• Fromer Abia governorship aspirant, CHIEF NDUKWE IKO, makes stunning revelation about ORJI KALU, NDIGBO

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    PARIS, DECEMBER 2, 2016: (DGW) FORMER  Abia State governorship aspirant, Chief Ndukwe Iko , has made a stunning revelation about the former Abia State Governor, Chief Orji Kalu and the Ndigbo in an interview with the THE SUN  newspapers.

    While answering questions in the interview, Mr. Ndukwe Iko , amid other thing gave reasons why the former Abia governor defected to the governing All Progressives Congress. One of the reasons was to give a voice to the  Igbo people in the southeast of Nigeria.

    He also complained of acute marginalization of the Igbo people in other parts of Nigeria which he identified  as the major reason for the ongoing separatist feelings and agitations in the southeast.

    The marginalization in question does not border solely on the dearth of infrastructures in the region but oppression and outright disdain of Igbo people in other parts of the country. He gave many examples in this regard in the interview below headlined, ''KALU MOVED TO APC TO GIVE A VOICE TO NDIGB'' published by THE SUN newspapers on December 2, 2016:


     You have been a chieftain of the Progressive Peoples Alliance (PPA) for a long time, but recently, the party’s founder, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, moved to the All Progressives Congress (APC). What is your reaction to this?

    I would want to be very realistic by saying that those who have that impression that Orji moved to APC because of his EFCC case are just speculating. If you know the character of Kalu, and you have been close to him, you would understand that he is a very courageous person and can to face up any challenge that comes his way. In fact, that is one of his best attributes. The EFCC case, on the other hand,  has been on for almost 11 years, yet, Orji did not chicken out; he is a very strong-spirited individual that is able to handle any situation that comes his way.

    On his movement from PPA to APC, I will say, you will get the best answer from him on why he did it and not through speculation. Orji is very emotional about the Igbo and their lack of voice that has been on throughout the third republic. He has not played the role he had always wanted to play – being the voice of the Igbo people. He is very passionate about it and he has always wanted to be at the centre. So, moving to APC is for him to be able to fight for the rights of Ndigbo.

    Orji has been in the opposition facing the EFCC for close to eleven years, and the agency has  EFCC has not come out to say Orji’s trial has commenced and we’ve found him guilty and all that. Of course EFCC is not a court. Can he go to a political party because the EFCC will take him to court and the court will influence the judgement that will come out of such trial? No! So let us remove our mindset from all those things. Orji went in because he wanted to play at the centre of Nigerian politics. He has governed the state; he has been a two-time governor. He would have gone to the Senate but the Senate didn’t come his way because of the infraction in Abia state.

    We know of what befell him in the state, and how his prodigy, T.A. Orji in connivance with a lot of forces are bent on making him irrelevant. Several meetings were held with former President Goodluck Jonathan for him to return to the PDP, but these meetings at every point were frustrated by Patience Jonathan and T.A. Orji. That is the clear story.

    People are saying that since he formed the PPA, he should have remained…

    There is no political party in Nigeria that was founded by anybody that is standing, that is the truth. The APC, PDP, were all founded by a group of people, but PPA is still standing today. Kalu is the only living Nigerian that founded a political party that still exists, so that should be a credit to him.

    Nigeria is a very  complex country, so you cannot start a party in a region and expect it to play a national role. Take back your minds to the history of Nigeria. Even the great NCNC, the great Action Group, could not form a government at the centre without a merger. So it should be a credit to Kalu for having a party that is still relevant. You can’t mention ten political parties in Nigeria today without mentioning PPA. I will tell you the role of PPA as against the major political parties if you ask me.

    You talked about Kalu being the voice of the Igbo, do you think they are marginalized

    Of course, the Igbo are greatly marginalized. One of the things you people look at when you mention the issue of marginalization is infrastructure and psychological marginalization. There are places you go, you can’t declare to be Igbo except you have the courage to do so.

    Even in the Southern part of Nigeria, people still refer to rogues as ‘Omo Igbo’ (Igbo person) you know. I don’t know if you experience it, but when law enforcement officers apprehend you and you can’t speak the local language, they assume you are an Igbo guy. Then the penalty is usually heavier, so that is marginalization on itself.

    So because they are Igbo, they are likely to pay a heavier fine?

    Of course! They will tell you to pay all the fines. They do fine for such offences or even more at times. But, if you speak a certain language, somebody will tell you okay, go, don’t do it again or just give us something to do what we want to do. That is marginalization; it is even deeper than what you see physically. Even those of us that married from outside our tribe, you still see that attitude in your in-laws. You go the extra mile trying to please them because you don’t want them to call you by your tribe. So that is marginalization.

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  • Breaking News: Court orders DSS to release Zakzaky

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    The federal high court in Abuja has ordered the Department of State Services (DSS) to release Ibraheem El-Zakzaky, leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), as well as members of his family.

    Zakzaky has been in DSS custody since December 2015 when IMN members, also known as Shi’ites, clashed with Nigerian army in Zaria, Kaduna state.

    The DSS said that the Shi’ia leader was being held for his own protection.

    But the Shi’ites continued demanding for his release, saying the continuous detention of El-Zakzaky was against their fundamental human rights enshrined in the 1999 constitution as amended.

    At the court on Friday, Gabriel Kolawole, the judge, wondered what part of the law allows a person to be held in custody for his own protection.

    “The decision to hold the applicant and his wife for their safety is based on which law? he asked.

    “I have not been shown any incident report or any complain lodged by residents around the neighbourhood that the applicant has become a nuisance to his neighbourhood.”

    He then ordered the DSS to release Zakzaky to police custody.

    The judge said within 45 days, the government should release Zakzaky and his family to the police who would guard them at a safe place.

    He further awarded N50 million to him and his wife.

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  • VIDEO: Tears as ruthless mordernization bid renders over 30,000 homeless in Lagos - AFP reports

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    PARIS, DECEMBER 2, 2016: (DGW) IT  is tears and sorrow as over 30,000 residents of Otodo Gbame , a shanty town  in Nigeria's economic capital are rendered homeless, AFP has reported.

    The residents , according to AFP , lamented that they received no prior warning from the city authorities before the government bulldozer descended on their homes.

    Watch video below:


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  • VIDEO: Other world powers differ with OBAMA, protest damage to N'DELTA, BIAFRA ecosystem, join forces with agitators

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    PARIS, DECEMBER 2, 2016: (DGW) The agitation by separatist movements and groups for  Nigeria's possible break up have received a global attention , a pointer to the fact that the proverbial Rubicon may have been crossed as many foreign bodies have shown interest, concern and expressed sympathy especially with the inhabitants of the Nigeria's oil-rich Niger Delta.

    In the video footage below,  many foreign bodies and international organizations join forces with the people of the region to protest the damage to the region's eco-system and condemn the failure  of the Nigerian government to address the problems plaguing the region.

    Although the Obama administration favours a strong, united Nigeria but other world powers have differed with him in this regard by expressing sympathy with the inhabitants of the region and this  has indeed rendered the Obama administration a lone voice against the agitations brewing in the region.

    Watch video below:



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  • Igbos desert Jonathan, now decamp to APC because of development Buhari has brought to S/East – APC

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    THE leadership of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has attributed the recent defections of politicians from the south-east to the ruling party to the commitment shown by President Muhammadu Buhari to execute vital projects in the zone.

    The National Vice Chairman (South East) of the APC, Emma Enuekwu, stated this while speaking to journalists at the party secretariat in Abuja after a meeting of south-east stakeholders.

    The meeting was to plan for fresh membership registration in the zone.
    Mr. Enuekwu said Igbos are beginning to have confidence in the new administration and are wiser after the 16-year rule of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP.

    “The problem with the south easterners before the election was that they felt that PDP was the proper party for the Igbo man which they came to realize lately was not true because they were disappointed. PDP was in power for 16 years and the Enugu-Onitsha road was not done, the Enugu-Port Harcourt road was not done, the second Niger Bridge was not done,” the APC chieftain said.

    “When they realized this, they are now seeing that Buhari who has been in power for a little over one year has paid contractors and started doing something about the Enugu-Onitsha road, the Enugu-Port Harcourt road and has started doing something on the second Niger Bridge within one year.”

    “Because of the high level of integrity displayed by President Buhari, many people are anxious to join the party. Therefore, a lot of people that have moved from other parties and entered APC have not had the opportunity of being registered and therefore the leadership felt it necessary that these people be registered so that they can be part of the party ahead of the next general election.”

    The official said the party will adopt manual registration which will also capture the biometrics of every member.

    Some top Igbo politicians who recently decamped to the APC include Jim Nwobodo and Orji Kalu former governors of Anambra and Abia state respectively.

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  • Shocker: Finally, MUHAMMADU SANUSI, BUHARI on war path, risks 'dethronement' for exposing BUHARI's Illegal financial deals

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    PARIS, DECEMBER 2, 2016: (DGW) REPORTS available say that the Emir of Kano , Muhammadu Sanusi, has created palpable tension in the State House , Abuja by descending heavily and exposing President Muhammadu Buhari's shady and illegal deals with Nigeria's apex bank, the Central Bank of Nigeria.

    The revered Kano monarch and former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria said the bank is committing serious infractions by illegally lending money to the Federal Government.

    Speaking at a policy monitoring dialogue hosted by Savannah Centre for Diplomacy, Democracy and Development, at Transcorp Hilton Hotel in Abuja, Sanusi said the CBN had been lending to the government above the limits stipulated by the CBN Act of 2007 adding that  “the problem of the current government is not having the right policies to fix the current economic woes”.

    Sanusi’s presentation showed that CBN’s lending to the government since Buhari came in had spiked from about N1.5 trillion to over N4.5 trillion.

    “The CBN-FGN relationship is no longer independent. In fact, one could argue their relationship has become unhealthy,” he said.

    “CBN claims on the FGN now tops N4.7 trillion — equal to almost 50% of the FGN’s total domestic debt. This is a clear violation of the Central Bank Act of 2007 (Section 38.2) which caps advances to the FGN at 5% of last year’s revenues. Has CBN become the government’s lender of last or first resort?”

    He said no one was willing to  lend to the Nigerian government, further stating that “if senate approved, I want to see who will lend you $30billion when you have five exchange rates”.

    Sanusi said the country is enmeshed in heavy debts, stating that out of every N1 Nigeria makes, 40 kobo goes to debt and 60 kobo is left for salaries, health, education, power, infrastructure.

    He said oil is merely a working capital that cannot make the country rich. Nigeria produces one barrel for 80 Nigerians; Saudi Arabia produces one for 3 Saudis, Sanusi said.

    He noted that in every economy, growth is driven by “consumption, investment and net export”, adding that “our exports cannot grow, without regulatory certainty or an increase in the price of oil”.

    He lamented that the country was spending money on repaying debts and  also on recurrent expenditure, as against education, healthcare, power, and other infrastructure.

    The emir also stated that Nigeria is the lowest per capita spender on development in Africa.

    On speaking truth to power, Sanusi said: “I can’t apologise for being who I am. The government I served, I did not keep quiet. When I am not serving the government, I cannot keep quiet.”



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  • Rivers Supreme Court victory: PDP set to welcome APC decampees

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    Following last week’s judgment of the Supreme Court which approved the election of Mr. Nyesom Wike as Governor of Rivers State, many members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) who decamped to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) may be heading back to the PDP.
    Towards this end, the Chairman of PDP in Rivers State, Felix Obuah is said to be planning to receive some prominent leaders and members of the APC, across the 23 Local Government Areas of the State, who have accepted to join the PDP following hands of fellowship extended to them by Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike.
    The PDP Chairman maintained that Governor Wike never minced words when he called on the APC to join him in building the State, adding that the Supreme Court victory was not just victory for the PDP, but for all Rivers people, irrespective of party affiliations.
    Obuah in a statement signed by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Jerry Needam reaffirmed that the party’s umbrella is very large enough to accommodate everyone, including those who left the PDP at the eleventh hour for fear that the judgment of the Supreme Court would not favour Governor Nyesom Wike.He gave assurance that like the father of the Prodigal Son, the PDP would still receive all returnees with affection, saying that what is uppermost in the mind of Governor Wike is to continue with his developmental agenda and take the State to the next level.
    Bro. Obuah called on members of the APC still worried over their loss at the Supreme Court to see Governor Wike’s invitation as the best option, adding that the development of Rivers State and not party affiliation should be paramount in their hearts.
    Describing the mass defection of APC members into the PDP in less than five days after the Supreme Court judgment as unprecedented, he assured them that the PDP would not only give them a befitting reception, but would also carry them along in the scheme of things. - Daily Times

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  • I have no $7.2 bn stashed away in Dubai bank account - Sen. Akpabio

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    PARIS, FEBRUARY 2, 2016: (DGW) Former Akwa Ibom State Governor and Minority Leader of the Senate, Senator Godswill Akpabio, has debunked rumours on the grapevine that he owns and runs a bank account in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates in where $7.2 bn is stashed away.
    The former governor in a statement issued and signed by his Special Assistant on Media, Anietie Ekong, also denied reports that he made a futile attempt to make withdrawals from the bank account.
    Below is the copy of the statement made available to newsmen:
    “The attention of the Senate Minority Leader, Senator Godswill Akpabio has been drawn to a report circulated in the internet linking him with ownership of houses/mansions in Dubai. “We state categorically that Senator Akpabio does not own any foreign account in any part of the world.
    If such account is found, the Federal Government of Nigeria should seize the money and investigate the origin of such account, and prosecute the owner. In addition, he does not own any property in Dubai or in any foreign country.
    Akpabio served his people diligently for eight years as the governor and the transformation of the State within this period, which has gained world acclaim, is there for all to see.
    That some people out of political mischief should publish a purported attempt by the senator to withdraw through a CBN source a phantom sum of 7.2 billion dollars is ridiculous.
    It is the height of character assassination. We challenge these purveyors of falsehood to publish the full details of the purported $7.2 billion account.
    We urge the Federal Government of Nigeria to seize such sum and prosecute the owner if it does exist''.

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  • FG dismisses Jonathan's claims, says weapons he bought were substandard

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    PARIS, FEBRUARY 2, 2016: (DGW) - The Minister of Information and Culture Alhaji Lai Mohammed has dismissed former President Jonathan's claims with a trivial hand that the present administration is prosecuting the war with the insurgents in the country's northeast by weapons procured by his administration.
    In a swift reaction, the Federal Government said through the Information Minister that the weapons procured by Jonathan were substandard which were responsible for the large casualties on the part of the Nigerian troops in the war against Boko Haram
    In a statement issued by Lai Mohammed in Abeokuta, he described as unfortunate the statement credited to former President Jonathan that the victory recorded so far by Buhari in the fight against the insurgents was from the weapons bought by him while in power. Jonathan had in Geneva, Switzerland said no new weapons have been bought by Muhammadu Buhari's administration.
    The budget is still undergoing reading and money has not been released yet for the new government to make arms purchase adding that he believes the arms with which the war is being prosecuted were the ones he acquired, the former leader told Press Diplomatique, Geneva in Switzerland.
    On the contrary, Mr. Lai Mohammed said in his statement that the present administration owes it a duty to make important clarifications since what the former President said borders on national security
    His words: ”The weapons, munitions and equipment which the former President said he bought were refurbished and lacked the basic components and spare parts. Additionally, the ammunition bought for both high calibre and small weapons have mostly expired, incompatible with weapons and grossly inadequate.
    On whether the Buhari administration purchased new weapons in the ongoing fight against Boko Haram to have recorded the techinical victory it claimed in December last year, Alhaji Lai Mohammed remained silent thereby calling his claims in question.
    ”It is pertinent to state that the ammunition he was referring to were back loaded because they explode within the barrel when fired, thus leading to deaths and injuries among soldiers. The situation was so pathetic that soldiers were often transported in Civilian JTF vehicles, civilian vehicles, trailers and water tankers when going to the theatres of operation. The revelations on the sorry state of things in the past, which have emanated from the investigative panel so far, point clearly to the kind of legacy bequeathed to this administration by the past government''.
    ”That explains why troops remained largely static and were unable to effectively deploy to completely rout the Boko Haram terrorists in all their known enclaves. The high level of casualties sustained by our gallant soldiers was most unprecedented and cannot be compared to any known military operations in recent times, all because of the terrible state of affairs suffered by the military under the Jonathan Administration.
    ”It is also clear, as has been shown so far by the outcome of the panel probing past arms deals, that the purchase of substandard weapons apparently resulted from the massive corruption that enveloped the deals, the kind of horrifying graft that saw the purchase of refurbished choppers that lacked rotors, or fighter jets that could not be deployed to the theatre of war because they were not up to par.
    ”The needless loss of lives of many of our gallant troops, resulting from the lack of standard weaponry and low morale in the past, is not a matter to be trivialized under any circumstance,” the Minister said.

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  • HORROR: Photos of 200 women & children killed by Boko Haram

    02/Feb/2016 // 405 Viewers

    PARIS, FEBRUARY 2, 2016: (DGW) - Boko Haram in what appears like a commando raid attacked Nigerian villages in Borno State the epicentre of Islamist insurgency and reportedly massacred women and children.

    As many as 200 people, our sources say, were roasted to death, but the Nigerian government under Mr Muhammadu Buhari in December said he has technically defeated the terrorists, a claim which many people call in question following a resurgence of bombings in the region which has continued with undiminished intensity.

    Below are pictures showing the gory scenes of many villagers who were roasted to death.

    Viewers discretion advised: 

    Boko 11Boko 12Boko 14Boko 16Boko 14boko 5

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