• Re:El-Zakzaky Is Happy and Comfortable With His Detention – DSS

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    I was shocked to see this headlines from the website of a Nigerian daily Newspaper “Leadership” that was a quote from the legal Counsel to the Nigerian secret police (DSS) that have been holding the Nigerian Islamic scholar Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky in detention for more than 6 months now without charge of any offense. If I may humbly ask all:Is it possible that a sane person is “happy and comfortable with his detention”?

    The Nigerian regime under President Buhari sent thousands of heavily-armed soldiers to 4 sites of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) on the 12th-14th December, 2015 and one of those sites was the residence of Sheikh Zakzaky. The soldiers killed 100s of defenseless and unarmed Nigerians that included women and children, burnt down the residence of Sheikh Zakzaky with him and his family inside the house. 

    He survived by a miracle then the soldiers returned and discovered 12 of them survived the massacre, the soldiers on sighting them open fire on them and brutally executed his 3 sons in his presence then proceeded to rain bullets on him and his wife. The soldiers then went further to parade the wounded Sheikh Zakzaky, a man that has millions of followers within and outside Nigeria, in a wheelbarrow in the most savage and barbaric manner. The same Nigerian regime that sent those soldiers to commit these heinous crimes and atrocities is today telling us that “El-Zakzaky is happy and comfortable with his detention”. Wonders they said shall never end!

    Excerpt from the Leadership news report stated “The Department of State Security Service (DSS), Nigerian secret police, says the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, is being detained at his own will.

    The DSS is making the statement in defence of accusations by the council to the leader of the Shiites that his rights were being violated. Counsel to the DSS, Mr Tijani Gazali, told reporters on Tuesday that the Shiite leader was held by security operatives at his own will and for his benefits.”

    Mr Gazali added: “He needs not give his consent because it is the duty of the DSS to protect every Nigerian especially one who is as vulnerable as the Shiite leader is at the moment”.

    But in his defence, counsel to El-Zakzaky, Mr Festus Okoye, said he had not received any statement from his client that would corroborate the claims of the DSS. He also accused the DSS of breaching the fundamental human rights of his client.

    “The hearing on the suit filed by the Shiite leader challenging his arrest and continued detention could not commence following the fresh issues raised by the DSS that he had been held under protective custody and not detention.” My excerpt of the news report ends here.

    Now the Nigerian regime of President Buhari is claiming that they are holding Sheikh Zakzaky “under protective custody”, then lets ask “what is protective custody?” The Legal-Dictionarywebsite defined “protective custody” as:

    “The act of law enforcement officials in placing a person in a government facility or foster home in order to protect him/her from a dangerous person or situation. Most commonly a child who has been neglected or battered or is in danger from a violent person, is taken in as a temporary ward of the state and held in probation facilities or placed in a foster home until a court can decide the future placement of the child. Protective custody is sometimes used to help women threatened by a husband, boyfriend or a stalker, and also for witnesses who have been threatened with physical harm or death they testify.”

    Now the analysis of the definition of “protective custody”. If Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his wife, Zeenat Ibraheem, were placed in a government facility as claimed by the Nigerian regime to “protect them from dangerous people or situation” then who are those dangerous people that the Nigerian secret police is so “kind and generous” to protect them from? The answer is obviously the Nigerian army who attacked their house, killed 100s of his followers, burnt the house with all his belongings that included his enviable Library and all the belongings of his family and extra judicially murdered his 3 sons in his presence. But the fact remained that both the Nigerian army and the Department of State Security Service (DSS) are all agencies of the Federal Government of Nigeria that are directly under President Buhari. It is important to not that All the personnel of both agencies are paid by the Federal Government and the Nigerian President is constitutionally responsible for the appointment of the heads of both agencies and they directly receive orders from him.

    If we can remember immediately after the inhuman Zaria massacre when the Iranian-based news channel, PressTV, interviewed the GOC of 1 mechanized battalion of the Nigerian army that is based in Kaduna on the fate of Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife, he said:"they are alive & in a protective custody, we didn't arrest them but we rescue them." The grand deception by the Nigerian regime of "protective custody" started from here.

    To simplify the unfolding scenario to the truth seeking mind, President Buhari sent the Nigerian army to attack the residence of Sheikh Zakzaky – all orders of troop movement comes from the President as he is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces - then the same President Buhari now uses another agency, the DSS, to detain Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife without trial or been charge to court for 6 months. Then the same President Buhari is now telling Nigerians and the world that “El-Zakzaky is happy and comfortable with his detention!”. The honored friend, please is President Buhari not an evil genius?

    Who is the Nigeria regime and President Buhari trying to deceive, the conscious Nigerians or the alerted world or both? How can President Buhari hold a person he almost killed and infact killed his 3 sons in detention “at his will and for his benefit”? Why will Sheikh Zakzaky wish to be detained by the regime that murdered 1000+ of his followers in less than 48 hours that included his 3 sons and almost killed him and his wife? What benefit have Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife gained by been in detention for 6 months with 3 of those months incommunicado by the same Nigerian regime that attacked his residence? And which Muslim wish to fast the entire holy month of Ramadhan under the detention of a secret police?

    On a last note, President Buhari is chasing shadows and suffers from self-deception and mental ineptitude if he thinks he can deceive the world by burying the gruesome murder of 1000+ defenseless and unarmed Nigerians and dumped their dead bodies in mass Graves. The world in 2016 is not the same as the world of 1967-70 when the then capt Buhari was alleged to have massacred Biafran women and children and got away with it. Today, the world is a global village due to the exponential progress in communication technology and the means of deliverance. The world is watching, the inhuman Zaria massacre can not be buried by anybody as undoubtedly monumental war crimes were committed against defenseless civilians.

    Harun Elbinawi

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  • An open letter to Abubakar Sani Bello, Governor of Niger State

    14/Mar/2016 // 2455 Viewers

    By Ramat Aliyu

    Your Excellency Sir,
    It is with concern and a sense of communal responsibility that I write to intimate you with the major pleas of a rural community which has received little or close to nothing from the Niger State government in terms of essential needs of life. ‘Nasarawa’ is a remote community in Lapai Local Government council of Niger state.

    The problems and challenges faced by this remote community are uncountable, as they shared their plights on several issues which have been bothering them but with little or no help at all from the local, state or federal government for ages. The problems are outlined as follows:

    ELECTRICITY: The availability of some certain basic social amenities is the right of every citizen of a sovereign state. But this is not the case for the people of Nasarawa community as they have been forced to live for more than 25 years like the primitive man who had no means of light for his daily activities except to rely on the sun by day time and the moon by dusk. Although they have a power transformer, but the residents of this village have not seen even an atom of electricity current in their houses for years now. In fact they do not even have wire connections in their various houses. This has forced many entrepreneurs within the community to shuttle between Nasarawa village and lapai to purchase goods which needs electricity for storage.

    : although the youths in the village have taken it upon themselves to play the executive role of security channels of the community, their hands are still falling short in some areas. The village have for a long time been facing a lot of trouble as their farm produce is usually vandalized by Fulani herdsmen. This vandalism in turn has made most farmers stop farming as they end up getting close to nothing or nothing at all to harvest at the end of the year. This would have been curtailed to some extent without violence if there was a stationed police station in the community. The source of security apart from that which is being provided by the youths is that of a vigilante group whose arms are old and rusty which is also coupled with the fact that its members predominantly are old.
    HEALTH: Sir, the only primary health care centre available in the community is virtually empty as it has no staff at all and as such only serves as home to spiders and rodents. The residents of the community suffer a lot of health challenges with a very high population of its aged having high blood pressure, poor eyes sights, polio, and kwashiorkor. This health challenges however lack proper attention as there are no drugs to serve its purpose. As gathered from the residents, an incident occurred on the day we visited the town when a pregnant woman in labour had to be rushed down to lapai for delivery but unfortunately she put to bed in the car before reaching the said destination. The people are thereby calling out to the government to help them overcome this challenge.

    EMPLOYMENT: although the issue of unemployment has become a major bane to Nigeria’s economy but it is not without doubt that a remote community like Nasarawa will also suffer from the clutching hands of unemployment. As gathered from its elders, the community has many youths with Bachelors degree from various tertiary institutions but yet have nothing to do.

    NO PORTABLE DRINKING WATER: aside not being able to access a basic necessity which is as important as electricity, the community also lacks portable drinking water as the only source of water for drinking is an ancient borehole which at times does not produce enough water forcing the people to rely on streams for their drinking water.

    EDUCATION: education plays a vital role in every individual’s life and as such it is the responsibility of the government to some extent to provide infrastructures to aid this purpose. Nasarawa community has a single primary school in the center of its community and no nursery class to prepare the pupils for the greater expectation of a primary education. Also, the community also has no secondary school for pupils who finish from the primary school. Furthermore, there are no enough classes to house the pupils as primary one and two pupils receive their lectures under a tree while the pupils in primary three to six make use of the classes. The teachers also complained of low remuneration as they are currently being under paid.

    Your Excellency Sir, I hope this information brought to your notice will be treated with utmost attention as all the residents of Nasarawa community are anxiously waiting for their call to be answered.



    Disclaimer: Views expressed in any piece we publish remain entirely the author's and do not reflect the editorial policy of DailyGlobeWatch

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  • Stop Gary Foxcroft's Criminal Activities in Akwa Ibom State

    15/Aug/2016 // 707 Viewers


    The Governor of Akwa Ibom State 
    Government House 
    Wellington Bassey Way
    15th August, 2016

    Your Excellency,

    Stop Gary Foxcroft's Criminal Activities in Akwa Ibom State 

    I want to respectfully  draw your attention to another smear campaign against the state and Nigeria as a whole that is about to be launched by a notorious Briton by name Gary Foxcroft. This man who hides under the pretext of doing charity work for children in Nigeria but weaves millions of pounds while blackmailing the state, the country and certain  persons using some locals who are his unwilling assets and whom he dishes out peanuts to at the end of his sordid  voyage.

    I have  also been made aware of the invasion of Akwa Ibom State by some espionage documentary filmmakers hired by Foxcroft, who went around paying some parents, centers to coerce children to make false and disparaging statements against certain persons of their target interest and indeed the state government to add flavour to their  documentaries and sell in millions of pounds. They have done this before and are on it again; but this time round, it's on a frightening proportion. 

    The group works with some desperate, identifiable five individuals from Akwa Ibom and two from Calabar as guides and covert agents. These individuals should be investigated for their involvement in espionage activities and abetting the fraudulent mercenaries. 
    I can authoritatively state that about five  weeks ago, Foxcroft accompanied these unpatriotic individuals to the Divine Children Center, Uyo where they bribed caretakers of the center to give them opportunity to interview those children, initially with secret cameras. Not minding that some of these children have grown up and don't need publicity stunts or being used anymore as pawns  for egregious money machines. The center was later besieged by an espionage group again called Red Rebel or Red Label hired by Gary Foxcroft to continue the secret filming of the children. The Red Rebel or Red Label is headed by a lady who goes  by the incognito Mags Gaven or sometimes Mags Graven. 
    What  baffles any right thinking person is the easy access  to the government center  granted by the center operators to these charity scam artists who became   nouveau riches overnight. There is need to overhaul the center and bring in patriotic individuals  and persons who are not despicably desperate in the sight of these white con-men. 

    These white scam artists claim to support children and reverse  superstitions as their primary goals  which may look good on the surface, but for the past ten years, they are still doing the same job  in Akwa Ibom State. How long are they going to continue with such  machinations without scrupulous checks? A few questions to also ask here are: Do their unwholesome activities not have a planned  duration or time-bound? Do they not have a goal setting in place? Must Akwa Ibom or Nigeria be their only place to run their nefarious activities and in perpetuity?

    I am willing to give out the names of the dubious individuals who are colluding with these white con-men led by Gary Foxcroft. So far, I have been able to unearthed the names and addresses of  three of them, known to be indigenes of Akwa Ibom State while the two from Calabar have also been identified with their names and addresses. 

    Your Excellency, the time to take action now!

    Yours faithfully,
    Mfon Joseph

    1. DG, DSS 
    2. Chair, EFCC
    3. Chair, ICPC
    4. IGP
    5. DG, NIS

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  • Is it right to kill unarmed, innocent and defenceless civilians?

    15/Mar/2016 // 2261 Viewers


    We know that JUSTICE has been used with reference to a standard of
    uprightness and fairness, ability to judge without reference to one’s
    interest, what is legally right or wrong. We know that JUSTICE cares about
    people’s rights when those rights are violated.
    It is a generally accepted believe that JUSTICE, is giving each person what
    he or she deserves. What do we think will happen when people realize that
    the power, dignity and soul of the society, JUSTICE appeared to be
    murdered? Should JUSTICE, the power and soul of a society be dismantled,
    what hope does such society have?

    In any religion or belief one belongs to - Islam, Christianity, Judaism,

    Buda, Zoroastrian, Rastafarian, Free thinkers and so on, is it right to

    kill unarmed, innocent and defenseless civilians? Is it right to kill

    children and breast feeding babies? Is it right to burn people with fire? Is it right to mutilate bodies of people? Is it right to rape women and mutilate their private organs? It is well known nationally and internationally that people (members of the IMN) were been massacred in Zaria, men, women and children. Hundreds are still missing, families are been wiped out completely and forever. Women were raped, families were not given the corpses of their love one for proper burial according to the Islamic rites.

    Allamah Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky was shot several times by the Nigerian Army for no reason, his wife was shot twice, three of his children were shot dead, also in 2014, three of his children were brutally massacred on the street by the same Nigerian Army, why Shaikh Zakzaky and his followers are subjected to such heinous human rights abuses? Is this the “Democracy” Nigerians voted for? Shaikh Zakzaky, his wife and other detained members of the Islamic Movement should be released immediately and unconditionally. We are still waiting for JUSTICE TO BE DONE. @shuaiaba60661585 ahmad5si@yahoo.com S.I Ahmad

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  • Re: The sexism of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

    16/Sep/2016 // 1221 Viewers


    Kindly permit me a space to air my view on the article, “The sexism of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome”, written by Abimbola Adelakun on Thursday, September 15, 2016.

    While I want to commend the writer for her beautiful write-up, however, I disagree with a portion where she advised that the General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E. A. Adeboye, should be told by the people around him to update his messages based on the reality of the changing circumstances in the world.

    The writer erred by this advice because the truth in the word of God will not be changed irrespective of what is happening around us. His words stand forever even though everything in this world changes on a daily basis.

    I will rather advise that the world should adjust to the truth in the word of God and not vice versa so that it can be well with the world.

    Emiola  S Opasina,

    22 Allen Avenue Ikeja, Lagos State,

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  • Thank you President Buhari for keeping Sheikh Zakzaky "comfortable"!

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    On Tuesday 14th June, 2016, the Department of State Services (DSS) (the Nigerian secret police that is holding Sheikh Zakzaky), submitted to the Federal High Court sitting in Abuja that Sheikh Zakzaky was on December 14, 2015, taken into "protective custody" by the DSS, following an intelligence report that "he was going to be killed".

    It will be recalled that Sheikh Zakzaky’s abduction and detention followed an attacked initiated by the Nigerian Army on 12th December, 2015 at the iconic Husseiniyyah Baqiyyatullah Zaria, targeting 4 sites of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. The attack continued from the Husseiniyyah to Darrul Rahama (Cemetery) of the movement and lastly the attack ended at the residence of Sheikh Zakzaky. The attacked left more than one thousand members of the IMN that included women and children killed/missing including three children of the Sheikh and both the Sheikh and his wife Malama Zeenat sustained serious injuries from the rains of bullets of the Nigerian Army.

    The DSS presentation at the Abuja Federal High Court included photocopied photos of Sheikh Zakzaky with his close family members, clearly a propaganda stunt by the oppressive and tyrannical Nigerian regime to deceive the gullible that Sheikh Zakzaky is "comfortable and well taken care of" in their detention facility. The DSS also claimed that they had spent more than five million Naira ($20,000:00) in treating Sheikh Zakzaky of his gun shot wounds, they made that claim so that we should consider those that brutally slaughtered 1000+ civilians in less that 48 hours as "humane and kind people!".

    With this submission of the DSS to the Abuja Federal High Court where Sheikh Zakzaky is praying for the Court to free him from the illegal detention and the enforcement of his fundamental human rights, the DSS on behalf of the Nigerian regime wanted us to "thank" Nigerian President Buhari for making Sheikh Zakzaky "comfortable" in a DSS detention facility. As people that value and uphold honor, dignity and kindness we will "thank" President Buhari for keeping Sheikh Zakzaky in a "safe and comfortable" place because Sheikh Zakzaky was going to be killed by the Nigerian Army that attacked his house!

    We "thanked" President Buhari for sending the Nigerian army on the 12th December, 2015 to attack the Zaria Husseiniyyah that is a religious site, bombed it and killed 100s of youths ( both boys and girls) of IMN. We also "thanked" him for ordering the Kaduna state Governor Elrufai to completely destroy what remains of the Husseiniyyah and leveled it.

    We "thanked" President Buhari for the mass grave at Mando, outskirt of Kaduna, where 347 Shia Muslims that were murdered by the Nigerian army he sent were buried. We "thanked" him for his "kindness" of burying the 347 men, women and children all in a single mass grave! We also "thanked" him for remembering to give these 347 innocent Nigerians "proper" burial that was in accordance to Wahhabi rites!

    We "thanked" President Buhari for sending the Nigerian army to Darrul Rahama (Cemetery) to kill close to one hundred members of the IMN, desecrated the Graves and destroyed them. We "thanked" him for this "commendable" actions that was in accordance to the deviant teachings of Wahhabism. We hope his disturbance of the deaths at their resting place with not disturb his peace by constantly ringing bells in his left ear!

    The Islamic scholar Sheikh Zakzaky "thanked" President Buhari for sending the Nigerian army to his house to kill 100s of his followers, burnt all the house down with him and his family inside and killed his 3 sons in his presence. The Sheikh is also "grateful" to President Buhari for dumping the dead bodies of his 3 murdered son in mass grave to deprive him the fatherly responsibility of burying his murdered children. Sheikh Zakzaky also "thanked" President Buhari for burning his 75-year old sister, Hajiya Fatima, alive and God in His infinite mercy reward President Buhari by burning him in Hell!

    The family of Isa Waziri and Amina Ahmad both of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, "thanked" President Buhari for the murder of their 3 sons and a daughter and dumping their dead bodies in mass Graves. The family of Engr Yahaya Gilima and Jumai Karofi "thanked" President Buhari for the killing of their 5 children and dumping their dead bodies in mass grave. Sister Maimuna Abdullahi "thanked" President Buhari for the killing of her husband, Abbas Abdullahi, and her 6 children by the Nigerian army and dumping their dead bodies in mass grave. The family of Buhari Jega can not "thank" President Buhari because the Nigerian army wiped out that family from existence!

    And not to forget the Widows and Orphans of the #ZariaMassacre, the close to 500 Widows "thanked" President Buhari for the killing of their husbands by the Nigerian army and denying them of their husbands and their protection. The close to 2,000 Orphans "thanked" President Buhari for the killing of their fathers by the Nigerian army and making them Orphans. The 100+ new born babies born to the Widows of the Zaria massacre also "thanked" President Buhari who sending the Nigerian army to kill their fathers before they were born.

    On a final note, humanity "thanked" President Buhari for the massacre of 1000+ defenseless and unarmed Shia Muslims and dumping their dead bodies in mass Graves. Humanity is "grateful" and God decend His divine vengeance upon President Buhari and all those who partake in the Zaria Massacre!

    Harun Elbinawi 

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  • Aregbesola: The Errors Of A Terrorizing Emperor By Olu Ezekiel

    18/Sep/2015 // 417 Viewers

    Recently in the national dailies, the Governor of Osun State , Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola claimed that Osun state is “one of the best in Nigeria.” To buttress this view, he quoted the 2012 development index of the National Bureau of Statistics while speaking to the 42nd Annual General Meeting of Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria held in Oshogbo. He insisted that the Bureau rated Osun State as number two nationally after Niger state “in terms of poverty reduction.”

    While there is nothing wrong if one is very proud of one’s state and speaks glowingly about it, it is at times more rewarding to be silent, or at best be mindful of one’s public statements, especially when that state is experiencing monumental human crisis of survival. A state where people are dying because of inability to afford 400naira asthma inhaler certainly cannot be said to be “one of the best” places to be in Nigeria. More so, quoting 2012 statistics in 2015 is disingenuous and fraudulent. It is part of the lies that is being woven into the fabrics of Osun state.

    To come out and make such statements about Osun state is an evident of undue arrogance and condescension. It is a direct assault on the sensibilities of a state where several segments of the people have not had consistent income for several months because of inability of Ogbeni Aregbesola to pay salaries of workers resulting from his mismanagement of the state’s resources. This is a disdainful audacity and a taunting temerity. It is an effrontery deodorized in obnoxious foolishness.

    A surgeon, Mehmet Oz once contended “As a surgeon you have to have a controlled arrogance. If it’s uncontrolled, you will kill people…” Aregbesola has been the “surgeon” operating on Osun State theater since 2010. He is entitled to some arrogance, especially a “controlled” one because of his initial successes. But like Dr. Oz posited, Aregbesola’s arrogance is becoming “uncontrolled” and he is “killing” the people of Osun state. He seems not to understand that in exuding a modicum of arrogance for whatever reasons, he ought not to “lose respect for the others” as once advised by Steffi Graf. He has to stop disrespecting the people of Osun state and needs to keep his ego in check.

    It is about one year now since Ogbeni Aregbesola has been sworn in for the second term as the Executive Governor of Osun State. Since he has been sworn in, he has been running the state as a fiefdom. He has not appointed any Commissioner or Special Adviser. Like an Emperor, Osun State has been his Empire. He has been the Alpha and Omega of Osun State in this span under review. Given as excuse for not appointing commissioners and or advisers is the dwindling financial resources of the state in the last few years.

    But for those who have been following the erratic Governor of Osun State since his first coming in 2010, this is a fib fit for the fiddle -faddle. This is because in his early years as the governor of Osun State during his first term, it took him about one year before he appointed any commissioner at all. That is how he came about the title of “emperor.” The title was actually given in admiration by the citizens of Osun state who had a lot of goodwill for him. They supported him completely and had his back. He was the man they waited for. He engaged the former governor of the state, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola for three and half years in the bid to reclaim his “stolen mandate.” The same Prince Oyinlola that he characterized as a “bully who came from a reactionary military arm” was the one Aregbesola begged on his knees to support his bid for second term in office.

    The parting of ways with Emperor Aregbesola came when he was messing up our schools and meshing them together. He was mixing students of different denominations and faiths together. He mixed Methodists, Anglicans, Catholic, Cherubim and Seraphim, C.A.C., African Church and Baptist together and all became indistinguishable. He meshed Anwarudeeen, Nawarudeen, Ahmadiya and others together. He got the Christians to attend Muslim schools and vice versa to the consternation of everyone. The wearing of pudah led to several months of religious antagonism in Osun State widely known for peaceful co-existence.

    In the course of wasting the meager resources of the state, he thoughtlessly and disrespectfully destroyed decades of our history and heritage. He destroyed the proud History of several great schools like Ilesha Grammar School, Ilesha; Oshogbo Grammar School, Oshogbo; Olivet Baptist High School, Iwo; Olivet Baptist High School, Ede; Fatima College, Ikire; Fakunle Comprehensive High School, Oshogbo; St. Charles Grammar School, Oshogbo; Atakumosa High School, Osu; Obokun High School, Ilesha; Oduduwa College, Ile-Ife; Anglican Grammar School, Otan Ayegbaju; St. Margarets, Ilesha; Our Lady’s of Apostles, Ile-Ife; Oluorogbo High School, Ile-Ife; St. John’s Grammar School Ile – Ife and several other historical schools like that.

    These schools and several others of their ilk had special historical reasons why they were created by their owners and communities. They are expressions and symbols of certain epochs in the histories of their communities. They represent aprons to a beautiful past and threads to great future for their communities. They are sources of sentimental pride and emotional integrity to the communities in which these schools are domiciled. We advised him against the idea. We explained the ramifications of what he was doing. He was adamant, arrogant, blatant, and flagrant in his manners. At times, he was insulting and condescending to distinguished, well read, much more cultured and eminent personalities who are products of these schools who made concerted efforts to plead with him.

    In a bid to change the face of Osun State, he had embarked on the development of infrastructure on a massive scale. He seemed to be a man in a hurry, which is not a crime. But he was imprudent and negligent. He engaged in building mega schools for which his party, APC, condemned the governor of Ondo State, Dr. Olusegun “Iroko” Mimiko. He ensured the continuation of feeding elementary school pupils under the United Nations programmed that Governor Oyinlola started in conjunction with the United Nation and called it his own invention through propaganda. He deceived the people of Osun that he has been paying for the feeding of these children when this is indeed a United Nations programme.

    He put in place a welfare program for the aged, a very laudable idea that was badly executed which an elderly man in Esa Odo characterized as “alaabaa” meaning “nonsense.” He used propaganda very effectively as he tagged his programmes O’YES, O’SCHOOLS, O’MEALS, O’RAMP, O’HEALTH, O’AMBULANCE, O’THIS and O’THAT. Now, the people of Osun are now singing of O’IGBESE meaning O’DEBT. In addition there is O’HUNGER, O’SICKNESS, O’POVERTY and O’DEATH pervading the entire state. Even “Opon Imo”, a special computer programme for the schools in Osun State that still resonates by the cyclopean nature of its failure, was tagged “Opon Eemo” by the people of the state.

    The roads he embarked upon touched every nook and cranny of Osun State. There were those that eminently deserved rehabilitation. There were those roads that did not need immediate attention or were not of immediate economic value to the state. It did not matter the economic relevance of any road, Aregbesola was just constructing without planning and without thinking. He acted as if the state had unlimited resources. He began to borrow from left, right and center. He did not think of the rainy day. He had no planning for emergency times when resources would be thin. He was prodigal and profligate.

    He was untutored, clueless and feeble-minded in his management style. He ended up mortgaging, and almost foreclosing the future of the state and its people. He was helplessly cursory, shallow and superficial. He exuded indolence and nonchalance. He had a laudable vision without serious planning of executing the vision. He conned the people to buy into his weird style and misled them. Aregbesola’s train sped without restraint towards the drain. He is a monumental tragedy of inestimable proportions for the ordinary people of Osun State. He bastardized the memory of Great Awo by sacrilegiously calling his own philosophy of governance Awoism. Can you imagine?

    Ogbeni Aregbesola has been displaying an arrogance that is noxious and a condescension that is odiously patronizing. He goes around with an “all – knowing” air that is nauseating at best and yet goes to the State Executive Council meetings to doze most of the times. He should realize that Osun state comprises mild mannered but highly educated people. You cannot continue to play on their intelligence. Enough is enough about all these lies and deceits. He needs to come clean on what he has done with the people’s commonwealth in Osun State.

    Aregbesola’s “Tinubu mentality” where everyone is a “yes man” and is afraid to ask him questions cannot work and is not acceptable in Osun State. He may not have respect for the people of Osun, but we have respect for ourselves. We are tired of his rascal behavior of being a perpetual late comer to all and every event to make himself feel unnecessarily important. What kind of importance could one seek when one is the sitting governor of a state except one is a sociopathic egomaniac? He is so contemptuous of the people that he would make them wait several hours at several events before showing up. He holds our Obas in contempt and insults them with dexterous subtlety at will. Yet, in his time of need, he ran to some of these traditional rulers to bail him out of trouble by begging them to appeal to the people not to revolt.

    This last year has been the worst in the history of Osun state and its people. Never since its inception has the state been so regressive, transposed and obscurantist. Its people have never been so distraught, distressed and discomposed. They have never been so tormented, rattled and troubled. The Iyalojas are disillusioned, disenchanted and disenthralled. The commercial drivers are frustrated, resentful and stymied. Farmers have become more subsistent than commercial since there is no liquid cash in circulation to buy their products. There is no drought in the state but there is famine and hunger as its concomitant.

    Our institutions have never been so demobilized and disabled. The judiciary is laid detritus. The hospitals have become slaughter slabs. The State Assembly is not just a rubberstamp, it is a melted one that cannot even be usefully appropriated for rubberstamping. There is no subsisting State Executive Council. No single Board of Parastatal is currently in place. The schools have become odious gathering of mystified and derisive children, contemptuous of culture, contumelious of courtesy, sardonic to decency and engaged in maniacal mockery of manners. The civil service has become servile, obsequious and paralyzed as a result of constant pummeling and victimization.

    The people of Osun, ambitious but cautious, have been thoroughly humiliated. Their self confidence has been seriously undermined. Their stability has been seismically assaulted. Their trust has been betrayed. Their communality has been rendered disconsonant and discordant. Lies and lies have been told to confuse them. Their intelligence has been relentlessly assaulted and insulted. It is a season of anomie in Osun State.

    Emperor Aregbesola and his men are threatening democracy in Osun state. Freedoms of speech and association are being violated. Osun citizens could no longer publicly debate and discuss their woes under Emperor Aregbesola without being attacked by his paid thugs. He has unleashed terror on the people of Osun State as if that would make all his errors go away. Public protesters are under attack. Public discussions and debate have become riskier and dangerous. There have been threats of assassination against dissenters. The people are being intimidated and harassed.

    Osun State is in the throes of death, its thread stretched to its breadth, gasping for breath. The APC members in Osun State should begin to think of the party without Aregbesola and his inner circle. They should begin to find ways to ease him out for the good of the party and the people of Osun state. If the APC leadership would not remove Aregbesola from power this is the time for their followers to come to their senses and begin to abandon them, seeking a viable alternative either within the party or outside the party. Every man, woman, young or old must begin to have conversation on the way out of Aregbesola’s quagmire. This macabre dance cannot continue to go on in the interest of security, peace, progress and the much needed prosperity.

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  • Kwankwaso Slams N10 Billion Suit Against Kano Pensioners

    18/Sep/2015 // 306 Viewers

    A former governor of Kano State, Rabiu Kwankwaso, has filed a suit through his lawyer, Okechukwu Nwaeze, demanding payment of N10 billion damages from Kano State pensioners for “tarnishing his image”.
    On May 30, barely 24 hours after the handing over of power, PREMIUM TIMES reported that pensioners in the state had dragged Mr. Kwankwaso to the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC, demanding recovery of N2 billion pension funds allegedly deposited by the former governor in a failed bank.
    Mr. Nwaeze filed a case seeking the court to stop the EFCC from arresting Mr. Kwankwaso as fear of arrest had confined the former governor to his residence and stopped him from discharging his legislative duties.
    However, Mr. Nwaeze later withdrew the case when Mr. Kwankwaso disowned him and denied knowledge of the legal action against the anti-graft agency on his behalf.
    PREMIUM TIMES gathered that Mr. Neuse has now gone back to court demanding payment of N10 billion damages from the pensioners for describing his client, Mr. Kwankwaso, as “corrupt, criminal governor who is a proper subject for prosecution by the EFCC” in their petition.
    In the writ obtained by our correspondent, the lawyer also accused the pensioners of saying that the plaintiff, Mr. Kwankwaso, misappropriated over N10 billion pension funds through Kano State Pensions Board.
    Mr. Nwaeze said his client was not in court owing to the fact that the pensioners described him as “high-handed [person] who is not fit to lead or be supported by the people of Kano, and that he is dishonest and not to be believed and trusted”.
    He stated that due to the pensioners’ allegations, Mr. Kwankwaso had suffered public ridicule, ostracism by acquaintances, members of Mr. Kwankwaso’s political group, Kwankwasiyya, and some of the people he was elected to represent at the National Assembly.
    Mr. Nwaeze therefore sought payment of N10 billion damages and another N500 million to his client for the repeated publication of the allegations against the plaintiff by the defendants.
    The case, with a suit number: K/196/ of 2015, between Mr. Kwankwaso and the defendants, Lamido M. Matawale and 4 others before a Kano High Court, was adjourned to September 28 for mention.
    A Kano High Court judge, Muhammad Yahya, had earlier ordered Mr. Nwaeze to pay N50, 000 to the EFCC, and also ordered the Nigeria Bar Association investigate him for misrepresentation after seeking withdrawal of the case barring the anti-graft agency from arresting Mr. Kwankwaso.
    Source: Premium Times

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  • Buhari Is Yet To Be A Changed Man, By Iredia Osakue

    18/Sep/2015 // 903 Viewers

    As I sat down pondering  where to start this write-up, it occurred to me, as usual, that I should expect plethora of abuses from President Buhari's die-hard sympathizers and apologists who have deliberately refused "to see evil or say evil" about him, irrespective of his presidential flaws and goofs. 

    A President must look and sound presidential in words, deeds and even gait -and on this premise the office becomes official and respected. But since the beginning  of PMB's tenure, it has become a recurring decimal either the in far away United Kingdom, Nigeria or elsewhere he has dragged the office of the President "through the mud."

    I am afraid this will continue unabated and gradually, the relevance of the office of the President and others to occupy the seat in future will be treated with disdain.  Democratic principles and the application of it wherever should be the paramount responsibility of a President who respects the value and beauty of true democracy.  The ministerial position in Nigeria is constitutional and any single individual cannot in his thought or belief delay or want to make it non-extant. 

    Just recently, President Buhari spoke with affected elegance during his official visit to France when he cast aspersions on the function of Ministers - regarding them as "irrelevant" and merely "noise makers." If I may ask, when has the President become the sole administrator of Nigeria with outright disregard to the statutory duties of ministers? This question is left for his apologists to answer.

    Iredia Osakue writes from Turin, Italy.

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  • HILARIOUS: Read Ese Oruru's Purported Love Letter to Yinusa!

    19/Mar/2016 // 442 Viewers

    We stumbled upon this letter on THE SUN, purportedly written by Ese. If this claim is anything to go by there may have  existed an intimacy between Yinusa and Ese  before her sudden abduction  which made news headlines across the country.

    Read on:

    Dear, Inusa how are you? I hope you are fine and all is well with you? Please don’t be annoyed by these words but I think it is best for the both of us. Please please please don’t be annoyed I beg of you Inusa, maybe everyone just have to say the truth. 

    I want to start by saying thank you for everything if accepted, thank you yanzu, I would say I now know what is going on which you never wanted to tell me but I will say that is not fair. 

    When I started selling here, I met Abubakar who once told me that he had fellings for me but I can never send because I did not have fellings for him, so I turned him down. Then again I met Genedu and I also turned him down. Now, it is Dantata which everybody knows that he loves me dearly but I find a lot of faults in him and don’t love him back. He has done his best to stay down and beg about one year now, if I am right, I will never lie to you Inusa. Dantata has been begging me to love him back but as soon as I wanted to fall for him you came back into my life. I still know that Dantata is still waiting for me only if I will accept him. 

    Inusa I now know that you also love me and I have decided to love you back. I love you Inusa but sometimes I do think Dantata is still seeking. My name as know by myself is RITA and my main problem is that if I love you (Inusa) and you also love me what will become of us. You once told me you like me more than anyone else, but now I have seen how far you have gone in this case because it is very serious to me. 
    You asked me to help you in just three ways in which you said: 
    Follow me to my village – Kano State 
    Leave your religion for mine – Christian & Muslim 
    It is only you I love and no other person 

    I have already accepted the first quest then while decide to tell me that you cannot take me along with you the same day it is very unfair. Inusa why, just tell me why you decide to be unfair. 
    Well Inusa there were many other Hausa boys who asked for friendship but did not get it. I had so many people who I have lived with do you know what it means to live the people you had lived with for 13 good years of life. 

    Think on me Inusa please 
    I beg of you Inusa please 
    Think on me 
    My heart bit immediately or anytime I see you if you know how much I love you you will not think about hurting my fellings 

    I still stand by you Inusa, yeallo yellow my best colour but one question who made you think. 
    I write this because I am sick and tired of this baldadash I hear everyday. 

    You should know this Genedu, Abubakar, Saidu are humans for crying out loud. Inusa to conclude this, taught you can solve this problem by just one thing. 

    Your address and your phone number, maybe if we have to go one by one we shall do just that. 
    No matter what happens I still love you Inusa 

    No matter what the case may be I still love you Inusa 

    From yours dearly Rita a.k.a Ese

    Culled from THE SUN

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