• New Year Message: Mbaka unveils ill-conceived plots to assassinate Buhari

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    PARIS, JANUARY 2, 2016: (DGW) Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka in his 2016 New Year prophetic message in Enugu, Enugu State, south-east Nigeria  has  prophesized  that  there are ill-conceived plots to assassinate President Buhari by those who benefited from the corrupt practices of the former administration led by Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.Mbaka told Nigerians to brace up for the tough times ahead adding that things, in all honesty, would later improve. All Nigerians need at this point in time is to support the effort of the present administration under President Buhari to regenerate the country.

    Said the fiery Catholic priest, “People will by now, begin to question, is this the government we voted for? But the Lord says, it will start hard, but it is going to end well. It is going to end well. I am commanded to ask for patience. The Lord says that multiple crises will befall the system. But later, the country will be filled with the peace of Isaiah 66, peace that will be flowing like a river. And in this peace will be the blessing. So, I am claiming the peace in the midst of all the looming crisis.

    “New crises are going to come up. But at the end,there will be peace. Peace will be terbanacled at the epicentre of this country,to handle any crisis no matter how benign, malignant, barbaric or even satanic it will appear like. God says He will be in charge. In 2013, there was a prophecy that there was going to be an oil doom after the oil boom. And when that message came out from this ground, many started calling me a prophet of doom.

    “How can there be a doom? And the oil price continued to climb. And the message said, people and government should begin to gather, as in the days of Joseph, to stop squandering our wealth. And they never listened. Throughout the six years of the past administration, God blessed our oil with high prices, $140 per barrel. But the message said there was going to be an oil doom. Do not mind the high prices. It warned our politicians to stop embezzling our wealth. But they said the money would continue to come.

    “Our oil would continue to flow. During this moment of the oil boom, there was excess crude oil money. They did not know what to do with our money. Our youths were suffering and they are still suffering. Graduates have no jobs, new industries were not built. Our roads were not reconstructed.

    Our hospitals were in shambles and in total collapse. Our educational systems were in shambles and these politicians were building good schools outside Nigeria.

    “They were busy building hospitals even in South-Africa and other neighbouring countries. When any of them is sick, he will be flown outside Nigeria because there is no hospital in Nigeria worth of good medication. You cannot find any hospital in Nigeria that has worthy diagnostic facilities. The entire money voted for hospitals were looted. Corruption was in quantum to the level that Nigerian Catholic Bishops had to compose a prayer against bribery and corruption.

    “The Bishops assured all the Catholics to be praying that prayer everyday after the communion. All the moneys voted for road constructions were swindled. Many of the politicians became millionaires and billionaires in Naira, Dollars, Pounds Sterling, Euro when they have no workshops and business centres. Somebody who has nothing doing, yet he is a billionaire because he is a politician. The oil money was messed up.

    “Now, oil doom has come. There was no preparation for the doom. The economy of Nigeria is an oil-based economy. My beloved Nigerians,those who led us for the past six years downwards have killed this country. None of them is qualified to stay in this country by now. Both the president, governors, senators, House of Representatives members, council chairmen among others. They are wicked. It does not matter the man of God they worship with. Before God and man, all of them are wicked.

    “They hate this country. They succeeded in removing the liver, kidneys and cardiovascular system of this country and paralyzed the neurological organs, and handed over to Buhari, shambles and skeleton. A nation that is in comatose. Nigeria right now,economically and security wise is in the Intensive Care Unit, ICU. If the oxygen is removed, Nigeria will go. People of God prayed from here and there, and God answered our prayers and gave us Buhari.

    On Buhari and the present administration, Rev. Ejike said that Buhari is indeed God-sent, his emergence as president of Nigeria is a prayer answered because prior to the 2014 general elections the Catholic Bishops of Nigeria had converged to pray against corruption in the country which was grinding the country to a halt.

    “I want to tell you today, that Buhari is a prayer answered. Weather you hate or like him, Buhari is a prayer answered. The Catholic Bishops of Nigeria prayed against bribery and corruption and this President came with a war against corruption. All the prayers we have been doing against bribery and corruption, God answered the prayers through a Muslim who decided not to discriminate. There is nothing like racial, ethnic discrimination in this administration.

    “He is a man of all. He means good for this country and we owe him unalloyed, consistent, spiritual and otherwise support. If he is not the man at the helm of affairs now or had it being the last regime continued, by now, Nigeria would be for sale. Who will buy? All the moneys voted for infrastructure, few people stole the money. That is why we are passing through chronic hunger, joblessness. Many have died and are still dying because of this. That is why they want to engineer you people to cause crisis even in this part of Igboland under the guise that Igbo are marginalized.

    The cleric further decried the falsehood making the rounds in the polity that the Igbo people of Nigeria are being marginalised. He criticized those who make this erroneous claim as none other than an evil desire to cause chaos in the country.

    “Igbo people are unmarginalizable. Nobody can marginalize the Igbo. The spirit of God wants me to speak good over what has been happening in this administration and that is what I am doing. I am not a sycophant,I do not support anybody for anything because I have the highest thing somebody can have which is God. So, I want to tell you that so far, God is happy with Buhari. And he who God has blessed, may you not try to curse because God will curse you.

    Speaking further, the cleric said those who benefited massively from the corrupt practices of the Jonathan-led administration are plotting to kill President Buhari but he said the plan will not succeed because Buhari is God-sent to regenerate Nigeria. 

    “Many people are planning, as it is revealed , to kill Buhari. There are many plans on how to eliminate his life so that corruption, embezzlement will continue. But the Lord says, God who put you there, will not forsake you. Be firm, resolute, focused, unbiased and refuse to be intimidated and distracted. Go ahead and war against evil. Buhari, go ahead and war against corruption. God and His people are behind you. You are the answer of the prayers of the people.

    “Our past looters, embezzlers, thieves on the political terrain have eaten the cake and now everybody is suffering. No ethnic group is marginalized. In the present administration, Igbo people hold the portfolio for Minister of External Affairs, Godffrey Onyeama; Science and Technology, Ogbonnaya Onu; Industry and Commerce, Osita Enalema; Labour and employment, Chris Ngige. And the problem of this country now is unemployment. If our youths are well employed, kidnapping will go. Kidnapping was a child of the past administration. They delivered that ugly baby, which resembled them. It is my job to put your mind right. When anybody wants to say that Igbo are marginalised, do not believe it. Igbo are doing well everywhere. So,why are we evolving a war that does not exist?

    “Those who are engineering this war, have their children abroad! And they want to use our unemployed youths to begin to walk around, ‘Igbo are marginalized,’ ‘our roads are bad.’ By the end of this year, Buhari will expose the names of the people who looted money meant for our roads. What we are suffering now is the resultant effect of the last malignant administration that was intrinsically corrupt. What we are suffering now arose from past administration. But the Lord says there is hope. Many people are going to suffer. We should all get ready. But after the suffering we will all smile.”

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  • Boko Haram threat hangs over Nigeria in 2016

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    Nigerian president President Muhammadu Buhari. In his New Year address, he said his government has technically won the war against Boko Haram. PHOTO | AFP 

    As Nigeria rings in 2016, the ever-present threat of violence by Boko Haram hangs heavy over Africa’s most populous country, despite official claims that the battle against the Islamist group has been “technically” won.

    After setting a December 31, deadline to rid his country of Boko Haram, President Muhammadu Buhari told the BBC: “I think technically we have won the war because people are going back into their neighbourhoods.”

    In his New Year message to the nation, Buhari commended the military for “significantly curtailing the insurgency” but acknowledged there was “still a lot of work to be done in the area of security”.

    “This government will not consider the matter concluded until the terrorists have been completely routed and normality restored to all parts of the country that have been adversely affected by the Boko Haram insurgency,” he said.


    But despite the official assurances, violence and fear continue to stalk several major cities in Nigeria’s troubled northeast.

    Late last month, more than 50 people were killed in a 48-hour wave of attacks in the mainly Muslim region that were blamed on the jihadists.

    Boko Haram has resorted to suicide bombers — many of them young children — to wage its war for an independent Islamic state in the country. 
    The extremist group has also spread its bombing campaign to neighbouring Cameroon, Chad and Niger.

    “Boko Haram is still a big threat despite the government’s claim that the group has been weakened,” Mr Ibrahim Kulo, 47, a resident of the violence-wracked northeastern city of Maiduguri told AFP.
    “One cannot venture 10 kilometres (six miles) outside the city without the fear of Boko Haram ambush. We live in real danger of Boko Haram,” he added.






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  • Buhari is neither God nor a deity to be feared - PDP reminds APC

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    PARIS, JANUARY 2, 2016. (DGW) The leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has expressed surprise and shock with  the  leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) over their angry reaction to constructive criticisms by the opposition party.

    In a statement issued and signed by the PDP National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh made available to DailyGlobeWatch in Abuja he  frowned on the angry reaction  by the ruling party and reminded them of the stream of coarse invectives on former President Jonathan by members of the then opposition party, the All Progressives' Congress.

    Chief Metuh said the PDP could never be cowed into silence and reminded the ruling All Progressives Congress that President Muhamadu Buhari is neither God nor a deity to be feared and could never lord over anyone, he warned in a statement.

    “Unlike the APC that denigrated the office and person of former President Jonathan by wrongly depicting him as ‘clueless and incompetent’, the PDP remains the most decent, mature and constructive opposition party in our democracy and we have evidenced great respect for the person and exalted office of President Muhammadu Buhari.

    “During the Goodluck Jonathan presidency, Mallam Nasir el-Rufai, while in the saddle as interim Deputy National Secretary of the APC, in a post on his twitter page, described President Jonathan as ‘lazy, docile, incompetent, clueless, hopeless and useless leader.’ “The PDP is a very responsible opposition party; our leaders are mature; and we have demonstrated so in our critique of the President’s responses during the maiden Presidential Media Chat. We have reviewed President Buhari’s performance and concluded that it was uninspiring

    “The entire world listened to President Buhari during the chat and went away with different impressions. We did and came up with the theme of our initial reaction that portrayed him very appropriately as a tyrant. And for purpose of clarity, a tyrant is a ruler who has complete power over a country and who uses the power in a cruel and unfair way, which was why we recommended the suspension of the operation of the constitution so he can rule for the next four years as a maximum ruler.

    “In its reaction, his party National Chairman, John Oyegun magisterially and dictatorially warned that ‘we (APC) may not condone such anymore.’ Our position in the PDP is that we are in trouble as a nation. All we hear from the APC regarding our freedom is ‘we won’t tolerate’, ‘we won’t condone.’ Are these words used by democrats or tyrants?

    “So, the PDP too is being warned and coerced on what to say as opposition party. The PDP must be commended for the civil, responsible, mature, issue-based opposition it has played. The nation knows how the APC rained insults on former President Jonathan and that the PDP, during that time, never used words like ‘it would not condone…’

    “Some have even criticised the PDP style of opposition as being too civil considering the tyranny we are facing. That is why Chief John Oyegun could term a dictionary word-‘tyrant’- as insulting. Nigerians do not need the PDP or anyone else to make them decide if President Buhari’s APC government fits the definition of a tyrant.

    “The real trait of the President was unraveled during the media chat. He has repeatedly shown his scorn for the Legislature, an independent arm of government while sanctioning security agencies’ disrespect for court orders and the impunity of continuous incarceration of people who have been granted bails by the courts.

    “Also from his responses, the President has even pronounced a guilty verdict on Col Sambo Dasuki and Nnamdi Kanu of Radio Biafra even before the hearings by the courts. Sadly, even the international community has noted this brazen scorn and disdain for the independence of the judiciary.

    “Furthermore, how do we describe a President who openly denigrated an entire race as he did in the media chat when he suggested that the Igbos were insatiable with the appointments his government has so far given to them? Indeed, the timing and the tenor of the President’s comment, given the security and political situation in the land, remain worrisome, especially at a time a nerve-soothing statement from the father of the nation could have reassured the agitators of the need for peace and unity in the nation.

    “Besides, it is sad and embarrassing that President Buhari’s anti-corruption crusade has now been reduced to a war between the APC and the PDP as declared by the Office of his spokespersons. Since they have confirmed that this is what the anti-corruption crusade is all about, the APC is obviously seeking to destroy the PDP so that it can push through Buhari’s second tenure in 2019 without opposition from the PDP.

    “This has also confirmed our concern that this is the reason the Federal Government is persecuting, and not prosecuting, Col. Sambo Dasuki. The APC and its leaders fear that Dasuki, given his vast political and security network, may be harbouring a presidential ambition, more so that the PDP has zoned its presidential ticket to the north.

    “The PDP is conversant with the sinister plan by the APC-led Federal Government to completely decimate our party by raking up all manner of allegations of corruption against the Goodluck Jonathan administration and leaders of the PDP with a view to taking them to court on orchestrated charges.

    “Finally we are aware that President Buhari has directed security agencies to be more vicious in dealing with our members and has continued to subtly coerce the Judiciary to convict those being charged to court. But what gives us joy is that President Buhari is not God and we will not worship him.

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  • JUST IN: Fresh facts emerge about arrested 'Borno council chair’ in connection with B'Haram

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    The Ministry for Local Government and Emirate Affairs, which supervises chairmen of the 27 local government areas in Borno State, has described the arrest of the Chairman of Mafa council, Shettima Lawan Mafa, as a “a very worrisome twist”.

    Mafa was at the weekend arrested for his alleged connection with the Boko Haram insurgency.

    It noted that contrary to media reports, the chairman wasn’t arrested but reported himself to the military.

    The Commissioner for Local Government and Emirate Affairs, Usman Ali Zanna, however said the ministry neither questioned the judgment and authority of the military nor exonerated Mafa of any wrongdoing so as not to pre-empt the outcome of ongoing investigation.

    He said: “If not because of media reports on this matter, the ministry would not have said anything because the matter is being investigated. But this statement has become necessary in order to put some records straight.

    “First of all, contrary to reports, the chairman in question was not arrested but reported himself to the military command after he got information that he was needed by the military.

    “Secondly, contrary to reports that Mafa was arrested at the 1,000 housing estate on Maiduguri-Damaturu road, there was never any issue at the estate. Mafa lives at 505 housing estate located on Dikwa and Mafa road.

    “The chairman actually reported himself to the military last week and was detained pending the outcome of ongoing investigations.

    “This development is a worrisome twist. It is a twist because, for years, Mafa has been known for his courage in joining hunters in the fight against Boko Haram insurgents. His commitment in the fight against terrorism is known to army commanders who have served in Mafa in the last two years. The like of Major Manga can bear testimony to this and it is mainly due to his passion that he was reappointed caretaker Chairman of Mafa.

    “We assure citizens of the 27 council areas; other concerned Nigerians and the international community that we are usually very thorough in identifying those appointed, either as local government chairmen, ward councillors, traditional rulers, vigilantes and members of the Civilian JTF deployed in the 27 councils.

    “As can be confirmed by security agencies, we do not engage any youth as vigilance members or in the Civilian JTF, unless he or she is verified by the Department of State Services (DSS).

    “We anxiously look forward to the outcome of the investigation while we shall abide by Governor Kashim Shettima’s stand that anyone found having any connection with insurgents is an enemy of Borno State and its people.”

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  • BUHARI moves to pacify IGBOS for support, arranges a special package to them 'smile'

    02/Jan/2017 // 2626 Viewers


    In a bid to calm frayed nerves among the Igbos in the southeast, President Muhammadu Buhari has directed that a special package to bring smiles to the faces of the people in the region be arranged in a move to woo the youths and others in the region.

    However, the President directed each of the 4,000 youths in Ebonyi state selected for the N-power empowerment programme of the federal government will be receiving N30, 000 monthly from the government.

    Acting Chairman of the state All Progressives Congress (APC), Pastor Eze Nwachukwu disclosed this yesterday while addressing party’s supporters in Ikwo local government area of the state. He said: “President Buhari has given the country good governance since assumption of office.

    In the ongoing N-power programme of the federal government, Ebonyi got its own share.

    In the first release, the state’s over 4, 000 graduates will be paid the sum of N30, 000 per youth a month. The president has done well and will do more in this 2017.”

    Earlier, a member of Board of Trustees of the party, Chief Austin Igwe Edeze called on the people of the state to register en masse in the on-going membership registration exercise of the party to benefit from the programmes and policies of the federal government.

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  • FRIGHTENING! Fear as Dr. Olukoya, General Overseer of MOUNTAIN OF FIRE MINISTRIES, releases very dangerous prediction

    02/Jan/2017 // 3303 Viewers


    General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries Worldwide, Dr. Daniel Kolawole Olukoya has released a very dangerous prediction that has sparked off fears and anxiety.

    The man of God sounded a stern warning to corrupt people, saying they will “REAP MULTIPLE SORROW”. Olukoy spoke early yesterday while giving a 40-point prediction to spiritually guide Christians for 2017.

    He addressed worshippers at the MFM’s Prayer City at a service to herald into 2017.

    He declared 2017 as one of deep sorrow for the wicked, adding that it’s also a year of confused noises and meaningless storm.

    According to him, 2017 will “experience redemption in contention, while it is blowing heavenly final whistle against those attacking genuine God’s people, as several foundations of satanic problems will expire”.

    Noting that prayers would be required to avoid convulsion of the earth, in the form of earthquakes, hurricane, tsunami, he warned that lots of prayers would be required for nations treating the word of God with disdain.

    Giving the theme for 2017 as ‘Year of Indisputable Victory and Uncommon Deliverance ‘, Olukoya predicted that the New Year would witness fighting between the roads and road users, as well as experience incredible and energy sapping battles.

    He predicted that satanic recruitment to capture and cage innocent young girls into foreign sects would  be rampant, as sexual perversion is already on the rise and warned that the year is a bad one for fornicators and adulterers.

    Olukoya gave ten key survival strategies to hold on to in the year to include living a holy life, desist from unbelief, set a goal, be persistent, always seek divine directive and being filled with the Holy Ghost.

    Other keys are to disengage from unprofitable friends, being generous to God, locating one’s weaknesses and addressing them, as well as becoming a prayer and Bible addict.

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  • Powerful man of God known for accurate predictions reveals KANU to be released soon, BIAFRA to be actualized

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    PARIS, JANUARY 2, 2017: (DGW) A powerful man of God has revealed that the actualization of the Republic of Biafra is on the horizon and also the leader the of the Indegenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, would soon be released from prison, The Authority newspaper has reported.

    According to the report, Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi, of King of Kings De­liverance Church, Mgbo Court, Ohaukwu Local Govern­ment, Ebonyi State has revealed that Nnamdi Kanu,will be released any time now from detention by the Federal Government.

    He made this revelation while speaking with journalists and urged the pro-Biafrans should re­joice now as the manifestation of an independent nation called Bi­afra is very much in the horizon.

    The Gbonum Ulepa-Ntezi, Eb­onyi State-born prophet stated this yesterday, 1st January, 2017 in Asaba, when he released prophe­cies for 2017.
    He said revelations that came after his return from the prover­bial mountain of prayer, include an earlier prophecy he made that President Muhammadu Buhari will not complete his first term in office.

    The man of God, who was of­ficially conferred with the title of ‘Prophet Onye Ruo Uka Ofu N’anya I of Ntezi’ (doubters will behold with their eyes) said he earned the title after predicting correctly that Dr Goodluck Jona­than would win the 2011 presi­dential polls, but lose to General Muhammadu Buhari in 2015. He had also prophesied Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 to earn the title.

    He warned that the army would make attempts to snatch power, but that eventually, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo would steer the ship of leadership into 2019.

    Continuing, Prophet Em­manuel Chukwudi told our cor­respondent that prophets who say that President-elect Donald Trump of the United States will never be sworn in are from the pit of hell. He argued that just as he saw Trump win the elections against all odds, so would he be sworn in, despite the odds.

    His words: “Tell pro-Biafrans to stop shedding tears. Their lead­er Nnamdi Kanu shall not remain in prison custody for too long again. He is already on his way out. As for their (pro-Biafrans) agitations for Biafra, the Lord says it is already in the horizon. Their day shall come soon”.

    “The Lord is also speaking about Nigeria. Nigeria will come out of its current recession before the end of 2019. Oil price will stabilise and hardship shall disap­pear. But towards 2019, the presi­dent’s health shall fail him, and he shall go the way of all men. But VP Yemi Osinbajo shall wrestle with the soldiers. They shall try to seize power and Osinbajo shall prevail. He shall lead Nigeria into 2019”.

    “Look at America. Thousands of fake prophets are rising in America and they say that Trump is the anti-Christ, that he shall never become president. They said that and I laughed and told them that the Lord has made him president. Today, they are singing a new song, that he shall never be sworn in. I laugh again, because they are false prophets. The Lord shall bring shame to their faces the day Trump is sworn in. Go and tell Trump that, just as the Lord battled all his enemies to en­throne him president, so shall He weed them out and bring shame to their faces the day he shall be sworn in. The snake has been killed, will it now be so difficult to pick up its dead body?”

    In February 2016, the prophet had projected Donald Trump as the next president of America. He had told journalists: “the Lord has been showing me something good about America. I saw spiri­tually that God has raised a great man, a great leader who will rule American with discipline, zero tolerance for corruption. God told me that the current govern­ment of Obama is corrupt, and he wants to raise a great leader from the republicans to rule and govern them. He will put all the wrongs right, and correct the wrongs.

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  • 'I want to advise President Buhari, but I can't reach him - Mbaka laments

    02/Jan/2017 // 1522 Viewers


    PARIS, JANUARY 2, 2017: (DGW) Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka of the Adoration Ministry in Enugu State has lamented his inability to see President Muhammadu Buhari to offer him useful advice on how to run the country and tackle the myriad of problems facing the country

    He disclosed this on Saturday in Enugu, Enugu State during his New Year message at the cross over service to 2017on leadership in the New Year.

    However, he advised the President to tackle the challenges facing the country, saying “many Nigerians are suffering.

    “Though the President is trying on corruption and security, Nigerians are hungry; they want to see more changes.

    “There is the need to assist businessmen and women in their businesses.”

    He also advised the President to appoint experts who would help him to revive the economy. The cleric asked the President to consult Church leaders and eminent men of God to advise him and tell him the truth about the economy.

    “We cannot reach him for advice because of the kind of people around him,” he added.

    He then urged Nigerians to be patient and be prayerful “as your sufferings and hardships would be over in 2017.

    “Nigeria is set to be great again,” he stressed.

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  • Again, fresh facts emerge Jonathan won 2015 election as DSS battles DASUKI to recover tape of secret meeting between JEGA, Northern elders

    02/Jan/2017 // 86418 Viewers


    PARIS, JANUARY 2, 2016: (DGW) FRESH facts have emerged that former President Jonathan actually won the 2015 presidential election but another result different from what was obtained from the collation centers across the country was declared that saw the emergence of Buhari.

    The Department of State Services, DSS, according to reports had earlier revealed  the siege to the residence of former National Security Adviser, Colonel Sambo Dasuki (Rtd)  as a result of the agency's frantic efforts to seize the tape of the secret meeting former INEC chairman Professor Attahiru Jega held with Northern leaders in Dubai in Dasuki’s possession.

    Recall Dasuki's Abuja and Sokoto homes were raided on July 9, 2015, which the agency claimed to be based on credible intelligence that the immediate past NSA, Mohammed Sambo Dasuki (Col rtd) has ill-conceived plans to commit high treason Nigeria.
    However, it has been learnt that the tape of the secret meeting Jega had with Northern elders in Dubai in Dasuki’s possession is the reason why the DSS invaded his house which they made frantic efforts to recover because of the sensitive nature of the contents capable of causing civil unrest in Nigeria should be allowed to go public.
    It was also gathered that Professor Jega Dubai meeting with Northern elders in Dubai was the basis for calls for Jega’s resignation prior to the federal elections that took place in 2015.

    Recall Prof. Ango Abdullahi a fiery critic of former President Jonathan prior to the 2016 presidential election in an interview with Daily Sun newspapers published on October 16, 2016 did expressly say the All Progressives Congress did not win the presidential election anywhere in the north.

    He listed the grievances that got the north angry which informed the agitation for power to return to the north which is a pointer to the secret meeting held in the Emirates between Jega and northern leaders to ensure Jonathan is removed from power by subverting the electoral wishes of the people

    Below is the extract culled from Daily Sun newspapers published on October 16, 2016:

    'Earlier, in their pre-summit press conference, under the aegis of Northern Elders Forum (NEF), the elders did not hide their feelings about the economic hardship in the region in particular, and Nigeria as a whole.

    They regretted that they had kept silent for so long over the seemingly unending socio-economic crisis since APC came to power, admitting that if they didn’t speak up, succeeding generations would not forgive them.

    Sunday Sun gathered that the northern elders were also not happy that federal allocations, especially in the 2016 budget, allegedly favoured the southern part of the country more than the entire northern region.

    They recalled that they spoke extensively on issues bedeviling the country during the last dispensation, and as such, they admitted that it would be wrong of them to shy away from commenting on current issues unpleasant to the North and the country.

    ''The elders noted that, having supported APC, against all odds, to produce the nation’s president, the ruling party had failed after just one year in office, to manage electoral success recorded at the 2015 polls.

    ''They added that if they had wanted Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to win the election, it would have won because they supported Buhari and not APC.

    The Secretary and spokesman of NEF, Professor Ango Abdullahi, in a pre-summit address had said: “As elders of the region, during the last dispensation we were not silent on some issues bedeviling the region as well as the country. We made our voices heard especially during the campaign period. Now we also feel it is time we talked for the progress of the region and the entire country.

    “If the North is shivering, by extension the other regions will catch cold. Quote me, because we still believe, we can influence events in the North and to an extent the country.

    “Several issues bordering on security, socio-economic and political issues affecting the country make it imperative for northerners from across the board to come together, examine the situation, reassess the northern position and chart a framework for action that will certainly be a key reference point in future national discourse.”

    However, during the summit, Professor Ango, who was the chairman, organizing committee of the summit, said the situation, which led to the victory of the APC in the North was not about the party but the fact that the North needed a return of leadership of the country from the South.

    He argued that as a founding member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), there was no way he could have worked for the success of another political party.''

    “With due respect to those of you who are in APC, the APC did not win election here, take it or leave it, it is the resistance groups that mobilised people to really take the election.”

    Source: Follow this link to read the full text of the interview with Prof. Ango Abdullahi published by DAILY SUN newspapers on October 16, 2016:

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  • Breaking: VICTOR NNADI killed by police in South Africa, IKECHUKWU ANYENE abducted, declared missing

    02/Jan/2017 // 1877 Viewers


    The Nigerian community in South Africa on Sunday confirmed the death of a Nigerian and the abduction of another in that country.Ikechukwu Anyene, the President of Nigeria Union, South Africa, told the News Agency of Nigeria on telephone from Pretoria that both incidents had been reported to the Nigerian Mission in that country.

    He alleged that one Victor Nnadi, a native of Orlu in Imo State, was suffocated to death on Thursday by the Metropolitan Police in Cape Town.

    Mr. Anyene claimed that witnesses saw the police handcuff the victim and suffocate him to death.

    “When the people saw what happened, they raised an alarm and confronted the police.

    “ The union`s chapter in Cape Town is already on top of the situation and trying its best to facilitate the release of the detained brother of the deceased,” he said.

    Mr. Anyene, however, urged the Federal Government to persuade the South African government to put measures in place to stop the killing of Nigerians.

    The union, he said, also got information on December 24 that one Austin Agunwa, a native of Umuawulu, in Awka South Local Government Area of Anambra, was abducted by unidentified persons at Rustenburg, North West Province.

    He said Nigerians in the province raised a search team which later found the victim`s car abandoned, after a crash near a bridge.

    Mr. Anyene, however, said the vehicle had no blood stain.

    “As we speak, we don’t know his whereabouts and nobody has claimed responsibility for his abduction.

    “We have directed the union`s chapter in the area to report the incident to the police and open a case on the missing Nigerian,” he said.

    Mr. Anyene also said that the union`s national body would liaise with Nigeria’s High Commission to visit Rustenburg over the incident.

    “We have also advised our people to be calm and remain law abiding as the union and the Nigerian Mission are handling the situation,” he said.

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