• I'm confident of winning Edo governorship election - Godwin Obaseki boasts

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    Godwin Obaseki is the flagbearer of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the September 10 governorship election in Edo state. In this interview with ISAAC OLAMIKAN, he spoke on his plans to continue where the incumbent governor, Adams Oshiomhole stopped if elected. Excerpts:

    Basically, there are two prominent political parties in Edo State – the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

    You are known as a technocrat while your opponent, the PDP flagbearer, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, is known as a core politician. How would you respond to this?

    Every person is a political animal. To say that I am a technocrat when I have been in the corridors of power and politics in Edo State is creating the wrong impression. Yes, I have done other things in my life outside of politics. I have been an investment banker; asset manager; I have been a stockbroker. So, if that is what you are saying, yes I accept, unlike some other people who have done nothing else in their life except just partisan politics. To that extent,  I don’t agree that the fact that somebody has been a partisan politician all his life and done nothing else gives him an undue advantage. If anything, it is a disadvantage because he cannot offer anything other than raw politics particularly the politics that has been practiced in this republic, which is the politics driven by greed and violence.

    What are you expecting on September 10?

    Come September 10, from what is on ground, clearly I will win the election. But what I am expecting is to ensure that as I go round, I am able to have a much better understanding of the needs of our people; to be able to build consensus amongst Edo people so that with that consensus,  we can quickly accelerate our economic growth.

    People agree that the comrade governor has done much in the area of infrastructural development. But there are complaints that the state lack industries. How are you going to address this when you become governor?

    We have started already. People just see that the comrade has built infrastructure. But he built the infrastructure for what purpose? We built roads so that we can have access; we built schools so that we can train quality human beings. The reason for building schools is to improve the quality of the human being so that they can be a very productive workforce. The first phase is what the comrade has done, which is laying the foundation for our economic growth. The next phase is where I now take off from, which is now to begin to attract the investors; continue to ensure that there is security of lives, properties and assets so that people can now come into the state and locate their businesses in the state; produce goods and services in the state using the labour, materials and other resources found in the state.

    What are you doing to bring together all the aspirants that you contested against during your party primary so that all of you can present a united front for the election?

    We all have agreed that we are one party. We have all accepted to work together as brothers and sisters. All the aspirants have integrated into my campaign team. They are members of my campaign organisation. They have asked their followers to support me. We are one now; we are one family. We have spoken with all our followers. If you go to places like Orhionmwon, Uhunmwode and even Edo Central senatorial district where some of the aspirants come from, you will find out that we are in sync now, that we are all speaking with one voice.

    Your running mate, Hon. Philip Shaibu, is a youth. Is that the reason you picked him?

    Yes, that’s partly one of the reasons; but if you think about it, he has been part of this administration, part of our government. We started together with the comrade governor. We are like two sides of the same coin. While they were focusing more on legislative matters in the legislature, I was with the comrade governor working on issues on the executive branch. The combination of somebody with his kind of political skills and legislative experience added to my understanding of policy and what to do is such a fantastic combination. When you are planning, you want to bring as many resources to the table as possible. You don’t just go and carry the same type of resources for your use. You will not have that diversity to help you reach out to a much larger audience. We had to think very carefully the type of person to be deputy governor and his credentials and experience.

    During the Edo south gubernatorial flag off held at UWA Primary School, Benin, people saw a different Godwin Obaseki speaking eloquently extempore unlike what obtained in the main flag off held earlier at the Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium where you were reading a prepared text….
    That (Ogbemudia Stadium flag off) was my first outing. Where I had to tell the people of Edo State, in very clear documented and precise terms, what I had in stock for them. It was not supposed to be a rally where we just talked glibly. That was the allocation to set my template on what I would do so that the world would know what to hold me accountable for. In most advanced countries, that is the thing to do. The first time you are going out to meet the electorates you want to be precise; you want to be specific; you want to be clear; you want to be transparent so that there is something somebody can hold on to. You have a copy of that speech it is documented and is now historic. I don’t understand the point they trying to make; that I cannot talk; I cannot speak; I cannot articulate? But clearly I can. We are trying to change our politics. There are certain things that have to be done formally. Not everything is stage excitement. At some point you have got to be dexterous about who you are.

    As the chairman of the Economic team of the state, can you recall some of the things that you have done that will remain indelible in the people’s memory?

    What exactly has happened in Edo State which I have not been part of? What are those indelible things that have happened that I have not been part of? Is it funding the money required to build everything you see? Is it the ground breaking Azura Power Plant which is the only project of its type on the continent today? Is it the 2010 – 2020 economic plan on which the state is running? Is it the financial planning and reform which led the World Bank to offer the state a budget support facility which it has only offered to two states on the continent of Africa? Is it the restructuring leading the state to lend to micro businesses in a sustainable way?  I could go on and on. So, what is that thing that has happened in the state in the last seven and half years that the economic team contribution has not made happen? That we are paying salaries today, that we have a robust financial management system that is helping the state to meet its obligations is an output of the work we have done. But we thank God and the comrade governor for been able to provide the leadership for us to do all of that. He set up the economic team in the first place and gave us the latitude to work. The credit goes to him more than me. - INDEPENDENT

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  • British newspaper slams Buhari for lying to the world, Presidency fires back, tells Telegraph to come to Nigeria

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    PARIS, AUGUST 2, 2016: (DGW) The presidency and a British newspaper, UK telegraph are horn locked over false claims by President Muhammadu Buhari in the Nigeria's embattled northeast with the former accusing the latter of  “strengthening” Boko Haram insurgency in the country.

    The newspaper had reported that the condition of internally displaced children in the northeast is better imagined than real as no fewer than 50,000 children face imminent death by starvation resulting from faltering claims made by Buhari that he is defeating Boko Haram militants. The UK newspaper in a publication says it is all propaganda by the Nigerian government to deceive the world and by misrepresenting facts on the true situation

    But in a statement on Monday titled “Again, London Telegraph is strengthening Boko Haram terrorism”, Garba Shehu, presidential spokesman, described the report as incorrect.

    Shehu invited Telegraph to visit Nigeria to witness firsthand the challenges of the government, so that it could stop writing stories that are “untrue”.

    “The London Telegraph’s article ‘Children Face Death by Starvation in Northern Nigeria’ (30th July) repeats a claim from an earlier piece ‘Nigeria Using UK Aid to Persecute President’s Political Foes’ (12th April) – that Nigeria is diverting UK aid monies away from defeating the Islamist terror group Boko Haram towards those the newspaper identifies as political opponents of the administration. This is as incorrect as it is unhelpful,” he said.

    “These claims in both articles are attributed to an unnamed ‘source’ in the United States, and ‘Western officials.’  Yet when the first article was published it drew the condemnation of the US embassy in Abuja as having drawn conclusions directly opposite to the position of the US government.

    “To state the facts: the UK government does not give development aid to the Nigerian administration for use in military operations against Boko Haram. Where British military support – such as intelligence – is provided, it is precisely and only given for operations directly against Boko Haram.

    “Similarly, the Nigerian government is in no position to divert aid monies used for emergency relief for refugees or IDP camps for any other purpose, as these are dispensed directly by DFID, USAID, the United Nations, the International Red Cross, Doctors without Borders and many other organisations – with which we enjoy excellent relations.”

    However, the presidential spokesman admitted that the humanitarian situation at the IDP camps is real.

    He said that the Buhari administration remained deeply concerned about the medical, health and nutrition challenges of the children, and that it was doing everything possible to improve their situation.

    “However, the blame for the plight of refugees lies with Boko Haram. They are its cause, not the Nigerian government,” Shehu said.

    “In the light of ongoing efforts, we regret the recent attack on the UN humanitarian convoy in the Northeastern region and are encouraged by the world body’s determination to continue rendering assistance to the displaced victims. That the attack was repelled by Nigerian troops escorting the convoy shows precisely how the Government and humanitarian agencies are working together.

    “As for claims that the administration is targeting Christians and the opposition, these are without foundation. Since assuming office, President Buhari has treated all Nigerians without bias for ethnicity or religion — as the composition of his cabinet and the policies and programmes of his administration demonstrate.

    “To suggest his government as deepening Muslim-Christian division is not only untrue, but plays into the hands of Boko Haram who wish to divide Nigerians along religious lines. Fighting this group is key priority of President Buhari’s Administration. Indeed the international community has widely acknowledged his determination to defeat terrorism in Nigeria and the entire Lake Chad Basin.

    “There is nothing to gain by attempting to mould public opinion against these facts. Therefore we invite The Telegraph to visit Nigeria: to witness first hand not only the challenges we face, but the Administration’s determination to confront them.”

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  • Abuja boils! Read what is happening in House of Representatives

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    Reports coming in from Abuja, Nigeria say palpable tension and confusion hung in the air in the Nigerian House of Representatives on Monday over an alleged plot to remove the Speaker, Mr. Yakubu Dogara, THE PUNCH has reported.

    Dogara has been accused of budget padding allegations made by a former Chairman of the Committee on Appropriation, Mr. Abdulmumin Jibrin.

    It was gathered that many members were ruffled, forcing a large number of them to rush from their vacation spots to meetings in Abuja where the alleged plot was discussed.

    Findings showed that the Majority Leader, Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila, however, doused the tension among factions by urging members to have faith in the leadership of the House under Dogara.
    The All Progressives Congress lawmaker from Lagos State has kept sealed lips over the budget crisis since it started on July 21.

    Gbajabiamila had refused to speak openly in support of Jibrin or Dogara, and the three other principal officers whom Jibrin had accused of padding the 2016 Budget.

    The others are the Deputy Speaker, Mr. Yussuff Lasun; the Chief Whip, Mr. Alhassan Ado-Doguwa; and the Minority Leader, Mr. Leo Ogor.

    It was learnt that some persons in the House in a text message that members of the House received on Monday accused Gbajabiamila of siding with Jibrin to remove Dogara because of his silence.

    “This group circulated a text message among members, giving the impression that there would be a leadership change in the House.

    “They attempted to re-open the old Dogara-Gbajabiamila rivalry and create mayhem,” a senior legislative official told newsmen in Abuja on Monday.

    The source of the text message was unknown as of the time of filing this report.

    It read, “Plot to destabilise the leadership of the House of Reps has taken a new dimension as the Attorney-General of the Federation, working with Gbajabiamila, Jibrin and the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, has drafted charges to arraign and detain principal officers of the House so that the Transparency Group, who recently met with Tinubu’s wife, will effect a leadership change with Gbajabiamila as Speaker and Jibrin as the Deputy.

    “This is why Jibrin did not mention Femi (Gbajabiamila) in his allegations. The 8th House won’t be anybody’s rubber stamp. We will resist them like the Senate resisted them.”

    Gbajabiamila, reports say, told members that he chose to break his silence because the text message gave the wrong signal.

    Below is Gbajabiamila’s communication to members, which was sent via text message:

    It read in part, “Since the budget controversy that engulfed the House about a week ago, I have pointedly maintained a dignified silence. I did this for the sake of the institution that I represent and which I have laboured hard to grow and protect, knowing that whatever I say could be impactful both within the House and outside it.

    “I was determined to keep in place the glue that holds an otherwise fragmented House, protect its integrity and at same time avoid eroding the little confidence and vestiges of hope Nigerians have in us.

    “Unfortunately, the controversy has now taken a different turn following the rather strange text making the rounds among members about my complicity in this rather sordid matter. I am being dragged into an arena I tried very hard to stay out of for the good of the House.

    “The speakership election has come and gone. The election was divisive and acrimonious, but I have worked hard to heal the wounds, some of which still fester among members on both sides. It is my responsibility to bring together all tendencies in the House and I have worked well with the Speaker and all other principal officers in the interest of the institution and the country.

    “The text message, which desperately seeks to finger me in some macabre plot to destabilise the House, is a throwback and echoes our dark post-speakership election history. The resurfacing of the faceless text messengers will not help us as a House, and let me quickly add that it will fail.

     “My strongest critics and biggest political adversaries in the House cannot deny the fact that my commitment has always been to strengthen the legislature and its processes and our democracy as a whole.

     “I consider everyone a friend and colleague and urge that as we collectively work towards a stronger legislature and strive to deepen our democracy, we do not pull back the hands of the clock or lose sight of the enormous responsibility placed upon us by providence as members of a critical arm of government.”

    On Jibrin’s budget padding allegations, Gbajabiamila noted that judgment could not be passed on any official based on mere allegations.

     He stressed that before the law, an accused remained innocent until proven guilty.

     “It is clear that our budget process needs radical reform. Allegations have been made, but I strongly believe that judgment should not be passed based on allegations.

    “We operate a constitutional democracy and we must at all times submit to its dictates and ethos. All parties are innocent until otherwise proven.

    “This should be our guide. I plead with all members; the mudslinging must stop,” Gbajabiamila added.

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  • Shocking! Read how 8 landlords were murdered in Lagos in one night!

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    (PUNCH) - The first sign of disquiet, which a first-time visitor may encounter in the Ikorodu area as he approaches the Igbo-Olomu and Isawo communities, is the ubiquitous presence of a dark green Lagos Task Force vehicle stationed at a major turning.

    During a visit to the area on Monday morning, our correspondent observed that heavily armed military personnel had taken different positions on the road, screening and frisking commuters. There was an uneasy calm around the junction. The silence contrasted sharply with the usual cacophony arising from buying and selling in the area, as well as the sound of speeding commercial motorcycles, popularly called okada.

    Beyond the junction, the plains and valleys of Igbo Olomu and Isawo, leading to the creeks separating the areas from Arepo in neighbouring Ogun State, also swarmed with soldiers.
    It was less than a week after the military started an offensive against suspected pipeline vandals, who had terrorised residents on the coastline, forcing many of them to flee with their families.

    But the situation was still far from normal when our correspondent visited some of the communities in the area on Monday. Muti, Elepete, Kajola, Ola Imam and other communities on the flank of Isawo and Igbo Olomu were already deserted. Haunted by endless abductions, rape, armed robbery and deaths, the residents had since abandoned their homes and fled these communities. The few that defiantly chose to stay were seen on Monday nursing the wounds inflicted on them by their tormentors.

    One of the residents named Bola Omotunde, a self-employed woman in Kajola community, spoke to our correspondent from a partition on her window. Speaking in a low tone, the mother of three recounted what happened in the community on Sunday.

    “It was a terrible experience. Those boys wreaked so much havoc here. We thank God that the government has started dealing with them. Throughout yesterday, the sound of gunshots would not let us sleep. It has been a traumatic experience and my children are not back yet. I paid N10,000 per night in a hotel for three days before a friend took my family in. My children did not write their third term examination before trouble broke out here. Those boys were going from house to house, kidnapping people. I know they will never come back, but it will take time for things to be normal around here,” she said.

    But there was no sign of life in Omotunde’s neighbourhood, which was in the Zone A area of Kajola. Not far away from her residents, two men in a block-making factory were busy at work, unperturbed by the deafening silence around them.

    One of them, who identified himself as Bello, said some residents had seized the opportunity to construct their houses.

    “It is not true that people want to sell their houses. Even if you want to sell, who will buy? What I have noticed is that some residents come in to continue the building of their houses because there was no Omo Onile (land grabbers) to disturb them. You will find artisans working on a few houses between 10am and 3pm. The sites become empty as soon as it is 3.pm. I don’t live here. I live at Ogolonto with my partner. I come here before 10.am and by 4.pm, I start the journey back home to Ogolonto,’’ he said.

    At Ola Imam community, the gloom was palpable. As in Kajola, the streets were deserted. This was the community where eight landlords, who volunteered to serve as security men, were slaughtered in one night by marauding pipeline vandals.

    A resident, who declined to give his name, said the community would not forget the incident in a while. He berated the government for coming to the aid of the community too late in the day.

    “The harm has been done already.  Eight landlords in this community were murdered. They were vigilantes who volunteered to keep our community safe from petty thieves. Only one of them was spared because he was nursing his sick child that night. He thought he would be able to join the others, but he slept off. We woke up to the sight of their dead bodies in the morning of the next day.

    “No matter what the government is doing now, it cannot bring back those men. Who will compensate their families?  We have more widows and fatherless children than ever in the community. One man was kidnapped in his house. I learnt that he paid N5m as ransom. I think this effort of the government is too late,’’ he said.

    There was nobody to attend to our correspondent when she visited the homes of some of the landlords on Monday. A female resident, who also declined to give her name, said some women who were raped by the attackers had died of trauma.

    “Nobody knew this kind of misfortune could befall this community. Some women were raped right in front of their family members. Do you know that the invaders even used the barrels of their guns to rape the women? Some of the victims died shortly after the acts. We are praying that the government will fight this battle till the end. The soldiers are more concentrated in the Elepete side which is close to the creeks. But we also feel their impact here,” she said. 

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  • APC makes frantic moves to save its face as corruption scandal rocks party, summons Jibrin

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    Abdulmumin Jibrin, former chairman of the house committee on appropriation, has been summoned by the All Progressives Congress (APC).

    Jibrin is expected to appear at the national secretariat of the party on Tuesday, to explain his allegations of budget padding made against Yakubu Dogara, and 12 other lawmakers.

    In the letter written to Jibrin, the national leadership of the APC on Monday, asserted that Jibrin has brought “dishonour” to the party, owing to the public nature of his allegations.

    The letter of invitation to the lawmaker representing Kiru-Bebeji federal constituency, in Kano state, was signed by Lawal Shuaibu, the party’s deputy national chairman for the north.

    “As a disciplined party, the constitution of our party has made adequate provisions on ways of resolving any issue among our members.

    “It behoves on the party to take all necessary steps in order to ensure that no member of the family brings dishonour to the party.

    “To say the least, it is absolutely unacceptable to resort to media war as a means of settling scores without recourse to and/or exhausting the party’s internal dispute resolution mechanism.

    “You are, therefore, by this invitation, expected to appear before the undersigned at the APC National Secretariat on Tuesday, 2nd August, 2016, at 2 p.m.

    “Kindly note that failure to and/or refusal to honour this invitation will amount to a decision you have made not to submit to the party.”

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  • Read 6 Interesting yet annoying things about Nollywood movies

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    PARIS, AUGUST 2, 2016: (DGW) One of our avid readers sent in a piece about NollyWood movies, the Nigerian film industry otherwise referred to as the Nigerian fantasy world.

    He identified and listed some defects in Nigerian films which he hopes to see corrected to put the  growing industry on a par with others at the world level. He probably had Hollywood in mind when writing his piece.

    Below are some of his suggestions, drop a comment please to enable the Nigerian movie industry another huge foreign exchange earner to improve:

    ''Nollywood is the sobriquet for Nigeria’s film industry. The industry is currently witnessing a boom as it churns out new and exciting movies. So, there is little or no argument when it is described as the third largest movie industry in the world.

    Now, a good number of Nigerians are watching Nollywood movies alongside Hollywood movies. At the same, they are visiting cinemas to watch these sterling movies made by prolific producers like Kunle Afolayan, Lancelot Imasuen, Emem Isong and Tunde Kelani, among others in locations like Lagos, Calabar, and Enugu.

    Despite all these accolades, there is still a long way for these movies to go to compete favourably with Hollywood and Bollywood. This is because there are still some petty and trivial things that you see in these movies. This can easily put viewers off. In line with this, Jumia travel, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal identifies some of these annoying things.

    Easily predictable

    In some cases, the title of the movie will give you a fair idea of the plot. And if you decide to watch the movie, with 100% certainty you can tell what is happening next. Often times than not, Nigerians who watch Nollywood movies do not look forward to the climax and its resolution. Thus, due to this predictability, they easily lose interest.

    Irrelevant sequels

    You must have questioned why they are wasting so much time at a particular scene. The answer is that the producer wants the film to have a sequel. Definitely, you know that the movie doesn’t need one.  But the thinking of the producer is different as the movie can have like 3 sequels with different titles.

    No storyline or plot

    Some Nollywood movies have no plot or storyline. It seems like they hurriedly gathered actors and actresses to just act a script that has no story. This leaves some Nigerian film enthusiasts to question why they wasted time watching the movie.

    Some accident or shooting scenes are a write-off

    Accident or shooting scenes in most Nollywood movies are a write-off. For those who are addicted to Hollywood and watch the same scene in a Nollywood film, you will be awed at the way the act is poorly done. This is a major scene that producers need to improve.

    Terrible subtitles

    Many Nigerians now watch indigenous language movies especially Yoruba movies. But one flaw about these movies is that it is poorly subtitled. So, the movie is restricted to those who can only fathom the language.

    Too much witchcraft

    Witchcraft has become one way to identify Nollywood movies and this not good for the image of the country. As a result, Many Nollywood enthusiasts frown at this very negative portrayal.

    Adeniyi OGUNFOWOKE
    PR Associate @
    Jumia Travel
    phone: +2348090747241 | skype: Sleeksavvy''

    Disclaimer: Views expressed in this piece remain entirely the author's and do not reflect our editorial policy. DailyGlobeWatch should, therefore, not be held responsible for any of the contents or any of its parts thereof.

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  • Breaking News: President Buhari makes another appointment

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    PARIS, AUGUST 2, 2016: (DGW) President Muhammadu Buhari has approved with immediate effect the appointment of Bisi Adegbuyi as the Postmaster General/Chief Executive Officer of the Nigeria Postal Services, DailyGlobeWatch has reliably gathered in an email sent to its Paris newsroom from Abuja, Nigeria.

    The appointment, our source say, was contained in a statement issued and signed  by the Director of Press and Public Relations in the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation on Tuesday in Abuja.

    The said appointment takes effect immediately.

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  • See photos of half-naked women protesting today against incessant killings in Kaduna

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    Half-naked women on Tuesday protested over alleged night attacks by herdsmen on Ninte village in Godogodo Chiefdom of Jema’a Local Government, Kaduna State.

    The women from Ninte and surrounding villages staged the protest at the palace of the Chief of Godogodo.

    The women demanded government intervention to stop the alleged increasing cases of night killings, rape, burning of houses by some assailants in the area.

    Spokesperson of the protesters, Mrs. Deborah Reuben, accused the government of insensitivity to their plight since the incident started in May.
    “The situation is unhealthy as it is no longer safe.

    “The government we voted into power has left us at the mercy of armed herdsmen, farms cannot be cultivated in the face of high level of impunity,” she lamented.

    Responding, the Chief of Godogodo, Malam Iliya Ajiya appealed to the protesting women to remain calm as everything possible was being done to bring the situation under control.

    When contacted, the Interim Chairman of Jema’a local council, Dr. Bege Katukah confirmed to NAN in a telephone interview that security men had been mobilised to the affected community.

    NAN learnt that residents of the affected villages have been relocating to Godogodo, Antang and Gidan Waya, for their safety.

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  • President Buhari approves the appointment of Tinubu's spokesman on Tuesday as S'West NCC boss

    02/Aug/2016 // 1186 Viewers


    President Muhammadu Buhari has appointed Sunday Dare, spokesman of Bola Tinubu, former governor of Lagos state, as the south-west executive commissioner of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).

    Femi Adesina, special adviser to the president on media and publicity, disclosed this in a statement, saying Buhari has sent a request to the senate to confirm the appointments of Dare and other nominees into top positions in the commission.

    “In a letter dated August 2, 2016, sent to President of the Senate, Abubakar Bukola Saraki, Senator Olabiyi Durojaiye (South West) was nominated as Chairman, while Mr. Sunday Dare (South West) got the nod as Executive Commissioner, Stakeholders Management,” the statement read.

    “Those nominated as non-executive commissioners are: Aliyu Sa’idu Abubakar (north-east), Clement Omeiza Baiye (north-central), Okoi Ofem Obono Obla (south-south), Ezekiel Yissa (north-central) and Ifeanyi Ararume (south-east).

    “The nominations are in accordance with Section 8(1) of the Nigerian Communications Commission Act 2003.”

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  • British Airways woos Nigerian customers, read what you now stand to enjoy from the airline

    02/Aug/2016 // 987 Viewers


    British Airways has commenced an instant rewards scheme for customers in Nigeria, with all travelers who are non-members of the airline’s Executive Club loyalty programme receiving frequent flier miles upon check-in.

    Speaking on the initiative which began last week at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, the Regional Commercial Manager, West Africa, at BA, Mr Kola Olayinka, observed that customer details would now be automatically registered for BA Avios, whether or not the customer is a member of the Executive Club.

    “It would be superfluous to say at this point that Nigeria is experiencing challenging economic times. As an active corporate citizen that cherishes its customers, we will keep doing all we can to help,” Olayinka commented.
    He said :” With the new rewards program, customers will earn miles instantly for every trip. Needless to say, they will earn more miles as they fly, so they can keep a bank of their Avios miles for their children to use as they go to and from school or save them up for a flight to a holiday destination,” he added.

    “Although the Instant Avios scheme was initiated just one week ago, the program is receiving a lot of positive feedback.”

    According to Mrs Titilayomi Ayode, a first time BA customer who checked in with her two children for a flight to the United Kingdom, the airline’s thoughtfulness is commendable.

    ‘This is such a great idea. Airline tickets have become so expensive, now that the dollar is exchanging for over N340. Every little sum saved would be a great help, so the instant miles scheme could not have come at a better time” Ayode remarked.

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