• Security Alert: US, UK, CANADA AUSTRALIA issue warning to citizens against traveling to some states in Nigeria (See affected states)

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    PARIS, FEBRUARY 25, 2017: (DGW) Some Nigerian states have been blacklisted by the US, UK and Australia and travel alert issued to its citizens citing security concerns.

    The information was disclosed by a notice placed by the Department of State on its website www.travel.state.gov.

    The affected states are Kaduna,Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno, Gombe and Yobe States. This is attributed to the present security situation in the region.

    According to the report, ''the security situation in the North remains fluid and unpredictable.”

    The United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office on www.gov.uk, also warned its citizens not to travel to Borno, Yobe, Adamawa and Gombe states.

    However, on www.travel.gc.ca, the Canadian government listed Lagos, Abuja and Calabar as the only safe cities in Nigeria.

    Also, Canadians have also been warned to cancel all non-essential travels to Borno, Adamawa, Kaduna, Bauchi and others “due to the high risk of terrorism, inter-communal violence and kidnapping.”

    The Australian Government has likewise issued a “Do not travel” warning to its citizens, as stated on www.smarttraveller.gov.au.

    “The alternative airport which will be used during the repairs, Kaduna airport, is located approximately 200 kilometres north of Abuja in a ‘Do not travel’ area.

    “We strongly advise you to defer non-essential travel to and from Abuja during the shutdown.

    “We advise you to reconsider your need to travel to Nigeria due to the high threat of terrorist attack, the high threat of kidnapping, the unpredictable security situation, the possibility of violent civil unrest and the high level of violent crime,” it said.

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  • Finally, FG reveals figures of recovered loot

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    PARIS,FEBRUARY 25, 2017: (DGW)THE Federal Government says it has recovered more than N57.9 billion and $666.68 million through the anti-corruption war.
    This disclosure was made by the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Mr. Abubakar Malami, yesterday in Abuja while defending the ministry’s 2017 Appropriation bill before the Senate Committee on Judiciary, Human Rights and Legal Matters.

    Malami said: “N50 billion was the fine paid by MTN company while N7 billion and $10 Million US Dollars was recovered from private residence.”

    Aside some money voluntarily returned, $250 million under interim forfeiture was said to be proceeds of oil bunkering and also $136.676 million is awaiting actual remittance and $270 Million was government fund recovered from commercial banks.

    Malawi added that the ministry operated through 2016 without capital budget.

    He said: “Our budgetary proposal of N18, 528,093,480.00 was not appropriated thereby compelling the Ministry to operate on a zero capital budget.”

    In spite of all the odds, he expressed joy for the uncommon achievements recorded by the Ministry as a result of the recoveries made which culminated to increased revenue of the Federal government.

    “I am happy to state however, that we as a Ministry recorded modest achievements in the act of contributing to the revenue generation of the Federal Government notwithstanding the zero capital budgets.”

    In his response to Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, representing Delta West, on payment of outstanding judgment debts, the Minister explained that he was conscious and perturbed.

    “Efforts are ongoing to offset the outstanding and probably abate future debts.’’

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  • Breaking: Bomb explosion kills 3, injures 4 in Kontagora, Niger State

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    Three people have been confirmed dead and four others injured in a bomb explosion in Kontagora, Niger state.

    The explosion occurred in Gari market, a few kilometers from Kontagora town on Saturday when a man in military uniform detonated the bomb and died in the process.

    The Police Public Relations officer, DSP Bala Elkana who confirmed the explosion said it was as a result of wrong handling of explosives device by a newly recruited soldier identified as private Tanko Damina who just came back from Maiduguri.

    According to Elkana, Tanko Damina was in the habit of showing explosives to the villagers to prove that he was involved in the Maiduguri operation against the Boko Haram terrorists.

    “Tanko Damina used to carry the explosives on his body around the village to show off to the villagers. The explosion was as a result of wrong handling of the explosives. We thank God that it was not a market day, the casualty would have been very high”.

    Elkana assured that there is no need for panic because the incident was not caused by a suicide bomber, adding that “it was an accident like I told you”.

    The police spokesman said the force and the army have despatched anti-bomb experts to the home of the deceased to check if there were other IEDs in the residence. - The Nation Nigeria 

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  • My Assassination Attempt: How it happened and how I escaped it - Edo Speaker recounts experience

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    Edo Speaker Justin Okonoboh yesterday narrated how he escaped an assassination attempt while returning to Benin City from his community in Igueben local government area.

    Okonoboh said his backup driver shielded him from the assassins.

    He said the assassins refused to back down even when his police escort fired warning shots into the air.

    According to him: “On my way back from my constituency at about 5pm on Friday where I went to settle some land issues, my aide in the escort van called me from his phone that we should be on alert that a  Toyata Camry was chasing us.

    “When we looked back the car was behind my back up Hilux van. The Camry wanted to overtake the Hilux to block me but the driver did not allow them.

    “The Toyata Camry struggled with the Hilux for about five kilometers and they almost crashed but did not give up.

    “The policemen inside the Hilux van fired a shot into the air to scare them but that did not deter them as they kept chasing us.

    “They pursued us from around Ugbegun-Nebudin -Ujogba road and it was when we got to the Benin-Auchi express way they waved their hands to give us a warning.”

    The Speaker said he was yet to ascertain whether they were armed robbers or kidnappers.

    He however insisted only assassins would behave the way the men did.

    He said: “My security aides inside the Hilux said the men were armed. I have enough security aides attached to me but the challenge is that there are no vehicles to convey them when I am traveling.”

    The Speaker said he has reported to the Commissioner of Police.

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  • An open letter to Mr Babatunde Raji Fashola

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    Dear Honourable Minister,
    We will like to congratulate you again for your appointment as Minister for Works, Power and Housing. This is to draw your ears to another burden that will be added to the overstretched Nigerians through hike in electricity tariff that will commence by February 2016.

    Just barely a week after your appointment you will recall that you were begging Nigerians to accept another hike in electricity tariff so as to enjoy better power supply.

    Candidly, it is only in our clime that people pay for public services that will be rendered 4years later by public corporations. Without any reservation this policy is nothing but a yoke to compound problems for the masses.

    According to NERC, there won't be monthly fixed charges again when the hike takes effect. This is highly half-hearted, it is like devil using right hand to give his victim something and using left hand to collect it back.

    For the sake of the innocent public, this coming hike will be the third in 8 months of our government of change which is against Multi Year Tariff Order 2.1 agreement made in April 2015. The resolution stated as follows "the new tariffs are in the MYTO 2.1 for the period 1 April 2015 to December 2018 and they replace the tariffs in MYTO 2 for the period 1 June 2012 to 31 May 2017". This MYTO 2.1 started 1 April 2015 for Commercial and Industrial consumers while it was implemented 1 July 2015 for Residential consumers.

    You can read Vanguard Newspaper dated 3rd June 2015 for further details on this.


    Sir, it is in public domain how DISCOs hiked tariffs through backdoor late October 2015.

    Let us use consumers under Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company for example. Some residential consumers under R2 category have been paying N19.60 per kWh instead of N18.00 per kWh. Beside this hike, is an untold disparity among consumers on same category. If we should add the new increment to it that will amount to N32.00 per kWh. From the above calculation, removal of fixed charges should not warrant hike in tariff.

    Another disgusting part of this new increase was the silence made about the total amount of new tariffs by stating only the incremental values, this is heartless.

    Beside this increment, other atrocities these DISCOs are committing are prepaid services using to defraud innocent public. Consumers without prepaid meters are now paying before usage as monthly bills come first week of same month. We are still wondering how they usually arrived at bills for the month that is yet to reach half, if this is not estimation then what is it?.

    Sir, you might not know numbers as you have said during ministerial screening but you should beware of ripples effects of this on the masses.

    In fact, your romance with the same DISCOs your party defined as Jonathan's associates has put your integrity on a thin line.

    While DISCOs' argument that the increment is needed to finance loan received from CBN is baseless. If we may ask why should private companies like DISCOs that got our distribution facilities at bazaar price and loans from CBN be using loan repayment as excuse to increase tariffs?

    Sir, we hope you will critically look into all these for the sake public interest.

    Also, we will like you to consolidate what you praised immediate past administration for, by putting in place surveillance modalities on our pipelines that supply gas to GENCOs as advised by Professor Nebo, former Minister of Power.

    In the same vein, government should mandate DISCOs to close the gap between metered and unmetered consumers. As at now, over 70% of electricity consumers are still unmetered, we don't want Nigerians to keep paying for what they are not using.

    "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter" Martin Luther King Jr

    Thank you.
    Ifedayo Obi,
    Good Governance Advocates.

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  • Biafran passport not valid for travel to the UK, US

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    PARIS, JANUARY 25, 2016: (DGW) - Contrary to claims by Sunny Okereafor, the National Director for Information of the Movement of the Sovereign State of Biafra, (MASSOB) that the new Biafran international passport is valid and accepted for travel to all countries except Nigeria, the United States and the United Kingdom have both refuted the claims.

    The two countries said that their governments do no recognize the passports issued by the Movement of the Sovereign States of Biafra, (MASSOB) with both countries stating their positions. The United States, on inquiry, said they do not consider the Biafran passport to be a valid legal document for the purpose of visa issuance. The United Kingdom said it did not support the civil war that was to disintegrate Nigeria nearly five decades and that their position has still not changed.

    On the contrary, Sunny Okereafor had said about two weeks ago that the new Biafra passport is a valid travel document accepted by all countries and which is processed with N5,000 and renewable with N2,000.

    His words, “I assure you that the Biafran passport is valid. Except Nigeria, other countries of the world accept Biafran passport and allow our citizens to travel with it. In Europe, North and South America, Biafran passport is accepted. Nigeria is the only country that seizes Biafran passport. Go to neighbouring Ghana here, they will stamp the passport for you. Don’t be confused by the propaganda of the Nigerian government that there is nothing like Biafra passport.

    In a plea, he said “MASSOB appeals to Biafran citizens to procure their passport and use it to travel. If you doubt me, get a Nigerian passport while I have my Biafran passport; when we get to Europe, you will see who they will welcome than the other. Many people with the Nigerian passport have been repatriated, but have you heard of anybody with Biafran passport receiving such ill-treatment?”


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  • $2.1 million Arms Deal Scam: Falana petitions the International Criminal Court

    25/Jan/2016 // 384 Viewers


    PARIS, JANUARY 25, 2016: (DGW) - A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, (SAN) Mr Femi Falana has in a petition dragged the embattled Nigeria's former National Security Adviser and others accused of the illegal diversion of arms procurement fund before the International Criminal Court.

    Mr Falana in the petition dated January 19, 2016, a copy made available to DailyGlobeWatch asked the ICC to wade into the matter and asked for valid and tangible evidence from the Nigerian  Government.

    He expressed disappointment with the use the stolen funds by late General Sanni Abacha that was returned to Nigeria  was put into, part of it was reportedly used to fund President Jonathan presidential campaign.

    This money he said was meant for arms procurement to battle the ongoing  Boko Haram insurgency that has claimed no fewer than 25, 000 people including soldiers and civilians and displaced over 2000,000 people.

    He urged the ICC in the petition  to further investigate the allegations and bring the erring Cains to justice adding that the deaths recorded is none other than a crime against humanity.

    Read the petition in part, “On account of the deliberate refusal of the former military authorities to equip and motivate the members of the armed forces involved in combat operations, the insurgents have killed about 25,000 soldiers and civilians including children and displaced over 2,000,000 people.

    “The ICC needs to urgently commence an investigation proprio motu on the allegations of the criminal diversion of the security funds of $2.1bn and N643bn earmarked by suspected perpetrators, with a view to determining whether these amount to crimes against humanity within the Court’s jurisdiction.”




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  • Anti-corruption War: Number one on our priority list - Nigerian Government

    25/Jan/2016 // 309 Viewers


    PARIS, JANUARY 25, 2016: (DGW) - The war against corruption remains number one on our priority list of  the present administration, the Nigerian Government said yesterday through its Minister of Information and Culture, Mr Lai Mohammed.

    Speaking  with newsmen in Lagos, the minister said corruption which the government of Muhammadu Buhari has irrevocably resolved to root  out of Nigeria has destroyed all of Nigerian institutions.

    Nothing less than N55 billion, he said, was allegedly disbursed from the office of the National Security Adviser  by 21 persons. He dismissed with a trivial hand the muttering of some elements who complain against the ongoing anti-graft was adding that the efforts made so far in this regard have been appreciably acknowledged by the international community.

    Said the Information Minister, Lai Mohammed,  “Some have said the government is dwelling too much on the war against corruption to the detriment of other areas of governance. Our response to that is that indeed, there is nothing like dwelling too much on this war. The situation is very grim indeed, as far as corruption is concerned. That is why the Federal Government is embarking on this sensitization campaign.

    Continuing he said, ''Our approach, which is to count the cost of corruption, is not to vilify anyone but to use facts and figures to give Nigerians a sense of what corruption has done to their lives.The Federal Government is delighted that the anti-corruption war being led by President Muhammadu Buhari has been acknowledged and applauded on a global stage.

     “It is particularly gratifying that in that speech, Mr Kerry made the link between corruption and terrorism. We agree that corruption is indeed a radicalizer because it destroys faith in legitimate authority. Let me remind you, gentlemen, that radicalization is a key causative factor of terrorism,” Mohammed said during a meeting with News and Political Editors in Lagos, yesterday, he added.

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  • $2.1 mn Arms Deal Scam: Buratai is not involved - Army

    25/Jan/2016 // 299 Viewers

                       Gen. Buratai, Nigeria's Chief Of Army Staff


    PARIS, JANUARY 25, 2016: (DGW) -  The Nigerian Army has dismissed the call by Save The Nation Movement, STNM)  to include the Chief Of Army Staff, Gen. Tukur Buratai in the ongoing arms deal scam probe.

    The army blast the group saying the army boss will not be distracted by what it called ''evil machinations' which will rebound on the tale bearers. The group has alleged  that Gen. Buratai, at the period under review, while at Defence Headquarters, was the Director of Procurement between 2012 and 2015, a claim which the army has swiftly denied.

    The Army spokesperson Sani Usman in a statement made available to reporters called on the public to disregard the allegation which he said is baseless and mischievous adding that STNM is a faceless group out to distract the army chief from carrying out his legitimate duties.

    While defending him further, he said Gen. Buratai is a disciplined officer, a man of, integrity and transparent honesty who would never indulge and who has in fact never been involved in any unquestionable act.

    Said Sani Usman in a statement made available to newsmen,  “The Nigerian army has noted with dismay the attempt to rubbish the hard earned name and reputation of the chief of army staff, Lieutenant General and the Nigerian army by a faceless group that called itself Save the Nation Movement (STNM).”


    “In a release signed by Steven Chilaka, its National Secretary on Sunday, they wanted the chief of army staff to be included among those indicted in the ongoing probe of abuse of funds meant for the procurement of arms simply because he was the director of procurement at the defence headquarters (DHQ).

    “Unfortunately, the movement could not get their facts right as has always been the case with people with dubious intents.

    “Contrary to their mischief, it should be noted that General Buratai was director of procurement at defence headquarters from March 2014 to May 2015, not from 2012 to 2015 as they wished to mislead the public.

    “Furthermore, there is the need to educate the ignorant group that, defence procurement in Nigeria is decentralised each service is responsible for its procurement.

    “It is advisable for the group to look elsewhere if they want to attack the chief of army staff. For the avoidance of doubt, the chief of army staff has never been involved in any questionable act throughout his career as military officer let alone when he was at the DHQ.”

    “As a matter of fact, the chief of army staff has always been a reference point in exemplary conduct, probity and integrity''

    “It is on record that he voluntarily declared his assets both as commander MNJTF and as chief of army staff. In addition, he has directed all Nigerian army officers to do so. One wonders what the faceless groups motive is and why they are in a hurry to rubbish the good name of the chief army staff and the Nigerian army, when there is a presidential panel already working selflessly.

    “Why is the group trying to jump the gun? Let these mischievous elements which Steven Chilaka represents, allow the panel to discharge its duties dispassionately as it is doing.

    “It is advisable also that the faceless group should get their facts right and not just merely speculate or disturb us with their wishful thinking. They should further understand that whatever mischievous intentions they have against the chief of army staff and indeed, the Nigerian army, both would not be deterred, we shall remain focused and never to be distracted.

    “Consequently, the public is please requested to disregard the so-called movements evil machinations which would surely fall back on them.”

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  • ALERT! US reminds citizens of security warning on trips to 17 Nigerian high-risk states on closure of Abuja Airport (See affected states)

    25/Jan/2017 // 2330 Viewers


    The U.S mission to Nigeria has warned citizens and officials to show extra consideration for their personal safety and security as they travel within Nigeria.

    In a circular issued by the US Embassy on Tuesday, 24 January 2016, American officials were also reminded of existing restrictions on trips to Kaduna, Kano and Port Harcourt.

    This comes in response to recent announcements by the Federal Government regarding international air travel from the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

    On January 5, the FG disclosed that the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja would be closed from March 8 to April 19, 2017, to repair the runway.

    During that period, local flights will be re-routed to the Kaduna airport while international airlines will suspend flights to Abuja in favour of the airports in Kano, Lagos and Port Harcourt.
    The increase in air traffic at the Kaduna airport raises the possibility of attacks and the government recognises this.

    There are reports of plans to increase police and military presence in and around the airport as well as the rail and road corridors linking Kaduna and Abuja.

    Still, the US mission acknowledges the threats that exist in high-risk areas such as Port Harcourt as well as Kaduna, where religious violence is making daily headlines.

    According to the circular, "U.S. officials and their families must receive advance clearance by the U.S. Mission for any travel to or from Kaduna, Kano, and Port Harcourt, including overland transit to airports outside Abuja".

    This warning further casts doubts on the general state of security as well as the government’s efforts to inspire confidence in the safety of lives and property within the country.

    It also follows a trend of travel restrictions and warnings issued by the US embassy in recent times; the embassy’s official site has a security warning advising citizens against travelling to 17 states, including Edo, Kebbi, Rivers and Yobe, due to the risk of armed robbery, attacks and kidnapping.

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