• DailyGlobeWatch wishes our fans all over the world a very happy and prosperous New Year!

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    PARIS, DECEMBER 31, 2016: (DGW) There is no denying the fact that the outgoing year has been a thorny one that has been fraught with dangers, anxieties, and fears. Somehow we were all navigated through its stormy waters by His grace upon our lives.

    Again,  as we head with high hopes and aspirations towards a better, hopeful and resourceful 2017, it is our interest and desire to ask for His grace to enable us live a life that actually reflects His will in order to attract His divine blessings upon our lives.

    For many who have been with us in the course of our unbiased reportage of events from all over the world by pointing out the ills of the day for a better tomorrow, we thank you for 'Watching' with us as we 'watch' and report events 'daily' around the 'globe' with a view effecting lasting, social reforms - hence the apt appellation 'DAILY GLOBE WATCH'.

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    Once again, thank you for your support while wishing you all a happy and very prosperous New Year!

    Paris, France.


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  • Killings: Fulani leaders give BUHARI another road map, task state govts with safety of cattle

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    The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) wants the federal government to adopt The Gambia formula in finding a permanent solution to the killings in Southern Kaduna.

    Addressing journalists at the Secretariat of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Kaduna Council, the Assistant National Secretary of MACBAN, Dr. Ibrahim Abdullahi said time has come for all the warring parties to shield their swords and embrace peaceful reconciliation for the troubled areas to regain its lost peace.

    The Gambia approach, according to him, is a situation where the federal government will take stock of every nomad and his animals that are coming into the country as well as ensure adequate security of lives and animals that are in their custody.

    The Fulani leader said, “We have the ECOWAS protocol on trans-human. There is also ECOWAS protocol on free movement of goods and people within the sub-region.

    “These protocols allow you to take your cattle from Central African Republic, Republic of Cameroon, part of Chad, through the entire Nigeria to Benin Republic and return and Nigeria is a signatory to these.

    “That means that if a Cameroonian nomad comes into Kaduna State, may be to Igabi for instance, it is the responsibility of Kaduna State Government to ensure his safety and I think that is where the issue of compensation came in.

    “I think the Federal Government should try to adopt the Gambian approach. The Gambian government is also a signatory to these two protocols. Any country within the West African sub-region, who wants to send its nomads to Gambia should apply officially, telling the number of nomads and cows expected there; telling them the stalk routes they will ply to Gambia and the time duration they will stay in that country,” he said.

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  • We achieved our major campaign promises in 2016, will achieve the rest this year - Again, APC assures Nigerians

    01/Jan/2017 // 1178 Viewers


    The All Progressives Congress (APC) has assured Nigerians that the efforts of the Muhammadu Buhari- led federal government to set the country on the part of sustainable development and growth will begin to yield positive results in 2017 and get the country out is recession.

    In its New Year message to Nigerians today, signed by the National Publicity Secretary, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi, the APC said it is not unaware of the fact that 2016 has been a difficult year for Nigerians and expressed appreciation to Nigerians for keeping faith with the government.

    While appealing to Nigerians to be patient with the government, the APC said with the capture of the Sambisa forest by the Nigeria military, the party has achieved one of its major campaign promises.

    The statement made available to The Nation in Abuja reads: “The All Progressives Congress (APC) wishes Nigerians a happy and prosperous 2017 New Year. The party thanks Nigerians for their support and commitment to the APC-led Government in 2016.

    “We understand that the past year has been a difficult one for Nigerians as Government laid the necessary foundation for setting our country on the path of sustainable growth. We are confident however that many of Government’s effort will begin to yield positive dividends this year as our country climbs out of the current economic recession.

    “The APC continues to stand with the people of Nigeria and have confidence in the ability and commitment of President Muhammadu Buhari to provide the necessary leadership to set our economy and our country on the path of recovery and self-reliance.

    “With the effective defeat of Boko Haram insurgents in the Northeast, we have achieved one of the major promises the Party made to Nigerians even as the Government continues to work on improving the safety of lives of Nigerians across the country.

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  • Ibadan-based man of God known for accurate predictions says NIGERIA will break up into 5, ATIKU to be president in 2019

    01/Jan/2017 // 6906 Viewers


    As preparations for the next general elections get under, the 2019 presidential election in the country may climax in another major upset if the 2017 prophecies of a popular Ibadan based pastor, Prophet Wale Olagunju, Presiding Bishop of Divine Seed Chapel Ministries, are anything to go by.

    The Ibadan based cleric who hit the bull’s eye with most of his predictions in 2016 including prophecies on the late Oba of Benin, the final routing of Boko Haram by the Nigeria Army, defeat of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ondo State as well as the crisis in the All Progressives Congress (APC), particularly as it concerned the national leader of the party, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and the national chairman of the party, Chief John Oyegun, has predicted that former Vice President Atiku Abubakar would succeed President Mohammadu Buhari in 2019.

    The man of God, in a 52-point prophecy for the Year 2017 also foretold the possibility of the country splitting into five as he claimed to have foreseen, “the map of Nigeria torn into five,” saying, “no amount of peace talk can prevent Nigeria’s disintegration. It is a matter of time” even as he predicted that the Igbo’s desire for Biafra nation has received divine approval.
    Below are his prophecies for Nigeria in the year:

    1.  As revealed by the Almighty God who will never share his glory with mortal man, the present generation of Nigerian leaders in the likes of Obasanjo, Babangida, Gowon, Danjuma, Abdusallam and Buhari will pass away before the emergence of the Messiah that will lead Nigeria to the promise land. The problem in our Nation will be so much that what we are witnessing now will be a child play to what we will see and hear and there will be chaos and distrust all over the nation as a result of which the messiah will emerge.

    This messiah, an unknown person, will proffer solutions (to the problems); conduct referendum and will break Nigeria peacefully. As revealed to me further by the creator of the universe, the reign of this messiah will be brief. God of Abraham has concluded in heaven to raise for Himself the young man who will give divine solution and execute God’s programme for Nigeria.

    2. There is going to be serious fight between Obasanjo and Buhari as revealed by God Almighty.

    3. Notable chieftains of the APC and the PDP who are talking of 2019 without due reference to God will not live to witness that year.

    4. There is going to be rowdy session in the National Assembly in the coming year.

    5. The present war against Bola Tinubu will continue but many of those fighting him will come back to eat their words.

    6.      God again revealed to me that Nigeria is seriously sick and that the only drug that can cure her is National Repentance Prayer. Failure to do this, God says Nigeria will continue to wallow in problems. God warned Nigerians not to look up to their leaders for solutions but to God Almighty as they have none to their problems.

    7.      God of heaven says He is angry with President Buhari because of his failure to alleviate the sufferings of Nigerians but instead adding to it. God says Buhari’s government is like a weed on the surface of the Atlantic Ocean.

    8.      God says those who think the PDP is dead are making a mistake as He [God] does not work in the counsel of men but in the reasoning of His words. God says the party will bounce back and its members in the APC will return to their original house.

    9.      The present rumpus in the APC will continue.

    10.   The Nigerian nation will continue to experience hardship unless serious steps are taken to seek the face of God.

    11.   Nigerians should pray for Buhari against high blood pressure, liver and kidney problem as the President is sick.

    12.   God says that He deliberately raised Donald Trump of America to execute His judgment on America for their sin of sodomy and homosexuality being propagated by Obama/Hillary Clinton. God says Trump will at a stage behave like an anti-Christ.

    13.   God says the Yoruba nation will unite and rise again.
    14.   There is going to be sharp misunderstanding between Buhari and Osinbajo as a result of political differences.

    15.   God says any party that fields Buhari for the 2019 presidential election will be fielding liability as his candidacy will make the party lose the election. God says this will be so because Buhari has disappointed God by his failure to carry out His instruction as published in my 2016 predictions by national dailies to “wage war against corruption, execute God’s fierce judgment on those who sinned against God by looting as well as for his failure to demonstrate love to the poor by alleviating their suffering. God says for these reasons, He has torn his government and given it to another man after His heart to rule Nigeria. God says Buhari will continue to have problem till his last day in Aso Rock and people will continue to hate him because of his failure to rule with the fear of God.

    16.   To show the extent to which Buhari’s disappointment is grieving God, God says he has rejected Buhari just like He did to Jonathan and even his people the Hausas will reject him come 2019. In the presence of Almighty God as revealed to me, Buhari have become a complete disappointing king/failure just like king Saul in the bible.

    17.   God says the name Atiku Abubakar will continue to ring like a bell. He will be so popular among Nigerian politicians to the extent that many will root for him.

    18.   God says should Atiku Abubakar contest the 2019 election, he will defeat Buhari hands down.

    19.   The 2018 Governorship election in Ekiti State will cause a sharp division in the APC camp because of the inordinate ambition of some of their self-centered leaders. The party in the state will break into three factions as revealed to me by God.

    20.   God says the APC is being faced by three major problems of backbiting, unnecessary petition against former leaders and total hijack of the party structure from pioneer members.

    21.   Tambuwal and David Mark will be drafted to contest the 2019 Presidential election but God says the cabal of our nation will prefer Governor Tambuwal of Sokoto State.

    22.   Nigerians should pray against fire accident in the coming year.

    23.   God says that except that the Nigeria nation repent of the sin of its leaders who killed innocent souls, sin of FESTAC ’77 and sin of corruption which placed the country under the curse of the Almighty, the country’s problem will continue.

    24.   Prophet T. B. Joshua should pray seriously to avert sickness.

    25.   General T. Y. Danjuma should also pray against sickness.

    26.   God says I. B. B. will continue to remain in sickness.

    27.   God says for Buhari to have taken the problem of Nigeria to Kaaba in Mecca as if there is no God in Nigeria and rather than motivate the entire nation to fast and seek the face of God, He [God] will continue to raise adversaries against his government and Nigerians will continue to hate him.

    28.   God again warned that should the APC field Buhari in 2019, the broom will be broken and thrown into fire just like I predicted to PDP in 2014.

    29.   God Almighty says President Buhari is too rigid and stubborn. God says the President has set aside His mandate for him to cleanse the nation of corruption. God says He is only giving the President the grace to motivate Nigerians for special repentance prayer.

    30.   Serving ministers in Buhari’s government should watch their steps as the President is set to drop some of them and reshuffle his government.

    31.   God says Governor Aregbesola of the State of Osun will continue to swim in problems until he gets out of office as a result of the recognition he gave to the Osun Osogbo idol.

    32.   God says he will inflict those who loot Nigeria treasury with sickness. They will henceforth be inflicted with dreaded sicknesses that will lead to untimely death unless they repent.

    33.   God says Goodluck Jonathan will never win any election again in Nigeria as a result of his sin against the Almighty.

    34.   God says 2019 election will be tougher than the 2015.

    35.   The executive and the National Assembly will go on a serious collision course in the coming year. Buhari should be careful lest he is accused of non-implementation of budget.

    36.   Nigerians should pray for Awujale of Ijebu land.

    37.   Those who say the Biafra nation will not materialise are dreaming for the Igbos have taken their case to the creator of the universe and He has granted their heart desire.

    38.   PDP will bounce back to become a formidable party in Oyo State again.

    39.   Buhari should watch his steps to avoid impeachment.
    40.   As revealed by God, should Buhari fail to take it easy with the people of the South-South and South-East and go ahead to use military power, Nigeria may go to civil war.

    41.   As revealed by God, a new generation of military officers will in future overthrow the government of Nigeria to clear the rot perpetrated by reckless politicians.

    42.   Before 2019, there will be amalgamation of political heavyweight and political party that will give the APC sleepless nights.
    43.   The ongoing war against corruption will soon lose value as the President will bend the rules and soft pedal because of inordinate and self-interest.

    44.   A prominent artiste will fall sick in the coming year.
    45.   Nigerians should pray for Baba Sala.

    46.   Come 2019 general election, PDP will fight the APC to a standstill.

    47.    APC should forget about winning 2019 election for another government will emerge that will probe their government.
    48.   Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode should be prayerful to avoid being at loggerhead with the elite. He should also pray to avert sickness.

    49.   Another strong party will emerge before the 2019 election.
    50.   God Almighty who revealed to me in my 2015/2016 prediction that Buhari is not the Messiah says the promised Messiah will use his mandate to settle all problems confronting Nigeria. The said Messiah will conduct a referendum so as to peacefully break Nigeria without civil war.

    51.   God says three out of the four pillars that are holding the APC have broken down as a result of their greed, inordinate ambition, stubbornness, favouritism, tribal and religious sentiment and therefore their days in government are numbered.

    52.   God revealed to me and I saw the map of Nigeria torn into five, by this no amount of peace talk can prevent Nigeria’s disintegration. It is a matter of time.

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  • GOV WIKE tells SULTAN OF SOKOTO N'Delta, Rivers not part of BIAFRA nor agitation to break up Nigeria

    01/Jan/2017 // 5354 Viewers


    Rivers state governor Nyesom Wike says the interest of Nigerians and Africans will be better served with the country “remaining as one strong and united nation”.

    During a visit to the sultan of Sokoto, Muhammad Sa’ad, at the weekend, Wike said: “We cannot run away from this country. The unity of this country is very, very paramount. The unity of this country is non-negotiable. I am from the Niger Delta, from Rivers state to be specific so I cannot see us in a divided country. No way. We stand for the unity of this country.”

    He thanked the sultan “for working tirelessly to ring peace and to bring unity to the people”, adding: “For all of us this is what is meant by one Nigeria.”

    Wike said his administration has put a lot of time, resources and energy to protect national assets especially the ones in Rivers state.

    “In Rivers you hardly find pipeline vandalisation. We are working at all times to protect national assets in our state. In my state, I am governor for all the people living in the state. I am not a governor of a particular political party, but a governor for all the people of Rivers state,” he said.

    While commending the sultan for his leadership of the Muslim community in Nigeria, Wike said he was in the state to felicitate with Sokoto governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal who gave out his daughter in marriage on Saturday.

    He dispelled the notion that his relationship with Tambuwal had political connotation.

    “Tambuwal is my friend for a long time. If anything affects him, it affects me also. If he gives out his daughter in marriage, I have to be here to support him. If any problem happens to him, it affects me as well,” he said.

    “Your Eminence I am here to seek your royal blessing. You have blessed me before, that is why I am growing. So let me wish you a prosperous new year ahead.”

    Sultan implored Nigerians to live in peace with one another and wished their countrymen and women “a year full of happiness and blessings”.

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  • Ashimolowo: I didn’t invest $5m in Ponzi scheme, my church did

    01/Jan/2017 // 629 Viewers


    Matthew Ashimolowo, senior pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC), says the former trustees of his church, not him, made the decision to invest $5 million dollars, which was lost to a ponzi scheme.

    Ashimolowo said this in a statement signed on his behalf by Dipo Oluyomi, chief executive officer and James McGlashan, chief operating officer for KICC.

    The statement said the investment was made seven and a half years ago.

    KICC admitted that the trustees of the KICC made the decision to invest in the scheme, but however, said Ashimolowo had nothing to do with it.

    “The attention of Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo and KICC has been drawn to publication in the media with the headline: ‘Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo loses $5million to Ponzi Scheme’,” the statement read.

    “We wish to state that the headline was unfortunate and misleading and has caused damage to the reputation of Pastor Ashimolowo. The sensational headline suggests that Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo lost $5million when INFACT HE DID NOT and did not make the decision to invest.

    “Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo is the Senior Pastor of KICC and not her trustee and has never been a trustee of KICC.

    “As you are aware from the Charities Commission’s report, the decision to invest was solely that of the U.K trustees without any involvement of Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo.

    “Importantly as the report states, it is the trustees who have the responsibility for investing Charity Funds and NOT PASTOR MATTHEW ASHIMOLOWO.

    “The investment referred to were made by former trustees on behalf of the Charity over SEVEN AND HALF YEARS AGO. They believed they were acting in the best interest of the Charity and they did not and have not benefited personally.

    “Their actions were totally independent and were not influenced in any way by Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo.

    “KICC is a Charity whose main aim is to advance the Christian religion in the U.K. and around the world as well as provide local communities with a great deal of counseling and support, including educational, bereavement and prayer support.”

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  • More trouble for BUHARI as MEND withdraws support, accuses him of blackmailing N'Delta, orders release of Militant Commanders

    01/Jan/2017 // 2709 Viewers


    PARIS, JANUARY 1, 2017: (DGW) The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) having viewed and studied many irreconcilable differences has withdrawn its support for President Buhari over what it described as blackmailing the Niger Delta region.

    Recall the militant group had expressed support for Buhari in the buildup to the 2015 federal elections in Nigeria that saw the emergence of Buhari as president.

    In a statement on Sunday, Jomo Gbomo, spokesman of MEND, alleged that Buhari has been making conflicting and contradictory statements about the politics and economy of the region.

    “Without prejudice to the pre 2015 presidential election endorsement freely and voluntarily given to President Muhammadu Buhari on January 6, 2015, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) hereby categorically and unequivocally pass a vote of no confidence on the government of President Buhari,” the statement read.

    “Prior to and after his reluctant meeting with the traditional rulers, opinion leaders and stakeholders of the Niger Delta region, under the auspices of Pan Niger Delta Forum (PANDEF) on November 1, 2016, President Muhammadu Buhari has been carrying on arrogantly and making controversial, prejudicial, conflicting and contradictory statements about the politics and economy of the oil-rich region.

    “Prior to the inauguration of PANDEF, the several sessions of dialogue held between representatives of MEND, on the one hand; and those of the federal government, on the other hand; where concessions were secured for the release of the Okah Brothers and several other political detainees and prisoners of conscience was a grand deception on the part of the federal government.”

    The group accused Buhari of going back on the agreements reached at the dialogue and attempting to “truncate the on-going peace process in Nigeria, sabotage the legal options open to Henry Okah and simultaneously influence the on-going trial of Charles Okah and others, at the federal high court in Abuja, in favour of the federal government.”

    MEND demanded that the federal government direct the relevant agencies to engage with the Niger Delta region.

    “Furthermore, notice is hereby given to the federal government that all Niger Delta Militant commanders and/or individuals who were tracked and arrested while observing a ceasefire ahead of talks with the FG should be treated well,” it said.

    “They should be allowed access to their lawyers, the International Red Cross and a delegation from PANDEF so as to ascertain their well-being and ensure they have not been tortured or killed, extra judicially.”

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  • Biafra: Cleric accuses British PM of double standard

    01/Jul/2016 // 895 Viewers


    FOUNDER of the John 3:16 Ministry, Aba, Abia State, Bro. Samuel Ajayi has accused the British Prime Minister, David Cameron of double standard by allowing the plebiscite, which necessitated the exit of Britain last week from the European Union (EU) while supporting President Mohammadu Bu­hari to deny Ndigbo the same opportunity.

    Speaking in Aba following the referendum that precipitated Britain’s exit from the EU otherwise known as the Bretix, Ajayi said it was infuriating that the British Prime Minister who had over the years supported Buhari who stood against conduct­ing referendum in the South East for the indepen­dence of Biafra, would be the one that organized a referendum that saw Britain exiting the EU.

    “The British Prime Minister, David Cameron is a hypocrite by conducting the referendum which saw Britain exiting the EU last week, while at the same time; he is supporting President Mohammadu Buhari to deny those who want Biafra, referendum to exit Nigeria”.

    While accusing Cameron of double standard in allowing the plebiscite in his country and support­ing Buhari to oppose that for Biafra, Ajayi said if it were to be in Nigeria, those who called for the referendum would have been put in jail perpetually as Nnamdi Kanu.

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  • Nigeria Unlucky! Oil price drops as Nigeria’s output rises

    01/Jul/2016 // 463 Viewers


    Oil prices dropped more than three per cent yesterday due to return of Nigerian and Canadian crude output from outages and as traders booked profits at the end of the best quarter in seven years.

    According to Reuters, the market soared more than 25 per cent in the second quarter, as part of an 85 per cent rebound since hitting 12-year lows early this year, as unplanned production cuts from Canada to Nigeria eased the glut that prompted the worst price rout in a generation.

    However, production in Nigeria has risen to about 1.9 million barrels per day (bpd) from 1.6 million, due to repairs and a lack of new major attacks on pipelines in the Delta region, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation said.

    Resurgent Nigerian supply will put pressure on prices, Goldman Sachs said, adding that outages caused by Canadian wildfires would virtually end by September.

    OPEC’s oil output rose in June to its highest in recent history, a Reuters’ survey showed, as Nigeria’s output partially recovers from militant attacks and Iran and Gulf members boost supplies.

    Brent futures for August delivery, which expired yesterday, settled down 93 cents, or 1.8 percent, at $49.68 a barrel. The more active Brent contract for September delivery settled at $49.71, down 3.1 percent.

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  • Edo Polls: Confusion as court orders INEC to accept only candidates from Sheriff camp!

    01/Jul/2016 // 3526 Viewers


    Another twist was added to the crisis in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) yesterday, as a Federal High Court in Abuja ordered the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to accept only candidates from the Ali Modu Sheriff-led National Working Committee (NWC), for the governorship elections in Edo and Ondo.

    Justice Okon Abang, in a ruling yesterday, granted an order of interlocutory injunction restraining INEC, the PDP and their agents from dealing with or according any facility required by law (regarding the governorship elections to be conducted by INEC in Edo and Ondo states) to any other persons or group other than the Senator Sheriff, Prof Wale Oladipo and Fatai Adeyanju-led NWC of the party

    The judge directed INEC and the PDP and their agents to “recognise, deal with and accord all facilities required by law“(regarding the elections in Edo and Ondo states) to the Ali Modu Sheriff, Prof Wale Oladipo and Fatai Adeyanju led NWC.

    Justice Abang further directed INEC and the PDP to “reject and ignore any activity (including primary elections/congresses for the nomination of candidates of the PDP for the elections in Edo and Ondo states, purportedly conducted on behalf of the 2nd defendant (PDP) by any other persons or group of persons other than the Senator Sheriff, Prof Wale Oladipo and Fatai Adeyanju-led NWC.”

    The judge said the interlocutory orders were to subsist pending the determination of the substantive suit marked: FHC/ABJ/CS/439/2016 filed by two governorship aspirants of the PDP in Edo and Ondo states – Chief Benson Akingboye (Ondo) and Ehiozuwa Johnson Agbonayinma (Edo).

    Justice Abang’s ruling was on a motion on notice for interlocutory orders pending the hearing and determination of the substantive suit with INEC as 1st defendant and PDP as 2nd defendant.

    Before the hearing yesterday, the judge resolved the dispute between two senior advocates – Emmanuel Ukala and Olagoke Fakunle – over who should represent the PDP in the suit. While Ukala claimed to have been briefed by the Ahmed Markafi-led faction, Fakunle said he was briefed by the Sheriff faction.

    In resolving the dispute between the two lawyers, the judge noted that while a Federal High Court in Lagos in two separate orders on May 12 and May 20 recognised the leadership of Sheriff and restrained parties from proceeding with the party’s national convention in Port Harcourt, the Markafi leadership of the PDP emerged from a convention against which there was a pending order.

    He said there was a pall of doubt about the legality of the convention from which Markafi-led Caretaker Committee emerged, while there was a subsisting order recognising the Sheriff-led NWC. The judge consequently recognised Fakunle as the lawyer for the PDP and excused Ukala from the proceedings.

    Shortly after, the plaintiffs’ lawyer, Ajibola Oluyede, accompanied by Babs Akinwumi, moved the motion for interlocutory injunctions. Fakunle, who represented the PDP, said he filed a response to the substantive suit, but that he was not objecting the granting of interlocutory injunctions in the case. Lawyer to INEC, T. M. Inuwa, said he would remain neutral as his client would abide by any decision of the court.

    After listening to the lawyers, Justice Abang granted the fourth prayer contained in the motion on notice, dated June 21, 2016. He adjourned to October 25 for hearing of the substantive suit.

    The plaintiffs are, by the suit, asking the court, among others, to determine between the Sheriff-led committee and the Markafi-led committee, who the legitimate leaders of the PDP are in view of the various court orders obtained in relation to the dispute over the party’s leadership.

    Source: The Nation

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