• Nnamdi Kanu, The Man, The Hero Without Compare

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    I have seen and heard about freedom fighting and  fighters throughout history  and I have been impressed in no small measure by his sheer patience, doggedness, guts and sheer commitment to free a marginalized and oppressed people who have invariably become endangered species in their own land calling to mind the brutal attack by a band of invading marauders that occurred yesterday in Enugu State.

    Reports have it that a life was lost in the ill-conceived attack while two others were mortally injured and this leaves me wondering if we have  indeed become a conquered people in a conquered territory and eventually kept under permanent subjugation. As it stands, there is no denying the fact that we are being ruled by a tribe of overlords from the Futa Jalon who are bent on reducing our region made up of diverse ethnic nationalities  in the south-south and southeast  to none other than a conquered people and a conquered nation.

    Events playing out today are a pointer to the facts that there is more to their plan than meets the eye which we must resist in all honesty before we all 'find ourselves in dishonorable graves' if I may borrow a hackneyed quotation from Shakespeare. 

    There is no denying the fact that the whole of the Niger Delta states has been militarized and with the inhabitants of the region reduced to slaves in their own land. These are a people on whose land comes the oil wealth that has been feeding the country for the past 60 years and a casual visit to the region today reminds you of poverty and beneath our land are drained pipes  where the oil wealth flows to the other parts of the country while the inhabitants thrive on dirt and dirty surroundings.

    This is a region hit by a dearth of service infrastructures and a trip to the southeast leaves one with every compelling need to renegotiate one's status in the failed contraption, Nigeria and this above all doubtless informed Kanu's interest and desire to free our people. The dissenting voices from other sections of the country who remain opposed to the ongoing struggle under the leadership of the illegally detained leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, (IPOB) do not do so for the love for the people of the region but do so for the oil wealth beneath our land seeing the disaster that will hang over their heads like the ancient sword of Damocles.

    Great minds, they often say, are no nuisance. Kanu's effort to free our region from the Hausa-Fulani captivity calls for support. The journey would be rough , no doubt,  and that is the price he is paying under the existing circumstances and it behooves on our people to lend him the support and encouragement he stands in need.

    A little bird once told me that the game plan by the overlords  is to overrun the southeast mainly the Igbos where they feel there would be a resistance in a bid to subjugate the south. Once this is achieved the rest of the region would become a walkover via a sustained military campaign to actualize the advice and dreams of the late Sarduana.

    The illegally detained IPOB leader is doubtless better informed than anyone in the whole region which informed his interest and desire to bell the proverbial cat at the expense of his own freedom. There is no denying the fact that he has remained undeterred, and  doggedly committed to the struggle in the course of this circuitous journey to freedom.

    He , I dare say, remains a hero, an undisputed leader without compare who deserves every encouragement in his bid to free his people from the ongoing claws and bondages superimposed on a nation and a people by the Hausa-Fulani hegemonic Muslim north.

    *Iyoha John Darlington is a social activist, political analyst and public commentator on national and global issues.

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  • Edo Decides 2016: Looking Beyond The Primaries.

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    The beauty of democracy in its original definition is an acceptable policy where every single individual is relevant, respected and protected, but the difficult situation Is how it is being applied or put into practice. Democracy has its own interpretation, but different countries tend to apply it in a manner that suits their whims. This, of course, is the confusion that has bastardized the efficacy of democracy.  Nigeria is  awash with a  democracy that is abused: Where the rights of the people need to be protected, it is abused; when the people deserve to be rewarded, they are denied; when the people ask for peace, they are faced with war; when the people ask  to know why on a national issue that would ordinarily require good citizens' opinion, they are confronted with legal and political challenges e.t.c. No wonder the legendary musician of the blessed memory, Fela Anikulapo called it "demonstration of craze."

    Under political dispensations, power changes hands by means of election. In achieving this, one cannot quantify the extent of activities that take place, especially in Nigeria. If the covert activities leading to any election is perchance brought to the open, one would be forced to envy a military coup d'ètat.  Some of the power- hungry politicians go out of their ways to be ferocious in deeds and words as if tomorrow will not come when he will be addressed as an "ex".............

    Elections in Nigeria is capital intensive and as well as being a money-making venture. Only a few with the fear of God get to the office and work in honesty and sincerity of purpose. During elections, aspirants and their parties remain committed to winning the election at all cost: This involves cash-flow, manipulations, intimidation of varying degrees and sometimes litigations (if there is any aggrieved). This process has become popular and  commonly acceptable irrespective of its cancerous effects and consequence. 

    History has taught us and we know many countries that have suffered devastatingly as a consequence of an election that went awry. We must learn!  The common citizens  suffer the burning brunt of it all because in the circumstance they become helpless and despondent.  But, sometimes, it is not an error too to call it a comeuppance on  those who subvert the mandate of the people because of greed. These categories of people who fan the embers of discord for their petty appetite ought to suffer, but it is usually not so - as it becomes a shared punishment. 

    In spite of this negative representation of politics, it remains the only sure way for people to participate in government.  Politics is seen as a dirty game, but some theorists have proven that politics per se cannot be dirty without the involvement of those playing it - the politicians. If the above is anything to by, then one can easily say that since it is the politicians that form the government, so by inference government is dirty. Nevertheless, let me leave this in the hearts of readers to ponder over. 

    Therefore, looking beyond the Edo primaries in good faith, it is commonsensical to address the on-going brouhaha within the APC.  Governor Adams Aliu Oshiomhole because of his penchant for power and forced "continuity" on the people has failed to look beyond his nose to see the inherent danger ahead. The ominous dark cloud gathering overhead the state is attributable to the impasse in APC orchestrated by the incumbent to indirectly succeed "himself" by clamouring and wooing support for his choice candidate. 

    It is, therefore , in the interest of the people to nip the impending debacle in the bud so that the election proper will have its smooth way.  This can only be achieved if the power brokers of the APC prevail on the incumbent to loose his tight grip and allow all the aspirants to have a common ground to contest.  The delegates should and should be advised to shun his financial advances and intimidation, and vote their conscience. It is only in this, Oshiomhole will come to know that the ballot is stronger than the bullet. 

    The quote below which was said by Martin Luther King is a challenge to all citizens of Edo state who want to embrace the truth that ; "If you haven't found something for which you're willing to die for, you're not fit to live."  In my candid opinion, this is a noble cause for us as a people to act upon: To reject and refuse imposition, harassment with impunity and flagrant disregard of the rule of law before we will be choked up with indigence and "misrule."


    Iredia Osakue, JP is a Turin-based scholar, political analyst and public commentator on national and global issues.

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  • 5 Ways to Avoid Damage to Battery While Charging your Phone - Adeniyi Ogunfowoke

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    A battery is the most important component of any smartphone. There are some phone batteries that take seconds to charge and at the same time, it takes seconds to drain. This can be very annoying because it limits you the things you can do with your phone like taking selfies, listening to music and watching videos. Therefore, it is important to charge your phone properly in order to prevent the damage of your battery or its quick charge. Jovago.com, Africa's No 1 hotel booking shares some tips to prevent the damage of your battery while charging your phone.

    Always use the charger that comes with your phone

    If you bought a new phone, it is better to always use the charger that came with your phone whenever you want to charge. But if you bought  fairly used, do not just buy any charger. Using any charge to charge your phone can damage your gadget or battery.

    Keep your phone cool, dry place

    The position you place your battery is important. Do not place it in a hot place for example, where the rays of the sun can reach it. Your battery will drain faster when it is hot. As a caveat, it is better you unplug it when it is hot and always disconnect it whenever it is fully charged.

    Don't Calibrate your Battery

    Calibrating your battery means that you want your android phone to properly report the percentage charge of your of your device. Many phone users calibrate their phones when it moves from nearly full to nearly empty. Notwithstanding, you do not need to calibrate your battery. It is either you replace your battery or use it like that. If you rely on calibration to boost your battery, it can destroy your battery and device.

    Intermittent charging

    Rather than charging your phone at a go, it is better to charge it intermittently throughout the day. That means charge only charge your phone when it is under 50% and not expressly allowing it to charge.

    Keep your device half full

    Your phone do not need to charge 100% before you remove it. To make your battery last longer, always keep it charged above 50%.

    Adeniyi OGUNFOWOKE
    Content Writer-Travel/Tech 

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  • Edo 2016: Changing The Unholy APC Change Mantra

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    Iredia Osakue, Benin City

    Since the sudden imposition of a nonstarter, Mr. Godwin Obaseki on APC and the Emperor of Iyamoh's  "rude and brute" drive to further remain in office through the machination of installing a surrogate, who will put his script of "dirge" into play against the wish and at the expense of the innocuous Edo citizens will spell doom. But God forbid that it happens! 

    The postponement of the election and its negative influence on the coronation is an outright disrespect to the palace and a cause for concern to the people of Edo state.  As a matter of fact, non-Serena to be happy!. The Binis revere the institution of the palace and are resolute in the propagation of their life-long rich culture. 

    On news media, prints and social fora, the story of betrayal and disrespect by the powers that be in the state to the Binis is tantamount to the reenactment of the Benin massacre of 1897 and exile of Oba Ovonramwen. 

    Surprisingly, the principal actor in this face-off happens to be in the lineage of the man who played a predominant and abominable role in the exile and demise of Oba Ovonramen. It is on this note that the people are very determined not to allow this same family member to rubbish the revered institution of the palace. 

    Irrespective of the fact that the government was aware of the beginning of the coronation process, yet the postponement was agreed and allowed to conflict with the palace activity.  The palace promptly shifted the coronation date - a sign of wisdom and respect to the land. 

    In many quarters, Mr. Godwin Obaseki is seen as his great grandfather, Chief Agho Obaseki while the whites represent the government and both working in tandem to offend the palace. Fortunately, the Edos are formidable with thanks to the constitutional provision of their inalienable rights to vote. 

    Come on the 28th of September, 2016, the people are ready to speak in one voice against the offenders of their culture and tradition.  They are determined to show the "red card" to APC in the state not only because of the disrespect, but to have plunged the state into serious financial debt, burden and poverty occasioned by the ugly financial mismanagement and flagrant disregard to the plight of the people, irrespective of the obvious difficulty plaguing the hard-working citizens of the state. 

    It is interesting to remind the people that a  great leader, Abraham Lincoln once said that the "ballot is stronger than the bullet.  The great grandfather through his conspiracy and disloyalty  conspired against Oba Ovoranmwen and desecrated the land with the British Invasion.  They took advantage of their weaponry and overran the kingdom, but this time, the "almighty" ballot will speak and prevail over the twisted plans of the present government to impose a leader whose political track-record is blurry, unconvincing and skeletal. Obaseki's longing to become the executive Governor is laughable because it is audible to the deaf and visible to the blind that he does not have the afflatus to dispense equity, fairness and good governance in the state. 

    As the Chairman of the  economic team, one would have expected that he can judiciously work for the economic prosperity of the state, but the reverse is the case. He inclined to the antics and gimmicks of the incumbent to ruin the state and without remorse, he is all and about campaigning to  become the first citizen of the state. The big question is: what does he have to offer?   Your answer is as good as mine - he had long lost touch with the people, the land and the rudiments of daily governance. His recent fling in the corridors of power could be best described as a mere "apprenticeship" because failed to acquire the right training. 

    Crisscrossing  the labyrinth streets of Benin, the poster of Mr. Godwin Obaseki is everywhere as if the state practices one party system. This action, explains the extent of highhandedness and the refusal to respect the political norms of the state. 

    Different funny inscriptions can be read all in an attempt to put him in a good light to the people, but the sane minds know that he is not what the inscriptions represent. A particular one drew my attention and it reads: " The man that listens". It beats my imagination that he had the effrontery to say that when in effect, he is "deaf" to the concerns  of the citizens and has failed to talk to his principal to be responsive. 

    This is not the time for trivialities, but a moment of reflection. The state has been reduced to nothing and only few who happens to be in the good books of the "Oga on top" benefits and others feed on crumbs from the table of "Iyamho superstar."

    As the election gets closer, let the Edolites remain resolute and committed. The ignoble and worrisome "change" that has triggered the unprecedented hardship has to be changed forever. 

    The other day, Chief Dan Orbih in his speech on the occasion of the World Conference reminded me of "Aburi. "  As I was concluding this piece, it dawned on me to end it by saying;  On Simple Agenda we stand! This is true because POI is Next. 

     Iredia Omo-Osakue, JP is a Turin-based  scholar, social critic, political analyst, and public commentator on national and global issues.

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  • Edo 2016: *Comrades-In-Corns*: Amateurish!

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    It is on news media and social networks the picture of the corn chewing quartet and their team of praise-singers as they move about apparently to inspect works in one of the streets in Benin. The quartet munched their bites as they navigate the street's undulated surface under cosmetic repairs to further hoodwink the citizens. It was a theatrical display by the Comrade-led team to draw undeserved attention to the APC flagbearer. 

    Many questions come to mind  about the rationale behind the show: Does it have any political relevance, impact or effect on the citizens?  The only plausible logic to this misplaced priority of "corn chewing parade" can be likened to young rascals who stole their parents' money for an eating spree. Which they do with satisfaction not considering the consequence. 

    The agricultural sector that produces the crop they took pride in eating is in a comatose state irrespective of the fertile and expanse of land the state is blessed with.  This is a tragedy! 

    Considering the economic frustration orchestrated by Mr. Oshiomhole, corn has become unaffordable and It will not be out of place to say that many who cannot afford it will be green with envy seeing the picture. 

    If half of the effort Mr. Governor dedicated in the chewing of the corn is committed to the agricultural sector, the state would have plenty and needless going to the neighbouring states to buy the crop.

    The state needs a leader who has the mind and zeal to move the state forward.  And the moment has come for the good people of Edo state to say NO to laziness, misrule and lack of accountability of our commonwealth. 

    APC must GO!!! The "GO" sounds familiar...

    Iredia Osakue is a Turin-based scholar, political analyst and public commentator on national and global issues.

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  • 5 Simple Signs That You Need a New Phone

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    There are several brands of phones available in the tech space today that you will be spoilt for choices. The lifespan of these devices varies. It is therefore, follows that the number of years you have used a phone does not really count when it comes to the repair or replacement of a phone. Hence, it is important for you to look out for some signs that will be shared by Jovago.com, Africa's No 1 hotel booking portal. If you notice or observe anyone of these signs, it is perhaps time to buy a new phone.

    *It suddenly shuts down*

    If your phone frequently shuts down while you were calling a number, chatting on WhatsApp or playing a game, then you need to ditch that phone for a new one. You can adjust the batteries but if it still shuts down on it is own, it is requesting that you should let go.

    *The touch screen takes forever to respond*

    Your touch screen is meant to respond immediately you swipe your fingers. This is why it is called a touch screen phone. However, if the touch screen is very slow in responding, it may be time to either change the touch screen or purchase a new phone.

    [image: 465532040]

    *Cracked Touch Screen*

    Of course, you may forget that you put your expensive and latest iPhone in your back pocket and immediately you sit down, it cracks. In other cases, your hands may be slimy and it drops the screen cracks. Hmmm...it destroys the beauty and fancy of the phone. The crack may not affect the touch screen but it makes your phone 'ugly'. You can only manage it for some time. But someday, the crack will spread and render it unusable. You can take it to computer village in Lagos for repairs or walk into one of the malls and pick a new one.

    *The Battery life is short*

    For a battery, you can simply change it. However, if you are lucky you will get a good battery. Aside that, when the original battery does not last more than 15 minutes after being fully charged, you will spend your hard earned money on buying substandard batteries.

    *You say hello several times*

    When calling a friend, you have to either shout at the top of your voice for them to hear you or you say hello several times, it means your phone's speaker is faulty. You may want to get it checked.

    Ogunfowoke Adeniyi
    *Travel/Technology Writer*

    *Mobile:* *+2348090747241*   *Skype:* *Sleeksavvy*

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  • 5 Great tips for Tourists Traveling to Northern Nigeria By Adeniyi Ogunfowoke

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    Northern Nigeria is made up of 19 states and in many of these cities, there are amazing destinations which tourists love to visit. 

    In Kaduna, the magnificent Kajuru Castle is sited, the ancient Kano City Wall in Kano, the popular Yankari Games reserve in Bauchi, the Gashaka Gumpti park between Adamawa and Taraba and the Chappal Waddi Mountain in Taraba with the tallest mountain in Nigeria. 

    There is so much to discover in this part of Nigeria. For tourists who are craving for a hitch free adventure in Northern Nigeria, Jovago.com, Africa’s No.1 hotel booking portal roll-out some helpful tips.


    Do not dress scantily

    A large chunk of the states in Northern Nigeria are predominantly Muslim. The religion has a huge influence on their way of life. In line with religious beliefs, women wear clothes which cover their body. Therefore, one of the things that will endear tourists to the locals especially for the women is to cover their body, They take exception to scantily clad women. And do not always cover your hair whether you are a Muslim or non-Muslim.

    Prepare for the hot climate

    The climate in Northern Nigeria is very hot. So, this is one of the battles you have to overcome on a visit to the region. So, you need a hat, sunglasses and bottles of water. So, you have to plan your itinerary properly so that your trip is not disrupted by the scorching sun. Importantly, do not go mountain climbing if you cannot withstand the stress.

    Get a local who speak hausa fluently

    Having someone who can speak the local language has its pros. You get everything you buy at an affordable price, and you will feel secured especially when you are among strangers. The truth is that you cannot find your way if you do not speak Hausa. So hire someone who speak hausa.

    Stay away from religious arguments

    Whether you agree or disagree with their religious creed, you should keep it to yourself. As a tourists you should focus on exploring the various destination at your disposal. They do not joke with their religion especially persons. Do not allow anyone drag you into any religious argument. Always remember that you are a tourists.

    Avoid public display of affection

    Men and women mingling is not frowned let alone displaying your affection to your lover. If you want to display any affection, you must do private and also ensure that men and women do things separately.

     Be security conscious

    The government is winning the war against Boko Haram and peace is returning to Northeast Nigeria. However, this doesn’t wander indiscriminately.  In addition, always remember to inform your friends about your whereabouts.

    Adeniyi OGUNFOWOKE
    Content Writer-Travel/Tech 

    11 Commercial Avenue, Sabo  | Yaba  |  Lagos |  Nigeria 
     Sleeksavvy   Sleeksavvy Mobile:+2348090747241 

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  • 6 things kids want on Children’s Day weekend By Adeniyi Ogunfowoke

    27/May/2016 // 174 Viewers


    Yes! It is another May 27th, a day set aside for children to celebrate. On this day, although kids will be away from school, very few of them expect to be at home throughout the day.

    The minds of children are very imaginative and there are certain activities you can engage in to bring them joy. With this in mind, Jovago.com, Africa’s No.1 hotel booking portal shares 5 of the things want on Children’s Day.

    Take them to fun factory in Lekki

    Fun Factory in Lekki Phase 1 will be filled with the cries of excited children. Your kids should be among them. They offer games, toys, bouncy castles, train rides, carousels, swimming pools and other creative and interactive games for children. If your kids are between the ages of 1 to 10, it is the perfect place to go.

    Spend valuable time with them

    Present economic realities demand that both parents are economically engaged. They rarely have time for their children since they leave home very early in the morning and return late at night. In between, the children are left with a house help or family member. However, for Children’s day they want you to spend valuable time with them because it is a long children’s day.   

    Cute little girl whispering something to her brother

    Buy them boxes of chocolates

    Children love chocolates. If you have never bought chocolate for your kids before, you should surprise them with a box. Make it more interesting by having a despatch rider deliver it to them. They will be animated and show it off to their friends. The welcome they will give when you return from work will nearly bring tears to your eyes.   

    Have them join the March parade

    March parade is the most prominent event on Children’s day. Smart looking and well-dressed children, gather at an open ground where they show-off their marching skills to the admiration of a government dignitary – local government chairman, government or any other government representatives. The parade is for the children to have fun.

    Don’t scold them  

    Kids are restless. Parents have to be extremely patient with them whether it is Children’s Day or not. There is every tendency for you to scold them due to their restlessness. Since it’s children’s day, you  can grant them a bit of freedom and overlook some of their shortcomings.

    Allow them to watch cartoons

    Cartoon is one of the favourite programmes children prefer to watch on television.  They know the particular time these cartoons commences. They will really feel bad if you stop them from watching their preferred cartoons, especially on Children’s Day.

    Adeniyi OGUNFOWOKE
    Content Writer-Travel/Tech 

    11 Commercial Avenue, Sabo  | Yaba  |  Lagos |  Nigeria 
     Sleeksavvy   Sleeksavvy Mobile:+2348090747241 

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  • BUHARI: Enjoy your power play while it lasts

    27/Nov/2016 // 487 Viewers


    The Ondo governorship election has come and gone but the memories of the unwholesome and clandestine activities of some of the players will live with us.

    It is obvious that the role which INEC played before the election was calculated to deny the party of  victory. PDP on its part erred because they had every reason to boycott the poll in protest. INEC's deliberate recognition of Jimoh's illegal primary as against Jegede's lawful primary was a script written by APC, goaded and acted by Federal Executive powers. 

    Jimoh Ibrahim who is known to be a prudent businessman would,  in all honesty, not waste his hard-earned money to deny Jegede victory, doubtless, he was  paid to execute the plot. 

    Consider Jimoh's confession. INEC knew if the election was postponed, which it had good reasons to do, Jegede would win and so to perfect the plot it insisted on having the elections on November 26. In all, it is clear that INEC, APC Jimoh and Justice Abang conspired to rig the election in favour of the governing All Progressives Congress as we drift towards one-party state  even way before the election day.  However, I salute Jegede for his performance!

    Be that as it may, Edo poll  was part 1 of this dangerously   unfolding  scenario, Ondo is part 2, part 3 will continue to unfold in subsequent elections as Nigeria drifts perilously towards regimentation.

    However, he who laughs last, they often say, laughs best. The victory of evil over good is only but temporary. Buhari, enjoy your power play while it lasts as your million apologists continue to applaud you to the echo.

    *Bimpe Ololade,  a social activist, political analyst and public commentator on national and global issues,  wrote from Oslo, Norway.

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  • Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu - An Epitome Of Hope And Goodness.

    28/Jul/2016 // 382 Viewers


    Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu  - An Epitome Of Hope And Goodness.

    As soon as I saw a detailed piece on Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, my mental battery was alive to say the following with special regard to the author of the original piece.

    We are all geared towards one aim and I see it interesting to add my contribution to the article.

    There is a reason for everything and as a matter of fact, no one can fathom how nature takes its course on the life of man.  POI is a sterling example and the following refers:

    He is a lawyer: He helps in litigation, brings justice to the oppressed, protects the legal interests of the state and society, and proffer solutions to many disturbing Socio-cultural and political matters. He helps to promote equity and fairness in judgements. 
    He has a sane mind!

    He is a farmer: He helps bring food on every table. He helps in making the society Eco-friendly, tends to the leaves and trees. When Obasanjo said " Operation Feed The Nation," it was a clarion call to the farmers to save the land from famine and hunger. You plant and must be patient to wait for harvest.
    He is a patient man!

    He is a pastor: He helps in the preaching of the gospel of God so that the people may not perish. This is in line with God's admonition to preach the word . He is


    He is a politician: He helps in the building of a viable society and supports in the well-being of citizens with reasonable programs and implementation geared towards a better society. 
    He is a patriot!

    As a matter of course, he has the blessings of God and a purpose not only for the people of Edo state, but the country in general. No wonder he is "Godsent" as his name depicts.

    Iredia Osakue, JP is a Turin-based scholar and public commentator on national and global issues

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