• Nigerian doctors abroad to return home if ............

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    PARIS, MARCH 23, 2016: (DGW) - NIGERIAN  physicians practising abroad have given conditions to be met by the Federal Government before they can relocate to Nigeria, DailyGlobeWatch reliably gathered.

    The medical practitioners made their demand known on Tuesday in Abuja  during a courtesy call on the Senate Committee on Health. Among the conditions listed to facilitate their relocation to Nigeria include granting them soft loans and  reducing the  tariff of transporting medical equipment into Nigeria.

    The association under the auspices of Association of Nigerian Physicians in the Americas, (ANPA) speaking through their National President Nkem Chukwumerijie said they have the intention to relocate to the country and render services to their fatherland but the government is not doing enough to encourage them.

    Listing other factors hampering their relocation, the president touched on poor living conditions of doctors in Nigeria which borders on poor remuneration, modern equipment and soft loans to establish in Nigeria.

    Said Nkem Chukwumerijie, ''“The major barrier preventing the relocation of medical doctors back to Nigeria is the incentive. Every human character and behaviour are linked to incentives. Some of the incentives to get back the medical doctors abroad to Nigeria are not in place. Most of us here love our country and our hearts are in Nigeria but we just have to be physically in another country but we are very passionate about improving healthcare system here but the incentives especially finance, remuneration sends people out and force them to remain abroad.

    Speaking further, he said there is need for the government to make a provision modern medical equipment adding that the ones in use in Nigeria have become obsolete.
    “Another thing is the  lack of proper equipment to work with. Most people abroad honestly wants to come back but to physically relocate, we will need the right financial incentives. The Federal Government should provide low interest loans for healthcare, so that medical practitioners abroad could bring their money and have access to low interest loans. “Majority of our people wanted to come back home but they cannot finance the relocation process and the cost of setting up modern medical facilities in Nigeria. To bring in medical equipment is expensive because of the customs tarriff and other fees.

    He added by saying that, the Government need to reduce the tarriff so that our people can bring in the equipment. The government should also give us the opportunity to work in a structured arrangements with the federal, states and local governments, and also with private sector without barriers”.

    Responding Senator Lanre Tejuosho, the Committee Chairman lamented the billion of naira Nigeria loses annually resulting from seeking medical treatments abroad and said that the government is poised to resolve that problem. The Nigerian government he added is set to reverse the trend, he assured the members of ANPA.



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  • READ: Press release by lawyers of Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN)

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    PARIS, MARCH 23, 2016: (DGW) - We are constrained to address this press conference to correct impressions, misrepresentations, distortions and misunderstanding relating to our role in representing the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and the Islamic Movement in Judicial Commission of Inquiry set up by the Kaduna State Government. We also consider it imperative to put issues in their proper context and perspective and allow the Nigerian people to be the sole determinants of the issues in contention. This we consider as imperative considering insinuations and misrepresentations of our position relating to our appearance for the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and Sheik Ibraheem Zakzaky before the Judicial Commission of Inquiry. 

    Zaria between the 12th and 14th December 2015

    It is now a matter of common knowledge that between Saturday 12th and Monday 14th December 2015 there were clashes between the Nigerian Military and the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. This resulted in deaths, maiming, and destruction of properties of the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. Between the 12th and 14th day of December 2016, the Nigerian Military laid siege in the house of the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. He and his wife Zeenat were shot severally and they sustained severe and life threatening injuries. Subsequently, the Nigerian Army informed the Nigerian public that they took both of them into custody. The Nigerian Army later informed the Nigerian people that the leader of the Islamic Movement and the wife have been handed over to the Nigerian Police Force. 

    The Judicial Commission of Inquiry. 

    Presumably, as a result of the events that took place in Zaria between the 12th and 14th December 2015, the Kaduna State Government inaugurated a Judicial Commission of Inquiry on the 29th day of January 2016 with 13 terms of reference and headed by a Justice of the Court of Appeal. 

    Our Appearance before the Judicial Commission 

    On the 2nd day of February 2016, the Judicial Commission of Inquiry established by the Kaduna State Government informed the Islamic Movement in Nigeria that it would hold its Public Sitting on Monday, 22nd February, 2016. The Commission invited the Islamic Movement in Nigeria to submit written Memorandum/da(both in soft and hard copies) on the terms of reference given to the Commission. The Islamic Movement in Nigeria received the said letter on the 5th day of February 2016.
    On the 8th day of February 2016 the letter was referred to the Legal Team of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and we wrote to the Inspector General of Police intimating him of the fact that “the Islamic Movement in Nigeria is insisting that it must get the express permission and authorization of its leader Sheik Ibrahim Zak Zaky before it will take a decision on whether to appear before the Judicial Commission of Inquiry. This is in view of the fact that Sheik Ibrahim Zak Zaky is the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. He is also the spokesperson of the Movement as well as the custodian of its properties.”
    In the said letter we also informed the Inspector General of Police that “considering the magnitude of the events that took place in Zaria between the 12th and 14th day of December 2016 and the subsequent events in Kaduna State, the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria are of the firm view that their team of lawyers must see their leader and get instructions and proper briefings from him before the period for the submission of Memorandum elapses” 
    On the 8th day of February 2016 we met with the Inspector General of Police and on the 8th and 9th day of February 2016 we met with the Director General of the Department of State Services that were said to have custody of the leader of the Islamic Movement and his wife Zeenat. The meeting did not produce results and the Legal team could not see the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. 
    On the 11th day of February 2016 we wrote to the Secretary of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry and averred that “The lead counsel to Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Femi Falana, SAN and all the counsel engaged for the purpose of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry regret to inform you that we are not in a position to submit memorandum/da on behalf of the leader of the Islamic Movement and the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. This is predicated on the fact that we have no access to and have been denied access to the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria who is the leader of the Movement as well as its spokesperson and custodian of its properties. We applied to see the leader of the Movement and made frantic efforts to be allowed access to him to no avail. Find attached to this letter request to the Inspector General of Police in that regard. We are therefore unable to submit any form of Memorandum/da on behalf of the leader of the Movement and the Islamic Movement in Nigeria”.
    On the 19th day of February 2016 we again met with the Director General of the Department of State Services. It was agreed that we will see the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria on Wednesday the 24th day of February 2016. We kept the appointment and did not see the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. On the same 24th day of February 2016, a member of the Legal Team, Maxwell Kyon Esq appeared before the Judicial Commission and clearly stated that the legal team appeared out of respect to the Commission considering the fact that we are yet to meet with and conference with the leader of the Movement and cannot in the circumstances provide meaningful representation and or put up any meaningful appearance. It was on the basis of this that the judicial commission adjourned and instructed Counsel to the Commission to assist in facilitating access to the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and adjourned to Monday the 29th day of February for report on the said facilitation and visit. On the 29th day of February 2016 Maxwell Kyon appeared before the Commission and informed the Commission that nobody has seen the leader of the Movement and that the facilitation has not yielded any positive result. 
    On the 9th day of March 2016 Festus Okoye and Maxwell Kyon appeared before the Commission and gave a detailed exposition of the efforts that the Legal Team made and continues to make to be granted access to the leader of the Islamic Movement. It was on the basis of this that the Commission directed that Counsel to the Commission should liaise with the Attorney general of the Federation and the Attorney General of Kaduna State to facilitate access to the leader of the Movement.
    On the 7th day of March, 2016 the Commission wrote to the Attorney General of the Federation and that of Kaduna State. The Commission served copies of the said letters on the Legal Team on the 8thn day of March 2016. In paragraph 3 and 4 of the said letter the Commission stated that the Attorney General of the Federation may “wish to note however, that the other principal party, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria(IMN) has not submitted any, on the ground that the Counsel to the IMN Messers Femi Falana Sam and Festus Okoye Esq alleged that the Department of State Services(DSS) that is holding the leader of the IMN, Mallam Ibrahim Yakubu El-Zakzaky inspite of several efforts, denied them access to the leader hence, their inability to prepare and submit any Memorandum to the Commission. This position was reiterated at the Commission's proceedings of Monday, 7th March, 2016”. In paragraphs 4 of the said letter, the Secretary to the Commission stated that “Also the Senior Counsel to the Commission Yusuf Ali SAN applied to the Commission that the hon. Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice be kindly requested to collaborate and facilitate the accessibility of the team of Lawyers representing the IMN and the Commission to see the detained leader of the IMN between now and Friday 11th March, 2016. Also the Learned Counsel to the Commission has been mandated to report back at the next sitting of the Commission scheduled for Monday, 14th March, 2016”. 

    The Events of the 14th March 2016

    On the 14th day of March 2016 the Counsel to the Commission reported that they had written to the Attorney General of the Federation and the Attorney General of Kaduna State but they had difficulties in getting the Attorney General to act on the said letter. 
    Unfortunately, the Secretary to the Commission Dr Bala Babaji issued a Press Statement after the Commissions sitting on March 14, 2016 and stated that the Commission has taken the following decisions. “The Commission notes that IMN has been represented by Counsel and is satisfied that the said Counsel has been properly briefed by the IMN to appear before us. The Commission has strived hard to afford all parties to be fairly represented and treated with justice and fairness in all its deliberations. The Commission intends to proceed with its deliberations on Monday, March 21, 2016 by taking the Memorandum submitted by the Army. The Commission will furthermore issue to the public its schedule of appearances and presentations in due course. Counsel to the IMN are to submit their memorandum no later than March 21, 2016”. 

    The Issues 

    From the inception of the Commission, we made it clear that we appeared out of respect to the Commission. We also made it clear that Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky is the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria as well as its spokesperson and custodian of its properties. We therefore consider it out of place for the Commission to turn around and claim that it is satisfied that the team of lawyers has been properly briefed by the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. What the Commission has done and seeks to do is to graft the team of lawyers to a brief in which they are yet to have any form of briefing from the leader of the Islamic Movement and his wife that have been in the custody of the security agencies since the 14thn day of December 2105. We believe it is unethical and professional wrong to pretend to be representing a client and the wife that have been held by the government and have not been seen in public. 
    The Commission is aware and the Nigerian people are aware and our jurisprudence is clear that any person detained on suspicion of having committed a criminal offence is presumed innocent and such a person shall be brought before a court of law within a reasonable time and if he is not tried within a period of two months from the date of his arrest or detention in the case of a person who is in custody or is not entitled to bail he shall (without prejudice to any further proceedings that may be brought against him) be released either unconditionally or upon such conditions as are reasonably necessary to ensure that he appears for trial at a later date. This fundamental constitutional right has been denied the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and his wife. No explanation has been offered for this fundamental constitutional breach. 
    Moreover, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria has fundamental issues with some members of the Judicial Commission and believes that their membership of the Commission is in furtherance of a pre determined agenda to ban, decimate and or emasculate the Movement. Some members of the Commission hold very strong public views against the Movement and their views are in the public domain. It will therefore amount to wishful thinking to expect a member that has canvassed the banning of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and the closure of its schools to become a changed lover of the policies and programs of the Movement on mere membership of the Commission. These members accepted to serve because they have scores to settle with the Movement. The expectation is that these members ought to on their own decline their membership of the Commission. 
    It is also our firm view that justice is rooted in confidence and it is incongruous for us to continue to appear before the Commission that was fully aware that we have been denied access to the leader of the Movement and still went ahead to command that we should file a Memorandum and continue to appear before them whether we have access to the leader of the Movement or not. 

    We cannot in good conscience continue to represent a client whose whereabouts is shrouded in secrecy and in mystery. We cannot in good conscience continue to pretend to represent a client that we are not sure of his state of health considering the fact that he was shot severally by the Nigerian Military before he was taken away. We cannot in good conscience continue to represent a client that we are not aware whether he is alive or dead. 
    Furthermore, it is self evident that clause g and h in the Commissions terms of reference of the Commission are self serving and has nothing to do with the overall intendment of the Commission. The determination of the evolution of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, its legal status, organization, structure, membership, growth, assets, resources, culture and practices have nothing to do with the events that took place in Zaria between the 12th and 14th of December 2016. The Kaduna State Government should also go ahead to determine the legal status and evolution of the Nigerian military. Those that set up the Commission are aware that the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999(as amended) guarantees freedom of association and no government is permitted abridge the said rights. We believe that the said clause was inserted in a desperate move to find justification for the banning of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. 

    Our Position 

    1. The Legal Team of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria will not be used and will not allow itself to be used to legitimize a pre determined position and agenda against the Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. 
    2. The Legal Team thought it could lend its support to the Movement to tell the Nigerian public and the international community its own version of the events of the 12th to 14th of December 2015 but all efforts aimed at getting proper briefing from the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria met a brick wall. 
    3. The Legal Team has resolved that in the light of the realities of lack of access, briefing and representation for the Movement, the most honorable thing to do is to withdraw completely from appearance before the Commission in whatever form and manner and to cease any form of representation in whatever form or manner for the Movement. 
    4. The Islamic Movement in Nigeria believes that the Nigerian people are entitled to know the truth of what happened in Zaria and Kaduna and will explore alternative means and avenues of letting the Nigerian people know the truth of what happened.


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  • RERUN ELECTIONS: NGO cautions politicians against impunity; urges INEC to be more proactive

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    PARIS, MARCH 23, 2016: (DGW) - As residents of River State are yet to recover from the political imbroglio, destruction of properties, killings and violence that accompanied the rerun elections held across the state recently, a pro-good governance organization, Beyond Boundaries Legacy Leadership Initiative has charged politicians to avoid the culture of impunity in their quest for power and profligacy in the discharge of their duties to the electorate.

    The organization made the call through a press statement signed by her Executive Director, Comrade Omaga Elachi Daniel. They expressed dissatisfaction with the manner in which hatred is brewed among supporters of political parties in desperation for electoral victory by politicians at the expense of the peace and security of the nation.

    Speaking further, Comrade Omaga noted that Nigeria cannot witness any meaningful development in the nearest future if politicians do not desist from the practice of imposing themselves and their parties on the people.

    He stressed that the era of impunity has gone and any calculated attempt to drag the nation back to her vomit portends a great danger for our democracy.

    “We wish to berate our electoral umpire for her inability to organize free, fair and credible elections so far in some of the states and constituencies where rerun elections are tenable. It is indeed a national shame if after inheriting a robust INEC, we have been suddenly plunged into a jamboree of inconclusive elections”. “We are urging the present leadership of INEC to be more proactive so that the gains of our democracy will be sustained.

    Adequate welfare and security must be provided for electoral officers especially corps members who have continued to lose their lives, subjected to pitiable conditions, intimidation and molestation by political thugs in the course of serving the nation” they said.

    Finally, we wish to commiserate with the family of Samuel Okonta, the corp member who lost his life during the Rivers rerun elections and to urge party supporters to shun violence and killings, as no politician’s ambition is worth the blood of any citizen.


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  • Again, BUHARI makes powerful appointments, approves list of nominees on Wednesday

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    President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the list of nominees into the reconstituted Board of Directors of the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority.The agency, which announced the approval on Wednesday in a statement in Abuja, said the list had earlier been approved by its Governing Council.

    The National Economic Council, NEC, during its last meeting received the list of nominees.

    The list of the new Board nominees includes Olajide Zeitlin, representing the South West geo-political zone, as Chairman; Bello Maccido (North West), Lois Laraba Machunga-Disu (North Central) and Urum Kalu Eke, (South East).

    Others included Halima Buba (North-East) and Asue Ighodalo (South-South).

    The new board would succeed the Mahey Rasheed-led board, whose tenure ended last month.

    The Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority is a state-owned investment agency established with a mandate to manage the fund set aside for investments in real and financial asset in strategic sectors of the economy.

    As a natural resources depended economy, NSIA funding is dependent on the excess revenues accruing to the federation account from the export of crude oil and other commodity trading activities revenues.

    The NSIA was established by an Act of the National Assembly in May 2011, with its first Board inaugurated on October 9, 2012

    Shareholders of the NSIA consist of the Federal Government, the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, as well as all the 774 Local Governments and Area Councils in the federation.

    Their equity interest in the fund is shared in accordance of the existing national revenue sharing formula of 52.86 per cent to the federal, 26.72 per cent (states) and 20.60 per cent Local Government Councils.

    The agency, which commenced operations with a seed funding of $1 billion, has had the funding increased by an addition $250 million from the excess crude oil account.

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  • Nigeria Crisis: Jubilation at last as EU intervenes

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    As part of activities lined up to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaties, the European Union (EU) has donated €8 million  for the fight against terrorism in Nigeria.

    The money, as gathered, would be channeled towards the area of peace, reconciliation, stability and criminal justice response to terrorism.

    The union pledged to continue to promote international peace and security, development cooperation, human rights and response to humanitarian crises as the heart of its foreign and security policies.

    In a paper jointly signed by the EU Delegation Ambassador to Nigeria and Economic Communities for West African States (ECOWAS), the EU ambassadors to Nigeria and the High Commissioner of the United Kingdom (UK), pointed out that for countries that had long been at war, European integration has been in the forefront in finding lasting solutions.

    “However, we are living in unpredictable times, and the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaties is the opportunity not only to reaffirm our commitment to the values and objectives on which the European project is founded, but, also, to take pragmatic and ambitious steps forward.

    “We invest more in development cooperation and humanitarian aid than the rest of the world, combined. The EU is increasingly active as a global security provider. We stand for multilateralism, for human rights, for international cooperation.

    “We stand for sustainable development, inclusive societies, the fight against all inequalities – in education, in democracy and human rights. For us, this is not charity; it is also a smart investment in our own security and prosperity,” the statement read in part. EU also revealed that its development aid goes to about 150 countries in the world and, increasingly, focuses on the poorest places and all countries that are fragile or suffer from conflict.

    “The EU also stands ready to help those affected by natural and man-made disasters. Humanitarian crises continue to take a heavy toll internationally, and in 2016, the EU allocated relief assistance of over €1.5 billion for food, shelter, protection and healthcare to 120 million people in over 80 countries.

    “EU’s humanitarian office has allocated €96.8 million for humanitarian assistance in Nigeria since 2014. The annual budget was continuously increased, reaching €62 million in 2016. The EU’s partnership with Nigeria has deepened since the political framework EU-Nigeria Joint Way Forward was signed in 2008.

    “The EU-Nigeria Ministerial dialogue held last year discussed security and human rights cooperation, economic cooperation and global issues such as climate change and migration and mobility.”

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  • Incompetent Kitchen Cabinet: Another powerful 'kick' from Gov EL RUFAI sends BUHARI sprawling on the floor

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    • The President should speak to the nation — something akin to a State of the Union address on December 1 or January 1, preferably in a joint session of the National Assembly during which he will explain away some of the perceptions and lay out the national plans, strategies and roadmap above.

    • Appoint as many of the current NWC members as possible to ambassadorial, executive and similar positions to give way for the restructuring of the party leadership ahead of the mid-term convention.

    • Institute quarterly informal APC leadership council meetings in the State House to host, dine and consult with formal and informal party leaders to discuss and agree the restructuring of the party machinery after some of the actions above are done.

    • Institute quarterly dinner with APC Governors and engaging them on party issues, executive and non-executive appointments and the like.

    • Consider appointing a very experienced and nationally-connected person as your political adviser and bring in Chief Audu Ogbeh as an honorary political counsellor in addition to his executive functions.

    • Constitute an informal task team of State Governors, National Assembly members and Party leaders to review the constitution of the party, assess financing needs, update the primaries system and task all State Governors to finalize the membership register in their respective states in accordance with pre-agreed guidelines, IT platform and biometric standards.

    • Engage constructively with the NJC to impose quick sanctions on clearly erring judges, and appeals to the Judiciary to facilitate the expeditious resolution of landmark corruption cases.
    • Initiate the process of replacement of the leadership and commissioners of the Federal Civil Service Commission, Police Service Commission and other central management agencies of the federal public service, and relaunch a federal public service reform program under the leadership of the minister of finance.

    • Appoint a high profile economic adviser to the President, and constitute a twolevel economic team – political level chaired by the VP and technical level consisting of key economic agency heads to do the more detailed technical analysis and present options for decision and action.

    • Initiate sale of expired OMLs to India and China to raise at least $2obn to add to our foreign reserves, stabilize our national currency, and create a fund for future generations to be managed by the Sovereign Investment Authority. Our children must not inherit what the previous administration bequeathed to us, and you can pull it off, Mr. President.

    • Consider the privatization of other non-productive or potentially valuable assets like NIPP, Ajaokuta Steel and ltakpe Iron Ore, the balance of shares in Gencos and Discos, refineries and depots to raise revenues and achieve efficiencies.

    • Accelerate TIN registration to double the number of tax payers to at least 10 million in 2017 and reduce the levels of personal and corporate income tax, while effecting an increase of the rate for value added tax.

    • Commit to a three-year reflationary budget with at least 40% of budget meant for capital projects, supplemented by robust PPP legislation to attract private investments in toll roads, intra-city rail systems, electricity generation and distribution, inland waterways, airports and concessioning of the narrow and standard gauge railway systems.

    • Our entire investment environment and incentive structure needs a holistic review to enable us compete with our neighbors and peers. The investment policy review should prioritize encouraging local and foreign investors and fund managers to bring their capital and expertise to Nigeria.

    • Develop an import substitution and export strategy taking one industrial sector, commodity or product at a time, similar to what was done successfully with cement.

    The key issue is to identify firms with potential and develop them into national, continental and global champions.

    • Leverage on the fall-out of the padding scandal to scale down the budget of the National Assembly, put every MDA on IPPIS and begin the process of right-sizing the federal public service with the goal of drastically reducing the cost of governance.

    • Constitute an implementation committee for the Oronsaye Report with the mandate to update and bring up modifications as necessary for the approval of the President.

    • Institute a matching grants system that will encourage state governments to invest more aggressively in public education and healthcare to attack and slow the emergence of an inter-generational underclass and systemic inequality.

    •Develop a national plan, strategy and roadmap for the ICT, entertainment, financial services and sports sectors, and appoint high profile ministers to drive the advocacy and implementation.

    •Undertake a surgical operation on the leadership of the budgetary, fiscal and monetary management agencies to resolve conflicts between MDAs, replace tainted and incapable persons, and enable better coordination and policy consistency.

    • Effect personnel changes in the Presidency, the ministries (cabinet and permanent secretaries) and constitute a small team to review all future appointments for competence, capacity, integrity, diversity and inclusiveness. I am conscious of the likelihood that my memo may be misunderstood, misinterpreted and even perverted.

    I am willing to accept the usual accusations of arrogance and ambition, but Mr. President knows that none of these hold water. I ran for state Governor because you directed me to do so. From 2010 when we joined your team, I have no other interest other than your place in history as our President.

    I believe in your integrity, commitment and sense of duty to make our nation better. I am distressed that our government is seen not to be succeeding mostly due to the failures, lack of focus and selfishness of some you have entrusted to carry on and implement your vision. I am troubled that our own mis-steps have made the PDP and its apparatchiks so audacious and confident.

    It is time to act decisively, Mr. President. I hope this memo will contribute in some way in regaining our governance momentum. Mr. President, Sir. You have both a crisis and opportunity in your hands to turn around our country in the right direction.

    We pray that Allah gives you the strength and good fortune to succeed. This is an honest, frank and objective view of an admirer, a mentee, and a loyalist. I hope it helps, and I apologise if it displeases you. My duty to you is to tell you the truth as I see it. I have no interest other than the progress of our party, our president, our government and our country.

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  • Gov SAMUEL ORTOM is a 'fake' GOVERNOR, state of emergency should be declared in Benue - Gov Wike

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    PARIS, MARCH 23, 2017: (DGW) TWO days after the attack on a market in Zaki Biam, in Benue State by gunmen which left no fewer than 52 people dead, Governor Nyemsom Wike has blamed the attack on Governor Samuel Ortom's ineptitude and called for the immediate imposition of a state of emergency on the state, The Sun reports.

    While speaking in an interview yesterday, Wike said declaration of a state of emergency in Benue had become necessary because the governor, Samuel Ortom, has shown “ineptitude and lack of capacity to handle the situation. You can’t have a governor watching helplessly as his people are being killed. What kind of governor is that. He has displayed sheer laziness and incapacity in the whole issue, and this is quite unfortunate.”

    While agreeing that governors are not fully in charge of security in states, despite being called chief security officers (CSOs), Wike, however, said governors are supposed to have strategies, working with security agencies, on how to combat crime.

    “No excuse is acceptable for the high number of deaths in Benue.”

    He said Benue has been in the news over wanton killings, which shows that the government has not done much in the area of security.

    About 52 persons, including women and children, were on Monday shot dead, with several other people sustaining various degrees of injury, after gunmen invaded Zaki Biam, in Ukum Local Government Area of Benue.

    The attack came 16 years after  2001 Zaki-Biam military invasion.

    It was gathered that the attackers, who also set ablaze several houses and a petrol station in the area, had stormed the Zaki Biam International Yam Market, after arriving on motorbikes and Toyota Corolla cars, popularly known as ‘Dog Yash.’

    An eywitness said as the guns boomed, “there was stampede and many, including children and women were killed,” adding: “Also, the invaders set several houses and a filling station on fire after which they fled the scene.”

    Wike said Rivers State never experienced the kind of insecurity and killings being  seen in Benue, at a time people were plotting imposition of emergency rule in the state last year.

    “We didn’t even have the kind of insecurity and killings that we are witnessing in Benue today when some of these mischievous opposition  in Abuja were calling for state of emergency in Rivers, but now they have suddenly lost their voices. You can see their level of hypocrisy and mischief? I am calling for an urgent imposition of state of emergency in Benue, because there is a clear incapacity of the governor there to act decisively to stem the killings and tackle the problem.”

    On the death of Plateau State commissioner, the Rivers governor said the tragedy should be investigated, as the state governor and the government ought to have ascertained the state of health of the commissioners before subjecting them to such rigorous exercise.

    Meanwhile, Governor Wike has launched “Operation Leave the Road” in Port Harcourt, aimed at evacuating street

    traders, vulcanisers, road -side mechanics, artisans, street vendors and other persons constituting nuisance  on the roads. Such people were given  one week to vacate the roads.

    A statement  by Simeon Nwakaudu, Special Assistant to the Rivers State Governor on Electronic Media,  said any person who  flouts this directive,  at the expiration of  the  one-week ultimatum, would  be arrested and prosecuted.

    The government also ordered the evacuation of broken down  and out-of-use vehicles from the roads within one week, “failure which they  would be impounded and their owners prosecuted.”

    The statement quoted Wike as saying that a task force  will be established  to implement  the new directive, with the view to ensuring  the maintenance of order on the roads.

    In another development,  the Rivers State Executive Council has approved a 15-member Second Anniversary Committee.

    Addressing newsmen after the State Executive Council meeting, presided over by Governor Nyesom Wike, Commissioner for Information, Dr. Austin Tam-George, named members of the committee to include Secretary to the Rivers State Government as chairman, while Commissioner for Housing, Secretary, Commissioner for Works, Commissioner of Education, Commissioner for Information, Commissioner for Sports and Commissioner for Women Affairs are members.

    Others are Commissioner for Agriculture  (Governor’s Office), Head of Service, Chief of Staff, Special Adviser (Religious Affairs); Special  Adviser (Special Projects); Special Adviser (Security) and Permanent Secretary, Health.

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  • : Gov UMAHI very sad, angry as EBONYI women protest naked in Abakaliki over alleged rape of 70-years-old woman (See photos)

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    Women of Isu in Onicha Local Government Area of Ebonyi State yesterday marched on Abakaliki to protest the activities of Fulani herdsmen in the area.

    The protesters, who carried placards with different inscriptions such as “Fulani have destroyed all our crops and polluted our rivers and ponds,” “Fulani have humiliated us,” among others, alleged that one of the herdsman raped a 70-year-old widow to coma. According to the leader of the protesters, Florence Okoro, the herdsman sneaked into the widow’s house while she was preparing her evening meal and raped her.

    Okoro, who said the victim’s hands and legs were broken in the process, appealed to the state government and security agencies to come to their aid. Addressing the women at the Fatilami Abubakar Park, the Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Chief Augustine Nwankwegu, condemned the assault on the widow and the destruction of Isu people’s farmlands by the herdsmen.

    Nwankwegu assured them that government would take decisive action against the perpetrators of the crimes. He told them that Governor David Umahi had directed that the culprits be fished out and allowed to face the full weight of the law.

    The commissioner explained that Umahi had always emphasised the need for peaceful coexistence and wondered why such wickedness should be meted out to the people. He said: “The governor has heard this and asked me to look for a way to catch the man (rapist) so that he would be punished accordingly. “We have gone to the police and they told us they were on the way to bring him to Abakaliki.

    I’m promising you that by Monday he would be arraigned. You will come and see him because what he has done is wrong. The governor supports ‘live and let’s live.’” On his part, the Chief of Staff, Government House, Mr. Emmanuel Okorie, frowned at the activities of the herdsmen in the area. Okorie promised that the right thing would be done to serve as deterrent to others.

    He said: “It is annoying the Fulani herdsmen, instead of taking care of their cattle, are touching you. What is expected to be done for you to be happy our governor will do it.”

    Risultati immagini per angry images for women protesting in AbakalikiRisultati immagini per angry images for women protesting in Abakaliki

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  • JUST IN: Tears, sorrow as auto crash kills 22 in Nigeria

    23/Mar/2017 // 790 Viewers


    MARCH 23, 2017: (DGW) It was a nasty scene of sorrow and blood as no fewer than twenty-two traders were killed in a motoring accident in Nigeria, Vanguard news reports.
    The accident occurred on the Tunga Giwa-Ruwa Road in Shanga Local Government Area of Kebbi State when a Toyota Canter vehicle that tried to avoid a pot hole, hit a motorcyclist and somersaulted, killing the cyclist and 22 passengers in the van. 

    Sole Administrator of Shanga, Alhaji Garba Salihu, told Governor Atiku Bagudu, that the traders were returning from Tungan Giwa Market when the incident happened. 

    Salihu said the vehicle rolled into a ditch and caught fire. He said 22 persons on board the vehicle died on the spot, while eight sustained injuries and were taken  to Yauri General Hospital. 

    Bagudu, who was on a visit to the area, participated in the funeral prayer for the victims, who were buried in a mass grave. He sympathised with the survivors and pledged to settle their medical bills and render further assistance.

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  • Presidency, Niger Delta stakeholders meeting in Aso Rock

    23/Mar/2017 // 480 Viewers


    Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari, Abba Kyari is currently meeting Niger Delta stakeholders at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

    “This morning, in continuing with the implementation of our New Vision for the Niger Delta, we’re hosting stakeholders from the region,” the Presidency said on its official Twitter handle.

    The meeting which is holding in the conference room in the office of the chief of staff is called to find a lasting solution to the problems in the region.

    According to the Presidency, the dialogue which will have representatives from states in the region and officials from the Ministry of Niger Delta and NDDC in attendance will “discuss and review job creation efforts across the Niger Delta.

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