God unable to help Nigeria after over 56 years of fervent prayers and devout fasting? Have the prayers of the righteous not avail for the rest of us sinners? What exactly is the problem? Despite being such prayer warriors, why has God ignored the supplications of Nigerians for Nigeria in the last 56 years? Why has Nigeria gone from prosperity to being permeated with penury? Why have things gone from fair to bad and from bad to worse and still progressively degenerating in geometrical rather than arithmetical manner? Why is God seemingly unconcerned no more about Nigeria? Why has He turned His back to all the prayers of 56 years and still on going? Why?

    What is clear going through the trajectory of Nigeria as a country since 1960 is that at a point, God has decided to turn His back at Nigeria. It is difficult for me to pinpoint exactly when this happened. But those gifted with the spirit know that God does not reside in an environment riddled with sin. This is especially so, when the sinners are contemptuous of God, remorseless and are certified as congenital offenders. With their behaviors, they tell God to His face, repeatedly, time after time and without any second thought, to “go to hell!” Such a patient God, how much grace would He give to Nigerians? How many numerous chances would God give to a country founded against His will ab initio and its purveyors who unconscionably and incorrigibly revel in sin endlessly?

    Yes, we all know that God is merciful. He covers us with His grace numerous times. He is a patient God that gives many chances. This is because in the Book of Ezekiel Chapter 18, Verse 23, God makes it clear that he does not take pleasure in the death of the wicked but for him to repent his ways. This is also repeated in Verse 32 of the same book. But the repeated commission of sins by the Nigerian State and its purveyors is tantamount to testing God which the Bible spoke against in the books of Luke Chapter4, Verse 12; Matthew Chapter 4, Verse 7 as well as Deutoronomy Chapter 6, verse 16.

    With the repetitive commission of sins, God has no choice but to turn His back to Nigeria. We all have to remember the message in Psalm 127, verses 1 and 2 where it is written as follows:

    “1  Unless the Lord builds the house,
    those who build it labor in vain.
    Unless the Lord watches over the city,
    the watchman stays awake in vain.
    2  It is in vain that you rise up early
    and go late to rest,
    eating the bread of anxious toil………”

    This message is very clear and unambiguous. It is not cloudy nor is it confusing. It is not convoluted or complicated. It is simple and straight forward for any man of average intelligence to comprehend. Since God has turned His back at Nigeria things have never been at ease.

    God has been rejecting the worship of Nigerians, their offerings and supplications on behalf of Nigeria and everyone knows that when God is removed from any situation, that is the end of such a venture. All those who have been laboring to build Nigeria are doing so in vain and would continue to do so in vain because God is no longer interested in having Nigeria remain as one country. The Nations held captive within Nigeria shall be set free. That is the promise of God. It is the destiny of Nigeria. And The Bible is very crystal clear about the ability it shall come to pass.

    It is beyond argument that it is not difficult for God to rescue when He desires to do so after such a person or a community or a Nation or a country has met the conditions set by God, at least minimally, for He is a gracious and merciful God. In the book of Isaiah, Chapter 59: Verses 1-4, God says the following:

    “1 Behold, the LORD’S hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear:

    2 But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.
    3 For your hands are defiled with blood, and your fingers with iniquity; your lips have spoken lies, your tongue hath muttered perverseness.
    4 None calleth for justice, nor any pleadeth for truth: they trust in vanity, and speak lies; they conceive mischief, and bring forth iniquity.”

    A dissection of the above four verses underscores the fact that Nigerians chased away God from Nigeria with their evil handiwork. God was willing to help out Nigeria. He was willing to show mercy and grace. But Nigeria rejected what He has got to offer. Our “iniquities have separated” us from God Almighty and our “sins have hid his face” from us that He is no longer willing to listen to our prayers. The hands of Nigeria’s elites in all sections – from politics to business –  “are defiled with blood” and their “fingers with iniquity.” The lips of the purveyors of the Nigerian State “have spoken lies” and their tongues “hath muttered perverseness.”

    The Nigerian state has outlived its usefulness in the eyes of God and in the hearts of its peoples. The various Nations shackled within the Evil Nigerian State are seeking ways to escape the wicked machinations of its wicked political class and its extensions in business, in judiciary, in journalism, in Armed Forces and the Police among many others. The purveyors and advocates of ONE NIGERIA are sadists who take joy in holding others in bondage. They are slave masters who should be resisted by all and every means. They are wicked, cruel, mean and do not deserve any benefit of the doubt.

    Readers should look around themselves and judge the extent of the wickedness of the political class and its sentries. All these champions of ONE NIGERIA or UNITY OF NIGERIA are mean-spirited human beings, heartless slave masters, beneficiaries of fraud and corruption, who want to hold the Nations in Nigeria in perpetual chain. The fourth verse of the above quote pinpoints that despite the killing of children, women and thousands of innocent souls across the land, the purveyors of the evil Nigerian State could not stand up for the people. From amongst them  “None calleth for justice”  for the Yoruba people burnt alive in Ketu, Lagos; or the Ekiti farmers slaughtered on their land; or the Oyo farmers killed in their homes; or the massacred Agatu people; or the Birom; or the Southern Kaduna people or the IPOB and other Biafran agitators.

    That fourth verse also insists that neither has “any pleadeth for truth” among the purveyors of the EVIL NIGERIAN STATE. How many of them have you heard solidarising with Omoyele Sowore, or Dapo Olorunyomi? How many of them have you heard saying anything about the killing of Christians and other innocent souls across the North, the East, the West and the South? It does not matter that among the purveyors of the evil Nigerian State, there are Christians, General Overseers, Bishops, Reverends, Pastors all of whom are beneficiaries of evil and wickedness; 
    beneficiaries from the miseries and the agonies of the people. They all preach peace while their followers are being slaughtered in manners and forms that even goats could not and should not be slaughtered. Their hearts are wicked as “they trust in vanity, and speak lies; they conceive mischief, and bring forth iniquity.”

    It does follow that sins of the evil Nigerian State and its wicked and cruel champions yelling “ONE NIGERIA” would not allow the blessing of God manifest in the life of the country. As the Book of Romans in Chapter 6 Verses 1 and 2 reiterated in the following words:

    “1. What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?

    2 God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?”

    The meaning of the above lines is simple. Nigeria cannot be in sin and continue to expect the blessings of God. It does not work like that. Nigeria and its purveyors either renounce sins (which seems too late at this point), show remorse so that God and His blessing could abide. But there is no doubt that the evil Nigerian State and its beneficiaries championing fake unity would continue its journey towards the path of perdition and its eventual dismantlement into different Nations beloved by God Almighty.

    Apart from chasing away God from evil Nigeria with the sins of its purveyors, the act of putting all these Nations in one country is against the rule of God. Unknown to many, God is Nature and Nature is God. When you cheat Nature, you cheat God. But we all have come to the realization that you cannot cheat Nature and by extension, God. The laws of Nature are the laws of God and the laws of God are the laws of Nature. God has a reason for creating all animals in their various habitats including human beings. The attempt of man to turn this upside down has resulted in wars, famine, deaths and unspeakable calamities.
    The Yoruba, Tiv, Kanuri, Birom, Igbo, Edo, Ibiobio, Mumuye, Kataf, Ogoni, Hausa Fulani and several other peoples of several Nations shackled to the misery of Nigeria, other than being human beings and omnivorous creatures have nothing in common. They have different cultures, traditions, philosophical world views, languages and aspirations. They evolved different political systems borne out of their uniquely different experiences. It is why they would never understand each other. It is why Nigeria would never work. It is against the order of Nature and the commands of God. It is why Nigeria will break up.
    God set different peoples within their borders. There is a reason why God did this. In the Act of Apostles, Chapter 17: verse 26, it is written as follows:

     “And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and THE BOUNDS OF THEIR HABITATION.” (emphasis mine).

    Yes, “the bounds of their habitation.” Every ethnic nation is in the comfort of its homeland. It is important to understand that because the dove, the hen and the hawk all have feathers does not mean they are the same. They are all birds. But they are translucently different from each other. The same applies to all the Nations subjugated to the evil Nigerian state. We all belong to different Nations and do not belong to the same country. And it is very evident that we do not want to belong to the same country in accordance to the rule and wish of God Al mighty. This is because God said through the Psalmist in Chapter 74: Verse17 that He “hast set all the borders of the earth…..”

    In the Book of Romans, Chapter 10, Verse 11, God commanded prophesies before peoples of many “Nations” and not “Countries.” He spoke of people of different “tongues” and “kings.” In Nigeria, it is estimated that there are more than 350 ethnic nationalities with distinct languages and cultures. Why must they all be lumped together except in slavery and subjugation. If they have to be together, then it has to be their decision. Let there be plebiscites locally organized in each Nation to see if they want to surrender their independence to an evil State like Nigeria or not.

    In Romans Chapter 15, verse 4, this position of the Lord, God Almighty was confirmed when it is posited that “…..all nations shall come and worship before thee; for thy judgments are made manifest.” The Bible did not speak of countries but “Nations” such as the Edo Nation, the Kanuri Nation, the Ogoni Nation, the Agatu Nation, the Igbo Nation, the Mumuye Nation, the Oodua Nation, the Kataf Nation, the Birom Nation and several other nations tied to the aprons of misery and woes as represented by Nigeria and daily advocated by its sadistic purveyors. In Revelation Chapter 7, verse 9, it is also written as follows:
    “After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands…”

    We should all henceforth seek to contradict the commands of God. We should immediately seeking to rob and cheat Nature. Nigeria would not remain a single unit. It does not matter how much the thieves, the slave masters, the pen robbers, the beneficiaries of corruption and unjust system represented by Nigeria shouts ONE NIGERIA and sing the mantra of UNITY, Nigeria will meet its God appointed destiny of Balkanisation, My people will be free. Oodua shall be free. Biafra shall be free. The Niger Delta shall be free. The Tiv shall be free. The much maligned Kataf of Southern  Kaduna shall be free. The oppressed Agatu shall be free.

    All those who desire freedom from the miasma and injustice of Nigeria shall be free. It is God’s promise. And no single word of God shall go unfulfilled as stated in Matthew 24 verse 35; Luke 21 verse 23 and Isaiah 55, verse11.

    “In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. I do not shrink from this responsibility – I welcome it.”

    – John F. Kennedy, in his Inaugural Address January 20, 1961

    *Original post appeared first on Pointblank News

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  • Nnamdi Kanu, The Man, The Hero Without Compare

    22/Sep/2016 // 578 Viewers



    I have seen and heard about freedom fighting and  fighters throughout history  and I have been impressed in no small measure by his sheer patience, doggedness, guts and sheer commitment to free a marginalized and oppressed people who have invariably become endangered species in their own land calling to mind the brutal attack by a band of invading marauders that occurred yesterday in Enugu State.

    Reports have it that a life was lost in the ill-conceived attack while two others were mortally injured and this leaves me wondering if we have  indeed become a conquered people in a conquered territory and eventually kept under permanent subjugation. As it stands, there is no denying the fact that we are being ruled by a tribe of overlords from the Futa Jalon who are bent on reducing our region made up of diverse ethnic nationalities  in the south-south and southeast  to none other than a conquered people and a conquered nation.

    Events playing out today are a pointer to the facts that there is more to their plan than meets the eye which we must resist in all honesty before we all 'find ourselves in dishonorable graves' if I may borrow a hackneyed quotation from Shakespeare. 

    There is no denying the fact that the whole of the Niger Delta states has been militarized and with the inhabitants of the region reduced to slaves in their own land. These are a people on whose land comes the oil wealth that has been feeding the country for the past 60 years and a casual visit to the region today reminds you of poverty and beneath our land are drained pipes  where the oil wealth flows to the other parts of the country while the inhabitants thrive on dirt and dirty surroundings.

    This is a region hit by a dearth of service infrastructures and a trip to the southeast leaves one with every compelling need to renegotiate one's status in the failed contraption, Nigeria and this above all doubtless informed Kanu's interest and desire to free our people. The dissenting voices from other sections of the country who remain opposed to the ongoing struggle under the leadership of the illegally detained leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, (IPOB) do not do so for the love for the people of the region but do so for the oil wealth beneath our land seeing the disaster that will hang over their heads like the ancient sword of Damocles.

    Great minds, they often say, are no nuisance. Kanu's effort to free our region from the Hausa-Fulani captivity calls for support. The journey would be rough , no doubt,  and that is the price he is paying under the existing circumstances and it behooves on our people to lend him the support and encouragement he stands in need.

    A little bird once told me that the game plan by the overlords  is to overrun the southeast mainly the Igbos where they feel there would be a resistance in a bid to subjugate the south. Once this is achieved the rest of the region would become a walkover via a sustained military campaign to actualize the advice and dreams of the late Sarduana.

    The illegally detained IPOB leader is doubtless better informed than anyone in the whole region which informed his interest and desire to bell the proverbial cat at the expense of his own freedom. There is no denying the fact that he has remained undeterred, and  doggedly committed to the struggle in the course of this circuitous journey to freedom.

    He , I dare say, remains a hero, an undisputed leader without compare who deserves every encouragement in his bid to free his people from the ongoing claws and bondages superimposed on a nation and a people by the Hausa-Fulani hegemonic Muslim north.

    *Iyoha John Darlington is a social activist, political analyst and public commentator on national and global issues.

    The post 'BIAFRA: Nnamdi Kanu, the man, the hero without compare'' appeared first on The Biafra Telegraph

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  • Edo Decides 2016: Looking Beyond The Primaries.

    23/May/2016 // 543 Viewers


    The beauty of democracy in its original definition is an acceptable policy where every single individual is relevant, respected and protected, but the difficult situation Is how it is being applied or put into practice. Democracy has its own interpretation, but different countries tend to apply it in a manner that suits their whims. This, of course, is the confusion that has bastardized the efficacy of democracy.  Nigeria is  awash with a  democracy that is abused: Where the rights of the people need to be protected, it is abused; when the people deserve to be rewarded, they are denied; when the people ask for peace, they are faced with war; when the people ask  to know why on a national issue that would ordinarily require good citizens' opinion, they are confronted with legal and political challenges e.t.c. No wonder the legendary musician of the blessed memory, Fela Anikulapo called it "demonstration of craze."

    Under political dispensations, power changes hands by means of election. In achieving this, one cannot quantify the extent of activities that take place, especially in Nigeria. If the covert activities leading to any election is perchance brought to the open, one would be forced to envy a military coup d'ètat.  Some of the power- hungry politicians go out of their ways to be ferocious in deeds and words as if tomorrow will not come when he will be addressed as an "ex".............

    Elections in Nigeria is capital intensive and as well as being a money-making venture. Only a few with the fear of God get to the office and work in honesty and sincerity of purpose. During elections, aspirants and their parties remain committed to winning the election at all cost: This involves cash-flow, manipulations, intimidation of varying degrees and sometimes litigations (if there is any aggrieved). This process has become popular and  commonly acceptable irrespective of its cancerous effects and consequence. 

    History has taught us and we know many countries that have suffered devastatingly as a consequence of an election that went awry. We must learn!  The common citizens  suffer the burning brunt of it all because in the circumstance they become helpless and despondent.  But, sometimes, it is not an error too to call it a comeuppance on  those who subvert the mandate of the people because of greed. These categories of people who fan the embers of discord for their petty appetite ought to suffer, but it is usually not so - as it becomes a shared punishment. 

    In spite of this negative representation of politics, it remains the only sure way for people to participate in government.  Politics is seen as a dirty game, but some theorists have proven that politics per se cannot be dirty without the involvement of those playing it - the politicians. If the above is anything to by, then one can easily say that since it is the politicians that form the government, so by inference government is dirty. Nevertheless, let me leave this in the hearts of readers to ponder over. 

    Therefore, looking beyond the Edo primaries in good faith, it is commonsensical to address the on-going brouhaha within the APC.  Governor Adams Aliu Oshiomhole because of his penchant for power and forced "continuity" on the people has failed to look beyond his nose to see the inherent danger ahead. The ominous dark cloud gathering overhead the state is attributable to the impasse in APC orchestrated by the incumbent to indirectly succeed "himself" by clamouring and wooing support for his choice candidate. 

    It is, therefore , in the interest of the people to nip the impending debacle in the bud so that the election proper will have its smooth way.  This can only be achieved if the power brokers of the APC prevail on the incumbent to loose his tight grip and allow all the aspirants to have a common ground to contest.  The delegates should and should be advised to shun his financial advances and intimidation, and vote their conscience. It is only in this, Oshiomhole will come to know that the ballot is stronger than the bullet. 

    The quote below which was said by Martin Luther King is a challenge to all citizens of Edo state who want to embrace the truth that ; "If you haven't found something for which you're willing to die for, you're not fit to live."  In my candid opinion, this is a noble cause for us as a people to act upon: To reject and refuse imposition, harassment with impunity and flagrant disregard of the rule of law before we will be choked up with indigence and "misrule."


    Iredia Osakue, JP is a Turin-based scholar, political analyst and public commentator on national and global issues.

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  • 5 Ways to Avoid Damage to Battery While Charging your Phone - Adeniyi Ogunfowoke

    24/May/2016 // 315 Viewers


    A battery is the most important component of any smartphone. There are some phone batteries that take seconds to charge and at the same time, it takes seconds to drain. This can be very annoying because it limits you the things you can do with your phone like taking selfies, listening to music and watching videos. Therefore, it is important to charge your phone properly in order to prevent the damage of your battery or its quick charge. Jovago.com, Africa's No 1 hotel booking shares some tips to prevent the damage of your battery while charging your phone.

    Always use the charger that comes with your phone

    If you bought a new phone, it is better to always use the charger that came with your phone whenever you want to charge. But if you bought  fairly used, do not just buy any charger. Using any charge to charge your phone can damage your gadget or battery.

    Keep your phone cool, dry place

    The position you place your battery is important. Do not place it in a hot place for example, where the rays of the sun can reach it. Your battery will drain faster when it is hot. As a caveat, it is better you unplug it when it is hot and always disconnect it whenever it is fully charged.

    Don't Calibrate your Battery

    Calibrating your battery means that you want your android phone to properly report the percentage charge of your of your device. Many phone users calibrate their phones when it moves from nearly full to nearly empty. Notwithstanding, you do not need to calibrate your battery. It is either you replace your battery or use it like that. If you rely on calibration to boost your battery, it can destroy your battery and device.

    Intermittent charging

    Rather than charging your phone at a go, it is better to charge it intermittently throughout the day. That means charge only charge your phone when it is under 50% and not expressly allowing it to charge.

    Keep your device half full

    Your phone do not need to charge 100% before you remove it. To make your battery last longer, always keep it charged above 50%.

    Adeniyi OGUNFOWOKE
    Content Writer-Travel/Tech 

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  • Edo 2016: Changing The Unholy APC Change Mantra

    24/Sep/2016 // 513 Viewers


    Iredia Osakue, Benin City

    Since the sudden imposition of a nonstarter, Mr. Godwin Obaseki on APC and the Emperor of Iyamoh's  "rude and brute" drive to further remain in office through the machination of installing a surrogate, who will put his script of "dirge" into play against the wish and at the expense of the innocuous Edo citizens will spell doom. But God forbid that it happens! 

    The postponement of the election and its negative influence on the coronation is an outright disrespect to the palace and a cause for concern to the people of Edo state.  As a matter of fact, non-Serena to be happy!. The Binis revere the institution of the palace and are resolute in the propagation of their life-long rich culture. 

    On news media, prints and social fora, the story of betrayal and disrespect by the powers that be in the state to the Binis is tantamount to the reenactment of the Benin massacre of 1897 and exile of Oba Ovonramwen. 

    Surprisingly, the principal actor in this face-off happens to be in the lineage of the man who played a predominant and abominable role in the exile and demise of Oba Ovonramen. It is on this note that the people are very determined not to allow this same family member to rubbish the revered institution of the palace. 

    Irrespective of the fact that the government was aware of the beginning of the coronation process, yet the postponement was agreed and allowed to conflict with the palace activity.  The palace promptly shifted the coronation date - a sign of wisdom and respect to the land. 

    In many quarters, Mr. Godwin Obaseki is seen as his great grandfather, Chief Agho Obaseki while the whites represent the government and both working in tandem to offend the palace. Fortunately, the Edos are formidable with thanks to the constitutional provision of their inalienable rights to vote. 

    Come on the 28th of September, 2016, the people are ready to speak in one voice against the offenders of their culture and tradition.  They are determined to show the "red card" to APC in the state not only because of the disrespect, but to have plunged the state into serious financial debt, burden and poverty occasioned by the ugly financial mismanagement and flagrant disregard to the plight of the people, irrespective of the obvious difficulty plaguing the hard-working citizens of the state. 

    It is interesting to remind the people that a  great leader, Abraham Lincoln once said that the "ballot is stronger than the bullet.  The great grandfather through his conspiracy and disloyalty  conspired against Oba Ovoranmwen and desecrated the land with the British Invasion.  They took advantage of their weaponry and overran the kingdom, but this time, the "almighty" ballot will speak and prevail over the twisted plans of the present government to impose a leader whose political track-record is blurry, unconvincing and skeletal. Obaseki's longing to become the executive Governor is laughable because it is audible to the deaf and visible to the blind that he does not have the afflatus to dispense equity, fairness and good governance in the state. 

    As the Chairman of the  economic team, one would have expected that he can judiciously work for the economic prosperity of the state, but the reverse is the case. He inclined to the antics and gimmicks of the incumbent to ruin the state and without remorse, he is all and about campaigning to  become the first citizen of the state. The big question is: what does he have to offer?   Your answer is as good as mine - he had long lost touch with the people, the land and the rudiments of daily governance. His recent fling in the corridors of power could be best described as a mere "apprenticeship" because failed to acquire the right training. 

    Crisscrossing  the labyrinth streets of Benin, the poster of Mr. Godwin Obaseki is everywhere as if the state practices one party system. This action, explains the extent of highhandedness and the refusal to respect the political norms of the state. 

    Different funny inscriptions can be read all in an attempt to put him in a good light to the people, but the sane minds know that he is not what the inscriptions represent. A particular one drew my attention and it reads: " The man that listens". It beats my imagination that he had the effrontery to say that when in effect, he is "deaf" to the concerns  of the citizens and has failed to talk to his principal to be responsive. 

    This is not the time for trivialities, but a moment of reflection. The state has been reduced to nothing and only few who happens to be in the good books of the "Oga on top" benefits and others feed on crumbs from the table of "Iyamho superstar."

    As the election gets closer, let the Edolites remain resolute and committed. The ignoble and worrisome "change" that has triggered the unprecedented hardship has to be changed forever. 

    The other day, Chief Dan Orbih in his speech on the occasion of the World Conference reminded me of "Aburi. "  As I was concluding this piece, it dawned on me to end it by saying;  On Simple Agenda we stand! This is true because POI is Next. 

     Iredia Omo-Osakue, JP is a Turin-based  scholar, social critic, political analyst, and public commentator on national and global issues.

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  • Edo 2016: *Comrades-In-Corns*: Amateurish!

    25/Jun/2016 // 689 Viewers


    It is on news media and social networks the picture of the corn chewing quartet and their team of praise-singers as they move about apparently to inspect works in one of the streets in Benin. The quartet munched their bites as they navigate the street's undulated surface under cosmetic repairs to further hoodwink the citizens. It was a theatrical display by the Comrade-led team to draw undeserved attention to the APC flagbearer. 

    Many questions come to mind  about the rationale behind the show: Does it have any political relevance, impact or effect on the citizens?  The only plausible logic to this misplaced priority of "corn chewing parade" can be likened to young rascals who stole their parents' money for an eating spree. Which they do with satisfaction not considering the consequence. 

    The agricultural sector that produces the crop they took pride in eating is in a comatose state irrespective of the fertile and expanse of land the state is blessed with.  This is a tragedy! 

    Considering the economic frustration orchestrated by Mr. Oshiomhole, corn has become unaffordable and It will not be out of place to say that many who cannot afford it will be green with envy seeing the picture. 

    If half of the effort Mr. Governor dedicated in the chewing of the corn is committed to the agricultural sector, the state would have plenty and needless going to the neighbouring states to buy the crop.

    The state needs a leader who has the mind and zeal to move the state forward.  And the moment has come for the good people of Edo state to say NO to laziness, misrule and lack of accountability of our commonwealth. 

    APC must GO!!! The "GO" sounds familiar...

    Iredia Osakue is a Turin-based scholar, political analyst and public commentator on national and global issues.

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