• Breaking News: Danger signal for Buhari as 42 of 58 APC Senators back, Saraki, Ekweremadu

    24/Jun/2016 // 17479 Viewers


    PARIS, JUNE 24, 2016: (DGW) - As the face-off between the legislature and executive deepens, the senate caucus of the All Progressives Congress has broken into two factions with no fewer than 42 of 58 APC senators tacitly backing the duo of Saraki and Ekweremadu.

    This followed a boycott of the press conference by some APC senators expressing support for the Buhari administration.

    No fewer than 42 APC senators boycotted the meeting resulting from the disagreement on the recent actions taken by the Muhammadu Buhari administration, especially the decision to prosecute Senate President Bukola Saraki and his deputy Ike Ekweremadu over allegations of forgery of the Senate rules.

    A press conference spearheaded by members of Unity Forum with the intent to condemn the withdrawal of support for President Buhari by their Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) counterparts,only 16 of the 58 APC senators who are all members of the Unity Forum attended the briefing.

    DailyGlobeWatch also reliably gathered that  yesterday that some Like Mind Senators threatened to dump the party if alleged attempts by the presidency to muzzle the National Assembly, especially the Senate, continues.

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  • Change tyres after 80,000 km, whether expired or not - FRSC

    24/Jun/2016 // 364 Viewers


    The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), has advised motorists to change their tyres after use for 80,000 kilometres and whether it has expired or not.

    The FRSC Unit Commander in Suleja, Niger, Assistant Corps Commander Olayinka Akande, gave the advice on Friday during “Operation Know Your Tyre” campaign in Suleja.

    He said the corps had identified tyre- related challenges as major factor in traffic accidents, adding that knowledge would reduce carnage on the roads.

    “Records of road traffic crashes in recent times showed that majority of fatal and serious crashes were the result of tyre bursts.

    “We target the various associations like the NURTW, NARTO, RTEAN, tyre dealers, vulcanisers and motorcycle riders to enlighten them on important features on tyres, expiry date and inflating tyres”, he said.
    Alhaji Diko Kassim, Chairman of Suleja Local Government Area, said the administration would set up a committee to address the various traffic obstructions in the town.
    “A committee will soon be set up to look at the traffic challenges in the town towards addressing them. It will include stakeholders in the transport sector.

    “The committee will proffer solution to decongest motor parks and provide sanity in traffic system”, he said.

    Mr Benjamin Omo, tyre seller, told NAN that the campaign was worthwhile because most sellers do not have the technical knowledge of tyres.

    “We just buy and sell tyres for business sake. The moment it’s new, we take it as good and fit. But this lecture has enlightened us a great deal to know the kind of tyre we sell,” he said.

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  • We're non-violent pro-Biafran group, don't link us up with Avengers - MASSOB, BIM

    24/Jun/2016 // 790 Viewers


    PARIS, JUNE 24, 2016: (DGW) - THE Movement for the Actualisation of Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) together with Biafra Independence Movement (BIM) denies links or ties with Niger Delta Avengers (NDA).

    Refuting reports published by one of the national dalies, MASSOB in a statement issued yesterday in Owerri, the Imo State capital asked the public to disregard the publication.

    MASSOB further said their mission and ideology and NDA's are different and fundamentally opposed to each other, adding that MASSOB believes in non-violent struggle

    Below is a copy of the statement, jointly signed by a member of MASSOB’s Elders Council, Chief Okechukwu Nwaogu, and the Owerri zonal leader of the group, Canice Anojuru.
    “MASSOB and BIM have unequivocally condemned in its entirety the June 15, 2016 publication claiming that MASSOB and Niger Delta Avengers are working together.

    “It is imperative to inform the public rightly that miscreants want to hijack the struggle of the freedom of Biafra due to selfish interests.”

    The statement continued: “At no time has pro-Biafra groups mandated anybody to interface with it and any freedom fighter group whether for Biafra or for resource control. There is no crack in MASSOB and BIM.

    We are non-violent pro-Biafra groups and have different methodology when compared with the operational method of the Niger Delta Avengers.”

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  • Fuel scarcity to persist till May: Kachikwu

    24/Mar/2016 // 204 Viewers


    Nigerians are in for a long haul in the agonising search for petrol to power their vehicles and generate light for their homes, according to the words that came from the  Minister of State Petroleum, Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu on Wednesday.

    Kachikwu was unequivocal that the current fuel scarcity will persist for the next two months.

    Nigerians since the inception of Muhammadu Buhari administration last May have been subjected to endless fuel scarcity, even as electricity supply has continued to plummet.

    Unfortunately, the government does not have immediate answers and the minister said that  it was even share magic that the filling stations have the amount of products currently being dispensed to Nigerians.

      Kachikwu who is also the Group General Manager, of the NNPC was answering questions from State House correspondents on when fuel queues will disappear after leading the Nigerian Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas (NUPENG) and Petroleum and Natural Gas? Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PENGASSAN) to meet with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa.

    The Minister blamed it all to lack of reserves, saying that plans are on ground to reserve all refined products from Nigeria's refineries, while NNPC will go back to importing only the capacity it can while the rest will be left to the oil majors in the country so as to ease the queues at the filling stations.

      Kachikwu who said the meeting with the President was very fruitful and reassuring to the unions said on when the queues disappear, “One of the trainings I did not receive is that of a magician but I am working very hard to ensure some of these issues go away?. And let's be honest, for the five to six months we have been here, NNPC has moved from a 50 per cent importer of products to basically a 100 per cent importer. And the 445 barrels that were allocated was to cover between 50 and 55 percent importation. 

    “So is quite frankly share magic that we even have the amount of products at the stations. We are looking to see how to get foreign exchange input, the President and I discussed extensively on how to get more crude directed at importation. His Excellency will rather have less crude but have individuals in the society suffer less with inconveniences than have more crude and have them continue to suffer.

     “So we are going to put a new model to enable us increase the pace and actually get majors as part of the crew of those to bring in more products so that the NNPC will sort of go back on the capacity of what it use to do and the majors will take over the balance of importation.

    “I think if we do that although I don't want to put a time frame but I will expect that over the next two months. Of course you are aware the DSAP programme begins in April so over the next two months we should see quite frankly a complete elimination of this. Our strategy is that whatever is produced in the refineries will not go for sale, we are going to keep them in strategic reserve. Because the key problem here is that there is no reserve anytime there is gap in supply it goes off. So we are going to dedicate the next couple of months to moving all the products that we produce to strategic reserve so that we can pile up reserves in the nation and that will push up the reserves in the nation. Believe me this is giving me and my team sleepless nights and we are working on it and we are committed to making this go away, Nigerians should please bear with us”

     Speaking on the meeting with the President, the NNPC GMD said it  was basically to review in the oil industry some of the concerns areas that he himself is trying to find joint solutions and share thoughts.

     “Like you know his Excellency has too many constituencies first will be politics, second army and the third will be the oil industry, so matter of this nature touches his heart very much. And this is the first opportunity that the unions have had to spend a bit of time with him as a father. So we shared thoughts, areas of concerns and some solution potentials and agreed to collaborate and work together”.

     He highlighted the areas discussed at the meeting to include the quick passage of the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB), the issue of fuel scarcity, the refineries and other logistics issues plaguing the industry.

     Kachikwu said on the PIB, “the unions want us to obviously work harder than we do and try to get the PIB passed as soon as possible. They are worried about the fuel scarcity issue? and want a long time solutions to finally resolve this issue, they are worried about the refineries and are thankful we didn't sell the refineries without looking to work collaboratively with them to see how to make the refineries work. They are worried about the utilization of depots and how best to do that, they are worried about all kinds of logistics issues that plague the oil industry. They are worried about job loss in the sector arising from the position of majors who feel that the economy is giving rough end of the sticks and then try to whittle down staff. And so we are going to be working with the oil majors to ensure that we do not experience the kind of job loss that we are hearing has the potential to occur in the sector”.

    The NNPC boss said Buhari assured the unions that he was willing to work  together with them to bring good jobs, tasking them as agents of change within the respective areas where they work? to ensure that they continue to look out, contribute, take change on its head and make it happen.

     “His also commended the unions for recognizing the difficulties this government has inherited. A lot of these problems that are on the table was quite frankly there when we came and we are doing the best we can to try and work on it. But we are looking to work collaboratively those were the assurances”.

     Also speaking, the NUPENG President, – ?Igwe Achese described their meeting with Buhari as successful.

    He said the meeting was quite interesting in terms of the emotional attachment of “Mr. President on the issue of oil and gas sector and the challenges we are facing as a nation. We tabled the issue of fuel scarcity, the quick passage of the PIB and to see how the sector bounces back economically and to make Nigerians smile again.

    “Clearly we talked more on the corruption on the oil and gas sector, products allocations, Mr. President has assured that both NUPENG and PENGASSAN will continue to be part of the restructuring that he is going to make to look into these issues and to make sure that scarcity are reversed at our filling stations”.

      Also President of PENGASSAN, Comrade Olabode Francis Johnson ?said, “We had a very successful meeting with the C-in-C and one of the highlight of the meeting ?was when he said he created the NNPC and he is emotionally attached to it and that everything that is going to happen in NNPC must follow due process. He said he is concern about what Nigerians are going through and he bears their pains and whatever he is going to do he will do it with their support so that Nigerians can enjoy the benefits of NNPC.

     “As leaders we are very satisfied with what he said, the commitment and the passion he has shown for the industry. PIB is an executive bill; he said all the legal framework will be addressed ?so that it will be of benefit of Nigerians. He also showed concern for pipeline vandalism and crude oil theft and we know that will support and collaboration he is going to achieve results”. - THE NIGERIAN VOICE

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  • APC backs Buhari for a second term

    24/Mar/2016 // 208 Viewers


    PARIS, MARCH 24, 2016: (DGW) - AHEAD  of the 2019 general elections the  National Caucus of Nigeria's ruling party in a meeting, the All Progressives Congress  declared their support  on Tuesday night for President Muhammadu Buhari to seek a second term.

    The meeting which was well attended by serving and former governors, National Assembly members and the national executive of the party resolved to back the president for a second term adding that that will help to stabilize the polity after 16 years of PDP misrule.

    Some members of the caucus, however, faulted plans to kickstart a second term for the president adding that it was too early but instead club together to address urgent  issues in the party. In this connection, the national chairman of the party Mr John Odigie Oyegun dismissed the rumours of threats  making the rounds  against his position.

    Said John Oyegun, “I am not aware that my office is under threat. I led the party to the State House. It amazes me, occasionally it annoys me. That is one of the things you have to endure when you are in a position like mine.”

    Before now  there had been positioning by leaders of the party who had been nursing aspiration for Nigeria's plum job in 2019 which led to a crisis in the National Assembly and the inability to inaugurate the party Board of Trustees. 

    A source within the party told reporters that  “With Buhari contesting in 2019, those who have been squabbling will now have to queue up behind him and put the interest of the party ahead,”

    On assessment of Buhari's performance since taking over from the former ruling party, the chairman of the party, Mr Oyegun, pleaded with Nigerians to give them sometime to set things right adding that the past administration did a lot of irreparable damage to the country.

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  • Even if I have to leave the Presidency tomorrow I respect you all - Buhari tells Nigerians

    24/Mar/2016 // 695 Viewers


    PARIS, MARCH 24, 2016: (DGW) THE  president of Nigeria, Mr. Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday delivered an emotionally laden speech at the ruling All Progressives Congress National Executive Committee, (NEC). 

    The meeting took place at the party's national secretariat, Abuja. President Buhari while addressing the committee commended members of the party for the successful merger that resulted in the removal of the former ruling party the Peoples' Democratic Party, (PDP) after 16 years in power.

    Said he, ''PROTOCOLS We are members of the legacy party, plus APGA and DPP. We realized since 2005 that to remove the PDP from power, we must sink our differences, come together and form a party. God willing, that eventually happened and that is why we are where we are today, coming together inspite of our differences, both personal and ideological. We must not forget that. Having identified that as members of the legacy party, we again identified three fundamental things facing us. First, security, second, economy and unemployment and thirdly, corruption. We campaigned throughout the country on these three fundamental issues and nobody successfully challenged us and these issues remained relevant.

    On insecurity, he said his administration has made remarkable progress by recovering parts of the country that fell under Boko Haram control on the north-eastern flank of the country. The militancy in the Niger Delta, he lamented is sabotaging the efforts of the present administration. His administration he said will endeavour to pursue peace in the region to enable them join the rest of the country because , ''unity, he said, '' lies our strength''

    Read: Boko Haram's Shekau reappears looking dejected in new video

    ''On security, we have made progress. It was a very courageous decision that the party took and executed by the Executive by removing most of the military hierarchy and appointing those to take over from them, acquiring some new hard and soft ware and raising the morale of the military to go secure the rest of the country which was then 14 out of 774 local government. I have said it often that as far as I know and the service Chiefs who are on ground, they are not holding any local government. But they still have some capability especially on soft targets by using technology.''

    For Niger Delta, the militants are sending some conflicting messages. Some have said they are ready to drop their arms and join the rest of the nation to build it. But part of them are still sabotaging installations which is making investments in that lucrative area of Nigeria difficult because nobody will submit his riches to financial institutions, get money only to suffer huge loss. So, the environment for investment is being sabotaged by our own selves, Nigerians. We are doing our best with the military by trying to persuade them to join the rest of the country because in unity lies our strength. 

    Speaking on future elections, he reminded Nigerians that his administration has taken drastic steps to overhaul the Independent National Electoral Commission, (INEC). He adjured everyone to hold fast to their permanent voters' card where their power lies to determine their leaders

    ''Of course, the leadership of INEC has been changed, but I appeal to the leadership of the military, security agents and INEC that what I want Nigerians to remember me for, even if I have to leave the Presidency tomorrow is that I respect them. I want all Nigerians to believe and hold their PVC as personal entitlement as Nigerians and use it the way they like, and vote for whoever they like at which ever election. If they voluntarily sold it, it is part of their right and so, let them sell it and remain at home and not participate in any election. But let the law enforcement agencies give them the confidence that nobody will come out who has money to hire thugs, give them drugs and stop them from exercising their fundamental right.

    I am afraid I did not succeed in the election in Kogi, Bayelsa, Rivers. I think that more Nigerians are killed or killed themselves in Rivers than in any particular state. At this stage of our political development, to remain brutal is shameful and as a government, I promise we will do something by the next general election. 

    President Buhari lamented the state of the nation's economy which he said is adversely affected by the falling oil prices and the steps taken to implement the Treasury Single Account, (TSA) the policy which, he said , has paid Nigeria off in the last 10 months.

    ''On the economy, the fall of oil prices after Nigeria has made itself a mono-economy is a disaster. I wonder why people could not believe that in Nigeria, about 27 out of 36 states have difficulty in paying basic salaries of their workers. If from 1999 to at least 2003, oil is above 100 dollars per barrel and an export of about 2 million barrel per day, how come Nigeria failed to make some arrangement to cushion the effect of a probably volatile oil market? Again, it show failure of the last administration. But we are now to pick the pieces as an APC government and so, there is no need complaining, but let us concentrate and see how much we can do with whatever remains of the economy. We realized that agriculture and solid minerals are two areas that can quickly come to help us to recover economically, at least in terms of employment and feeding ourselves and more importantly, saving the hard currency to make sure that what is left our industries remain open, employing Nigerians and producing goods and services which is very important.

    The policy we are trying to implement is TSA. When we insist that we have to know what comes in and what goes out for us to make a comprehensive amendment to the economy. If you go and see the Central Bank Governor, he will tell you that in the TSA, we have more than N3 trillion. Where would this money have been if TSA was not in vogue? I was made to understand that vouchers would have quickly been raised towards the end of the financial year and checks made. Whether they are going into projects or private pockets, nobody can prove it to you. But that money is there, it is identified, if is quantified and when the budget comes back eventually, the Ministry of finance will see how to allocate it to the rest of the country. 

    We have tried to make sure that NNPC is reorganized, so that we know how much of our crude is taken, how much it is sold and to which account the money is going. But I tell you that up to the time we came, if anybody told you that he knows how much of crude exchanges hands either on the high sea or reaching their destination and the accounts the money goes into, that person is not telling you the truth. We are getting the cooperation of countries that has received this crude. But we have to be sure of the facts in our hands before we start prosecution so that Nigerians will believe what we have been telling them.

    On the fight against corruption, he lambasted the British government for providing a safe haven for corrupt Nigerian officials who live a life of affluence with their ill-gotten gains and the effort he made then as a military ruler to ensure corrupt officials were brought to justice. He urged serving members of the ruling party to continue to make sacrifices by rendering selfless service to the country in spite of the harassment by Nigerians who complain nothing tangible has been done to improve their living conditions. 

    While reacting to criticisms on his frequent trips abroad, the president  expressed no regret. He said it has become absolutely necessary for him to present Nigeria's cases abroad. Personal touch with economic colleagues, he said will help in no small measure to bail Nigeria out of her economic woes.

    ''Again, I have to repeat myself here for you to appreciate what I am going through because you are closer to the people than myself. I was telling a British team that came to supervise the training team they sent, that when I was in uniform, you took the perceived corrupt ones and put them in safe custody and quietly told them they were guilty until they can prove themselves innocent. But now under multi-party democratic system, I see some of them ride Rolls Royce, some of them have built estates here, but they are innocent until we can prove them guilty. This situation is true and you don’t need to stress your imagination to find out. If you can find out, you discover that a level eight officer has five houses, while you, as a Permanent Secretary or Commissioner is still living in a rented house. We have to get credible evidence to carry out successful prosecution and get judgement from the Judiciary. But effort is being made to give a list of recoveries in whatever currencies so far so that Nigerians will know that it is not all about long stories. 

    For the party, I will like you to continue to make sacrifice. I know you are being harassed since the election that they haven’t seen anything on the ground. Well, if you have any explanation that could be accepted, is that you have three more years to go. When we came in after 16 years of PDP, each government had 42 ministries. We reduced them to 24, removed 21 Permanent Secretaries. We sat down and reflected seriously. We were all in the process of taking over at a time of national budget. So, imagine the volume of work and with what happened in the National Assembly, the padding, it would appear that below the Permanent Secretaries, there are still a lot of bureaucracies that are still with them. So, you have to appreciate the position we are in. Having cut 42 to 24, correspondingly, the parastatals will be cut down to some size and realigned and the boards reconstituted. We gave a blanket order which we had to rescind when we said all boards are suspended or dissolved. We had to go back and lick our vomit in terms of university boards because we found out that according to their laws, they cannot choose Vice Chancellors unless the Boards seat down, interview prospective candidates who wants to be VCs. So, there is nothing wrong in saying sorry and going back on your decision. So, we said sorry and allow all the universities to continue with their boards. But for the rest, eventually, we will make it. So, please, try to bear with us as we reflect on where we found ourselves.

    For globetrotting, sometimes, you need to present your case on personal basis to your economic colleagues and neighbors. Nothing is better than personal touch and I believe that we are learning a lot and eventually, the nation will realize so, I don’t envy you on the harassment you are going through from your constituencies. Take it with a lot of determination and we will be all right, God willing.

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  • Again, Muhammadu Sanusi speaks, reveals BUHARI's real enemies, says who true NIGERIANS are

    24/Mar/2017 // 1398 Viewers


    PARIS, MARCH 24, 2017: (DGW) THE Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II yesterday for the first time reminded President Muhammadu Buhari the real enemies of his administration.

    The identified the enemies as praise singers and sycophants who he said were out to destroy his efforts, The Nation reports.

    According to the revered Kano monarch, “I feel sorry for the people in government because they are surrounded by enemies.”

    He said the President needed people who will tell him where he goes wrong.

    Sanusi said he defied a directive by the Goodluck Jonathan administration to resign as Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) governor after he blew the whistle that $20 billion oil money was missing.
    The Emir, who chaired the 10th Kehinde Sofola (SAN) memorial lecture in Lagos, said he was not surprised when he was suspended by former President Jonathan.

    According to him, in blowing the whistle on the missing money, he was not afraid because he knew he was not going to remain CBN governor forever.

    The emir said because he knew power was transient, he spoke the truth, no matter the consequences.

    He said some were afraid to speak out against evil because they were afraid of losing their jobs.

    “All the people they were afraid of years ago, where are they today? For those who are still in power, remember that it is transient,” he said.

    He spoke of praise singers in his palace who always tell him he would rule “forever”, but that he would never consult them for advice on serious issues.

    The emir said he refused to join those who abuse Jonathan after he had left office, adding that the best time to criticise a leader is when he is in power.

    “If you want to be a true Nigerian, tell the present government where they’re going wrong,” he said.

    According to Sanusi, those who loot public funds and steal the commonwealth forget that there is a limit to the amount of food they can eat at any given time; that they can only ride in one car at a time, even if they have a fleet of cars, and can only sleep in one bed even if they have so many houses.

    Recalling his exit from the CBN, he said: “At the end of the day, this job, Central Bank, I’d leave it someday. I could die, or my tenure expires, or I’d be sacked. I had no control over it. But I have a control over how I live.

    “I wasn’t surprised about my suspension; I knew it would happen, because I had been called and asked to resign, and I said ‘no’. I was not going to make it easy for anyone.

    “My answer was simple. You asked me to resign for telling you money has been stolen. Ask the minister to resign first.”

    The emir said fear holds those in government back from speaking truth to power.

    “You forget that the person, either the president or the governor, is also occupying a transient position. All the people that people were afraid of two, three years ago, where are they today?

    “Power is transient. The only thing that is permanent is what you do for people when you were alive. If you’re a governor or a president or a minister, it does not matter how much you have; you will be remembered for service, not the amount of money you have that you cannot even announce,” Sanusi said.

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  • Police speak on 'bomb' planted at US Embassy in Lagos

    24/Mar/2017 // 460 Viewers


    PARIS, MARCH 24, 2017: (DGW) THE Nigeria Police has reacted to the bomb scare yeterday at the US Consulate in Lagos Nigeria. Speaking to journalists, the Lagos State Police Commissioner, Mr Fatai Owoseni , said no bomb was planted at the American Consulate.

    'The bag which was suspected to contain dangerously powerful explosives in fact had medical equipment in it', Lagos Police boss disclosed.

    “We got a call at about 7.40a.m concerning the strange bag. I immediately dispatched the anti-bomb team, Marine Police and Anti-Terrorist personnel to the scene.

    “The anti-bomb team professionally removed the bag from the vehicle. After scanning the bag, they discovered that all items inside were medical tools.

    “We are, however, investigating the reason why the bag was left there and who is the owner. We don’t want to leave anything to chance.

    “We want to also allay the fears of people in Lagos and the diplomatic communities that there is no cause for alarm. There is no bomb planted at the American Embassy in Lagos.

    “The police in Lagos assured foreigners and citizens of their safety. We are ever ready to live up to our constitutional responsibilities.

    “Since the bag was removed from the embassy, normal activities have resumed,” Owoseni said.

    News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the items in the bag displayed before reporters by Owoseni, included bandages, scissors and plaster.

    The content of the bag was taken to the anti-bomb office for further investigation.

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  • UK Parliament Attack: Fear grips Nigerian Senators, raise alarm over porous security in NASS

    24/Mar/2017 // 277 Viewers


    The Senate yesterday raised the alarm over the porous security in National Assembly, following terror attack on the United Kingdom Parliament.

    Senators said urgent steps should be taken to prevent undesirable elements from infiltrating the National Assembly complex.

    The upper chamber condemned Wednesday’s terrorist attack on the United Kingdom Parliament.

    It called for immediate security beef up within and around the National Assembly to secure lives and property.

    Senator Samuel Anyanwu drew the attention of his colleagues to the way and manner people troop to the National Assembly, especially at unholy hours of the day.
    The Imo East lawmaker, who relied on Order 43 of the Senate Standing Rules, urged security agencies in the National Assembly to step up their game.

    “One day, we may just be here and a bomb will go off. We need to call the people in charge of security here to take this issue very seriously. If what happened in the UK is allowed to happen here, there will be trouble. I have said my own.”

    Senate Leader Ahmad Lawan condemned the terrorist attack in the UK.

    The Senate resolved to write the UK Parliament to commiserate the members over the terror attack.

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  • Former Abambra Governor Peter Obi condemns use of force on Biafra agitators, demands Nnamdi Kanu's release, other Biafra activists

    24/Mar/2017 // 1384 Viewers


    Peter Obi, a former governor of Anambra state, has advised the federal government to change its “hardline posture and yield to the persistent clamour” for the release of Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

    Speaking with journalists on Thursday, Obi said the federal government ought to engage the Biafra activists in dialogue as that is the only means agitation could be solved.

    He condemned the use of force against the Biafra agitators.

    Obi said the government should realise and acknowledge that the agitators, like other citizens, have their fundamental rights of freedom of expression.

    “I wish to appeal to the federal government to change its hardline posture on this issue and yield to the persistent clamour for the release of Nnamdi Kanu and other Biafra activists so as to douse the tension in the country, especially in the South-East and south-south geo-political zones,” he said.

    “The federal government should engage them in dialogue. Every agitation in the world is resolved through dialogue and not by means of force

    “To the best of my knowledge, the agitation for Biafra is not violent and does not violate either the Nigerian constitution or international laws. I, therefore, condemn the use of force against the agitators.”

    He criticised the government for failing to release the detainees after they had been granted bail.

    “The fact that they had been granted bails that were not obeyed makes it even more pertinent to set them free now,” he said.

    “We are in a democratic regime and it is important that the rule of law should be obeyed no matter whose case is involved.”

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