• Edo 2016: Why you must not repeat that mistake! - Iyoha John Darlington cautions Edo voters

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    I have found it absolutely necessary to write again in the course of our state's history as Edo State gubernatorial election comes up in less than a fortnight. Only last week I had to take my time to watch the debate that featured the top contenders to Denis Osadebey Avenue under the platform of the ruling All Progressives' Congress, the Peoples' Democratic Party, All Progressives Grand Alliance and the Labour Party.

    I patiently listened to the questions to them by the moderator. My reaction to their presentations was none other  than a sigh of disappointment and exasperation as they round off the historic debate. 

    Many things kept pacing through my mind. For starters, it is said a bad tree does not  bear good fruits. This is well-nigh impossible. As it stands,we all know  where the Nigerian Ship of State is headed for. In fact, there is no denying the fact that she is headed for the rocks resulting from her inability to withstand the strong ocean current with threats of death hanging over our heads like the ancient sword of Damocles.

    Came with the ruling All Progressives' Congress in the run-up to the 2015 general elections were promises for a better life which we soon found out to be airy in the long run. We  are now about two years into the life of this administration but with nothing to show for it but blame game amid the agonizing pangs of hunger and untold hardship resulting from the visionless, directionless and failed economic policies of the Buhari-led government.

    I had to delay writing this piece to wait for the APC mega rally to hear what the President would say again while presenting the party's flag bearer to Edo people. Having patiently and anxiously listened to his short speech, I discovered nothing eventful and this left me highly infuriated for thinking he could come again with his cast of neophyte actors to fool our people yet again when his one year has brought nothing but tears, sorrow, and regrets

    I watched the diminutive Oshomhole speak  , of course , I had to dismiss his rantings with a trivial hand because his administration remains the worst in the history of that state. 

    I would start with Buhari at the center. The president is often heard blaming the former ruling party, the Peoples' Democratic Party.  Without an iota of doubt,  there was corruption and billions of our taxpayers' money was reportedly looted in that vast 'empire of corruption.' That was not the first time we have had  corruption cases in Nigeria. Gowon was overthrown and reasons cited bordered on squandering of money from the oil boom in the 70s. Murtala Muhammed took over but the life of that regime was cut short which saw the emergence of Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo whose administration was comparatively better in spite of the massive drain on the public purse under the former. Obasanjo kept to his promises and did not derail the transition train to the Second Republic. He handed over power after a keenly contested election between two top contenders in the persons of Alhaji Shehu Shagari and late Chief Obafemi Awolowo of the defunct National Party of Nigeria and Unity Party of Nigeria respectively.

    The sovereign wish of the Nigerian people like a marriage was again annulled and ultimately bastardized via a coup by Gen Muhammadu Buhari on December 31, 1983. Reasons also cited were corruption and looting of the nation's treasury. Few months into that ill-fated administration, unlike the previous regime, Nigerians had to start queuing up for food tagged then as 'essential commodities' until he was overthrown on August 27, 1985, which is about 30 calendar years today.

    I had to go down the memory lane in reaction to his remark in Benin City for the sake of the youth whose back, he said, he rode to power in the 2015 general elections to know what it has always been like with Nigeria each time Buhari makes incursions on the Nigerian political terrain. Today, however, Nigerians are again on the verge of queuing up for food although it is already happening in some parts of the north, especially in the epicenter of Boko Haram militancy.

    Ex-President Babangida took over an economy that was difficult for him to manage at the time and before one could say Jack Robinson the food queues disappeared within weeks across the country. I could recall from dim memory as many Nigerians heaving a sigh of relief at the period under sad review. Buhari said President Shehu Shagari's administration left no money in the treasury, so it logically implied that Babangida met no money too when he overthrew him back in 1985.

    Ex-military President Ibrahim Babangida rowed the Nigerian boat into sea and started navigating through stormy waters, like I did say before food queues disappeared into thin air,  Nigerians beamed with contented smiles and the media was awash with criticisms of the  Buhari-led military government, what you could not dare before he was kicked out by the duo of Ibrahim Babangida and Sani Abacha.

    Abacha took over after the failed Interim National Government headed by Ernest Shonekan where massive looting was reported, yet we had food aplenty, price of oil sold much less in the international market and there was a great deal of macroeconomic stability. The US dollar never exceeded N80 at the time. As luck would have it Abacha died with his boots on and the mantle of leadership fell on Abdusalami Abubakar. During that transitional government, the treasury, according to unconfirmed reports was, also looted. That did not reduce Nigeria to Somalia and Sudan as it is today for we still ate to our fill.

    Finally, Nigeria was again ushered into a civil democratic rule on May 29, 1999, with the advent of President Olusegun Obasanjo  who reportedly met only $3.7 billion and oil sold for less that $20 per barrel. He had no option but to assemble a good economic team made up of competent technocrats. The business of governance started without the 'blame game' which remained unknown at the time.

    From $3.7 billion, Obasanjo left office leaving well over $39 billion with many remarkable achievements and life compared to what it is today under Buhari was superabundant. Shehu Musa Yar'Adua's administration, by a twist of fate, ended abruptly and Dr. Jonathan unavoidably took over amid massive corruption scandal yet Nigerians had food on their tables until he was harassed out of office by subtle threats - 'the baboons and the dogs will be soaked in blood' - which led to his concession of defeat via falsified and doctored poll results from Kano in the 2015 presidential election.

    Jonathan left a whopping $30 billion and handed Africa's largest economy to President Muhammadu Buhari amid giant strides in service  infrastructures and others such as schools, vehicle manufacturing plants,  transport,  - calling to mind the resuscitation of the moribund Nigerian railway etc. Instead of consolidating and improving on Jonathan achievements all we hear today is the blame game. Within a year Nigerian economy collapsed and eventually slid into recession as major economic policies fail marvelously.

    To the lousy Governor Oshiomhole, we must now turn whose tenure expires before long. What did Edo State benefit under his tenure with the huge allocation and the 13% derivation from the Federal Government? All I heard him boast of during the mega rally while pacing on the raised platform at Ogbe Stadium in Benin like a man under the influence steroid are roads in Benin City and renovation of secondary schools in the state with no mention of any capital project ,  service infrastructure or implemented economic package which are the some of the basic pre-requisites for socio-politico and economic development.

    For starters, how many of our children are today in these schools when a good number of them have been driven away by the harsh and intolerable condition at home in search of greener pastures abroad? Some have died while crossing the fiery Sahara desert on their journey to the coast of North Africa for an onward ferry crossing to  Europe. Never has this ongoing  loss of  lives at sea mainly  Edo State indigenes been recorded in Mediterranean history.

    Oshiomhole has only succeeded in reducing rural communities in Edo State to economic backwater because the roads linking communities in the state which were  built by his predecessors particularly  late ex-Governor Ambrose Alli  have all been washed out and fallen into disuse. The old Bendel State from which Edo was carved out had a good road network that opened up remote outposts and the agricultural hinterland.

    Edo State under Oshiomhole with the billions of naira monthly allocation from the Federal Government did not build a single factory. The few ones Edo State had were all closed down which has  swollen the unemployment queue in the state and this doubtless promotes crime particularly violent ones. Edo State-owned hospitals, if I may borrow a hackneyed quotation from Abacha's coup speech of December 1983, have been reduced to mere consulting clinics in spite of the allocations from the Federal Government. Do you know there are only two government-owned hospitals serving the whole of Benin City the state capital? My dear people of Edo State these hospitals were built back in the 60s! Is the money which he used for building a university in his hometown not enough to build  ultra-modern hospitals in two or more locations in Benin City? I ask yet again, on what basis is Oshiomhole criticizing the past governments in the state and seeking continuity for his 'anointed candidate'?

     Is the government at the centre responsible? NO! There is no functioning government-owned hospital in the whole of Edo State today, yet you often hear the diminutive governor ranting and engaging in a media war to foist his anointed son on Edo people to cover up his excesses when he leaves office. Some rural communities do not have any dispensary not to talk of functioning hospital while dry taps dot the state. The ones built by his predecessor have either been closed down or fallen into disuse and probably over-run by weeds where dangerous reptiles and other bush rodents harbour.

    How many new urban settlements did Oshiomhole build throughout his eight years? There is none on the ground yet you still hear him blaming his abysmal failures on the former ruling party. If these above-named were nonexistent, then why did he not provide these infrastructures for Edo people in his eight years reign? Have you ever sat to ask yourselves these searching questions? I deem asking this particular question absolutely necessary because these problems were there before he assumed the reins of power. It is almost eight calendar years today but why did he not fix these problems if not all but some of them? Oshiomhole if you need reminding is leaving behind today an Edo State that is saddled with massive debt burden up to the tune of a whopping  N500 billion!

    Image result for Oshimhole-Obaseki rice

    Sacks of rice in return for your vote for another visionless and directionless leadership. How long will this last you, if one may ask?  Your  vote remains your power to decide your political future. Have a rethink, It's not worth mortgaging your future for after all! 

    Oshiomhole went ahead and built a university in his hometown without studying the situation. Was that not a crying blunder when the universities in the  state are underfunded? Jonathan built no fewer than 12 government-owned universities  across northern states without  one for himself. Obasanjo, Ibrahim Babangida, Atiku Abubakar are all 'proud' owners of universities in Nigeria namely Bell University, Otta, Nigeria,  El- Amin University, Minna, Nigeria and American University of Nigeria, Yola, yet Oshiomhole often authors hate speeches and diatribes not against any of these men but against Jonathan under whose administration we had food aplenty to eat and more so under whose administration Nigeria rose from behind to become Africa's largest economy - a position which we held until last month before we were again displaced by the Union of South Africa!  Edo State has never suffered infrastructural decay under past administrations like what she has suffered today in the past eight years.

    At this juncture, on what basis is Gov Adams Oshiomhole with his Abuja taskmasters from the Hausa-Fulani hegemonic north  and indeed the ruling All Progressives' Congress preaching continuity after their abysmal failures within one year at the centre  and eight years in Edo State when primary education, secondary education, and university education are each  in jumbles, shambles and  jumble of retrogression thus forcing our children out of schools?

    Edo State has three Senatorial Districts which can not boast of any industrial scheme, no farm settlements, no youth  entrepreneurship scheme. Despite the fact that solid minerals abound in Edo State, the sector has been ignored with reckless abandon which if harnessed would have given jobs to at least about 60,000 or more in the state.

    Edo State is very rich in agricultural produce, throughout his eight years, it did not occur to him to build food processing factories and storage facilities. If telephone exchange centers could function with the aid of diesel plants , storage facilities could also be run by diesel plants in every civil division in the state. But these cardinal programmes to better the lots of Edo people remain elusive dreams.

    Image result for mediterranean ship wreck

    Shocking scene of Mediterranean shipwreck! Your relative could be among the unfortunate victims! Could this be the continuity you are being induced with money for? It's high time you had a think and retraced your steps!

    That Esanland  suffered the worst marginalisation under Oshiomhole is not in dispute as virtually that region has been cut  off on the scheme of things because of his feud with Chief Tony Anenih. To the Septuagenarian and elder statesman, Oshiomhole does not even exist! Yet you see him throwing stones to him at every turn forgetting the incontrovertible fact that power, like a cold spell, is only but transient. At one time in our nation's history, Jonathan, Ibrahim Babangida, Obasanjo were in succession Nigeria's most powerful men. Oshiomhole has to realise that every dog , they often say, has its day.

    Having touched on Oshimhole abysmal performance in the past eight years, to the debate we must now turn. In the opening paragraph of this piece, I made a scanty reference to the speeches by the four top contenders. The presentations by the above-named left their capabilities in question to lead Edo State in the coming years. I shall now focus on the presentations of the top two contenders while I dismiss the APGA and Labour Party candidates for being inconsequential in the race to Dennis Osadebey Avenue.

    There are certainly some intrinsic and extrinsic qualities inherent in leaders which  are only present in one of the two top contenders - I mean the APC and the PDP candidates.

    It goes without saying that good leadership is crucial to any successful organization. Good leadership hinges on effective communication. Communication is one of the most key elements of leadership. Good communication skill is deemed absolutely necessary to effectively become a good leader or manager. When communication occurs, as a leader, you will be able to accurately convey your ideas and thoughts to those that work for you.

    Motivation is another thing to be examined here. This is seen as another variable that plays into good leadership. Stagnation occurs when motivation decreases and it will decrease, without proper motivation. Many leaders try to motivate the old-fashioned way through fear. This is not advisable since it tends to only deliver short-term results and cause even less competent work in the long run, due to resentment resulting from the fear tactics.

    Teamwork is always something to consider when striving to become a good leader. This means not only teaching your followers to work together but to become part of the team yourself. A good leader recognizes that his followers are more than just followers, they are people too. These people have lives outside of work where they have to make decisions on a daily basis, from how to deal with house payments, to car bills, to raising children, to uncountable tasks in everyday lives most especially living under the economic recession that is sweeping across  ominously across Nigeria.

    Educational background and qualification also occupy a pride of place. Education doubtless immeasurably improves your leadership skills alongside a cognate experience. And in whom do we find the above-named qualities all encapsulated?

    One man that readily comes  to mind between the two top contenders is none other than  Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu whose vast experience as an administrator would help meet these lofty aims, objectives, ideals, and aspirations to reposition Edo State  on the path of economic prosperity and development.

    The crisis we face today in our state is none other than a culmination of decades of poor planning, mismanagement and insufficient investment in capital projects or infrastructures by a government in the past eight years which prioritises the enrichment of apologists and sycophants to the detriment of our well-being and instead bankrolls its Abuja masters’ meaningless jamborees around the globe.
    Ay, we need a solution doubtless but under an APC-led government this solution which is much sought after is an elusive dream, I wish you could cast sentiments and party affiliations aside and come to terms with realities. Edo State economy is stagnant and has consequently gone  comatose. We lack capital projects that will attract investors to the state.

    A good number of  communities today in Edo State like I pointed out before are not accessible by car and the rural dwellers have to navigate some very long distances on foot. What has this government done in its eight years to open up its remotest outposts? Edo State debt profile mounts marvelously with every passing day, what and  where have all the federal subventions and allocations been spent on which would have been utilized for the provision of infrastructure statewide for sustainable development?

    It is important to note here that the first four years of Oshomhole’s rule were wasted on Maoist one-party ideology that focuses on power retention which he achieved in 2012 through the instrumentality of incumbency rather than democratic participatory power geared towards dedicated service to the people. Edo State under Oshomhole has as a matter of fact never made adequate provisions for infrastructure development. Far from doing this, it concentrated on maintaining expensive bureaucracy, reckless expenditure, and political patronage.

    There is no denying the fact that agricultural infrastructure is critical to our economic development and a clue to the unemployment problem in the state but the lack of agricultural finance has contributed to the decimation of agro-based infrastructure.

    Edo State needs a vibrant saving culture, intelligent public revenue collection, retention and international finance partnership but our state is saddled with massive state debt burden with nothing on the ground to show for it. This state debt overhang has marvelously become an albatross on our state’s development trajectory seeing that we owe too much to be able to re-ignite our service infrastructures destroyed by greed and prodigal years of APC misrule.

    I will sum up here by saying Edo State development goal has been a victim of inferior infrastructure. A PDP-controlled Edo State government under Ize-Iyamu will prioritise restoring, revitalizing, developing and modernizing  the state’s infrastructure base and industrialization as the most urgent tasks of reconstruction.

    In each infrastructural subsector, Pastor Ize Iyamu-led Edo State government,  I dare say , will seek to attract investments and also put state resources so as to have a modern infrastructure base, adequately maintained and efficiently run to meet our various needs.

    These, above all, are some of the reasons why we must not settle for anything less by turning out en masse and prevailing on all men of goodwill who wish our great state well to urgently retrace their steps by voting for progress and prosperity;  voting out poverty, high-handedness which the ruling All Progressives Congress represent.  We must not repeat that mistake because to strike one's foot twice and stumble over the same piece of stone , according to Mark Cicero, is a proverbial disgrace.

    Iyoha John Darlington, a social activist, political analyst and public commentator on national and global issues wrote from Turin, Italy.

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  • Opening a new page In Edo State political history

    18/Apr/2016 // 609 Viewers

     By Iredia Osakue

    The long-awaited election in Edo state is fast approaching with a difference. The participants are not leaving any stone unturned as they race to the finishing point.  In  athletics, three winners take home medals, but in this case, only a candidate emerges as the winner and as such becomes the governor of the state for four long years and by extension another term for a tremendous all-round performance.

    This is akin to the modern-day Olympic Games. This being that, athletes need four long years to prepare for the games and whoever wins hold the title until the next games.  Failure to win requires another four years of hard work, total commitment and concentration which of course is onerous. It is on this note that some athletes go out of their way to take steroids so as to excel. The importance of victory in every sphere of life cannot be overemphasized because of the comfort, fame and honour it brings. 

    In the political circle, the same tactic is  devised and employed to outwit opponents. Some candidates go out of their way and rules to hoodwink or worse still intimidate the electorate as they source for support and vote. 

    Oftentimes, the missing link between candidates and the electorate is credibility, track record and the ability to perform when voted into office.  The above ought to be the fundamental parameter acceptably required to measure the political calibre, preparedness and conviction of any candidate. Be that as it may, the candidates cannot do without the electorate because the only sure way to victory is the electorates' constitutional right to vote  and the latitude to decide who wins.  Sadly, this has been abused as some citizens out of greed or disdain over a candidate's  failure to act in tune with objectivity and thus sell the future to the unwelcome candidate. 

    Now that the citizens know all these, the right thing to do as the election time bomb ticks in Edo state is to identify the credible candidate that can right the wrongs. And considering the present political situation; the spate of abuses, executive excesses and arrogance, various degree of crimes, poverty, intolerable environmental degradation. Paucity of basic amenities, educational collapse, high rate of unemployment and infrastructural dearth, the people do not need a seer to help them identify the man with the right political frame of my mind to reconstruct the state.

    Amongst the gubernatorial candidates, one stands tall like the statute of Liberty, taking into cognizance his political journey and experience.  The state does not need a "pupil governor" that needs to be taught the rudiments of governance especially in this present political climate - the state requires a trusted and tested candidate who already has the blueprint  of what needs to be done and not just a mere  ambitious political neophyte without the genuine credentials and foresight to dispense the right dose of healing pills  that can bring about a healthy society. 

    To this end, a new page is about to be opened and the true candidate that knows how to read through the lines and understand the formula is the ever humble and committed Edo man with a burning desire to govern according to the tenets of democracy. He is Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu. The people call him "leader" not as an act to blow matters out of proportion but an appellation that represents his purpose, ideas, and existence. 

    As you reflect on this, be it etched on your minds that "one cannot lie on the lap of Delilah and wants to wake up in the bosom of Abraham." Also, somebody once said that, " vision without action is a daydream and action without vision is a nightmare." Therefore, it is a compelling necessity that we should carry the vision of this willing-to-serve man to a logical conclusion so that the aspirations of every Edo indigene will be achieved when he mounts the saddle of governance. 

    POI is for real and the key to his vision for the future is now!

    Iredia Osakue is a Turin-based scholar, political analyst and a public commentator on current affairs.

    Disclaimer: Views expressed in any piece we publish remain entirely the author's and do not reflect our editorial policy. DailyGlobeWatch shall, therefore, not be held responsible for any of its contents or any part thereof.

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  • It's about time Buhari threw in the towel

    18/Aug/2016 // 476 Viewers


    Nigeria, you will all agree with me , has eventually degenerated into regimentation and dictatorship as Buhari's secret agents like the late Idi Amin of Uganda are visibly  on the prowl. A lot of things have happened in Nigeria in the past one year which is an affront to all democratic norms. We never had it this bad under former Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo, Shehu Musa Yar'Adua and Goodluck Jonathan.

    The leopard, they often say, could never change its spots. Events unfolding marvelously today are pointers to the fact that President Buhari is playing God and thereby creating Frankenstein's monster as we hear again an endless stream of anguished cries from the pauperized body politic. The Daura-born emperor has proven himself not only incompetent but also incapable of leading the country as he fights wars on every front in a bid to crush dissenting voices.

    Perceived opposition figures are dangerously made after by his secret agents thus casting every inquiring mind to the dark days of Idia Amin in Uganda. Buhari's administration has never brought peace to Nigeria. He has no charisma to lead, he experimented with Nigeria back in 1983 which collapsed like a pack of cards on August 27, 1985.

    A similar scenario is dangerously unfolding  as he assumes unlimited and absolute powers which he unleashes on the citizenry. Serving APC governors have become party stooges while their counterparts in the former ruling party have been marked out for annihilation.

    Buhari has no clue to the myriad of problems confronting the country, Jonathan left Aso Rock handing over Africa's largest economy which he has succeeded in destroying resulting from sheer incompetence. 

    By the way, what does one expect of a man who has no certificates? Even his so-called economic team does not know what its job entails as its major economic policies are failing at every turn multiplying the problems which were never there before he forcefully took over power via threats and doctored results from the north. The nation is doubtless in trouble reminding everyone of the dark days of  military rule.

    Buhari has resorted to protecting himself with his kinsmen in order to consolidate his hold on power which is typical of tyrants. There are no viable and formidable opposition voices in the country today. Speak and get crushed has become the order of the day as every dissenting voice is being brutally crushed thus promoting a sectional agenda.

    That Buhari is for the north and Muslims is not in dispute; he has shown and displayed that in so many ways. I pity those who are rather naive to understand his body language. That country has never been so polarized along ethnic and religious lines as it is today. His government reeks of nepotism , a government which is supposedly fighting corruption. One funny thing is that his cowardice is  in the  full glare of public attention, in fact,  it has gotten the better of him  by moving against men of peace but dreading those who are capable of setting the country on fire.

    One of such is the ongoing covert operation to completely  sink and annihilate  his immediate predecessor via trumped up charges - the last straw that will break the camel's back and precipitate a political crisis in Nigeria.  We all know the ignominious path in history  on which tyrants like him have trodden which doubtless led them to a disastrous end. Buhari met the biggest economy on assumption of office, instead of building on what has been handed over to him his incompetence tore the economy to shreds which he often blames on treasury looting as if he did not loot himself when he served under the most corrupt regime in Nigeria's political history.

    Looted money by late Gen. Sani Abacha under whom he headed the Petroleum Trust Fund,  is still being returned to Nigeria to this day who he stoutly defended . How does he feel now with the billions of dollars being intermittently  returned to the Nigerian government some of which he has taken delivery of himself? Does that not make an accessory after the fact  of money laundering? Can President  Buhari extricate himself? He can by no stretch of the imagination do so. People are only afraid to speak against the evil of the day under his visionless leadership for fear of being hacked down by his secret agents. What do you expect of someone who has the Army, Police and other security agents at his beck and call? 

    Peoples' fear and silence in the face of every agonizing oppression should not be mistaken for support of his reign of terror. His apologists from the north are only blinded by ethnic jingoism and do not know what it is like to construct a pathway to nationhood through a rugged terrain. What they fallaciously believe in is that political  power must remain in the region no matter whose ox is gored, whether the person is qualified to hold political power or not.

    That is the sad situation the country is marvelously entangled in today resulting from grand deception and heinous  lies on whose back that  government in Nigeria  rode to power. Obasanjo met a virtually empty treasury and crude oil sold for less than $30 per barrel at the time, but he delved into work and turned the economy around which his successors Yar'Adua and Jonathan improved upon to become  the largest economy on the continent, but only about a week ago we again lost that prestigious status and position  to South Africa  under his visionless and directionless leadership.

    The price of crude oil today is well above the price in Obasanjo days! Buhari's apologists have been taken in by his deafening complaints   and like  zombies  refused to heed the voice of reason to withdraw while he leads them and the country dangerously to an abysmal depths. It is very obvious that he can not lead because employing competent  economic technocrats is not the same thing as soldiering. I think it is about time he threw in the towel.

    The hunger and frustration in that country have adversely affected their way of  reasoning. How can they still be campaigning and canvassing for support of their candidates when  their Chief Representative who was elected under the platform of All Progressives Congress is not only clueless but directionless and visionless thereby imposing untold hardship on one and all?

    None of his promises has ever seen the light of the day under the existing circumstances. What he appears good at is the blame game a ploy he  often employs to cover up his inability to deliver on his campaign promises. He dwells so much on looted funds as if he did not nor the past governments did not loot. They all did at different points in time yet Nigerians were able to feed themselves. The whole thing is very annoying. 

    I happened to run into some Nigerians the other day in Europe  who recounted their ordeals while crossing the fiery Sahara desert to the coast of north Africa from where they often risk their lives crossing the vast Mediterranean in rickety boats to Europe. One of them did expressly tell me how  one of the rickety boats capsized and killed no fewer than 219 Nigerians who he knew personally while in Libya, a majority of the ill-fated Nigerians,  he said , came from Edo State. Yet you see the LLilliputianOshiomhole campaigning vigorously to foist his anointed godson on Edo people!

    There is hunger and starvation everywhere in Nigeria, a dramatic replay and reenactment of the 1984 and 85 scenarios when Nigerians queued for food in metropolitan Lagos, Nigeria after overthrowing the democratically elected government of Alhaji Shehu Shagari. Under Shagari there was food aplenty but soon after he deposed him in coup, Nigerians started queuing up for food; that is what is  happening again today.

    Are Nigerians so naive not to see things objectively? Do they need reminding that Buhari is not the Messiah of which Nigeria urgently stands in need? Why have people chosen to be blinded by primordial sentiments and refuse to call a spade a spade? They have lost grip on realities that the ruling party  has  only succeeded in creating more problems for Nigerians and Nigeria.

    Iyoha John Darlington , a social activist, political analyst and public commentator on national and global issues writes from Turin, Italy.

    Views expressed in any piece we publish remain entirely the author's and do not reflect our editorial policy. DailyGlobeWatch shall, therefore, not be held responsible for any of its contents or any part thereof. 

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  • Edo 2016: Oshiomhole and his Gang- not again in Edo State.

    19/Jul/2016 // 1194 Viewers


    The Edo state of our dream can only be achieved if we all agree, or the majority see through the lens of truth, fairness, and transparency in the forthcoming gubernatorial election.  

    It is a common knowledge that one of the most difficult aspects of democracy is the election of a candidate. The people must be vigilant, resolute, incorruptible and committed.  Anything short of the above oftentimes results in dire consequence. This oversight has caused tremendous setbacks and this is the time to put matters straight. 

    We are all aware of the machinery in motion to forcefully take over the state by the cabals that have held the state in the jugular for near eight years. This albatross must be exorcised with the PVC come on the 10th of September. 

    The people's interest is not to listen to one individual with verbose and jejune speech. This is not the time the citizens should belabored with boring words, rather want to see exactly what the candidates can offer when in office. 

    The last seven years and more of burden cannot easily be forgotten and those that orchestrated it are at play again with their fanciful approach but laced with deceit and treachery.  We are aware of their gimmicks and never again will they succeed! 

    Gone are the days when political parties try to find their way through propaganda and campaign of calumny.  The people cannot be subjected to mere verbal promises, but a document that can stand the test of time and serve as a reminder. 

    The Latin says, "verba volant scripta Manent" . The candidate who fails to do this has no agreement sealed with the electorates.  It is a fraud and the people must stand firmly against the emergence of such shallow candidate. The people's dream for Edo state must not be allowed to remain a velleity.  Immense effort is required to make it work - and this depends on us as a people with the absolute resolve to change the "ungodly change" for good. 

    On this note, it is noteworthy to say here that the SIMPLE AGENDA of Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu is a road map leading to prosperity . Get a copy and avail yourselves of the information therein, if you do, I bet you, your mindset towards  POI as the right candidate will remain constant. POI IS REAL!

    Iredia Osakue, JP , a Turin-based scholar, political analyst and public commentator on national and global issues wrote from Turin, Italy.

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  • Oshiomhole's Vanishing Shadow

    19/Jun/2016 // 683 Viewers


    The leadership responsibility in governance is an integral aspect of democracy and anybody charged with such responsibility must act and uphold it to the tenet of truth irrespective of belief, political affiliation or social inclination. As long as such is given the mandate through votes it thus behoves him to respect and protect the confidence reposed on him. The voting rights of free citizens is the pivotal point of democracy and without this, the essence of governance under democratic settings would have amounted to mere replay of "militocracy"

    A leader should be known by the content of his character rather than by the mere assessment of his public persona which could be doctored at any given time to fit different occasions.  The mandate to govern is not a license to become an overlord, rather It is only a democratic responsibility to function inline with the constitution. As we know,  governance has its own etiquette and the interest of the people is to see it respected and anything less will amount to betrayal, disregard, and recklessness. The preponderance of this uncontrolled behavioral tendencies on the part of the state's first citizen, whose responsibility is to see to the total well-being of every citizen in the state is so appalling and painfully tolerated. The voiceless will be heard soon!

    In recent time, his brute reactions to any interference on his project of handing over the state to his "godson" ( now he has succeeded in gaining  that with the result of yesterday's primary election)has been experienced and further exacerbated by the increasing disregard of the rights and freedom of the people by the ever serial offender of truth - Mr. Adams Aliyu Eric Oshiomhole.  His propensity to remain notorious in his ignoble behaviour in the line of his duty remains a sorry story to be told in years to come. It is rumoured that he paid a staggering six hundred thousand naira to each delegate for the victory of his "puppet" to win the APC primary election. This is, off course , the tax payers money which he spends with all recklessness. 

    The state is saddled with a plethora of problems ranging from unemployment, poor sanitary condition, scarcity of resources, embezzlement, profligacy and untold hardship.  In spite of these problems, the governor has not seen anything wrong. His concern is to endanger the lives and future of the state to his advantage while he garners support through propaganda.  The trust to govern, given to him by the good citizens of the state has been undermined and trampled upon and yet, his lieutenants have failed to identify these problems and have a chat with him for a rethink. His administration has become known for the vilification of the upright and praising the thieves and haters of truth. 

    The recent happenings across the state is an irrefragable evidence of oppression, intimidation and reckless abandon of governance. The incumbent has chosen to be partisan with his office and so he does with impunity. The sacrosanct office of the governor has through his wily and unholy behaviour denigrated and reduced to a mere position for repression under the aegis of the engine of authority.  

    Therefore, the  people must not allow untoward "continuity" to perpetuate in the state as the mantra of APC depicts. The state will only bounce back with the effort and determination of the people  -  and the consciousness of the citizens must be geared towards creating an enabling political environment where peace, plenty, tranquility and justice shall reign.  Suffice to say that an end to this monstrous administration of Mr. Adams Oshiomhole ( this includes his associates and political godson) is pertinent and of course imminent because the people have come face-to-face with poverty and nothing seems possible  in spite of all the available machinery to alleviate it. 

    The shocking attributes of Mr. Adams Oshiomhole's led government must not be allowed to continue - as he leaves office, his paraphernalia and agents must be swept under the cesspool of irrelevance and a new life with vigor injected into the political fabric of the state.  This can only be successful if the people agree to resist the emergence of his stooge as the executive governor of the state. ( he has found his way with the delegates but his effort will lead to nowhere as the final decision depends on the people in the general election. This is the focus!

    As the  forthcoming gubernatorial elections get closer, let all the antennae of the citizens remain at alert, so that when the undesirables try to get nearer with their deceitful approach, it should be detected from afar and repelled before it causes any damage that will take another painstaking  four years to rectify. The time is now.

    Iredia Osakue, JP is a social critic , political analyst, scholar and public commentator on national and global issues.

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  • Asari Dokubo Blows Hot Again

    19/Sep/2015 // 9356 Viewers

    Leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force, Asari Dokubo, has said that President Muham­madu Buhari’s administration has failed to meet the expectation of the people as it lacks any focus to reposition the na­tion. In this interview, he speaks on a lot of issues. Excerpts:

    President Muhammadu Buhari has spent 100 days in office, what are your reflections on the effort of his administration so far?

    We are all here and we have seen that the government of President Buhari has no di­rection. The government so far has achieved nothing but to make noise. All sorts of lies are being told that power is stable. I do not know where power is stable because where I am staying, there is no power. It may be stable in other places but maybe it is a punishment to us. Perhaps, we are among the seven per cent that did not vote for him, so we are being punished. He has not built anything and there is no policy thrust. There is no economic poli­cy and there is nothing in place to show that a government is in power. Somebody is manag­ing the country as a sole administrator. This is how Hitler came. Everybody who supported him was applauding him until it was too late.

    What is your take particularly on the issue of appointments, which many believe is lop­sided in favour of the North?

    I am not interested in the issue of appoint­ment and I am not expecting that he should appoint me. If he does not find his followers and those who supported him among our people worthy of appointment, why should I speak for them? They betrayed us. So, if it is the reward for their treachery, so be it. I am not interested. They knew him. They knew that this is what Buhari is before they brought him and said we should vote for him and they led him to power. So, whatever they are do­ing, they knew that this is the way he would behave. Why should I bother? If he likes, he should appoint his children. I do not care. That is their business and so how does that affect me.

    In your calculation, what is the future of Nigeria under President Buhari? In the next four years of Buhari’s administration, what are we likely to see?

    Nigeria has no future under President Bu­hari. There is no more rule of law since this administration came on board. So, because Akwa Ibom is a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) state, the State Security Service (SSS) would invade the state Government House and do whatever pleases them. That is demo­cratic sacrilege. The tribunals in Rivers State, they would just go to the tribunal and find out that the chairman has been changed and that a new chairman has been brought in place of the former one. Just all sorts of things go on and people have no respect for the rule of law. The court would give an order and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) under President Buhari’s nephew, Mrs Zakari would give a different order. So, these are the issues and I think that what Pres­ident Buhari is doing has vindicated most of us who said that this man is not even qualified to be a councillor let alone being the chair­man of a local government. And we are now talking about the president of Nigeria. It is an assault, an affront on Nigeria that a man like this is made the president of the federal repub­lic of Nigeria. We are becoming a laughing stock. When people are celebrating him, we just laugh. Seriously, Nigeria is becoming a laughing stock among the comity of nations. He goes somewhere and he calls somebody a different name and he commits all sorts of blunders and then people are saying there is progress in the country since he came. How can there be progress when the economy of Nigeria has almost collapsed. I saw it on CNN that the economy of Nigeria has shrunk by 25 per cent in the last three months. So, in four years, how would the economy be under Pres­ident Buhari’s administration?

    Even though you are from Rivers State, as an Ijaw man, what do you foresee of the outcome of the December 5 governorship election in Bayelsa State?

    For me, talking sincerely, President Bu­hari’s government does not have respect for the rule of law; this is a government that is thoroughly disconnected from democratic norms. It has control of the Nigerian Police, the Armed forces, the Daura SSS, the INEC and other institutions. They are going to ma­nipulate the process to capture and conquer Bayelsa State. But I know the Ijaw people. You do not dare the Ijaw people. You do not push the Ijaw people because when you push the Ijaw people, when they charge back at you, it will be very dangerous. I think if President Buhari is sensible, which I do not think he is, he should allow the December 5 election to follow the rule of law. Let the election be free and fair. If there is a free and fair election, Governor Seriake Dickson will win in all the eight local government areas of Bayelsa State.

    As an Ijaw man, after the presidential election, how did you feel the day the former president, Goodluck Jonathan conceded power to President Buhari?

    I did not support Goodluck Jonathan and I have never been a supporter of Jonathan. I supported something greater than Goodluck Jonathan. I have said it severally that if it is Goodluck alone, I did not support him. It is what Goodluck represented that we support­ed and that we will continue to support. And everybody is seeing it now. We do not need to be told. Goodluck represents the good light to the people while President Buhari represents darkness. Goodluck represents the downtrodden and disposed people of Kaduna, Adamawa, Borno, Plateau, Benue, Rivers and Akwa Ibom. They voted for the All Progres­sives Congress (APC) but today in Plateau State, they are demonstrating that the Gam­bari people are killing them. Why? You used your hands to kill yourselves, so why are you demonstrating? What are you talking about? You deserve it? In Benue State, they are also shouting; you deserve it. It is either you vot­ed or you assisted them to rig the election. I felt bad because it has taken us backward. We are way backward. I did not support President Goodluck Jonathan. Since he lost election and left power, yesterday (September 8) during Dickson’s declaration for a second term that I saw him for the first time. I felt bad.

    You are saying that you did not support Jonathan when they said you got a lot of security contracts from his administration to secure the oil pipelines?

    Let them go now. I think that they are freezing people’s accounts. Let them go and be looking for my own bank accounts to freeze. I must tell you that Goodluck is a good man as a person. Let me tell you; the truth is that the Ijaw people ought to be abus­ing Goodluck, the Itsekiri people ought to be abusing Goodluck, the Urhobo people ought to be abusing Goodluck and all Niger Delta people ought to be abusing Goodluck. That is the truth of the matter. On the contrary, Nige­rians ought to be praising Goodluck because he did everything for Nigeria. He did not do anything for us. We stood because he repre­sented to us something greater than himself as a person. So, if Goodluck had handed over to somebody else, we would have built on this. I am talking about a situation where Nigerians would be equal and where Nigeri­ans would have access to power. No group of Nigerians would feel that they would lord it over other people, saying they are born to rule. That was what we fought for and which Goodluck represents and not just because we were supporting him because he is Good­luck. But not when a leader considers him­self other than the people who are backing him, Goodluck was talking about his safety, he was not talking about the safety of Mari­lyn Ogar who stood firmly but lost her job. He was not thinking about all the military men who are being retired and the policemen who are being harassed. All these people stood for him based on principle. We stood for him based on principle because we know that he represents the truth and these people represent total darkness. And then we are all seeing it. We are reasonable bystanders. When they do anything, we clap hands.

    Source: The Sun

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  • How to get Complaints Resolved via Social Media

    20/Apr/2016 // 335 Viewers


    Social media can be used to do a lot of things today including to complain and get the complaint resolved. Twitter is one of the best interactive networks to use to get a quick response especially as many organizations now have a strong Social Media presence.

    With the versatility of social media, some users still have problems with making complaints and having them resolved. Sequel to this, Jovago.com, Africa's No 1 hotel <http://www.jovago.com> booking portal gathers tips on how to get complaints resolved via Social Media.

    *Contact official channels*

    All serious organization own a website. On these websites, you can get the contact information of the company. Using the contact info, you can either call or send a mail. If you do not get a response or get an unsatisfactory response, you can take it to social media.

    *Check their reply speed on twitter*

    Despite the fact that some businesses have Twitter or Facebook accounts, they may not be active and may take them forever to reply to your complaints. Hence, before you send a tweet, you should check how quick they respond to complaints and if they actually resolved it.

    [image: twitter_facebook1]

    *Send them a direct message*

    If you are not happy with their response offline, it is time to take it online. You can send them a direct message whether their handle is active or not. If you do not get a favourable response, you should take it public.

    [image: social_media_hands]

    *Tweet publicly and politely*

    Responsible businesses prevent crisis rather than fanning it. The direct message may be futile but the public tweet will not. So, you send a series of tweets featuring your complaints. Do not forget to tag some the service companies and influencers that can help you retweet the message to their followers. At this juncture, do not be surprised at how swift they will pacify you. Social media further cement the saying that that the customer is always right. Remember, do not use abusive words while tweeting.

    *Thank them when complaint is resolved*

    Most customers do not do this. When you are eventually satisfied with their reply, it will be nice to send a tweet appreciating their response and if their offer you an incentive to pacify you, you should also mention it in the tweet.


    Ogunfowoke Adeniyi
    *Travel/Technology Writer*

    *Mobile:* *+2348090747241*   *Skype:* *Sleeksavvy*

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  • Gov. Oshiomhole at war with peace.

    20/Apr/2016 // 793 Viewers


    The road to the forthcoming gubernatorial election in Edo state is rocky and fraught with danger, turbulence, violence and  uncertainty owing to  abuse of power and outright disregard for the rule of law.  APC in Edo state  is polarized to an unimaginable height and as a result, party members are cautious with whom they converse with for fear of not touching the cobra's tail. As it is today? there are different factions that bear allegiances to their choice of candidates - and considering the number of aspirants in APC, there is  fear of the unknown. As a result, the free flow of information that characterizes the good interest of political like minds has been rubbished and swept under the carpet - at least for now. - perhaps till after the primaries. 

    The in-fighting and imbroglio have been repeatedly felt within the APC-led government of the state. The party is at war with itself and the center can no more hold - as the supposed custodian is sword in hand and ready to fight any perceived enemy - not of the state but any person that stands in his way of actualizing his ambition. The law  has become his instrument of reprisal and antagonism with impunity.  The people are astonished as they watch events inimical to true democracy at play. Worse still, his deputy has eventually become an archenemy - and both estranged because of Mr. Odubu's intention to vie in the coming gubernatorial election. It is on air that, the Comrade Governor's inappropriate reactions and restlessness is simply on the  ground that the state's second in command might not exit with him as their tenure expires this year (if he wins) - and there is a strong fear that  the deputy, with his popularity and, connection  can truncate his ambition to
    becoming a political godfather in the state.  Apologists of the deputy see it as laughable because Mr. Egberamwen Odubu's  action is not at variance with the constitution.  The citizens are somewhat apprehensive - not knowing what will happen next. 

    Social and news media are agog with pity stories of Oshiomhole's desperate move to impose his "anointed candidate" as the next governor of the state - even at the expense of making the party becoming a mere social group without political agenda and future in the state. He does not give a damn! All he wants is for his political dynasty to remain as along as he lives. His fear according to some people is that the incoming person could be pushed to react by way of prosecuting him for gross misappropriation of funds and other finance related matters.  For this not to happen, he is all out to make sure that the next governor of the state comes from his camp.

    Reports have it that he has stepped on many toes to realize his ambition. This is why many people are not at peace with him. In the recent past, Barrister Gentleman Amegor was embarrassed by some elements in the state and arrows of accusation was pointed at him because of the difference in their choice of candidate, other political matters and his indifference to the plight of the embarrassed party chieftain. 

    In a similar action, this happened just recently,  one of the Comrade's Senior Special Assistant on media was arrested, arraigned and was released on bail and as luck would have it  that the charge preferred against him was bailable. If he had perfected his plan, the man would have been languishing in jail. The reaction of the first citizen of the state was because SSA made bold to publicly pledge his support to the candidate of his choice to the dismay of the Governor. The people of the state in reaction see it as an outright intimidation and an attempt to infringe on his freedom to exercise his fundamental right as a free citizen of the state.

    In a similar  vein, Hon. Osaro Obazee, the elected chairman of Oredo local government was suspended from office  allegedly on the ground of corruption and other related matters. In a swift reaction, the Chairman went to court for redress. The court gave him an audience and the judgement went in his favour, but in flagrant disregard for the court's decision, the office of the chairman was barricaded by some people  - denying him the opportunity to gain entrance into the office. In this episode, the people also believe that the Comrade Governor was behind the action as the latter felt slighted because the chairman supposedly pledged  his loyalty to another political stalwart in the state. On this very matter, as you read, the Iyamho man has become a law unto himself as thugs at his behest remain stationed at the Oredo secretariat refusing the local government chairman from gaining access into his office. 

    Therefore putting these pieces together, one can deduce that the political atmosphere in the state is unfriendly and if not addressed by using the right apparatuses of the government to resist any act of abuse, oppression, and intimidation by these agents of evil, there is fear that in the coming days leading to the election might become volatile and unbearable.

    This also gives credence to the simple fact that the days of APC in Edo state are numbered and the reason, suffice to say is based on the ignoble and abominable precedence of the party-led administration. 


    Iredia Osakue, JP is a Turin-based scholar, political analyst and public commentator on national and global issues.


    Disclaimer: Views expressed in any piece we publish remain entirely the author's and do not reflect our editorial policy. DailyGlobeWatch shall, therefore , not be held responsible for any of its contents or any part thereof.

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  • PDP Decides: Message Of Goodwill To Delegates And Officials.

    20/Jun/2016 // 364 Viewers


    On behalf of Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, Edo Patriots - Italy Chapter welcome the PDP distinguished delegates and the impartial election coordinators to the heartbeat of the nation.

    Your honest service in the primaries will go into annals of history and your names will be written in the sands of time that even tsunami cannot wash away. 

    PDP's first-eleven is needed to win the final match come September 10th. And this is the ultimate goal of today's exercise! 

    The eventual success of the party in the general election lies in your hands and so be guided by your conscience to vote the right candidate. 

    As you go about this lofty responsibility, we wish you all God's guidance. We are all aware that the task is onerous but bear in mind that your decision today will determine the future of Edo state.  

    Therefore, we implore you all to be circumspective in your decisions, so that you will be part of those who helped in the opening of a new  chapter in the history book of Edo state. 

    Edo state cannot continue to lag behind in the country. The state needs a tender-minded leader that can fast-track progress. Pastor Ize-Iyamu is tested and trusted! Your vote for him is a vote of liberation for the citizens of Edo state. 

    As we leave you to do your assignment, let it remain etched on your minds that "

    conscience is an open wound and only truth can cure it."


    Iredia Osakue

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  • The bloody legacy of Usman Dan Fodio [I]

    20/Sep/2016 // 614 Viewers


    On 19th September 2016 after the latest bombing in New York, Mr. Donald J. Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, said “In the 20th century the United States of America defeated fascism, nazism and communism. Today the United States of America must destroy (radical) Islamism”.

    Mr. Trump is absolutely right! Yet it is not just in America that the scourge of jihadi violence and Islamist terror must be destroyed. It must be uprooted, defeated and destroyed throughout the entire world, including Nigeria.

    Sadly in this respect things appear to be getting worse. Reports coming in suggest that no less than eight Christian worshippers were murdered in cold blood whilst their Church was burnt to the ground in Borno state just yesterday.

    One wonders when this sad and sorry tale will end. One wonders when this recurrent and utterly beastly bloodfest and this outrageous orgy of violence will stop?

    If it is not Fulani herdsmen and miitants slaughtering southerners in their homes and farms it is Boko Haram butchering Christians in their Churches in the north. Sadly our President does not give a damn and he is behaving true to type.

    Like the Roman Emperor Nero, as his nation burns, as his people suffer, starve and feel the pain of economic recession and as members of the Christian community in his country are being slaughtered he has, yet again, opted to play the fiddle and jet out of the country.

    This time he has travelled to New York and, worse still, he has gone with a record 108-member delegation despite the fact that we are facing the most terrible recession in the history of our nation.

    Yet this contribution is not about the idiosyncrises of Buhari or the barbarity of Boko Haram but rather about their historical predecessors and forefathers and the unholy agenda that they collectively seek to purse and enforce. The history is clear. Let us go back to the beginning.

    Sheik Usman Dan Fodio, a violent and relentless jihadist, the man who led his people from Futa Jalon in modern-day Guinea to Sokoto in northern Nigeria in 1804 and the father of the Fulani Caliphate, once said: “Conscience is an open wound, only truth can heal it”.

    I find it hard to imagine how a genocidal maniac and islamist terrorist who killed, maimed, pillaged and burned his way to infamy in the most barbaric way and who enslaved millions in the north and took their self-respect, identity and dignity away from them can speak of “conscience” and “truth”?

    The bitter truth is that he had neither of the two.
    I have always found it curious that the Guardian Newspaper used his words as their motto.

    Perhaps they didn’t know who he really was and what he really stood for. They say that there is no compulsion in religion yet this is a man who literally soaked northern Nigeria in blood and who took the lives of millions of innocent and defenceless men, women and children amongst the Hausa tribe in Gobir and other northern tribes in his quest to impose and establish Islam.

    In a well-researched essay titled, ‘The National Grazing Reserve Council Bill: A Fulfillment Of Usman Dan Fodio’s Dream’, Mr. Lazarus Obinna wrote the following.

    “Usman dan Fodio, an Islamic scholar and an urbanized Fulani had been actively educating and preaching in the city of Gobir with the approval and support of the Hausa leadership of the city.

    However, when Yunfa, a former student of Dan Fodio’s, became the Sultan of Gobir he restricted Dan Fodio’s activities, forcing him into exile in Gudu.

    A large number of peoples left Gobir to join Dan Fodio and as a response on February 21, 1804, Yunfa declared war on Dan Fodio.

    Despite some early losses at the Battle of Tsuntua and elsewhere, the forces of Dan Fodio began taking over some of the key cities starting in 1805.
    The war lasted from 1804 until 1808 and the forces of Dan Fodio were able to capture the states of Katsina and Daura, and the important Kingdom of Kano (in 1807) and Gobir in 1808.

    The Caliphate was founded in February 1804 at Gudu when Dan-Fodio was proclaimed ‘Amir Al-Mu’minin’ (‘Defender of the Faithful’). Usman Dan Fodio then declared a number of flag bearers amongst those following him, creating an early political structure of the empire.

    In 1809, Muhammed Bello, the son of Dan Fodio, founded the city of Sokoto, which became the capital of the Sokoto Caliphate.

    The jihads had created “a new slaving frontier on the basis of rejuvenated Islam.” By 1900 the Sokoto caliphate had “at least 1 million and perhaps as many as 2.5 million slaves”, second only to the American South (which had four million in 1860) in size among all modern slave societies.
    From 1808 until the mid-1830s, the Sokoto Caliphate expanded, gradually annexing the plains to the west and key parts of Yorubaland.
    It became one of the largest states in Africa, stretching from modern-day Burkina Faso to Cameroon and including most of Northern Nigeria and Niger Republic.

    At its height, the Sokoto Caliphate included over 30 different emirates under its political structure.

    The political structure of the Caliphate was organized with the Sultan of Sokoto ruling from the city of Sokoto (and for a brief period under Muhammad Bello from Wurno). The leader of each emirate was appointed by the Sultan as the flag bearer for that city but was given wide independence and autonomy.

    Much of the growth of the Caliphate occurred through the establishment of an extensive system of ribats as part of the consolidation policy of Muhammed Bello, the second Sultan. Ribats were established founding a number of new cities with walled fortresses, schools, markets, and other buildings.

    These proved crucial in expanding the Caliphate by developing new cities, settling the pastoral Fulani people, and supporting the growth of plantations which were crucial to the economy.

    By 1837, the Sokoto Caliphate had a population around 10 million people.
    Now, going through the National Grazing Reserve Council Bill something caught my attention.” The bill in question shall create a council to be chaired by a chairman to be appointed by the President, the council shall have powers to take land anywhere in the country and pay compensation”

    Now the land shall be given to herdsmen who shall use the land for grazing purposes.

    Another thing that stroked me is if the owner of the land is not comfortable with the decisions of the Council, the person can go to court but after he or she must have notified the Attorney General of the federation and gotten his consent or approval, that is to say if the Attorney general refuse to give his consent, you have lost your land forever to herdsmen.

    Again, The National grazing reserve Council would have the powers to take your land and pay you compensation and don’t forget you can only get compensation if you have documents proving ownership.

    Now in the beginning of this article,you could see how Usman Dan Fodio and his descendant captured the areas known as the north and some parts of Yorubaland.

    This is a plan to over-run the south in fulfillment of the promise made by Usman Dan Fodio and don’t forget, The Fulani, were,and are, a nomadic people who have been influential throughout the history of North West Africa for over a thousand years. They were also responsible for introducing and spreading Islam over much of Western Africa. Don’t also forget that Usman Dan Fodio was a fundamentalist Muslim who used religious fervor to ignite his devotees to undertake a series of holy war. Following the success of his Islamic jihadists, non-Muslim Fulani joined the ranks with their fellow tribesmen to form an extensive and powerful empire, an African Islamic caliphate.

    In this 21st century, Ranches are established and used to rear cattle, farmers buy land to create ranches. There is nowhere in the world where the land of ordinary citizens are compulsorily taken and given to others.

    I highlighted the history of Usman Dan Fodio,the Fulani herdsmen and their activities for you to know the risk in allowing the Grazing Bill scale through and what the initiators intend to achieve. The earlier we stand against this bill and the initiators,the better for us. Say NO to the Grazing Reserve Bill!”

    Mr. Obinna’s analysis cannot be faulted. He has hit the nail on the head. The passage of the Grazing Reserve Bill would be a fatal error on the part of southern and Middle Belt legislators and the final step in establishing Usman Dan Fodio’s dream and legacy in southern Nigeria.
    The Bible says “knowledge is power”. It follows that ignorance is a terrible affliction: it is a terminal ailment which leads to certain death.

    In an essay that I wrote on 25th July 2016 titled ‘Nigeria’s Third Mahdi and the Last Of The Amalekite Kings’ (Naij.com, Trent-On-Line, Daily Post, The Sun Newspaper, Pointblanknews and New Telegraph) I described Dan Fodio as the “first Mahdi of Nigeria”.

    He was the greatest evil that ever afflicted our shores closely followed by an Englishman by the name of Lord Frederick Lugard who recommended and decreed the amalglamation of the northern and southern protectorates of Nigeria in 1914.

    Between those two monsters many lives, destinies, families, nations and futures were destroyed and many stars were eclipsed. May the Lord repay them according to their works. [continued]



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